Best Manifestation Methods & Techniques

Writing about manifestation techniques is my big passion. I covered all the different methods in my manifestation book, and in my course, I have several manifestation toolkits to help my students to get started with vision boards, manifestation journaling, or guided meditations.

And I use them every day in my own manifestation routine. I just love how they have transformed my life. That’s why I decided to write this guide as an overview of the different manifestation methods and how they can help you to manifest your dream life.

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Before we get started, I need to quickly clarify that the terms manifestation techniques or manifestation methods can be somehow misleading. There is really just ONE process (outlined here in my guide on how to manifest.) The correct term would be manifestation tools, as they are the supporting tools in the process. But since the term method or technique has become established, I call it that too for the sake of simplicity.

 What are manifestation methods

So manifestation methods are not really the manifestation itself but the supporting tools to manifest faster. To understand how they can assist you the best, we need to quickly look at how this process actually works.

So here’s a little manifestation 101 for you:

Manifestation 101:  How The Law of Attraction Works

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, so you attract what you are.

Some talk about “asking the universe” when manifesting, but this “universe” is really your subconscious mind.

In the end, it all boils down to your subconscious. That’s where the manifestation magic happens. You need to vibrational connect your manifestation goals (the life you desire) with your subconscious.

The energy you send out, you get back. This turns you into an abundance magnet. And to tap into this power, the different manifestation methods can support you.

But it’s not just about gluing a few pictures on a vision board, writing some affirmations on paper, or using any of the manifestation techniques that are popular on TikTok, like the 369 or the water manifestation (we talk about them later…)

Manifestation means to make something real, to create something; this could mean that all the methods used to make your dreams and goals become true could be considered a manifestation method. 

But that’s not really correct – because, as I said, manifestation is really always the same process. Here’s the short version:

  • You set your manifestation goal.
  • You align the goal with your subconscious by overcoming abundance blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • You take inspired action, guided by your subconscious.

And in every single step, these supporting tools can be very powerful. When used the right way and at the right time.

So let’s look at them more closely…

How Many Manifestation Methods Are There

In my manifestation coaching (and also personally), I work mostly with five different techniques: that are guided meditations, vision boards, manifestation journaling, creative visualization, and affirmations.

I also love to use other tools such as scripting, hypnosis, or NLP anchors. And, of course, practicing gratitude is a powerful technique I use daily.

But anything that helps you reprogram your subconscious can be considered a manifestation method, so there are a lot of them. Especially since new ones pop up on TikTok almost daily (yes, not a big fan, I’ll tell you why a bit later…)

But in this guide, I’ll concentrate on the ones I found that have a true impact on your subconscious transformation, but I’ll also give you some insights into why I believe that others are just a waste of time.

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Manifestation Methods That Actually Work & How to Choose The Right One

It’s not easy to answer which manifestation method works best because they can all help you in different areas or stages of your manifestation journey.

Also, it’s very personal. My husband, for example, loves mindfulness meditation and gets so much clarity out of it. For me, having ADHD it’s not the best tool to use. I prefer journaling to doing reflection work.

In the end, it’s best to try different methods for yourself to see what works best for you.

That’s why I decided to create the following table with the top manifestation methods I personally use and teach to my readers and students every day, giving you some more details on how you can best use them:

Vision Board

What Is It:
A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, usually in the form of images on a poster board or corkboard. But it can also come in a digital form, for example, as an online vision board. Also, you don’t need to limit yourself to pictures; you can add affirmations, checklists, or even 3D and 4D objects.

How It Helps You Manifest:
As a daily “reminder” of your goals and dreams, a vision board is very powerful because your subconscious strongly reacts to visual clues. It can also help you with creative visualizations, just look at your vision board and then visualize yourself living this dream life already.

When to Use:
Right from the beginning of your journey, a vision board is a great goal-setting tool. After that, you should look at it as often as you can in your daily manifestation routine. And actively use it for visualizations.

To learn how to start a vision board, visit my vision board guide.

Manifestation Affirmations

What Is It:
Affirmations are positive affirmative statements about the desired outcome. They are stated in the present tense as if the thing you’re manifesting is already reality and yours. 

How It Helps You Manifest:

Your subconscious loves repetition, and manifestation affirmations are often repetitive in nature. Also, your subconscious is listening to you, which means when you tell it a “new reality” over and over, it starts to believe this new reality. It will then do everything it can to get you there.

When to Use:

You can use affirmations to stick them on a vision board or write them in a journal. But a very powerful way to use affirmations is when you say them out loud or listen to guided affirmation recordings.

Learn here how to create affirmations that work.

Manifestation Journal

What Is It:
A manifestation journal is not much different from a regular journal, but you concentrate solely on your manifestation when you do your journaling practice.

How It Helps You Manifest:

It’s perfect for the reflection part (you have to gain clarity about exactly what you want to manifest), but it’s also great to use it for possible abundance blocks and to reflect on limiting beliefs. Two very powerful journaling exercises are a gratitude journal and scripting manifestation, but we look at both separately.

When to Use:

I use my journal every single day. Usually in the mornings, but it’s also great before you go to bed. A manifestation journal is such a powerful tool because it is so versatile. You can use it at every step in the manifestation process, but my favorite is the reflection work.

Learn more in this guide about how to start a manifestation journal. You might also want to read this post here now on how to write a manifestation list.

Scripting Manifestation

What Is It:
The scripting manifestation method, also called future scripting, is a journaling technique where you write manifestations out like they are already your current life. So you concentrate on the goal you want to achieve and write it like a story, in the present tense or even past tense.

How It Helps You Manifest:
It’s another great way to tell your subconscious what your new reality should look like. And because you write it as if it had already happened, your subconscious has no choice but to believe you.

When to Use:

I love to use scripting when I do my yearly goal-setting, and it’s also great when you are very close to manifesting what you want. You can actually adjust your future script as you go.

Get scripting examples and subconscious writing exercises in this guide here: Law of Attraction Scripting.

Creative Visualization

What Is It:
The creative visualization technique is a cognitive process where you use your imagination to form vivid mental images. This can be done with closed eyes, but most people actually do better with open-eye visualization.

How It Helps You Manifest:

These mental images send a strong subconscious message, making visualization a great manifestation tool.

When to Use:
While you can use creative visualization to find out what you want, it’s best used when you already have a clear picture of what your desired outcome is. There are different techniques, such as the perfect day visualization or one where you visualize your life as a movie.

Learn more about the different exercises in this guide on creative visualization.

Manifestation Meditation

What Is It:
We talk about mindfulness meditation next, but one type of meditation is especially powerful when it comes to manifesting what you want; that’s guided meditation. They are usually led by a teacher, in person, or as an audio recording and cover a specific topic, like my free manifestation meditation for manifesting abundance (here for you to download and test it out.)

How It Helps You Manifest:
These types of meditations are extremely powerful because they talk to your subconscious mind directly. The spoken word is another strong emotional trigger you want to leverage when manifesting.

When to Use:

You can use guided meditations in the morning for some instant high vibes. But they are amazing when used just before sleep. While you sleep, your subconscious is still working for you in the background. That’s how you manifest on autopilot (well, almost…)

Learn all you need to know in this guide on meditation for manifestation.

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Mindfulness Meditation

What Is It:
Mindfulness meditation, or still meditation, is very different from the guided meditations we just talked about. But it’s still a great manifestation tool. In this kind of meditation, you concentrate more on your breath. They are great for stress relief.

How It Helps You Manifest:

This kind of meditation can help you to get better aligned with your goals. I do not support the manifestation myth that you need to be high vibe 24/7 in order to attract what you want, but becoming more balanced and positive definitely helps. But there is another factor when it comes to mindfulness meditation; it can be great for reflection.

When to Use:
If meditation makes you feel great, use them often, best daily. Other than that, you can use them specifically when you need to reflect on something on your manifestation journey. For example, when you set goals and need to get clear on what you want or when it comes to identifying abundance blocks.

Gratitude Manifestation

What Is It:
Practicing gratitude is one of the key factors when manifesting. Think about it: the law of attraction states that like attracts like, so if you are grateful for things, you naturally attract more things to be grateful for.

How It Helps You Manifest:
First of all, it definitely helps you to get on a higher vibrational level. When you experience gratitude, it shuts like a gate in the brain, and there is no more room for negativity. I also often say that gratitude is the healthiest emotion you can experience. But being thankful for what you already have also signals your subconscious that you are truly ready for the abundance-filled life you desire to manifest.

When to Use:

As often as possible! If I had to choose, I’d say this is the most powerful manifestation method of all, and it’s so simple to use. You can write a daily gratitude journal or just say what you are grateful for throughout the day. The more you use it, the more things show up to add to your gratitude list.

Learn in this guide more about the power of gratitude when manifesting.

Power Manifestation 5X5

What Is It:
Don’t confuse this with the 55×5 method! This is actually my own manifestation method I created for my course. But I have to give credit to my mentor Jack Canfield, as he inspired me to create this technique; It’s a tool I teach to help my students to take more inspired action.

How It Helps You Manifest:

The third manifestation step is all about taking inspired action; if you don’t take action, your goals will not manifest. That’s just a fact. So having a technique that helps you with this can make a huge difference. My students absolutely love it.

When to Use:
Every day. It’s a method I created for you to help take action, and you can use it until your dream manifests.

Learn more about it in this guide: Power Manifestation 5X5


What Is It:
Hypnosis, whether self-hypnosis or guided hypnosis, is another tool you can try in the manifestation process. And I’m not talking about stage hypnosis, where they let people make silly things; hypnosis basically means that you get into a very deep relaxed state.

How It Helps You Manifest:
Research finds that hypnosis can help reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and improve thinking patterns. So this can all be helpful when manifesting big goals. But when you are in a hypnotized state, your subconscious is very receptive to suggestions, so that’s another way to leverage its power for manifestation.

When to Use:
I love to use guided hypnosis recordings first thing in the morning to prime me for a great day. But you can use hypnosis specifically to overcome abundance blocks, especially emotional blocks or fears. For this, you might even want to consider working with a hypnotherapist.

You can learn more about hypnosis for manifestation here.

NLP Anchoring Technique

What Is It:
NLP anchors help you create a stimulus-response pattern so that you always feel the way you want to feel. For example, if you would like to feel relaxed, you can use an anchor that gets you back into a relaxed state when using it. 

How It Helps You Manifest:
Having a tool that helps you get back into a desired emotional state is always handy when manifesting. But they can also aid as a “reminder” for your manifestations. Setting an anchor that reminds you of your goal every time you use it is a great signal to your subconscious.

When to Use:
As often as you like. Once an anchor is set, you can just use it when you need it. In my advanced manifestation course, I do teach a specific 3-role manifestation method where we use anchors to get into the different roles; that’s another great way to use NLP anchors.

Learn more here: NLP Anchors for Manifesting

Popular Tiktok Manifestation Methods (I Do NOT Recommend)

Now let’s have a look at some tools that I do NOT recommend.

I call them that way because they are the most popular manifestation methods on TikTok. And they get shared in the millions…

Unfortunately, they are often shared by people that have no background or education in the manifestation niche. And therefore, there are often many misunderstandings about whether and how these techniques can help manifest.

In recent years I have seen tons of them popping up. And to say it directly: most of them are a lot of BS.

Let’s have a look at the “random number” methods. For example, there is the so-called 55×5 method, the 333 method, or the 369 method (just to name a few) – They state that you have to write down what you want for a certain number of times or days.

So, your dream life just magically manifests because you wrote it down 55 times? Well, I don’t think so!

Well, I guess you get where this ends. It reminds me a bit about the tooth fairy. Haha…

Sure… Journaling and positive affirmations are powerful tools when manifesting. Writing your goals down is not wrong. But this alone will not make your dreams come true.

I call this hope and luck-based manifestation.

Maybe the person sharing it did manifest her dream, BUT maybe she did also just get lucky. It’s definitely nothing you can replicate. (And nothing you can teach to others.)

Btw. if you want to learn more about the difference between hope & luck based manifestation and get my proven action-based method (one that didn’t just help me manifest once but helped thousands of women in our community) then join us here in the FREE 5-day manifestation course. In the first email, I’ll explain to you exactly why hope & luck based manifestation can’t work.

But to get back to my little rant...

… just hoping that drinking a glass of water will transform someone’s life is silly. Also, these techniques are so random. It’s definitely something someone just made up.

Why 55×5, 33×3, 777, or 369? Why not 23×4?

Now you might ask why I even bother writing about these techniques if it’s nothing I recommend.

Well, I have two good reasons:

  1. Having social media influencers share these so-called manifestation methods means they get shared so often that people start to believe they work.

    That’s very damaging and also heartbreaking. You can’t imagine how many emails I get from new readers joining my email list, telling me how disappointed they were when they tried “every manifestation technique under the moon” without success.

  2. Because they get shared so often, people start to research. So I rather want them to find a post from me (an author and coach with 10+ years of experience in this field) than from someone that is just sharing things because they are trendy on social media.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s wonderful when people share their manifestation success stories. And I also get that they want to help others…

    But when someone on TikTok is sharing these methods without understanding the basic principles of manifestation but then makes ridiculous claims like “you can manifest anything in 24 hours.” (just to get more clicks). This is seeding false hopes. And that’s not ok.

So I started to review these methods, and I do give them a real shot and see if they can actually be helpful for manifestation or if I believe they are not. But in the end, you alone can decide if a technique is right for you or not.

(More reviews are coming soon!)

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FAQ – Your Manifestation Methods Questions Answered

Here are a few questions the ladies in my community asked me about manifestation methods. If you have some that I haven’t covered in this guide, just reach out to me.

You can basically do as many manifestation methods at once as you like. But you should concentrate on the ones that work best for your goal and that you also enjoy using.

None of these manifestation methods work well when you do them just because you have to do it. Manifestation is all about emotions, so you want to choose the tools that make you feel good.

Less is often more.

Yes, you can absolutely combine manifestation methods. Actually you should, because every single technique has specific advantages over another. So depending on your goal and current situation, you might want to combine certain methods to get the best outcome.

How long it will take to manifest your goals? Well, bigger goals can take many months to manifest, especially when you have strong abundance blocks to take care of first.

This depends a lot on the goal you are working on and your situation. And, of course, what methods you are using and how much time you invest.

But you can also manifest very quickly; the methods in this post can help you speed up things. And yes, sometimes even within 24 hours, but that’s definitely not the rule! 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Manifestation Routine

To really answer the question of what manifestation method works the best, I would have to say that this is the one you use.

None of them can have a real impact if you just do them once or twice.

There is no such thing as an “overnight success”, and no, I will never claim that you can manifest in 24 hours. At least not the real big goals.

This is a journey, and you should treat it like this. I do always recommend making some time for using the different tools. Be it in your morning routine or just before you go to bed. If you really care about achieving your goals, you will find some time.

For more help, I created this morning manifestation guide that helps you create the perfect manifestation (morning) routine.

So let’s get started because taking action is more important than perfect action.

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P.S. Don’t forget to grab your guided meditation session click here, and I’ll send it to your inbox in a few minutes. This is the perfect way to get started with the best manifestation methods you just learned about.

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