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This manifestation blog & guide offers you a ton of free and helpful resources and articles. In case you love short cuts in life, I’d recommend you to get my bestselling manifesting book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.”


Manifesting Your Dreams Starts Here

Manifesting your dreams, or creating the life of your dreams, is not complicated. You can totally learn the process of manifestation, it is always working, and it works for everyone, guaranteed!

It’s all about setting the right goals, get aligned with the universal laws (like the law of attraction or the law of abundance), set your mindset right, clear out abundance blocks, such as limiting beliefs, and then take action!

This guide really gets you step-by-step through the manifestation process by linking out to my best content and resources on the topic.

Read on, and learn how to create the life of your dreams with these no fluff & 100% woo-woo free manifestation and mindset tips for women.

Manifesting 101

Learn what the Law of Attraction Really is

Manifesting (and also the law of attraction) is not some woo-woo concept that magically brings all your dreams into your life. It is important that you understand exactly how you manifest your reality before you can “order” your big dreams. Dream big and you will make the magic happen.

Before you get started with anything else, you should understand what the law of attraction really is, and more important, what it’s not.

Btw. in this manifesting blog overview I will show you in detail the different aspects of manifestation, and explain to you, how the law of attraction works.

If you want a short version of it, I recommend reading my 5 step manifesting technique that never fails.

And in case you don’t believe, that manifestation really works, you should first read my post on why you should believe in the Law of Attraction.

Order (Ask)

Design Your Dream Life Plan & Set Big Goals

That you can just create your dream life is on everyone’s lips these days. On countless blogs, quotes,  Youtube videos, and on many more Instagram accounts you can hear this one thing; Design Your Dream Life!

But what does it really mean to create or manifest your dreams?  The following articles will help you to create your Dream Life Plan and show you how goal setting is done right to align with your subconscious mind (or what other like to call the universe…)

Expect (Believe)

Remove Your Limiting Beliefs & Manifesting Blocks

Abundance blocks are your roadblocks preventing you from success. As long as you do not identify and approach your abundance blocks, you will only have moderate to no success with manifesting your dream life.

Your manifesting blocks can really be many things; emotions, beliefs, your mindset, habits, your self-image, but also your body, your environment, and your relationships. Identify them and start decluttering your life, for more manifesting success.

Achieve (Receive)

Manifest by Taking Inspired Action

The thing with manifesting is, it’s not magic; it’s not like having a genie in a bottle and get unlimited wishes. I did believe that when I started to get into this topic, and I learned the hard way. The universe is not like Amazon, you can’t just order and expect the delivery to arrive. So the magic word is “Action”!

Learn in the following articles why taking action is so important and how to take the right action to make manifestation work. This IS the actual manifesting.

Manifesting Superhero Power

Use the Right Law of Attraction Tools & Manifestation Techniques

These tools, or as I like to call them, your manifesting superhero powers, are tools that support the whole manifestation process, help you to change your mindset, reprogram your subconscious mind and skyrocket your manifesting success!

In these articles, you will find a good overview of the most used law of attraction tools, manifestation methods, and techniques out there. Tried and tested for you.

More Manifesting Tips & Tricks

Attract the Life of Your Dreams

Here I have even more manifesting tips and tricks for you! Whatever you want to attract in your life with the law of attraction, manifesting love, manifesting money, manifesting your dream job, manifesting a flourishing business… here I have more manifesting tips and tricks for you.

In these articles, you will find a good overview of the most used law of attraction tools, manifestation methods, and techniques out there. Tried and tested for you.

Manifestation Q&A - Most Frequent Asked Questions From Our Manifestation Community

What Happens When Two People Want to Manifest the Same Thing?

Or how to apply the law of attraction when someone else is manifesting the same? Can two people manifest the same, is a question I hear so often in my manifestation community. And because I have a fun story to make my point, I created this short post about it.

Read Here: Can Two People Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest the Same Thing

Can You Manifest for Someone Else? 

Can you manifest for others, for example, manifest a job for your husband? Or can you manifest something for your child?

Read Here to find out:  Can You Manifest for Someone Else With the Law of Attraction

What Does Synchronicity Mean?

Synchronicity is one of the buzz words around the manifesting community, and without a doubt, it is very important when you want to manifest your dreams. But do you actually know what synchronicities are, and what it means in connection with manifestation? 

Read Here:  What Is the Meaning of Synchronicity in Manifesting

How Do I Understand the Signs That My Manifestation is Coming?

Ever asked yourself if your manifestations are actually working? This post can help:  3 Signs Your Manifestation is Working

Is There Anything You Can’t Manifest?

Another question I get often hear; is there anything you can’t manifest? Or can you really manifest everything you want?

Read my answer to this here: Is There Anything You Can’t Manifest

How Do You Create an Abundance Mindset?

There are different strategies you can use to create a more abundant mindset, and here are the 5 most important steps to create an abundance mindset.

Is the How Really Not Your Job When Manifesting?

You probably have heard that quote before; The HOW is not your job when manifesting. But is that really true?

The fact that you’re already so far down on a page where it’s all about HOW to manifest, and how you get the law of attraction to work for you, actually gives you the answer, doesn’t it?

But read here, I have written a short post about this question:  Why You Need to Make the HOW Your Job When Manifesting

What Does It Mean to Have a High Vibration?

One question I hear very often is: What Does It Mean To Have A High Vibration? High vibration means that you are in flow, energetically aligned with the universe.

The Law of Attraction works the way that everything in our world, including us, consists of energy. And this energy, or vibration that we radiate can change according to what we think, do, feel, etc.. Maybe you have already heard: “what you send into the universe?” 

Exactly these vibrations, this energy, is meant by that. The stronger and more positive this vibration is, the more you are in the flow, and the easier it is for you to manifest things.

If you have been involved with the Law of Attraction for some time, maybe you know the teachings of Abraham Hicks? When Esther Hicks speaks of the vortex, she means exactly this vibration.

High vibration is nothing magical or any woo-woo theory; the Law of Attraction works by taking action. And when we’re in this “flow” then everything just runs more smoothly, it’s easier for us to take action, it’s easier to identify the signs of the universe and act on them. That’s how inspired action works.

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