The Secret Vision Board Guide for Manifesting Your Dreams

As a manifestation book author who also teaches a very popular vision board workshop (which has helped thousands of women in over 222 countries to create powerful dream boards), this is definitely a topic I’m very passionate about.

In this vision board guide, you get different vision board ideas and inspirations, but I’ll also share with you what vision boards are, how a vision board works, and how to make one that is not just pretty but actually manifests your dreams.

Are you ready for your own? Then read on, and let’s get your vision board journey started.

What Is a Vision Board And How Does It Work

This manifestation tool became very mainstream through the movie The Secret, but it’s actually a manifestation method that has been around for many years (and has helped millions of people to manifest their big dreams and goals.)

So if you ask, do vision boards even work? The answer is definitely yes! And it’s no secret that we love them here at SelfMadeLadies.

A vision board is a collection of images, quotes, affirmations, and other objects representing the goals and dreams you want to manifest.

It’s a unique representation of what you want to accomplish in life.

Having all your goals in front of you, in a specific theme, can be a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind. Telling your subconscious what your dream life should look like.

Seeing your goals and intentions in front of you every day can help you stay focused on going after your goals and achieving them.

So you see, vision boards are much more than simply gluing a few pretty pictures or inspirational quotes to a white canvas.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into why and how vision boards work.

What Are the Benefits of a Vision Board

So how does a vision board work? What is its purpose in the manifestation process?

As mentioned above: Every time you look at your vision board, it signals to your subconscious a powerful message and imprints that image.

The vision board’s purpose is really this subconscious message. This is how you trigger the law of attraction.

It’s all about getting vibrational aligned with your dreams and goals.

And you do this by “showing” or “telling” your subconscious your new story. It will then start to believe this new reality and do everything to get you there.

The more often you can send the right messages to your subconscious mind, the faster and more effective the law of attraction will be.

So if you ever asked yourself, is there science behind vision boards, then the answer is yes.

There are countless studies that show the influence of the subconscious mind on human behavior, and visuals are a very powerful subconscious trigger you can use.

So images on your vision board have a great impact on your subconscious, but they need to be goal-relevant. That’s why I work with emotional triggers.

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How to Make a Vision Board for Manifestation

Vision boards are created by finding pictures (and other objects) as a visual representation of your goals and dreams.

It’s all about using visuals to create positive emotions and placing them in one place, like on a poster board, preferably in a specific theme.

There are numerous ways to make a vision board, and we will cover different vision board examples and more creative ideas here in this ultimate guide.

But let’s get started with the two most common vision board types. Physical vision boards and digital vision boards.

If you love a shortcut, you can join us in my 3-part vision board workshop, teaching you how creating a vision board that works for YOU can be very easy.

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How to Make a Physical Vision Board

This type of vision board is usually made on a poster board or cork board. You need just some sort of physical board or canvas to add your pictures to it.

In my post on how to make a vision board for manifestation, you’ll get a more detailed 5-step vision board process.

Here’s a quick overview of how creating vision boards work:

Step 1 – Set The Right Goals For Your Vision Board

Vision boards do work because they show your goals regularly to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious then starts to acknowledge your dream life as your new reality.

Therefore it’s important that you start with a proper goal-setting process. No matter if these are career goals, your dream home, financial goals, the dream car, or you want to make a vision board for attracting your soul-mate…

You need to become clear about your ideal life first.

Before creating a goal board, decide what it is you want to manifest in the future.

We all have many goals that we would like to achieve or dreams that we would like to fulfill, but I want you to become very specific when you set your vision board goals.

Go deep when you set goals. Don’t just ask about the ‘what’ but also the ‘why.’

Why do you want this ONE thing? Concentrate on the positive feelings you want to experience.

Think of your best life and how that would make you feel, and you should have enough goal inspiration to fill your new vision board with.

These vision board questions to ask yourself before you create your board can help you with this first step.

Step 2: Get Your Vision Board Supplies Ready

When making vision boards, it’s best to maintain focus on the fun part: getting creative with your new vision board.

So having everything ready eliminates any distractions.

The essential supplies needed for physical vision boards are:

  • A board to hold your images (for example, a poster board, art canvas, or corkboard to pin things to.)
  • Glue stick, adhesive tape, washi tape, pins…
  • Scissors.
  • Colored markers, stickers, quotes, affirmation cards, or vision board printables, like manifestation checks (click here and sign up to get 3 for free!)
  • Magazines images (you can get cheap magazines in your local thrift store) or use a printer for more personal pictures.

To make this easier for you, I created this post on vision board supplies with a simple checklist of vision board materials you might need.

Step 3: Decide on The Vision Board Design And Start Making It

Now it’s time for the actual creation process.

With physical vision boards, this is usually quite easy. All you need to do is decide on the vision board template or theme; that’s really how you group your dreams and goals in a visual format together.

And then, you can glue or pin the actual images, like photos, magazine pictures, printouts (that’s what I recommend), and other objects such as inspiring quotes, positive affirmations, etc., on your board.

Expert Tip About Finding Vision Board Images

It’s not just about finding some pretty magazine images and gluing them to a board. Please do read the sections about how to choose pictures for vision boards and how to work with vision boards carefully.

How to Make a Digital Vision Board

Digital vision boards can also work great. You can use them as one main vision board or even just as a digital copy of your first one.

The main difference between physical and digital vision boards is access.

The best vision board is the one you work with regularly. So maybe a digital board or even having a vision board online could help you to do your visualization exercises more often.

I personally prefer to have a digital version of my board over a physical version, just because I travel often.

But having a vision board hanging on your wall, in a place where you walk by daily, can send your subconscious mind little messages throughout the day. A benefit that should not be overlooked.

Still, this is such a wonderful tool; there is no reason only to have one or the other.

You can have multiple vision boards; as long as you work with all of them, that’s fine.

For online vision boarding, you can use a vision board app, or you could even use online tools like Pinterest or Canva to collect online images.

Especially Pinterest is a great free place where you can create a mood board or inspiration board, so why not use the app for your digital vision board?

Choose the Right Pictures for Vision Boards

For an effective vision board, choosing the right visuals is key!

But don’t worry. When you do the first step right (the goal setting part), choosing the right vision board images should be easy.

(If you need more help, check out my guide on how to find vision board images)

The point is to get a clear definition of what you want and why you want it, so you end up with images that have the right emotional triggers.

When you are clear with your core values and intentions, it becomes much easier to select the visuals you need to create a vision board.

Expert Tip About Choosing the Right Images for Your Vision Board

In case you choose a physical version as your vision board, getting a printer instead of using magazine cutouts is a smart decision. Printing your photos allows you to look for exactly what you want. Whereas, in a magazine, you may find a picture of something similar to what you want.

When your vision board reflects the right emotions and gives you a sense of excitement, this will create a strong subconscious message and inspired actions.

The point of your dream board is to put yourself into the mental and emotional state of having what you desire. That’s why it’s critical to push the right emotional triggers.

Emotion is energy in motion. To change the direction of your life, you need to change your energy.

The way to shift your energy is through your emotions. Your emotions can either move you or keep you right where you are.

So choose your visuals wisely.

What Should a Vision Board Include (Besides Images)

There are NO set rules on how to make a vision board for your goals. So besides choosing the right photos, you can also add other things like:

  • power words & inspirational quotes
  • positive affirmation cards
  • stickers
  • drawings
  • and even 3D and 4D objects

There are really unlimited possibilities on how you can create yours. 

And if you click the image below, you can grab the abundance checks I created for you. They are a creative way to attract more money into your life. Just glue them to your vision board…


Decide on Your Vision Board Layout & Work With a Vision Board Template

One thing I learned from my dear mentor Jack Canfield is that you should avoid creating a cluttered or chaotic vision board.

You don’t want to attract chaos into your life. That’s one reason why working with a template or vision board theme can be helpful.

You need to have a clear idea of our vision board layout before you get started.

In the interest of keeping this aesthetically pleasing, you can follow a predetermined template to help you with your layout.

A good vision board template will help take the guesswork out of how you set up your board. It will help you think of placing certain image types together.

For example, you could group vision board images for certain goals, such as images that help you manifest more money and your financial goals.

Then in another group, you put all images that help you manifest love, your dream job, or the dream car.

You can also split your vision board and have half of it for your private life and the other one for your business or career.

Or, if you’re living with a partner, it can be powerful to make a vision board for your joined goals.

Together you can create a board with each of your personal dreams on opposite sides, with your joined goals put in the middle.

Imagine having the power of two manifestation minds working on the same goal. It’s priceless!

Here is an example of a themed vision board:

a vision board full of images representing goals

Vision Board Aesthetic

I believe that the emotional triggers of your vision board pictures are more important than the aesthetic. But your vision board should still be something you want to look at often.

Having one that is more visually appealing will make it more likely for you to experience joy, flow, and gratitude when you look at it.

Do try to create a vision board in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes so that you look forward to working with your board. 

This is especially important when you hang your vision board up on a wall. You probably want one that suits your interior design.

Keep your vision board aesthetic in mind when you plan out your images.

If you’re making a digital vision board, consider using filters that make it look uniform and pleasing.

You don’t want your vision board images to look out of place, as this could take away focus.

But as I said, you should put a little less thought into the layout of your vision board than into the images you’re putting on it.

a vision board full of images representing goals

Vision Board Ideas & Examples

It can sometimes be challenging to figure out what we truly want in life. I get it.

So knowing where to find inspiration for different vision board ideas and having some vision board examples is key.

You could start here with this post where I share vision board ideas & success stories from my dear readers…

There are a few other places that are great for finding inspiration for your vision board. You can use Pinterest, Instagram, or attend a vision board party.

Pinterest and Instagram are filled with inspiring photos of beautiful places, things, and people. It’s almost impossible to go on these sites and not feel the inspiration for your own life.

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest; you can start by creating a mood board, and then when you get the right aesthetic and start to understand what your goals should look like, you can start with creating your own vision board.

But don’t just copy other people’s ideas.

The goal should be to create one that is PERSONAL to you while using inspiration from other people.

If it’s not personal to you or aligns with your goals, emotions, and intentions, you’ll be less likely to achieve what you want.

Expert Tip About Finding More Vision Board Inspiration

A vision board party is one of the most fun ways to create your own vision board together with others. It’s very powerful because, in a group, you can get some extra inspiration and ideas. 

Whether you want to get together with just a few close friends or in a larger group, you can have a gathering of like-minded people who want to achieve their goals.

Learn how to host your own in my vision board party guide.

Here Are Some of My Top Vision Board Ideas and Examples for You to Get Inspired:

An annual goal vision board – sharing your ONE big breakthrough goal.

A digital vision board on your phone – to have in your pocket whenever you need some extra motivation.

An intention board – showing how you want to feel.

A positive affirmations board – all your favorite affirmations in one place.

A travel vision board – get inspired by the places you want to visit; this can act like a bucket list.

A vision board for weight loss – with some fitness inspiration and a weight tracker.

A classical dream board – with all your big dreams in life.

A couple or family vision board – share the inspiration with your loved ones.

A gratitude wall – because gratitude is the most powerful emotion when manifesting.

A Pinterest vision board – is the easiest way to create one online.

A vision board journal – make this an ongoing story.

Get as creative as you want because when it comes to creating a vision board, there is just ONE thing that’s important: It must trigger the right emotions in you.

It must spark inspired actions!

And you don’t even have to use pictures; you can use other physical objects too.

“There is NO perfect vision board; there is only the perfect vision board for YOU.”

There is NO perfect vision board.
There is only the perfect vision board for YOU.

Mia Fox

How to Use a Vision Board

It’s important that you understand that this is an ongoing project. Like every other manifestation tool, it’s not a set-and-forget thing.

Sure, every time you pass by your board, the visuals will trigger your subconscious, but it’s most likely not enough.

Especially not when you want to transform your whole life and reach very big goals.

You may have heard that thoughts create your reality. But I don’t 100% agree with this quote. I say that your thoughts create opportunities for you to take action, and these actions will create your new reality.

You want to be using it as a tool to help you achieve your goals and not just as a collection of pretty things on your wall. Your focus should be on its practical use.

Also, don’t hesitate to update your vision board to keep it inspiring.

If there is something on it that no longer serves you or that you’ve accomplished, replace it with a new inspiring goal to go after.

Daily Vision Board Routine & Visualization Exercise

Even though having your manifestation board set up in the right place to remind you of your goals throughout the day, it’s helpful to have a vision board routine that you practice regularly.

Having a regular Law of Attraction routine is one of my top manifestation tips for you.

The more often you work on your subconscious reprogramming, the faster you will make your vision board come true.

A great way to work with vision boards is by using visualization techniques.

Here is an example of a visualization exercise you can use with your vision board:

  1. Sit in a place where it’s directly in front of you. Take a few moments to fully soak in the visions you have chosen to represent your ideal life.
  2. Take a deep breath, and when you breathe out, let go of all negative emotions. It’s key that you get yourself aligned with your dreams when you do this visualization exercise.
  3. Choose one picture at a time and focus on it. When you’ve got the image imprinted in your mind, focus on the goal as if it is a mental movie. You can close your eyes if this helps.
  4. Focus on what you’re doing, where you are, what you hear, and smell, and of course, the feelings you’re experiencing while watching this movie.
  5. Put yourself in the center of it and make it as real to you as possible.
  6. Once you have focused and have created the emotions of the experience to the fullest, choose your next image, and repeat the visualization exercise.

Going one by one will allow you to focus on a single goal at a time.

Through this visualization exercise, you are telling your subconscious that this experience is happening to you now.

That’s how you align your subconscious mind with the goals you want to achieve.

Vision Board Right Placement

What you put on it is key, but where to put a vision board is also important.

Once you understand why vision boards work, you will know why your vision board placement is crucial.

This manifestation tool is designed to work subconsciously. It should be put somewhere where you will walk past or look at it multiple times throughout the day.

If you place your vision board in a spot where you see it every day, you will subconsciously memorize the goals and visions you have.

Even when you’re not consciously doing it, the images are finding their way into your subconscious mind.

Every time you see it, it will remind you subconsciously of your goals.

Imagine how much easier it will be to manifest your dreams if you’re doing it consciously AND unconsciously.

Although you should be spending time every day working consciously with it, there are subconscious benefits that can help you to manifest on autopilot solely by leveraging the right placement.

So there is great power in having a dominant placement.

But in case you travel often, a portable vision board, like one of the online versions we discussed above, is probably better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vision boards are very popular in my manifestation community; that’s why I collected some of the questions I often hear in our Q&A sessions:

Do vision boards actually work?

Yes, vision boards work if you work with them.

They are so effective because they visually remind your subconscious mind of your goals, dreams, and intentions. They help form your thoughts and, most importantly, your actions.

But at the end of the day, to make your vision board successful, you need to put it into action.

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Why do vision boards not work?

Did you ever ask yourself: why isn’t my vision board working? Well, there are a few vision board mistakes you should watch out for.

If your vision board is not working, the problem is most likely not the vision board itself but some deeper underlying cause. Important is that you see this for what it is: a tool that assists you in the manifestation process.

It’s not the manifestation itself.

When you want to learn more about the manifestation process and possible abundance blocks that could hold you back, I’d suggest you read my manifestation blog, where I share more manifestation tips.

Or even bettergrab your starter kit & manifestation checks hereThis way, you’ll sign up for my emails where I send you community-only manifestation tips right into your inbox.

Where can I create a vision board?

There are many different places where you can make a vision board:

  • on a corkboard
  • a poster board
  • on an art canvas
  • directly on a wall
  • in a journal or notebook
  • on your phone
  • On any digital vision board app such as Canva, Design Wizard, Pinterest, or Google Slides

Should a vision board be private?

Should you keep your vision board private is a question you have to answer yourself. I think it should be private if it makes you feel better.

On the other hand, there is some power in sharing goals; it activates your commitment and accountability, a great way to keep up your motivation. 

How often should I look at my vision board?

Ideally, you want to look at your vision board twice a day or more. But at least once a day.

The more often you can get those images in front of your subconscious mind, the sooner it will begin to work for you.

How long does it take to make an effective vision board?

You should be able to get your vision board set up within a weekend or even on one evening. I want you to take care that your visuals trigger the right emotions, but don’t overthink it.

Digital boards are quicker to set up, and you can change them easier in case your first version is not perfect.

Vision Board vs. Dream Board – Is There a Difference?

There is no difference between a vision board and a dream board.

There are many names you can use for your vision board: dream boards or manifestation boards. It’s all the same law of attraction tool.

How Often Should You Make a New Vision Board?

How often you should update your vision board will depend on a few factors, mainly how fast you reach your goals.

Some goals are smaller than others and won’t take nearly as long to achieve. Others, like your dream home, may take a little longer.

Update it when the images no longer inspire you or you have achieved all the goals.

Where can I get pictures for my vision board?

The best way to find pictures for your vision board is by searching on free stock image sites such as Unsplash, Pexels, or even Pinterest, and then print them out (or use them in digital form).

Alternatively, you can get some magazine cutouts. They are especially great for adding some power words or positive affirmations to your boards.

Don’t forget to visit my vision board images guide for more help.


I hope you liked this ultimate guide on vision boards.

And if you now created your own, you might have just one big question left: how to make your vision board come true?

First of all: work with it as often as you can.

When you want to reprogram your subconscious mind and vibrational align yourself with your goals, the more focus you give to this, the better.

But at the end of the day, it’s your actions that make your dreams come true.

It’s important that you understand one crucial thing when it comes to this manifestation tool: it’s JUST a tool and not the manifestation process itself.

To truly make your vision board come true and your manifestations happen, you need to follow a proven process:

  1. Set big goals
  2. Work on your abundance blocks
  3. Align yourself subconsciously with your goals
  4. Take action!
signature saying xo mia fox

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