Don’t wait any longer… Learn how to Unleash the Subconscious Power you’ve kept blocked for so many years…

Discover The New Method To Transform On A Subconscious Level, Unblock Abundance, And Turn Unfulfilled Dreams Into Your Reality… On Autopilot

This action-based manifestation method puts you in control so that you no longer have to rely on “hope,” “luck,” and “wishful thinking,” and you can attract the life you love (and deserve!)

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You’ve heard ALL the “SECRETS” about manifestation and the law of attraction… still, you are NOT living the abundance-filled life you truly desire.

You’ve read at least ONE self-help book in the last month and loved the inspiration it gave you… however, it didn’t bring the transformation you hoped for. 

You have a vision board FULL of couple goals, fitness goals, house goals, money goals, and travel goals… but your real-life looks actually nothing like it.

You tried at least three of the “manifestation hacks” the internet is full of… promising to be the ONLY one you ever need to turn you into an abundance magnet!

Nevertheless, your unfulfilled dreams are still screaming for a practical manifestation technique that’s easy to follow and proven to work.

You did set a big goal in the last 12 months and believed with all your heart that you would achieve it, but once again, it did not happen. 

You still desire your soul-mate, more money, better health, the dream home, business & career success, or (insert YOUR big dream here…)

is this you?

Then it must be a sign that you landed here today, and the following message is just for you, my friend…

You might just land at a point in your life where you feel uncertain and a bit lost. You feel that deep desire for change, but you don’t really know in what direction you want to go…

You might just land at a point in your life where you feel uncertain and a bit lost. You feel that deep desire for change, but you don’t really know in what direction you want to go…

Is it your relationship that is no longer filled with passion? Or are you still waiting for Mr. Right to turn up on your doorstep?

Can you feel the urge to finally get started with that side-hustle or the book you are always talking about (but never took action on)?

Do you feel a lack of excitement when you need to get up for work, and you feel it’s time for a career change? 

Or is it that your kids just left the house, and you suddenly have more time at your hands than the motivation to actually do something with it…

You are ready to (finally) live the life you truly love. And deep down, you’ve always known that you were made for more…

And you are right! You deserve to live YOUR best life. And the good news is that this reality is already manifesting.

All you have to do is unlock it. (And I’m here to show you how…)

What’s That Big Untold Manifestation Secret?

If you’re like all the other dreamers out there, you probably asked yourself: How are all the successful manifestors doing this?

How did they turn their dreams into reality? How are they living their best lives…

… traveling to jaw-dropping destinations from the Condé Nast top 10 lists…

…living in places that even the editor-in-chief of “House & Garden” would die for…

… being madly in love with their soul-mate, turning their Facebook feed into a love story, as if it was written by Shakespeare…

Seems like they are all living a happy life full of freedom, abundance, and, most importantly, fulfilled dreams.

And you?

You watch them, scrolling through your Instagram feed. Only wondering what SECRET they have found that you are still missing out on…

I know how this feels. I know what it’s like when you have a vision board full of dreams but your real life is looking nothing like it…

And your inner voice is telling you… just keep going… don’t stop believing… You just have to ask and wait. And the “universe” will deliver. 

(Well, that’s what they said to do!?)

But how did I turn from being an unfulfilled dreamer (looking for that missing piece to finally crack the manifestation code) to  living my best life (one that I’m endlessly grateful for)?

A life full of love, abundance, and happiness…

One that even led me to build up one of the most successful manifestation blogs and write an entire book on the topic?

It’s quite simple. I made the HOW my job when manifesting.

I started to concentrate on what truly matters. And found a way that gave me control in the manifestation process.

This made overcoming blocks, transforming on a deep subconscious level, and taking action effortlessly.

I created an action-based manifestation technique that is easy to implement and that makes the manifestation of your dreams non-negotiable. Because it puts YOU into the driver’s seat.

And I’m going to tell you everything about it in a moment.

But first, This ONE thing You need to know…

If you continue to just rely on wishful thinking, you might one day wake up and realize that you missed out on many of your dreams…

handwriting saying: ask. believe, (maybe not) receive

There’s a lot of BS advice around manifestations and the Law of Attraction.

And quotes like… “The How Is NOT Your Job” when manifesting. Or that all you have to do is to “Ask, Believe (and wait to…) Receive” – aren’t really helping.

This is confusing women like you, searching for that manifestation technique that will FINALLY  turn that vision board into reality.

I get it. I mean, I’m a blogger in this niche for half a decade; millions of visitors find me through their Google, or Pinterest searches on “How to manifest love, money, or the dream job…”.

And many of them reach out to me personally.

What I realized over the years: there is a big misconception about what manifestation REALLY is. I often hear things like this…

Mia, I did the (vision board / affirmation / meditation / 55×5) manifestation, but my dream hasn’t come true. What did I do wrong?

Well, nothing, really… Except that they ONLY used ONE part of an entire process.

The thing with manifestation is this: It’s not enough to simply focus on your desires, say a few affirmations, and wish them into existence.

But that’s what half of the internet is telling you, isn’t it?

Following this advice, you end up…

…gluing all the pretty pictures to your vision board.

…writing your affirmations on paper 55 times or more (even until your hand starts to hurt).

…and, of course, you believe with all your heart that “the universe” will deliver your big dreams.

You don’t ask when, and you don’t ask how. Because, as they said, this is NOT your job!

handwriting saying: let me make a bold statement

Most Law of Attraction gurus, courses, and books out there want you to believe that manifestation works by simply ordering from the universe & wait for the delivery.

(… because they don’t really know how to get in control, and they just have to rely on hope & luck!)

There are many people out there on the internet who say they “manifested” this or that. Sometimes with outrageous claims like it happened in 24 hours, or even faster.

A quick youtube search, and these are only a few of the clickbaity headlines I found…

different headlines and manifestation claims such as "how to manifest in 24 hours"

They probably manifested something wonderful into their lives. No doubt! And I can understand their excitement and why they want to share this with the world…

And then they want you to teach how they did it…

But what worked for their unique situation does not mean it will work for YOU.

And most of them probably just got lucky. 

See, we all manifest 24/7; our subconscious is always running behind the scenes.

And sometimes, it happens that we want something and we don’t have many blocks or hold many limiting beliefs around this goal. We are already “aligned” with this wish. And then we just “manifest” it.

And yes, this feels effortless, this feels like it “just happened overnight,” and it feels like just “asking & believing” was enough.

The problem is when someone tells you that all you have to do is to “ask & believe” – what they are really telling you is that you don’t need to take action. Because “the universe” will just do the job for you.

Sure this sounds inspirational and puts you in a state of hope. It sounds a heck of a lot easier to “just believe” than actually go out there and “make things happen.”

We all dream about just sitting back and seeing the stacks of money, soul-mates, and dream cars falling from the sky…

Don’t we?

There is ONE major problem with this:


AND luck is nothing you can replicate.

(Or teach others how to do it…)

Just hoping that the universe will deliver will 99% of the time leave you disappointed.

(And keeps you spending your hard-earned money on your endless search to find that “missing piece” to make things work.)

But it’s not just your money. It’s your hopes and dreams they’re messing with… And this has to stop!

(…and I am not here to sugarcoat it, so let me put it bluntly…)

Manifesting very big goals. And getting in control of your manifestation (and most importantly, doing it over and over again) means changing on a deep subconscious level. 

And NO one can do this in 3 days or even less…

It’s called the Law of AttrACTION for a good reason. Hope & wait will NOT bring you results. YOU have to create the results.

handwriting saying: let me ask you a question

When you are hungry, would you just sit at your dining table and wait that some food will magically appear?

No. You wouldn’t… You would open the fridge, take out some food, and then eat. Right?

Or when you are cold, would you just wait and hope that you are not going to freeze to death until the “universe” delivers warmer weather? I hope not.

You would walk to your wardrobe, take out some socks and a cozy cardigan and get dressed…

So why would you not do the same thing with your big goals? Why would you just rely on hope (and luck) when you want to manifest your dream life?

Why would you sit around and WAIT for the “universe” to deliver instead of getting in control?

For your vision board to do all its magic, it must be designed to send an important message to your subconscious mind. Every time you walk by.

And for that, choosing the right images is one of the many things you need to pay attention to when creating your next vision board.

handwriting saying: but that's only one part

The outdated concept of how the “Law of Attraction” works (aka “order from the universe”) is missing ONE crucial point:

The ‘universe’ is NOT out there. It’s within you.

The universe is your subconscious mind. That’s where the manifestation magic happens.

We all run on a subconscious program that was mainly designed in our childhood. This program guides us in everything we do in our life.

From how we think, how we react, how we behave, what actions we take, and what beliefs we hold. It’s all dialed in.

And as long as this subconscious program is not aligned with your dreams and goals, you will just keep standing in your own way.

And that’s the point where 99% of the manifestation techniques out there just fail. They don’t address this, or at least not deep enough.

Writing your dream on a piece of paper will not remove your deeply anchored blocks; it will not overcome your limiting beliefs, and it will definitely not change you on a deep subconscious level.

(Not even when you write that dream down 55 times for 5 days in a row…)

In order to attract your dream life, you have to first become the person that has already reached your dream life. When you become this person that has already reached your dream life, you will take more actions to attract your dream life.

This is the concept of my circle of subconscious change I teach in my transformational program. And that’s how manifestations works:

You have a BIG dream, and then you need to subconsciously align with it because that will lead you to take inspired actions and MANIFEST.

The language you use to communicate with your subconscious is your emotions.

The problem is, when you just “think & believe” that you will reach your dream, the emotional trigger is most likely not big enough. It is only working with the sense of thoughts.

You need to activate different senses to make this powerful enough that it works for very big goals.

And there is another problem; you can’t think 24/7 about your dreams and goals and stay positive all the time, as hope-based manifestation would teach you to do.

It’s just not possible.

We can’t always be “high vibe” and “happy-go-lucky.” That’s not how life works. You are going to have bad days. We all do. The most successful people in the world do.

But when you step into action-based manifestation, it doesn’t matter. 

You might have a low day here and there, and you might this,nk from time to time, “I feel lonely and never find my soul-mate,” or “I’m still overweight, I need to lose weight,” or “I feel broke, I have no money.” 

And you know what? You should be allowed to have thoughts like this because you are just human. We are all just humans!

All you have to do is get up the next day and take some action that proves your subconscious the opposite.

And that’s exactly what you do with action-based manifestation.

Because YOU start to BECOME this person that has already reachead your big dream.

Your actions are a powerful way to signal your subconscious where you want to go. And your subconscious will guide you more and more to take the right actions.

It will do this by signaling you opportunities and by giving you little hints to take inspired actions.

And once you get this started, it’s like an avalanche. And it will lead you to your goal, without a doubt. But you need to get the circle started.

And that’s when the HOW becomes your job.

handwriting saying: the good news

Getting in control of your manifestation is easy. And taking action is fun. When you know the HOW!

The thing is, there is no better message that signals your subconscious that you are on this journey (and that it should support you on this journey) than your actions.

All you need is a bulletproof plan, a map that is guiding your subconscious mind, and then the manifestation becomes effortless and starts to happen on autopilot.

When I started to understand this, it just clicked for me. That’s when I finally “cracked the manifestation code” I had been looking for, for so long.

And making the how my job did not only put me in control. It helped me to finally have some big breakthroughs I never thought could ever be possible…

handwriting saying: hi there, i'm mia fox

When I finally discovered that REAL secret behind “The Secret”

Over 12 years ago, the day I turned 30, instead of being out partying with my friends, I was frustrated in bed and crying.

Long story short: that day, I nearly lost everything and ended up moving back in with my parents…

That’s when I had enough, and my search began to find that big secret behind ‘The Secret.’

After I had this life-changing epiphany that the HOW is my job when manifesting, I created my action-based manifestation technique. A way to make manifestation bulletproof.

It turned my Vision Board into my Instagram feed

This not only turned my vision board into my Instagram feed. It transformed into the abundance-filled life I’m so grateful for.

I have since manifested my soulmate, including my dream wedding and honeymoon. I attracted all the things from my vision board, countless trips to jaw-dropping places, and the business ideas that turned me (the high-school dropout that failed for so long) into a self-made millionaire.

Soon people around me started to ask how I did it… And what started out as “helping some friends” quickly turned into professional coaching sessions. And nearly ten years later, in 2019, into my bestselling manifestation book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life™.”

an iphone showing the instagram feed of mia fox with the life she manifested

Fast Forward, My Advanced Signature Manifesting Technique Has Helped Thousands Of Women Worldwide To Make Their Biggest Dreams Come True…

Testimonials Become the CEO of Your Dream Life Manifestation Book By Mia Fox Selfmadeladies
Testimonials Become the CEO of Your Dream Life Manifestation Book By Mia Fox Selfmadeladies
Testimonials Become the CEO of Your Dream Life Manifestation Book By Mia Fox Selfmadeladies
Testimonials Become the CEO of Your Dream Life Manifestation Book By Mia Fox Selfmadeladies
Testimonials Become the CEO of Your Dream Life Manifestation Book By Mia Fox Selfmadeladies
Testimonials Become the CEO of Your Dream Life Manifestation Book By Mia Fox Selfmadeladies


A Self-coaching Transformation. Perfect for Women With Big Dreams. Ready to Get in Control & Take Action.

mockup of become the ceo of your dream life manifestation book and course by mia fox

Unlike other “manifestation techniques” out there (like writing your dreams 55X on a piece of paper and just hoping it will manifest one day…), my action-based manifestation method works because it puts YOU into the driver’s seat.

I’ve studied how the universal laws work and how all this is connected to your subconscious mind for more than ten years. Along the way, I became an NLP coach and a transformational trainer. I even got trained by the wonderful Jack Canfield, known from the movie “The Secret.”

And I combined all this knowledge with my own signature manifestation method, a 3-role principle I got inspired by Walt Disney, to create a transformational journey that will be life-changing for you.

In this program, I’m going to share with you my proven and tested method that helps you to create your bulletproof plan.

It’s about YOU becoming the boss of your dream life. You getting in control.

handwriting saying: here you'll learn
  • A manifestation technique that takes into account your unique situation, goals, and, more importantly, blocks and limiting beliefs. One that goes way beyond the usual fluff advice of “just think positive, and it will happen.”

  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind and make it your best ally (aka supporting your actions, on autopilot, 24/7). So that manifesting your dreams becomes easy, effortless, and, most importantly, replicable.

  • A way to set goals that will automatically activate the law of attraction (and, more importantly, the law of action). This will push the emotional triggers you need to follow through with your goals.

  • How to crush through limiting beliefs and other abundance blocks without spending endless hours (and dollars) on coaching sessions. Leveraging self-coaching and creating your own “inner manifestation coach” – this will put you 100% in control.

  • Why my action-based manifestation is different from the “hope-based” manifestation all the other books, courses, and gurus out there are teaching you about. And why this will finally give you all the results you were looking for.

  • How to create a bulletproof action plan so that manifesting your dreams becomes non-negotiable. And you can finally live the life you truly love (and deserve!)


Become the CEO of Your Dream Life™ Will Give You Control Over Reaching Big Dreams & Transform You Into a Manifestation Pro in Only 7 Weeks (or Faster!)

become the ceo of your dream life pro manifestation course by mia fox

Mia’s Manifesting Formula is the Missing Piece in How to Finally Make Your Dreams a Reality

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Become the CEO of your dream life is filled with hope, inspiration, and practical steps on how to make the Law of attraction work in your favour. It made me realize why some of my dreams already has been manifested with ease and why others haven’t yet. I know this program will help lots of women out there, as it has already changed my life on a deeper level. Thanks to Mia’s manifestation formula, I have manifested one of the biggest things in my life so far, and I can’t wait to see what other big dreams and goals I will manifest next.

week one

set you up for success.

Every beginning is hard. I know. But week one is where I take you by your hand and personally make sure that you have everything you need to take action & succeed. You’ll learn:

  • That one small daily habit that helps you to unlock abundance. And stay high-vibe all day long.

  • My secret of using the different types of motivation to make you take action. Always. And no matter how hard it sometimes feels.

  • What self-coaching really is and how it will change your manifestation game. Forever.

week TWO

how to turn your subconscious mind into your best ally.

This week is all about the fact that the universe is NOT out there but within you. And how to turn this knowledge into your biggest weapon. You’ll learn:

  • What your subconscious identity is, and how it’s connected to the subconscious program you run on. This is key to understanding how manifestation really works.

  • Why your subconscious mind is a blessing and a curse. And how you can turn it into your best ally to make manifestation as easy as possible.

  • What the other universal laws, besides the law of attraction, are. How they are connected. And which one is the one you should care about the most.
woman with rainbow colors reflecting on her face

week THREE

set the Stage for Your Big Dreams.

In the next two weeks, we will take care that you are 100% ready for your big dreams to manifest. You’ll crush your limiting beliefs & abundance blocks. One by one. Starting with your inner world, you’ll learn:

  • What abundance blocks are, and why you should even care. And why this is NOT about being 100% perfect.

  • How to change your inner story to unlock abundance. From Your self-image to your limiting beliefs, we are going to make sure that nothing stands in your way.

  • How to change your bad habits into good ones and say goodbye to emotional blocks. Staying high-vibe is easy when you are in control of your emotions and habits.

week FOUR

make space & unblock even more abundance.

This week we work on the blocks from your outside world. It’s all about decluttering your life and making room for unlimited abundance. You’ll learn:

  • How to declutter your life and make space to attract your dream life. You’ll get my transformational life, body & mind assessment to ‘clean out’ everything that is blocking your success.

  • How to figure out which relationships serve you and which ones hold you back. And how you break free from those without feeling grief.

  • My power weapon against the #1 abundance block. A simple but life-changing formula that will help you to make a huge mindset shift.

week FIVE

dare to dream big.

Week five is when the fun part starts, and I will finally share with you my advanced signature manifestation method. You’ll learn:

  • How to set goals that activate the universal laws. You get my secret process on how you can find what you truly want in life and turn these dreams into powerful goals.

  • How my advanced manifesting method works. And how I got inspired by Walt Disney, one of the biggest dreamers of our time, when I created it.

  • How to Create Your Dream Life Plan. Based on my Become the CEO of Your Dream Life™’ 3-Role Manifestation Technique.

week SIX

create your bulletproof action plan.

This week we are going to move on to step two of the 3-role process; that’s where you create your bulletproof action plan. Because a goal without a plan is just a wish. You’ll learn:

  • How to turn dreams into goals and goals into action steps. I introduce you to the other two roles of the 3-role process. And how this will help you create your action steps.

  • How to create your action steps without getting overwhelmed. Taking action is not easy, let alone knowing what actions to take. I get it. That’s why I share a super simple exercise that will take out all the guesswork from this process.

  • How to Make your plan bulletproof and how to be sure that this will work. You’ll finally have your “management team” complete, and you’ll now understand what it means to be the CEO of your dream life. (Aka, in control of your manifestations.)

week SEVEN

become the ceo of your dream life.

In the last week, it’s all about taking action, that’s where the manifestation magic happens, and you create your dream life. You’ll learn:

  • How to understand the ‘signs from the universe’ This part is all about becoming open to receiving, how to trigger synchronicities and how all this helps you to take action.

  • A powerful self-coaching exercise I created so that you can take inspired actions every day. This makes the taking action part not only much easier for you, but it will also bring you closer to your big dreams every single day.

  • How to create your own inner manifestation coach. The key to effortless manifestation. Having your inner coach with you 24/7 means you can identify and remove blocks much faster, and you always know what (inspired) actions to take. And this, my friend, is priceless!


real transformation happens when you take action.

Learning all this is worth nothing if you don’t know how to put it into action. That’s why every week, you’ll get transformational exercises & templates.

These are not just some “blank” pages for you to take notes; this is a value-packed digital (and printable) workbook, full of proven and tested exercises, psychology-based assessments, and journal prompts, helping you to implement all the steps from the program.


handwriting saying: and that's not it

You’re Also Going To Get These Bonuses That Make Your Dreams Come True (even) Faster…

Just wanted to say wow! Great course, and I can’t believe how many helpful resources are included.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I liked the Secret, but I always felt something was missing. Well, this program is exactly what I was looking for! Mia explains how to manifest your dreams instead of just sitting around asking and believing your dreams will come true. I found it fascinating how I have the ability to reprogram my subconscious, and her GPS analogy helped me to truly understand it. I’m so motivated and inspired…


7 weeks of access to me as your personal manifestation coach

After the transformation in this program, you will have your own inner coach supporting you 24/7. But on your journey there, I have your back. This bonus is perfect if you love the extra support. You can just submit all your questions, and I will answer them for you via the weekly Q+A sessions.

And of course, you also get life-long access to all the old recordings in the Q&A library so that you get your questions answered immediately, in case someone else asked this before.

VALUE $679

the abundance accelerator bundle

The abundance accelerator is the perfect bonus to speed up your manifestations.  Every week you will get hand-selected guided meditation sessions, matching the topic of the week perfectly.

Guided meditations are the perfect tool to activate your subconscious mind and reprogram it. And with these sessions, you can skyrocket your transformation, 24/7, even while you sleep.

VALUE $197

nLP exercises to crush through manifestation blocks with ease

We work intensively on your abundance blocks inside the program. Overcoming them is key for the manifestation process to happen. And as an NLP coach, I know that these manifestation blocks can sometimes be scary. Especially all the fears and limiting beliefs that we carry around from our early childhood.

But don’t worry. In this bonus, I’ll give you my favorite NLP exercises that will help you solve blocks in a few super easy-to-follow steps. One of these exercises even helped me overcome my fear of flying after not getting on a plane for over ten years.


7 weekly check-ins + action packs

This bonus is perfect if you have ever started a program like this and didn’t finish it. The weekly action packs are my personal check-ins, as your coach, to tell you what to do and to check if you have everything you need to take action. And that’s not it.

Every action pack comes with quick-win tips, little helpers, and tools that will make the implementation of the program even easier for you.


If You Join Today, You’ll Also Get This Special Bonus Toolbox, Helping You to Create Even Faster Results…

Get Life-Time Access to the Complete Manifestation Toolbox!

Manifestation works on the principle that you make profound changes on a subconscious level. And this transformation doesn’t just end after the seven weeks we have together…

One powerful way to keep working on your subconscious transformation (and your big goals) 24/7 is by using manifestation tools such as vision boards, meditations, affirmations, journaling, etc. This bonus is perfect for helping you create your daily manifestation routine, showing you the different tools and how they work best together.

VALUE $1522


Become The CEO Of Your Dream Life Now & start manifesting your dreams today

become the ceo of your dream life pro manifestation course by mia fox

Total Value $3492

Join Today For Just:
$97 / month x6

OR $497 (One-Time Payment)






No wondering, no guessing, no woo-woo, just hard facts and strong results!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
If you have read a lot about manifestation & the Law Of Attraction before, be prepared to add a whole new layer to it: Mia is combining all her experience and wisdom to share with you the most effective and proven manifestation process. She provides you with a tangible, practical and easy to use step-by-step guide of how to actually manifest anything into your life. No wondering, no guessing, no woo-woo – just hard facts and strong results!


I know with all my heart that this program is transformative if you take action. The self-coaching tools I teach inside this program worked for me, and they worked for thousands of women I had the blessing to work with. And countless testimonials and success stories are proof of that.

But I understand that you don’t know this, so… let me take the risk for you. That’s why I offer you my “we make it work together” guarantee.

This means if you do get stuck at any point and you feel that this is not giving you the results you hoped for, just send me an email with the work you have done, and we will get you unstuck. I want YOU to become not only the CEO of your dream life but also our next success story!

What Sets ‘Become the CEO of Your Dream Life’ Apart From Other Manifestation Teachings Are the Concrete Tips Given.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
As someone who likes clarity and solid guidance, I absolutely loved the practical advice given. The inspiration from Walt Disney gives the process such a magical and exciting quality! And Mia dives deeper into foundation concepts too- the progress journal is just one of the incredible suggestions that can -and does- completely transform the manifestation journey. As an LoA coach myself, I’m going to keep this on my shelf to keep myself and my clients on track to manifest like pros!

are we a good fit?

Should you join us in the transformational program? Is it the right fit for you? You get the best results if you are…

  • …tired of just “hoping” for your manifestations to happen and ready for real results. (Aka, transform your big dreams into reality.)

  • …ready to let go of your limiting beliefs and abundance blocks. (Because who needs them anyway?)

  • …open to learning new things, and stepping outside your comfort zone makes you excited. (Don’t worry, I will hold your hand!)

  • ready to take action and invest in YOU and your future self (waiting to live that abundance-filled life everyone is talking about…)

This is Not Just About the Law of Attraction and Like the Advice That You Can Buy Anywhere Else. I Would Recommend Everyone to Learn From Her and Get Involved.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
How to reprogram your subconscious mind. This was always a challenge for me. Until learning what Mia had to teach about manifestation. That’s when a shiver came over me, and I felt the fire inside me. This opened my eyes, and at the age of 49, it was the first time I’d ever been able to see what I wanted from my life. I knew exactly what next steps I wanted to take. Since then, I have also trained as a decluttering coach and am now in the final stages of building my own business. Mia’s teachings are not just about the Law of Attraction and like the advice that you can buy anywhere else. It’s really a revelation. I would recommend everyone to learn from her and get involved.

Here’s where this transformational program will bring you in the next few weeks if you join now…

Your next 1-2 Weeks:

Most students starting with the transformational program get big AHA moments in the first weeks. But you also start to transform right from week one on. I started the program with a wonderful exercise I learned from my dear mentor Jack Canfield, and this is really opening up your abundance gates.

Your 7-Week Mark:

Then when you reach the 7-week mark, that’s when you have created your first action plan for your breakthrough goal, and you will have that strong confidence that you will reach this dream, without a doubt. Because the entire seven weeks, we worked together on removing possible blocks, taking care of your motivation, getting you ready for taking inspired actions, and most importantly, creating your inner manifestation coach.

That’s also the perfect moment for you to start designing your daily manifestation routine with the help of the toolbox bonus.

Your Life in 3-6 Months:

Then comes the truly amazing time. The weeks and months ahead. After 3 or 6 months, you will be a totally different person. You will be more relaxed when problems arise. You will have more confidence. You decluttered your entire life so that you feel free and ready to take on every challenge.

You might fell in love with your soul-mate, got that new job you always wanted, started a successful business or that side-hustle you were always just thinking about, changed your lifestyle and got healthier, finally became pregnant, you booked that trip that was always on your vision board, or you finally wrote your book (and if so, please let me know I want to get a copy and read it…)

So you see, taking action is not only key to making manifestation work; there is also a good reason why you should take action today.

There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and take action on your big dreams.


You have a choice to make: Keep relying on wishful thinking (and just hope that one day you get lucky.)

This means just accepting that constant nagging feeling of unfulfillment, knowing that there is something bigger and better waiting for you… (A goal you may never reach… Because it’s just out of your control.)

…is this really where you want to go?

Or are you ready to take a new action and get a new result? Finally, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life (and take control over the wonderful new experiences you’ll attract into your life).

If You Say YES! To your new abundance-filled life, here’s what to do now…

Step One: Click the Yes! I’m Ready to Become the CEO of My Dream Life button below.

Step Two: Choose the payment option that suits you the best, fill out the order form, and then click purchase.

Step Three: Check your email, where you’ll find my welcome message and the login for our member’s platform. You can get started right away and get full access to the entire program and bonuses if you join now!

Still any unanswered questions about this program? Check the FAQs below or click on the “ask me your questions” box, and I’ll get back to you within 24H

Do You Have More Questions

Look, I know that other coaches and course creators “launch” their programs only a few times just to let you in for a limited time. It’s a scarcity tactic that works great for marketing.

But what might helps them to sell more of their programs is not always what also helps you to get the best results.

I feel that a transformation like this is the best for you when you are ready. And ONLY you can decide if this is today, tomorrow, or next month. I’m not going to pressure you into joining this.

Sure, I can’t guarantee that this offer, with all these bonuses for the price you can get today, will be around forever, and maybe I will change my mind next week, and the price will go up, or I will take out a bonus…

But this should NOT be your reason to click that buy button below.

Your reason should be that you want to change on a deep subconscious level, that you are ready to crush some of your biggest dreams, and you believe that this program can help you to achieve that.

Because if you join from this state, you succeeding with this journey is just guaranteed.

This is a self-study program because I want you to join when YOU are ready for the transformation and manifesting your big dreams, not when I think it’s the right time.

As soon as you hit the purchase button, you get the login details, and you can start right away. The program designs the way that it runs over the course of seven weeks, but you’ll get access to everything right away.

And you get life-long access to the material. So that means you can go through it faster or take more time. It’s up to you.

You’ll get access to the member-only platform and the 7-Week Transformational program, including all bonuses.

The program includes seven modules, including video lessons. And, in case you learn better when you read stuff (or you just don’t like my charming Swiss accent, no hurt feelings), you can download the transcripts. Every lesson also comes in audio-only format, downloadable as MP3s, so that you can listen to it on the go.

The program also includes the transformational workbook, helping you to implement the new learnings. You also get weekly action packs, including additional tips, special hacks, and the abundance accelerator bonus, guided meditations, visualizations, and hypnosis sessions that perfectly fit the week’s topic.

And to take care that you finish the program (and take action), I’ll show up in your inbox every week as your personal cheerleader. And whenever you have questions or need my help, you get access to me via the seven weeks Q+A sessions.

You also get access to my favorite NLP exercises, helping you to overcome your personal blocks much easier. Plus the a special bonus, where you get access to the entire manifestation toolbox. This includes all my toolkits, worth over $1500, such as:

  • The vision board toolkit includes a 3-part workshop, templates, and printables. 
  • The guided meditations toolkit with a meditations guide and over 333 minutes of guided meditations sessions.
  • The journaling toolkit, with a mini-workshop, gets you started with manifestation journaling and scripting. Plus 111+ journal prompts. 
  • My law of attraction planner, with 40+ pretty planners, journal & scripting prompts, tracker sheets, vision board templates & many more. (It’s an instant PDF download, all files are editable on your favorite device and, of course, printable.) 
  • The subconscious bedtime stories & the affirmations bundle.

Let me tell you this straight: No one can ever give you a guarantee for a personal growth / manifestation program like this. Only YOU have control over how much action you will take. And one thing is clear, without taking action, you will not get results.

And while the program is designed in a way that will make you take action every day, I also know that sometimes it’s not easy, and life just happens. And if that happens, I would not do you any favor when I just send you your money back and lock you out from the program.

What I’m offering you is much more valuable because if you ever get stuck in the process, I will help you to get unstuck. So I can guarantee you that we will make this work for you together!

If you do struggle to get things to work in the seven weeks of the transformation, you have the guarantee that I’m there for you. I will help you take action every single week, and you’ll get the support and coaching you need along the way.

And yes, I can only offer this because I’m confident that hardly ever someone gets stuck in my programs. Otherwise, this could quickly become a full-time job for me… So that’s my “let’s make this work together” guarantee, as outlined in detail in our terms, a guarantee to get you to take action and get you results.

If you do get stuck at any point and you feel that this is not giving you the results you hoped for, just send me an email with the work you have done, and we will get you unstuck.

I’m not a mind reader, but what I can tell you is that I have seen so many different women using my action-based manifestation process to achieve their dreams.

We have students from all over the world, at every age, from a 13-year-old that took the program together with her mum to a woman that decided at the age of 83 that it’s the perfect time to change her life around.

I know with all my heart that this program is transformative if you take action. The self-coaching tools I teach inside this program worked for me, and they worked for thousands of women I had the blessing to work with. And countless testimonials and success stories are proof of that.

And if you are still unsure and you want to know if this is right for your unique situation, then just write us. You can use the contact widget on the page (the pink box that says: ask me your questions…) or just drop us an email – and we can discuss this further.

As someone that has reached some very big goals later in my life, like finally writing a book after I talked about becoming a writer for half my life. I can tell you: it’s never too late.

And actually, the oldest student I know of inside my program is over 80 years old.

I don’t know your age, but I’m 100% sure it’s not too late to get started now. But one thing is for sure. If you never get started, you will never reach this dream.

So don’t let your age block you. Start today because it’s the best possible time for YOU to start.

When I started writing my book, my goal was to write an actionable guide, not one of those fluffy books that only serve to pitch the author’s higher-priced offerings.

And the fact that my book has been so successful and I’ve received so much positive feedback shows me that I’ve succeeded.

Still, a book is just a book. I believe that your actions are the most important thing, and for most people, it is difficult to take action just by reading a book. And although so many readers had such incredibly great results, it quickly became apparent that there was a desire to work with me more deeply.

This resulted first in a workbook with audio exercises and later in my flagship program, this seven-week transformation.

This program takes all the concepts from the book (and more), goes deeper into everything, and, most importantly, helps you put it into practice. And thanks to the Q&As & action packs, you have me by your side for the whole process. And that, my friend, is priceless.

It’s just something my book can’t do. But yes, my book will give you great results, but the women that took it to the next level got even faster and bigger results. So if you want results fast, I definitely recommend going PRO.

The answer is yes! It will absolutely work for all your dreams and goals. This program is designed to help you create the life you love, regardless of the goals you have.

It helped women with all sorts of dreams outside of their careers or business. Such as getting pregnant after trying for many years, finding true love, buying the dream home, traveling around the world, reaching a big weight-loss goal, moving cross country, and starting a completely new life…

I know that the name “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” could suggest it’s about business, but the name comes from the idea that this will put you in control, so you become the boss of your dream life. And also, because with the 3-role principle and the inner coach, you kind of build your own management team. A team of smart people gives you guidance in reaching your big goals in life.

So this is definitely not a business program; this transformation works for women from all walks of life; in fact, we even have a few men in the program; as long as they can look past the girlie design, they still get strong results from this.

Of course! It is very important to me that your credit card is safe. All payments made will go through our partner companies, Stripe or Paypal, via a professional platform (Thrivecart) that many online entrepreneurs and large companies trust in. You can pay with your credit card (via Stripe), and you can also choose to purchase through PayPal.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your payment, please do not hesitate and email us at

Just send your questions via email to:

And our customer success team will get back to you as soon as possible, usually in under 24H.


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