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As a bestselling manifestation book author (and blogger behind one of the top manifestation blogs), it’s my big passion to help women around the world to manifest the life they love.

Sadly, it’s also a topic where a lot of misconceptions and myths are floating around the internet.

And from the wonderful ladies in our community, I know that this is often the reason why it did not work the way they hoped. This needs to stop!

That’s why I decided to create this ultimate manifestation guide, sharing with you everything you need to know to manifest the life of your dreams (with my no-BS, action-based manifestation tips, and linking out to my best blog content.)

In this post on how to manifest anything you want, you’ll learn what manifestation really is and what it’s not. Plus, I give you my step-by-step manifestation process and tell you why your subconscious holds the key to successful manifestation.

You also learn how you can use all this to manifest things, such as love, money, health, and much more. And, of course, we look at different manifestation methods and tools, helping you to attract your perfect life even faster…

My manifestation blog & this guide offers you a ton of free and helpful resources and articles. In case you love shortcuts, I’d recommend you get my manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.”

Manifestation 101

Manifesting what you want, and creating the life of your dreams, is not complicated. You can totally learn the process of manifestation; it’s always working. And it works for everyone.

We, humans, manifest 24/7, if we want it or not. So you better learn how to get in the driver’s seat. And that’s what I teach here at

It’s all about setting the right goals and getting aligned with them.

You do so by overcoming your abundance blocks and limiting beliefs, reprogramming your subconscious mind, and activating the universal laws.

After that, all you have to do is to take inspired action!

But let’s start right at the beginning. Let’s have a look at what it really is.

What Is Manifestation & What Does “Manifesting” Mean

As I said, there is a common misconception about what it really is.

Many do believe that to manifest something, you just have to “think it into existence” or to wish for something and then believe hard enough, and you will get it.

The thing is, manifestation is not magic.

Manifestation comes from the Latin word “manifestare” which mainly means to make something real. And one point here is very important: “manifestare” is a verb. And verbs express action.

It means that YOU make something real, you create your new reality, and you do so by leveraging the power of your subconscious mind and with a specific manifestation process, which we cover in a bit.

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Where Does Manifestation Come From?

The law of attraction became well-known through the book and movie “The Secret,” which screened in 2006.

But in fact, the concept of using its power to attract big dreams and goals is much older.

“The Secret,” including its famous casts like Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield, and also books by Abraham Hicks (channeled through Esther Hicks), did definitely help to make it more mainstream.

Add Oprah to the mix, and everyone suddenly started to create vision boards and had success stories to share on how they manifested their best life.

Today you can even find “how to start manifesting” posts in every women’s magazine out there…

But did you know that the term “Law of Attraction” dates back more than a hundred years? 

It originated in 1906 when author and publisher William Walker Atkinson released his book: “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.

The Law of Attraction & Other Universal Laws

So this quickly became mainstream. But what does the law of attraction really mean?

There are many different definitions of what the Law of Attraction is, but to explain it in easy words, it states that “like attracts like.”

This applies to everything in our existence, from the people around us the material things. And even non-tangible stuff like situations, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The problem is that this often gets misunderstood. There is this famous quote stating, “Your thoughts become your reality.”

That’s not really how it works. You can’t just “think things into existence.”

What you do, when you concentrate on your goals and align vibrationally with them (get on the same energy level), is to attract opportunities, ideas, people, and situations… they will then make you take action.

And it’s this action that will create your new reality.

It’s all connected to your subconscious mind, and I explain that in more detail below. 

But it’s important that you understand that the law of attraction is not some magic trick that turns you into an abundance magnet.

And it is also not as woo-woo as many make it look like, and it doesn’t require some fancy ritual to make it work.

Also, there is more than just the Law of Attraction. There are 12 universal laws that all play a role. Some more than others.

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Manifestation Process – How Does Manifestation Work?

So let’s get to the point why you’re here, how do you manifest…

I already mentioned that manifestation is the act of you making your dreams become a reality. So, in other words, it’s a goal-setting and goal-achieving process.

But one that has a very powerful ally; that’s your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious is co-creating with you, it has your back when you are manifesting things, and therefore “manifestation” does not 100% equal regular goal-setting and achieving.

When you do this right, you can leverage the universal laws, and you can use the power of your subconscious mind to get to your dreams faster and more effortlessly. That’s when you start to manifest your goals on autopilot.

In my book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” and my manifestation course (an award-winning transformational program I created from my book because it became such a bestseller), I teach a more advanced 5-step manifestation process.

But to make things simpler for this guide here, let’s concentrate on the three main steps. In case you are not new to this topic, you might already know these steps as: ask, believe, receive. And here’s my take on it…

Step 1 – Ask: Goal-Setting

Ask, believe, receive is really how “The Secret” laid out how manifestation works.

And let me make one thing clear: I do think The Secret is a wonderful book, and I watched the movie several times. Still, I do not agree 100% with its message.

I actually believe that it’s over-simplifying it. But not in a good and “make things easy for you” way – but to make it more mainstream and therefore sell better.

It’s giving false hopes, and this leads to a lot of confusion around the topic.

Of course, telling people that all they have to do is “to believe” sells better than what I do (telling you that you have to take action), but I told you this is going to be a no-BS guide on manifestation, so here is the thing…

Looking at the first step, called ask (some even call it “order from the universe”), this is the goal-setting part.

But you don’t just tell “the universe” what you want, write your goals down, or glue some images with your dream life on a vision board… There’s a bit more to it.

Manifesting goals starts by getting crystal clear on what you desire and finding your intention behind your goals.

It needs a specific goal-setting process because you need to tap into your subconscious mind’s power, and you do this by triggering positive emotions and by activating the universal laws.

If you want to find out what you really want and, more important, how to align these goals vibrationally with your subconscious mind, I go much deeper on this in the following goal-setting blog posts:

Law of Attraction Goal Guide
Manifestation Goals Examples
Manifestation Questions to Ask Yourself (to find out what you want)

Step 2 – Believe: Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Abundance Blocks

The second step is where probably comes the biggest misconception from. It’s the “believe” part.

The thing with manifestation is that you don’t just expect your dreams to come true. Your goals don’t magically appear just because you believe hard enough. That’s not how it works!

Believing is just one (small) part of this step.

The second step is where you align your goals with your subconscious mind.

You do so by getting on the same vibrational level.

This process means that you have to overcome abundance blocks, such as your belief system, emotional blocks, bad habits, or a negative self-image.

But also outer blocks such as relationships, your environment, your looks, and your health.

woman sitting on her bed meditation and manifesting her dreams, with a ign in the background saying high vibes only

It’s about decluttering your entire life and making space for abundance.

So you see that this goes way beyond just “getting high-vibe & believing”this is a personal growth transformation that goes much deeper.

That’s the point when you become “open to receive” – when you truly align with your desires. Your subconscious will have no choice but get you there.

Step 3 – Receive: Manifest by Taking Inspired Action

The third step is the most important one. It’s really the manifestation.

This is where you make your dreams come true.

And that’s where I absolutely NOT agree with what The Secret teaches us. Because calling it “to receive” makes this step very passive. And this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

As a fun fact, the makers of the movie recently “corrected” that point and said they kind of “forgot to tell” about the importance of taking action.

That’s huge when you take into account that taking inspired action is key for it to work!

The thing with manifesting is this; it’s not magic. It’s not like having a genie in a bottle and getting unlimited wishes.

I did believe that when I started my own journey, I failed first because this was a major point I missed. 

The universe is not like Amazon. You can’t just order and expect the delivery to arrive. Also, the universe itself is a term that gets misunderstood a lot. This “universe” is not out there; it’s within you. It is your subconscious mind.

It’s about starting to tell yourself (or, better said, your subconscious mind) a new story so that your subconscious will start to believe this, accept it as your new reality, and then do everything to guide you there.

That’s how you become your future self.

But your subconscious can ONLY guide you. It’s still YOU that makes the manifestation happens. It’s you that takes the needed action to achieve your goals.

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Subconscious Mind – The Secret to Successful Manifestation

In a nutshell, your subconscious mind holds the key to successfully manifesting your dreams. This is where everything happens.

That’s why I connect everything back to the subconscious:

  • the goal-setting process
  • removing abundance blocks (that’s where you reprogram your subconscious)
  • the inspired actions to take
  • the tools you use (more on them later).

When you fail to trigger your subconscious and listen to the signs and hints it will send you; you will not manifest successfully.

No matter how much you believed in it!

That’s why I curated for you my best content around the power of the subconscious mind when manifesting:

How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Manifest
Subconscious Mind & Manifestation
Hacks to Manifest More Abundance

Manifestation Methods, Manifestation Tools & Manifestation Techniques (What’s the Difference?)

The first question we need to answer is what are manifestation methods or techniques?

You know by now that manifestation means to make something real, to create something; this would mean that all the methods or techniques used to make your dreams and goals become true could be considered a manifestation method. 

But that’s not really correct.

People often talk about different “manifestation methods” or “manifestation techniques,” – but as you just learned above, manifestation is really always the same process:

  • You set a goal
  • You align the goal with your subconscious
  • You take action, guided by your subconscious

So there is really only ONE method; that’s it. The manifestation methods or techniques people often talk about are actually just tools.

Tools that support the manifestation, but these tools are not the manifestation itself.

That said, some of them are still very powerful, and I created several toolkits to help you get started with them. (In case you are interested, I link them below where we talk about the single tools.)

Plus, of course, I wrote countless blog posts about my favorite law of attraction tools; here they are…

Make a Vision Board For Manifestation

Learning how to make a vision board that works is one of the skills you should invest in. This powerful tool has helped me to manifest my husband, several high-paying jobs, my dream business, my dream car, and travel opportunities to the most beautiful places.

I don’t say that the vision board alone did help me to manifest my best life, but it definitely helped a lot.

To learn more, visit my vision board guide.

In this vision board guide, you will learn what a vision board is, how a vision board works, different ideas and inspiration for your vision board, and so much more.

Want a shortcut? Then get my PRO toolkit, including a 3-part workshop and many templates and printables. Check out my Vision Board Toolkit


Use Visualization Techniques to Manifest Your Dreams

Creative visualization is by far one of the most powerful tools to create what you desire. You can use it together with your vision board.

Learn more here: visualization manifestation technique.

Create a Manifestation Journal

Journaling is another great technique that can help you to manifest your dream life faster.

It’s perfect for the reflection part (remember: you have to gain clarity about exactly what you want), but it’s also a great idea to use it for your abundance blocks and limiting beliefs.

I write in my manifestation journal every morning, and here I tell you why you should do the same: Manifestation Journal

This journaling guide tells you all about the benefits and different journaling templates and ideas.

Want a shortcut? Then get my PRO toolkit, including a mini workshop and 111+ journaling templates. Check out my Manifestation Journaling Toolkit

Scripting Manifestation Method

The scripting law of attraction method is another great way how you can use a journal for manifestation.

Get scripting examples and subconscious writing exercises in this guide here: Law of Attraction Scripting

Use Powerful Affirmations

Positive affirmations and manifestation go really hand in hand. Words are very powerful, no doubt. But you have to use them the right way.

Learn here how to create affirmations that work.

Guided Meditations to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Meditation does not only have a significant effect on the health of your body and mind but can also support you in the manifestation of your dreams.

It can be used to identify abundance blocks, to support your focus, or as a tool to train your intuition and to recognize when you get a sign from the universe.

And one type of meditation is especially powerful when it comes to manifesting what you want; that’s guided meditation.

Learn all you need to know here: meditation for manifestation.

This guide will give you more reasons why you should start your daily ooom right away!

Want a shortcut? Get access to my entire guided meditations library, plus a digital guide about this powerful manifestation tool. Just click here: Manifestation Meditation Toolkit

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The Power of Gratitude For Manifestation

Practicing gratitude is one of the habits that will help you a lot in living a more abundant life.

When you are grateful for what you have and the progress you make, you signal to the universe (your subconscious mind) that you are ready to get more of the good stuff.

Learn in this guide more about the power of gratitude when manifesting.

Other Manifestation Tools

Here is a list of other tools that can help you attract more abundance:

How anchoring can help you manifest
Ideas to use manifestation anchors
Hypnosis for manifestation
Meditation for manifestation
EFT Tapping for manifestation
Power Manifestation 5X5 (my secret technique to take more inspired action!)

Now let’s have a look at some tools that I do NOT recommend. But let me first explain why!

In recent years I have seen tons of “new” and “fancy” methods popping up. Many of these “manifestation methods” get shared on social media platforms such as TikTok & Instagram.

And to be just straight out here: most of them are a lot of BS.

Let’s have a look at the “random number” methods, for example. So there is the so-called 55×5 method, the 33 method, and the 3-6-9 method (just to name a few…)

They are stating that you have to write down what you want, as many times as this method states. (And then you just get it. Aka, your best life magically appears…)

Or even worse, there is the so-called water manifestation, where you kind of “tell” a glass of water what you desire, then you drink it, and the next day you get what you “ordered.”

Sure, journaling and positive affirmations are powerful tools when manifesting, and writing your goals done has power. But this alone will not make your dreams manifest.

I call this hope and luck-based manifestation. Maybe the person sharing it did manifest her dream, BUT maybe she did just get lucky. It’s definitely nothing you can replicate.

Btw. if you want to learnmore about the difference between hope & luck based manifestation and my provem action-based method, join me here in the FREE 5-day manifestation course. In the first email I’ll explain to you exactly why hope & luck based manifestation can’t work.

So, just hoping that drinking a glass of water will transform someone’s life is silly. Also, these techniques are so random. It’s like just someone made it up.

Why 55×5 or 33×3? Why not 27×4?

Now you might ask why I even bother writing about these techniques if it’s nothing I recommend…

I have three good reasons:

  1. Having social media influencers sharing these so-called manifestation methods means they get shared so often that people start to believe they work. That’s very damaging and heartbreaking. I get many emails from new readers joining SML, telling me how disappointed they were when they tried “everything under the moon” without success.

  2. People search for it anyway, so I rather want them to find a post from me (a transformational trainer and author with 10+ years of experience in this field) with the aim to give hands-on advice backed by facts. Instead of someone on TikTok, seeding false beliefs with clickbait titles like “you can manifest anything in 24 hours.”

  3. For the laugh, TBH. Sometimes I hear stuff people believe about manifestation, and I just can’t help… But then I do get interested and want to dig deeper. And I always give them a real shot in my analyses, so my posts are not just rants. But still… “ordering dreams” from a glass of water makes me giggle. I just can’t help.

So here is a list of  techniques I have reviewed (more to come!):

What is the 55X5 manifesting method
Is the 55X5 manifesting formula a waste of time?

Want to learn what will truly give you results when manifesting? Then join my FREE email course where I teach how action-based manifestation works.

In this 5-day course, I give you my proven formula on how to make manifesting your goals and dreams non-negotiable so that you no longer have to rely on how or luck-based manifestation.

Click here to sign up for the free manifestation course.

Manifestation Tips to Attract Your Dream Life

As the title of this guide states, you can manifest anything you want. Manifestation works for everything, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or go against their will.

The process stays the same; it doesn’t matter if you want to manifest love, more money, better health, or just a new car.

That said, every life area has its own finesse. Blocks, for example, can be very different for manifesting health or manifesting financial freedom. The same goes for the inspired actions you need to take.

That’s why I created a guide on all the areas,  with even more manifesting tips and tricks for you, for whatever you want to attract into your life.

In these articles, you will find a good overview of the most used law of attraction tools, manifestation methods, and techniques out there. Tried and tested for you.

Manifesting Love

Learn in this love manifestation guide how to attract love, your soul-mate, the partner of your dreams, and healthy relationships.

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Learn in this money manifestation guide how to attract more money, financial freedom and more abundance.

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Manifesting Health

Learn in this health manifestation guide how to attract healing and manifest better health.

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Manifesting Baby

Learn in this pregnancy manifestation guide how to manifest a healthy pregnancy and a baby.

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Learn in this real-estate manifestation guide how to manifest your dream house.

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Manifesting Dream Business

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The Selfmadeladies Manifestation Community has more than a hundred thousand members, spread over different platforms, and of course, questions pop up regularly. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Can you manifest anything?

Yes, you can really manifest anything you want, as long as it’s not hurting others or goes against someone else’s will.

In this post on what can you not manifest I go a bit more into detail on this question.

Why is my manifestation not working?

When your manifestation is not working, it can have many reasons. Most likely, you still have an abundance block you need to work on. Manifestation is all about getting vibrational aligned with the goals you want to reach.

Here are eight reasons to check back: why is my manifesting not working also, check this post on how to stop thinking about manifestations (worry less to manifest more!)

You can also read when giving up in manifesting is actually a good idea.

What happens when two people want to manifest the same thing?

When two people manifest the same, it’s not about who will win – that’s not how the law of attraction works. It’s about the right alignment of goals to the subconscious mind, and that’s very individual.

And because I have a fun story to explain this point, I wrote this short post about it: Can two people manifest the same thing?

Can you manifest for someone else?

Yes, you can manifest for others, for example, a job for your husband (I actually did that), but this other person needs to be aligned with the wish.

In this post, I give you the longer version of that question: Can You Manifest for Someone Else

How do you manifest something overnight?

No one can give you a time frame for it. You can’t force it and manifest just overnight. Sure there are tricks you can use to manifest faster, but in the end, it’s all about how big the gap between you (your subconscious mind) and your dreams and goals is.

That’s the gap you need to close. So don’t listen to headlines like “how to manifest in 24 hours” – they just want clicks. You do you.

Read my post on how you can speed up things and manifest faster.

How long does it take to manifest?

How long it takes to manifest depends on different factors and is different from the size of your goal you want to manifest and where you are (like the blocks you need to overcome and the actions steps needed to manifest what you want).

Here you can find my longer answer on how long it takes to manifest something.

Can manifesting backfire and go wrong?

Yes, it can. As much as you can attract positive things into your life, you can also attract bad stuff. That said, fortunately, it’s a common misconception that you just “think” something into your existence.

So it takes a lot of transformational work and working on deep thought patterns to attract your dreams, and I doubt that anyone would invest these efforts into manifesting negative stuff by concentrating a lot on negative thoughts.

This really brings me to the next question…

Abundance mindset vs. scarcity mindset – why is having a positive mindset important when manifesting?

When you want to manifest big dreams, you are still far away. This means that you need to transform on a subconscious level to get there. You need to become aligned with your dream, and therefore getting more positive and training your abundance mindset is helpful.

That said, positive thinking is NOT the holy grail of manifestation, as some personal growth gurus want you to believe. Manifestation will not work just because you become more high-vibe and take on a. positive mindset.

The same goes for negative feelings. This will still work, even when you are not happy 24/7. 

And that’s a good thing; we can’t be positive all the time. That’s not how life works. But having the right mindset and a strategy on how you can get yourself into a more abundant mindset, even when things don’t work the way you like, is definitely good to have.

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How do I know my manifestations are coming?

To understand that your manifestation is about to happen, you need to listen to your subconscious mind. The universe (your subconscious) will send you different signs when your manifestation is close. One of them is synchronicities.

Learn more here: synchronicity and manifestation. And to learn how to understand the signs you get, read this post here:  Signs Manifesting Works.

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