Hi Lovely, my name is Mia Fox, as an author, transformational trainer, NLP & money mindset coach, I helped thousands of women, just like you, to turn their dreams into goals and crush them!

But even though I know that you can achieve any goal that you desire, I also know that life is not always all rainbows and unicorns!

As a High School dropout, with ADHD and Asperger, my life was a constant struggle. And about ten years ago once again I found myself in a difficult situation.

The day I turned 30, instead of being out partying with my friends, I was sick in bed and crying. At that time I lived in England and was faced with a difficult decision.

A few months earlier I had left behind my life and business in London to buy a house in a picturesque seaside town in the south of England, together with my then fiancé. The whole thing ended up in a lot of debts, frustration, and fighting.

I realized that I didn't really love the man I was supposed to marry in a few months, and even worse was the dependency I found myself in (once again).

I lost everything and ended up at my parents couch, back in Switzerland.

Moving back in with my parents, at the age of 30! Amazing! Well, actually not.

But that was also the moment I promised myself, it's enough! My life must change!

Too many unreached dreams, too many re-starts, just to fail all over again.

And that's when my search began, to find the secret behind "The Secret".

And it worked!

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I was finally able to have an impact in the world!

I had the opportunity to get trained by my role models, such as Jack Canfield, whom I first saw in the movie The Secret.

I have more money than I could ever dream of!

I’m living in my dream place, with my best friend and husband, living an amazing lifestyle, traveling a lot and always first class!

I finally have the freedom I was always looking for; to do what I want, when I want and how I want it.

Life couldn’t be any better!

But all this AWESOMENESS is nothing, compared to the joy I get when I can inspire, motivate and help other women to achieve the same!

I created a business out of my passion, helping women all over the world, and finally pursuit my big passion and became an author.

So tell me Gorgeous, do you have dreams that you' ve been putting off for far too long?

It just wasn't the right time...

First, you had to take care of the children or your spouse...

You were simply too tired after your 9-5 job, which hasn' t fulfilled you for a long time...

Your limiting beliefs, which you have been carrying around with you since your childhood, always got in the way...

You tried it a few times, even made a vision board, wrote your affirmations 55 times in a journal, and truly believed, this time... but in the end, it didn't work out, again...

Does any of this sound familiar?

Oh, I bet it does, and you know what, just like you, I was there too.

But I also know how to turn things around!

How goal-setting, manifesting, and transforming your mindset doesn't have to be overwhelming.

How you can live your dream life no matter how old you are, where you come from, or where you are right now!

I've helped thousands of women turn their dreams into goals, and then take massive & inspired action!

I helped women to finally make manifesting real, and not just some woo-woo concept every one (and their grandmother) were talking about.

I teach hands-on mindset and personal growth. Stuff that really works!

So tell me, lovely, can I help you today?

If your answer is yes! Click here and join thousands of readers, and get the my practical manifestation guide.

If You Can Dream It. You Can Manifest It.

join thousands of readers & manifest your dream life!

become the CEO of your dream life!

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join thousands of readers & manifest your dream life!


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© 2018-2020 Mia Fox, SelfMadeLadies.com