This is the Exact Manifesting Blueprint That I Used to Manifest My Soul-Mate, My Dream Business, a Life Full of Freedom, Fun, and Luxury Travels…
Besides, it has helped countless women around the world to turn their wildest dreams into goals and crush them! And now is your turn, Gorgeous...


This is the Exact Manifesting Blueprint That I Used to Manifest My Soul-Mate, My Dream Business, a Life Full of Freedom, Fun, and Luxury Travels…
Besides, it has helped countless women around the world to turn their wildest dreams into goals and crush them! And now is your turn, Gorgeous...
Shyma J. (Life-Coach at
" What sets ‘Become the CEO of your dream life’ apart from other books of the same genre, are the concrete tips given to manifest dreams. As someone who likes clarity and solid guidance, I absolutely loved the practical advice given. The inspiration from Walt Disney gives the process such a magical and exciting quality! And Mia dives deeper into foundation concepts too- the progress journal is just one of the incredible suggestions that can -and does- completely transform the manifestation journey. As an LoA coach myself, I’m going to keep this on my shelf to keep myself and my clients on track to manifest like pros! "

Are you tired of “ask, believe…” and NOT receive?

  • You've Read All the Law of Attraction Books?
  • Heard All the "Secrets" About Manifesting?
  • Invested Hours Designing a Vision Board?
  • ​​Wrote Out Affirmations 55 Times a Day?
  • ​​Tapped Your Fingers Sore?

And still, the things you desire so badly, just don't manifest in your life?

Let me tell you; you are not alone! 
I’ve been there, too, just like all the women I helped so far...

Manifesting all your dreams, crushing all your goals, being on top of your game, can be incredibly fulfilling and makes you truly happy… (and you deserve this!)

But when things don’t work out… well … it can be really discouraging!

And figuring it all out can be extremely overwhelming!

Especially when you try to do so on your own...

Tell me, are you still looking for the big secret on how the law of attraction works?

Well, you don't have to...

Not anymore!

What you are going to learn here is different than anything you have seen so far!

This is going to turn your manifestation game heads to toes!

Between you and me...

This is how manifesting is not working…

X Practicing any woo-woo rituals and believing that your desires just fall out of the sky...

X Reading tons of personal development books that don't tell you what to do next...

X Writing down 55 times your affirmations for 5 days, without actually believing them...​

X Sticking your dreams on a vision board and then wait and drink a cup of early grey...

Wishful thinking alone will not bring you real results… 

But you already knew that, didn't you?

So tell me, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a blueprint that takes out all the guess-work of the manifesting process?

A very hands-on step-by-step guide that is showing you:

♥ How to set your intentions aligned with the universal laws!

♥ How to overcome everything that is blocking you!

♥ How to finally take that needed and inspired action!

Kristina B.
" Become the CEO of your dream life is filled with hope, inspiration, and practical steps on how to make the Law of attraction work in your favour. Mia's manifesting formula is the missing piece in how to finally make your dreams a reality. It made me realize why some of my dreams already has been manifested with ease and why others haven't yet. I know this book will help lots of women out there, as it has already changed my life on a deeper level. Thanks to the Self Made Ladies manifestation formula, I have manifested one of the biggest things in my life so far, and I can't wait to see what other big dreams and goals I will manifest next. "
From: the desk of mia fox
to: you my friend!

hey there! it's no coincidence you're here today...

Around 10 years ago, I left my unhappy relationship, and with it, I lost everything; my business, my house, and my financial freedom, I had worked so hard for.

my life was a total mess!

I ended up on my parent's couch, with no job, no money, a broken heart, and no self-esteem.

I was 30, I was exhausted, I had been through enough in my life! God knows, and I didn't feel like starting from scratch again.

But I did, and little did I know then, that this step would change my life. Forever!

I had nothing left, except for some hopes and dreams!

The concept of manifesting was not new to me, still, I didn't care much about it before this day.

But finding myself in a difficult situation, I was immediately hooked by the idea that I could now order anything I wanted.

It was like the universe was amazon, and I had an endless supply of gift cards.

Fired up by my discoveries, I started implementing everything I learned about manifesting.

I designed a vision board full of pictures of all my dreams, and I was 100% convinced that everything would come true.

I was truly committed and believed that this would work out! 

And then, I failed!

Instead of making big money with my business, I found myself in a boring 9-5 job.

Instead of finding my true love, I had an affair that ended in drama.

Instead of traveling the world, I was stuck at my parent's place.

I had imagined my dream life somewhat differently!

What was I still missing?

And then I had an epiphany. I suddenly realized that the law of attraction books and courses out there didn't show the whole picture, or they focused on the wrong things.

The most important step in manifesting is the right action steps.

But nobody shows you what these steps should look like! I was overwhelmed!

That was until I started to add my secret ingredient to the mix, a strategy inspired by the biggest dreamer of our time, Walt Disney!

This finally took all the guesswork out and made the manifesting process bulletproof!

And it worked, all the time. And for all the big stuff!

And my life turned 180 degrees!

What used to be on my vision board has now become my instagram feed...

Manifesting is not magic, but with my secret ingredient, magical things started to happen!

And my life has turned 180 degrees…

And so will YOURS!

(that’s a promise I make you here and now!)
And I'm not the only one with AMAZING results...

Become the CEO of Your Dream Life - Advanced Manifesting Formula

The advanced manifesting technique that makes you the #LADYBOSS of your dreams!

In just 9 simple steps, you’ll learn…

  1. What Manifesting REALLY is (and what it’s not!)
There are so many misconceptions about the subject, and so much misinformation, no wonder that you’re overwhelmed. But don't worry, I will explain to you in simple words what the Law of Attraction really is and how it works.
  2. That the “universe” is not out there but within you 
And how this is related to your subconscious mind. This is where the whole manifestation magic actually happens. A hint, this is actually total woo-woo free!
  3. How to Set Goals aligned with the universal laws
Manifesting is really a goal-setting process, but one with a secret weapon... you can’t just set any goals, you need goals that activate the law of attraction. And I will show you how!
  4. Why the HOW is YOUR job when manifesting
... and how you start to love this new job! Because when you make the HOW your job, and stop with "just wishful thinking", you will finally be in control!
  5. How you declutter your life and make space for your dreams to manifest
Abundance blocks can be huge, and really one of the reasons why your wishes don’t manifest. Whatever these are, negative emotions, relationships, or your limiting beliefs… I will help you to identify your personal blocks and improve every single one of them.
  6. From the basics of manifesting to my advanced signature manifesting process
This one IS different, and not just a copy from what is already out there! Sure, we cover the basics of manifesting, but the real transformation happens when you apply my advanced technique, inspired by Walt Disney, and how he turned all his big dreams into reality!
  7. How to give birth to you "Inner Coach" and nurture her to become your strongest ally
Coaching is expensive and time-consuming, but there is also the simple fact that no one knows you as well as you know yourself. So creating your own inner coach that you have with you all the time, is such a powerful weapon!
  8. How to master your LoA routine and exchange baby steps with quantum leaps
Life is busy, I get it! And nobody has hours and hours to try things that don't bring real results. That's why I show you which manifesting tools really deliver what you want, and how you can best add them to your daily routine.
  9. Why just having a plan is not enough and how to turn the plan into reality
The CEO of your Dream Life is not just a book, it is a strategy that will help you to turn your life around. It starts, where other manifesting techniques end. I will show you how you can take real inspired action, action that will make all the difference for your manifesting success!
Katrin B. Leadership Coach (
" Reading Mia’s book is like having a talk with a good friend – she is knowledgeable, lovable, sharing from the heart and only wants the best for you. If you have read about manifestation & the Law Of Attraction before, be prepared to add a whole new layer to it: Mia is combining all her experience and wisdom to share with you the most effective and proven manifestation process. 
She provides you with a tangible, practical and easy to use step-by-step guide of how to actually manifest anything into your life. 
No wondering, no guessing, no woo-woo – just hard facts and strong results! Can't wait for you to read it as well!  "
hi there, i'm mia
As an NLP & mindset coach, I have been working with women all over the world for almost a decade, helping them to change their mindset and to make the law of attraction work. Along the way, I built up the SelfMadeLadies Community.

When I transformed my coaching business from offline to online after almost seven years, I had no idea that I would build something so wonderful.

A blog with thousands of dedicated readers every day, a community of like-minded women who motivate and inspire each other on their journey, and my greatest pride: my signature manifesting formula, on how to become the CEO of YOUR Dream Life.

Applying the Law of Attraction has changed my life, and it is my heart's desire to help you to change your life today!
But before you decide, let’s find out if my advanced manifesting techniques is really the right thing for you!

This is Perfect for You if You…
  • Are fired up because of your bright future, and you are willing and able to take the action necessary to succeed!
  • Are ready to take full responsibility for your life and stop blaming circumstances!
  • Are willing to change, become a different person, and do things differently than today!
  • ​Are eager to learn new skills and improve them step by step!
This is NOT for You if You…
  • Think orders at the universe will manifest if you just believe hard enough.
  • Expect your life to change overnight without any active, goal-oriented efforts.
  • Are looking for another woo-woo concept or magic pill.
" It's only been about 2 weeks since I started the course and I have already manifested an order which will bring me around 3000 euro! And thanks to your tip with the manifesting journal I became aware of how many small things I manifested in a short time. I am so excited about what is to come! thank you, thank you, thank you, Mia! You are a true inspiration for me. "

- Christina M. 
Are YOU Ready for YOUR advanced manifesting journey?
Amazing! Then choose from the 3 packages the right one for you... Starting from ONLY $27 Today!
The Complete Advanced Manifesting Program
for the ladies that decide to go all-in with manifesting - this is all you need, to design your absolute dream life!
This is the complete advanced manifesting program. Besides the e-book, audiobook, and transformational workbook, you will also get a complete online course plus many bonuses!

This is all you need to design the life you always wanted; in fact, it is an advanced manifesting, personal development, and goal-setting program in one! 

Are you serious about becoming a manifesting PRO? This is the right choice for you! 

Sign Up Now And Get Over 9,979 USD Worth of Tons of Priceless Content !
4 Video Training Modules
In this complete online course, you learn everything you need to know about manifesting all your dreams!
Transformational Workbook
In this 65 pages workbook, you will get the practical exercises to implement the theory into your daily life right away! 
e-Book &
Of course, you also get your copy of my bestselling Law of Attraction book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life!
Goal-Setting Masterclass
The breakthrough to your big goals! A 60-minutes audio masterclass, including a workbook, that shows you how to set goals aligned with the universal laws.

Find Your
True Passion
The groundbreaking exercise that will help you to find your true passion in life! Don't really know what you want in life? This audio training will take out the guess-work.
Unblock Yourself
with NLP
As an NLP Master coach, I teach you the most efficient and powerful NLP techniques, ready for you to crush your abundance blocks before breakfast!

Law of Attraction Toolkit
The Manifesting tools which have been proven to generate real results, for you to pick and choose! This makes creating your manifesting routine a piece of cake!
Kickstart Your Morning Routine
The easy to follow 6-step process that will create more time for your daily Law of Attraction routine. This bonus will help you to join the 5 am club with a smile on your face!
Support &
This program will help you to create your own inner coach; still, on your journey there, you will get all the support you need. Incl. the community FB Group, and access to me.
get the complete program today for only $297 from $997
The Workbook Edition
that’s where the true transformation starts to happen!
With the workbook edition, you will get the e-book, audiobook, plus a 58 pages transformational workbook. While the book goes deep into all important topics, the workbook you will get the practical exercises to implement the theory into your daily life right away!

In this workbook, you will also find my famous life-body-mind assessment. This assessment consists of psychological tests and reflection exercises, which will help you to identify and manage your abundance blocks. But that's not it! You will also find the templates to go trough my advanced manifesting technique!
get the book, audiobook + workbook edition today for only $97 from $297
Just the eBook + Audiobook
the budget option (but still great!)
The book is where it all began, and it describes not only my advanced manifesting method but also deals deeply with all other topics. Of course, you have a much deeper transformation with the workbook edition or the advanced manifesting program, but let's not overlook the book itself. 

So if your budget is a problem, I strongly recommend getting the book itself. You will not regret it. Especially the audiobook, spoken by the wonderful Nikki Delgado, is perfect to start your manifesting success today!
get both today for only $27 from $84
Hanna P. (
" This course has been a lot of fun! I love the realness of it and how it's all action-based. Honestly, this course came to me in divine timing. I immediately started implementing the tips you provided and I'm actually ahead of my original timeline for my first course launch!!! "
Iris Z.
" Mia, you are my hero! Not only does your book read interesting and fun. Your method works. I have now, for the first time, all the pieces together and with your guidance on how to use them, I am already experiencing the success you promised! Thank you! "

You are still with me. Good!

You’ve invested a lot of your precious time to read through the whole sales page, and now you are probably considering to become a Self Made Lady!

But at the same time, you are afraid that this is just another program which costs a lot and in the end, you are left with nothing but hot air.

I fully understand. And I can’t do anything to make this fear go away. At least not at this point, but getting over your fear is definitely something you will learn in my advanced manifesting program!


You might ask yourself if you should do this and enroll in one of the 3 packages, and I think you should!

I mean, let’s be honest, was fear a good mentor in your life?  or did you miss out on a lot of opportunities just because of that fear?


Are you ready for my harsh but true opinion? I am convinced you will never experience the success and the joy you wish, as long as you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Manifestation, in every aspect of your life, will only occur when you are ready to take a risk. Only when you are willing to bet on yourself. Only when you walk new paths.

My role in your journey is to have your back. To guide you through these thrilling but exciting times.

And I promise to do exactly that!

I am here to give you the absolute best mind-blowing manifestation guide you ever have, and you ever will, experience in your entire life.

This is my promise. And now, there are actually only two options left for you to choose from!

You take a leap of faith and belief me!
Or you leave this page and come back later (or not...)

Another promise I am making is that this is nothing like the money and time-wasting programs you may have attended so far!

This is the full package.

I will not hold back with anything which you have to buy in an additional experts course or such...

I am giving you the whole nine yards! This comes with good news but also with bad news.

Good news is that you get it all! 

The bad news is that if my advanced manifesting technique is not delivering the results you expect, there is nothing I can do for you.

Even then. Even for the worst case, I have your back, gorgeous!

The thing is, I can only be happy when you are happy. And I am willing to prove this.

So if you are not achieving the huge goals you wanted to, I will refund you the money you paid for it.

Every single cent!


Why don’t you give this a try and for the next 30 days try to prove me wrong? What if you would join this course and have a very close look at it?

You lift the hood, kick the tires, do the exercises, and see what happens... (100% risk-free)

If after these 30 days you are not entirely convinced that this is the thing you were looking for all this time, I will refund you the price you’ve paid — all of it.

No questions asked, and you can even keep all the materials. 

YOU can only win!

TODAY FOR $97 (FROM $297)

TODAY FOR $297 (FROM $997)
Let's make the world a better place together! 10% of all income from the sale of my books & courses goes to a charity that I choose at the end of the business year! Let's give back together!
Sarah B. (SKE CreativeMedia)
" Mia is very knowledgable and provides so much encouragement and support! The course was well organized and each concept built nicely on the previous one, giving an overview of so many important topics. I have never seen another course packed with this much valuable information! "
Rebeca V.
" Mia, your manifesting course is a 10! About your course, I liked the most, how you explain things. It makes it so easy and fun to follow and understand, not like other courses that are boring and hard to finish. The way you explain the process, step by step, this course is a 10! "
 Is your signature manifesting formula right for me?
Really only YOU can answer this question. If you want to manifest your dream life or business and learn how the Law of Attraction works, and how you can use it in your everyday life, then the answer is YES!

My advanced signature manifesting method, you can ONLY learn from me! And no, I don't just repeat "the secret" and sell this concept as "mine." The CEO of Your Dream Life Formula is unique and personally developed, tested, and approved by me.

I teach and coach with nearly a decade of experience and can proudly say that I have a very profound knowledge when it comes to manifesting and mindset work. This is a very hands-on, woo-woo free approach to the law of attraction, not a complicated concept for which you need a PhD to understand it. I tell you in straightforward, understandable words how it really is.
 Which package should I buy?
I guess this really depends on your budget. I highly recommend the complete package when you are truly serious about manifesting, and you want to completely change your life. Don't forget the full package is really a manifesting, goal-setting AND personal development program in one! But in case of money is an issue for you, the workbook edition would be the best value. You get a lot of transformation from the workbook alone. But in case you just want a good new LoA book, the e-book + audiobook bundle would be your choice.
 What will I get when I buy this?
You will get my advanced manifesting formula, the CEO of Your Dream Life, as an e-book (PDF and ePub version) plus the audiobook as mp3 (narrated by Nikki Delgado). Plus you will get support & community via our Facebook community and of course, you also get direct access to me.

Depending on the bundle you choose, you will also get the transformational workbook or the complete advanced manifesting program. ​​This program covers all you need to manifest your dream life and business; it's not like any manifesting program out there. In fact, it is an advanced manifesting, personal development, and goal-setting program in one! 

​While the book is showing you the "WHAT," the workbook and the advanced program is showing you the "HOW!" But actually more than this, it is taking you by your hand and guiding you step by step on the journey to create your own inner coach!
  When does the course start and finish?
Immediately after you complete the order form, you will gain access to the professional course platform Teachable. You will also get a welcome e-mail with everything you need to get started straight away. You will have life-long access to this self-paced program, means you can work on your personal growth whenever it is most convenient for you.
 Is there any money-back guarantee?
Of course, there is! This book/audiobook has a 30 day, “no questions asked,” Money-Back Guarantee! You don’t like it, or you don’t believe that my signature manifesting formula is giving you the results you were looking for, I’ll refund you the price you paid for it. No hurt feelings, I’m only happy when you are happy!
 Is my credit card safe?
Of course! It is very important to me that your credit card is safe. All payments made will go trough my partner "Teachable," a professional course creation platform many online entrepreneurs trusts in. You can pay with your credit card (via Stripe). You can also purchase through PayPal.

" Hi there, This course was the BOMB! It reminded me of all the things i know in theory but never made a priority to practice. I will be doing the exercises over and over again the whole year until i master myself and my life. Thank you so much for this. "

- Mbali M."
"Just wow! You know, I've read a lot about the law of attraction and watched the Secret movie so many times, but your course has just opened my eyes. I finally understand aspects of the whole process that I somehow never really understood. I like that you explain everything so nicely, even I understood it and as you know, English is not my first language. "

- Aygül T.
Tell me Gorgeous, are you ready to buy the advanced manifesting method now?

TODAY FOR $97 (FROM $297)

TODAY FOR $297 (FROM $997)
Let's make the world a better place together! 10% of all income from the sale of my books & courses goes to a charity that I choose at the end of the business year! Let's give back together!
About the Author
Mia Fox is a trained NLP & Mindset Coach with nearly a decade of experience. After finally finding the REAL secret behind the Law of Attraction, she changed her money mindset and manifested her dream life.

Since then, it is her big passion to help women around the world to do the same. She is the founder and author behind the Self Made Ladies Community & Blog and the "Become the CEO of Your Dream Life" advanced manifesting formula, where she teaches women a practical approach to the Law of Attraction and Manifesting that finally works.
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