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Are You Tired of NOT Manifesting Your Dreams?

Most other Law of Attraction books and manifestation coaches will tell you that all you have to do is believing in the universe, and you’ll receive whatever you were hoping for. 

But Believing this is setting you up for disappointment and failure.

(And I can prove it to you, just stay with me for a moment…)

And You Are Still NOT Living the Abundance Filled Life You Always Wanted?

You still desire your soul-mate, more money, better health, the dream home, business & career success, or (insert YOUR big dream here)?

This PROVES that you are still missing a crucial piece to making your manifestations work… BUT don’t worry, Gorgeous, you are NOT alone!

And, it’s not your fault…
It’s NOT that you do not believe enough.
It’s NOT that you wish for the wrong things.
It’s NOT that you are not worth it.

It’s just that no one ever told you that BIG secret I’m going to reveal in my book…

This book is for any woman looking for a practical manifesting guide, delivering real results, and not just some inspirational fluff. This book is for real action takers who want to learn how the universal laws TRULY work… Are You Ready?

“Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” helps you to understand how the Law of Attraction truly works…”

…And between you and me, I have been there too.

The day I turned 30, instead of being out partying with my friends, I was sick in bed and crying. Long story short, I lost everything I had built up the years before and ended up sleeping on my parents’ couch…

Moving back in with my parents at the age of 30, amazing.

Well, actually, it was not… 

But that was also the moment I promised myself; it’s enough! My life needed to change. I had too many unreached dreams, too many re-starts, just to fail all over again.

 And that’s when my search for the big secret began. I made it my mission to find out how manifestation truly works.

And when I found the real secret behind The Secret, my vision board turned into my Instagram feed…

But all this AWESOMENESS is nothing compared to the joy I get when I can inspire, motivate, and help other women to achieve the same…

Listen why Hale thinks that this book is truly magical…

Wonder how this worked out for her?

The Universal Laws Always Work, For Everyone…

So you better learn how they work. And that’s ONE of MANY things you’ll learn when reading my book.

As soon as you start to prioritize action over wishing and hoping, you’ll experience amazing things to happen…

You will finally be able to PLAN your achievements.

Your belief system will change from “I’m dependent on the universe’s grace” to “I’m in control of my faith, and I can achieve whatever I want to.”

Everything will become possible and within your reach.

You can achieve whatever goal you set for yourself because you’ll finally have your life in your own hands!


And I know that because I collected countless success stories from my dear readers since I launched my bestselling manifestation book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life…

“Reading Mia’s book is like having a talk with a good friend – she is knowledgeable, lovable, sharing from the heart and only wants the best for you…”

If you have read about manifestation & the Law Of Attraction before, be prepared to add a whole new layer to it: Mia is combining all her experience and wisdom to share with you the most effective and proven manifestation process. She provides you with a tangible, practical and easy to use step-by-step guide of how to actually manifest anything into your life. No wondering, no guessing, no woo-woo – just hard facts and strong results! Can't wait for you to read it as well!
Katrin B.

In the Last Decade, I Helped Thousands of Women Ladies Around the World to Crush Their Limiting Beliefs and Manifest Their Wildest Dreams…

…and now it’s your turn, Gorgeous! Are You Ready?

Are You Ready to Make Your Vision Board Come True?

In this most hands-on Manifesting Guide, I Included my signature advanced manifesting technique that I never shared anywhere before and that helped so many women to turn their Vision Boards into reality…

“Mia’s manifesting formula is the missing piece in how to finally make your dreams a reality.”

Become the CEO of your dream life is filled with hope, inspiration, and practical steps on how to make the Law of attraction work in your favour. It made me realize why some of my dreams already has been manifested with ease and why others haven't yet. I know this book will help lots of women out there, as it has already changed my life on a deeper level. Thanks to the Self Made Ladies manifestation formula, I have manifested one of the biggest things in my life so far, and I can't wait to see what other big dreams and goals I will manifest next.
Kristina B.

Learn the Real Secret Behind “The Secret”

Content like this, you would expect to find in a coaching program for thousands of dollars, and I must be a little crazy to give it all away in my book for only $27. But I believe that you should know all of this. Because when more women have this power, our world will be a better place… 

“This book is different than everything you have read on the topic so far…” – Amanda S.

What you usually expect from a self-help book is to get a lot of information and ideas, and thoughts. Well, you will get this here too, but compared to all the others, I don’t stop there. 

I know that reading through a bunch of pages is a good first step, but hey, it is only the first step. Only reading (regular) self-help books will get you nowhere. All you would end up with is more knowledge but not more results.

And I’m all about results…

The theoretical information you’ll get from my book is only the basis for which we start working together. It’s the practical application that makes all the difference. I know taking action is hard and needs quite a lot of motivation.

But don’t worry, I get you covered…

You need to know why you are doing all of that. And that’s exactly where we start our journey. We identify your motivation. Your reason. Your WHY!

I help you identify your dreams, and I will make you believe that you can achieve them, and this will spike a motivation you have never experienced so far.

So better say goodbye to your old (limiting) beliefs…

Then we work on your HOW. And you will learn about my advanced signature manifesting formula. 

A method I developed from scratch. A method that is totally different than everything you have heard so far…

It’s not the same stuff everyone out there teaches about manifesting; that’s usually just another copy of older books like The Secret… No, this is completely new and innovative, and it WORKS!

It works because it’s based on ALL of the universal laws, and it is giving you ALL the information you need. And it’s teaching you the MOST important universal law, and no, I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction.

No holding back… (and no need to invest in expensive coaching sessions, you can take my word on this…)

And we don’t stop there. I will support and motivate you to take the necessary action steps. I will guide you through the process with simple but truly transformative exercises that make you achieve stuff from the get-go.

Helping you to identify your abundance blocks and getting rid of them, one by one. We will make sure that you keep motivated and eager to do the next step. We will rebuild your belief system and empower you to achieve the impossible.

You will experience guidance, you will be challenged, and you will celebrate massive success…

Are you ready for this? Then say YES! And click the buy button NOW.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what amazing results my readers had after going through my manifesting guide…

“What sets ‘Become the CEO of your dream life’ apart from other books of the same genre, are the concrete tips given to manifest dreams.”

As someone who likes clarity and solid guidance, I absolutely loved the practical advice given. The inspiration from Walt Disney gives the process such a magical and exciting quality! And Mia dives deeper into foundation concepts too- the progress journal is just one of the incredible suggestions that can -and does- completely transform the manifestation journey. As an LoA coach myself, I’m going to keep this on my shelf to keep myself and my clients on track to manifest like pros!
Shyma J.

Are YOU Ready for YOUR Manifesting Success? 

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Got Some More Questions?

Really, only YOU can answer this question. If you want to manifest your dream life or business and learn new strategies to reprogram your subconscious mind, then the answer is YES!

But a word of warning. This is not a woo-woo “you just have to believe” Law of Attraction book. This is a practical goal-setting, mindset, and manifesting formula that requires you to take action.

You will get the Become the CEO of Your Dream Life manifesting guide, as an e-book (as PDF and ePub version) plus a professionally narrated Audiobook (MP3).

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The PRO version is my flagship program, a seven-week transformational program, and includes 7 video course modules and a transformational workbook full of exercises and templates to guide you through the “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” manifestation process. 

But that is not it. You also get various bonuses, including access to my entire toolbox (with a vision board workshop, journaling prompts, and our entire guided meditations library), NLP exercises, and seven weeks of access to me via our Q&A sessions, and much more. The PRO program takes the content from the book and helps you to design your dream life plan and make your manifestation happen much faster.

If you want the PRO version instead of just the book, click here. Of course, you can also first read the book, and if you love it, just come back later and upgrade to the PRO version.

What makes this book really unique are the following facts:

  1. I teach a very hands-on approach to manifesting, not a complicated concept, and not just some inspirational fluff. My manifesting method is absolutely woo-woo-free! No dancing under the full moon required, well, except you want to, of course…

  2. I teach my signature manifesting formula in this practical guide, and no, I don’t just repeat “the secret” and sell this concept as “mine.” The CEO of Your Dream Life Formula is unique and personally developed, tested, and approved by my coaching clients I worked with over the last decade.

No, not at this time. Since my readers are spread all over the world, and most of them prefer digital products, I decided not to make a print version, and just launch the e-book and audiobook version.

Of course, you can print the ebook if you prefer to read it on paper.

No, my book is not available on Amazon; it can only be purchased here on my website because it is not just a book, but your opportunity to work with me directly and also join our wonderful community. Besides, just between you and me, I’d rather give 10% of the sales to a charity than give this money as a fee to Amazon. I’m sure Mr. Bezos is fine with that…

You’ll get instant access to your digital PDF download, including a printable PDF file, and the MP3 files of the audiobook. 

A few minutes after your payment, you’ll get an email from with the instruction on how to access your purchase, plus you’ll get an email from Teachable (our product hosting platform) where you can access your workbook, plus any bonus material.

In the unlikely case that you don’t receive the Teachable email (this sometimes happens due to a typo in the checkout or a technical glitch), you can contact our customer success team via – our CSM team is very quick in taking care of your needs. (Please note that we are based in Europe and answer emails during working hours, UK time.)

Listen Gorgeous, I want to be honest with you. No one can give you a guarantee for a coaching product like this book, as ONLY you has control over how much work you will put into this.

What I can tell you is that this system is guaranteed to work when you put in the time and take action. And then I guarantee you your life will change the way you never thought possible… (I know that because this transformed my life, and it transformed the lives of thousands of women I worked with over the last decade.)

But if you really struggle to get things to work, you have the guarantee that I’m there for you. 

This is not “just another” personal development book, taking on dust somewhere on your computer drive… You’ll get the support and coaching you need along the way. That’s what our “let’s make this work together” Guarantee stands for!

Of course! It is very important to me that your credit card is safe. All payments made will go through our partner companies Stripe or Paypal, via a professional platform (Thrivecart) that many online entrepreneurs and large companies trust in. You can pay with your credit card (via Stripe), and you can also choose to purchase through PayPal.

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