13 Vision Board Benefits You Can’t Ignore

There are so many vision board benefits beyond just the purpose of manifestation like staying focused on your goals and dreams. There are even therapeutic benefits of vision boards…

I’m a big fan of using this law of attraction tool in my daily manifestation routine.

But before we head into the 13 vision board benefits, let’s quickly have a look at what vision boards are and why you should even care about their benefits.

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What is a Vision Board & Why Should You Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a visual representation of your preferred future.

Or, in other words, a collage of images, photos, and other visual objects, such as affirmations, quotes, etc., that help you visualize your daily goals and dreams.

Vision boards work very well because our subconscious mind responds strongly to visuals. So the more often your subconscious mind sees your new dream life in front of you, the more it starts to accept this as a new reality.

It will then do everything to bring you there. This is the real magic behind the law of attraction. But a vision board can do more than just help you manifest.

I wrote more about how to make your own dream board in this in-depth vision board guide here. But now, let’s get started with the many benefits your vision board has besides manifesting your dreams.

A Vision Board Helps You Get Clear on Your Goals

A vision board is a great way to visually represent your goals and dreams.

But many of us don’t really know what we want in life. The problem is that without clear goals, we often become stuck and go around in circles. This can lead to a lot of frustration.

But creating a vision board can help us to reflect on our true passions and find out what we really want in life.

It Helps You Focus & Clears Your Mind

The process of creating a vision board can be very creative and help you to stay focused on your intentions and goals. But this focus goes beyond the vision board creation process.

A great benefit of having your goals all in one place can be that it helps eliminate distractions. This focus will help you to achieve your goals faster and clear your mind.

A vision board creates a space for a clear vision and frees you up from everyday life and so many distractions we have to live with.

And let me tell you, love, with a clear mind, it is so much easier to take action and manifest the life you want.

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A Vision Board Creates Tangible Goals

Manifestation starts by turning your dreams into specific goals and then aligning subconsciously with these goals. But in the end, this vibrational alignment is worth nothing if you don’t take action.

And to be able to take action, you need to set goals that are tangible.

That’s where your vision board can act like an extensive “to-do list” – reminding you every day about the goals you want to achieve and the inspired actions you need to take.

Your Vision Board is Perfect for Accountability & Motivation

Once you have created your vision board and set your most important goals, you may want to share it with some friends or your family. Don’t we all love to show off from time to time?

Sharing goals with someone that is trustworthy acts as a huge motivation. Knowing that you aren’t on your journey alone will help you to remain focused and motivated.

It Helps to Recognize Unhealthy Patterns & Bad Habits

Having your goals mapped out on a vision board can help you see some gaps.

Imagine you have a goal represented on your vision board for many months and still have not manifested it. This will help you to reflect on what is standing in your way.

And very often, it’s just a habit you need to change.

A Vision Board Can Lead You to a Healthier Lifestyle

Your vision board doesn’t have to include any fitness challenges for it to ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.

When you adopt one good habit or move one step in the right direction of leading the life you want to experience, other positive changes follow.

For example, if you’re happier knowing that you’re working toward your dream, then you will sleep better. Getting a better night’s sleep will heavily influence your ability to focus on mindfulness and positivity.

And that’s another benefit your vision board can have…

It Makes You Happier & More Positive

We, humans, are made to achieve goals, so it’s just a normal reaction that you get happier when you start to focus more on them.

So, one of the top benefits of vision boards is that they can help you experience positive emotions more often.

Also, having a clear path ahead of you will make you more relaxed and give you an overall feeling of satisfaction. Your vision board is a great way to get on top of your game.


A Vision Board Can Help You to Tap Into Your Creativity

Your vision board is your unique representation of your goals and dreams. Be as creative as you want when you create and envision the life ahead of you.

Here, you can find different vision board ideas that aren’t pictures.

It Unleashes Your Potential

A great benefit of having a vision board is that there are no limits on what you glue on it. You can finally dream BIG, and you actually should!

Big dreams are key when activating the law of attraction (aka reprograming your subconscious mind.) So whatever it is you want to achieve in your life, go for it.

There is no harm in having big goals on your vision board. In fact, the bigger, the more motivated you will be to take action.

A Vision Board Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Having all your goals laid out can spark great motivation; we talked about this with the other benefits vision boards can have.

But think about what accomplished goals on your vision board can do for you.

Sooner or later, you’ll have goals on your dream board that are no longer just dreams but have become your reality. And this can boost your confidence and help you to set even bigger goals.

And that brings me right to the next vision board benefit…

It Will Help You to Practice Gratitude More Often

Gratitude is the healthiest emotion we can experience.

When you are intentional about using your vision board as a tool to manifest the life you want, then you’re automatically choosing gratitude for the process.

The encouragement of knowing you are taking actionable steps to your best life will cause a ripple effect of gratitude.

You won’t resent the process of change but will embrace all that there is to be thankful for.

Extra Vision Board Tip

You can put little notes of gratitude on your own vision board. Also, check out this post here, with six vision board alternatives, where I explain how you can create a gratitude board instead of a vision board.

a vision board with gratitude notes

It Helps Setting the Right Intentions

Setting intentions can be even more powerful than setting goals.

Because an intention asks for your WHY behind a goal, and why we want something is often more important than what we want.

That’s something I always teach in my vision board workshops because a strong intention behind a goal is what truly sparks that subconscious trigger you need to manifest your dreams into reality.

And that’s really where the power of a vision board lies.

It Helps You to Visualize Your Goals Often

Having a visual reminder of your goals will act as a daily reminder to choose the life you want to live.

So another benefit of having a vision board is that you have your goals all in one place. A place that you (hopefully) often see throughout the day.

That’s why the right placement of your vision board is key. Perhaps you could place it above your kitchen sink or near your dresser.

Important is that you see beyond the pretty pictures of your dream board and visualize yourself achieving these goals. This visualization exercise is the real purpose of your vision board.

The Benefits of Using a Vision Board to Manifest Your Dream Life

You see, there are many vision board benefits beyond manifesting your dream life. But manifesting your dreams is definitely the best this powerful visualization tool can offer you.

The law of attraction works because we get vibrational aligned with our dreams and goals, and that’s what a vision board can help you with.

Finding images that spark joy and trigger the right emotions in you can help you to reprogram your subconscious.

And having your goals in front of you, as images, words, and other objects on your vision board, can help you take inspired action to make your dreams a reality.

And if these vision board benefits have convinced you that this is the right manifestation tool for you, click here and download your free vision board guide.

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PS. My favorite vision board benefit is the focus it gives me. I’m convinced that this manifestation tool helped me a lot in manifesting all the wonderful things I did in the last few years.

And so it can help you!

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