How to Manifest Pregnancy and a Healthy Baby

Manifesting a baby works with the same principles as anything else. Once you remove your subconscious blocks and allow for love, gratitude, and acceptance to enter your heart, you open up to more abundance and manifest a healthy pregnancy. In my work as a manifestation coach, I have witnessed this many times.

Are you ready to use the power of the law of attraction to attract the family you always wished for and manifest a baby? Then read on for my best pregnancy manifestation tips.

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To manifest a pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby, It all comes down to getting into the right mindset first.

There is a strong mind-body connection, and if you don’t factor this into your family planning, it’s possible that mental blocks can negatively affect your body and prevent you from getting pregnant.

Besides taking care of these so-called manifestation blocks, setting your intentions and detaching from the need is crucial to making the law of attraction work in your favor.

The problem when it comes to manifesting a family is that we tend to have more trouble manifesting things that we feel so strongly and emotionally attached to. That’s because we naturally feel fear of loss towards the ones we love.

But there are many techniques you can use to overcome this resistance and to manifest your baby faster. And that’s exactly what we cover today.

Just remember that manifestation is not magic, and it might not happen overnight.

But in my 10+ years as a manifestation coach, helping women in over 222 countries to manifest the life they love, I have seen many magical things happen.

Including several manifestation success stories of women that had no more hope of getting pregnant when their fertility doctors told them that their hormones would not allow it (having PCOS myself, I can very much relate).

Then they started their manifestation journey with me successfully manifested getting pregnant t and giving birth to healthy babies, some in less than a year after they started to work with me.

But let’s right get into the tips so that you can start priming your body and mind for your newborn…

Manifesting a Baby Starts in Your Mind

As I mentioned above, there is a strong body and mind connection we need to acknowledge. That’s not just for manifesting your pregnancy the case, but especially for something that is so dependent on hormones.

The problem is that this can become a bit of a vicious circle.

Chances are, if you struggled to get pregnant in the past, then you are frustrated and tired of not getting what you want. Many women feel extreme emotions towards creating the family they desire because it is such a huge source of happiness and joy in their lives.

But getting into this emotional state can really backfire and make things worse.

Many times, the desire to become pregnant is so strong that it leads to resentment and feelings of lack and hopelessness.

In this study on the emotional consequences of infertility, they found a negative effect on women’s mental health. Including frustration, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, guilt, and feelings of worthlessness. These negative feelings don’t just have a negative effect on your physical health (and your hormonal health) but also on the outcome of your manifestation efforts.

This list matches the list of possible manifestation blocks. Now add the limiting beliefs you start to build up if everything you tried did just not work, and you can see why this is really bad news.

But it’s time to transform your thoughts if you are in this spiral of negativity,

It’s not possible to manifest anything you desire when you are feeling some lack around it or if you are too attached to the outcome. In other words, if we “need” it to happen, it’s unlikely to happen.

You are no longer living from a place of abundance and instead are living in scarcity and fear.

To manifest a baby, all you need to do is shift your mindset and get to a different vibrational energy level. Here are four manifestation techniques to help you with this:

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Turn Acceptance Into Gratitude

Start accepting who you are and your current life situation. Understand that living from a place of love is the only way to attract what we truly desire.

When you release the need for a baby and let go of the feeling of lack, you will change your energy and begin to live in alignment with your desires. The rest will usually just follow.

A great way to move away from “need” and into a state of abundance is by practicing gratitude. Gratitude has the power to rewire your brain so that you have a more positive outlook on life.

A great trick is to turn acceptance of your situation into thankful statements. So instead of saying: “That’s another try to get pregnant that didn’t work out,” you could find positive learnings this did bring into your life. Or maybe it did bring you closer to your partner.

Visualize Yourself as a Mum

Creative visualization is another great way to shift your mindset. And this is especially powerful if you try to manifest your first pregnancy.

Before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning, take some time to be quiet and focus on changing your energy. Close your eyes and visualize having the baby you desire.

Start by imagining what it would be like to be pregnant and live with a perfectly healthy baby in your womb. Visualize yourself getting your home ready for the new arrival and preparing yourself to become a mother.

But most importantly, see yourself connecting with your newborn. Imagine all of the outcomes that you truly desire as distinctly and wholly as you can, at least twice a day. The more emotional you can connect your visualizations to your desires, the better.

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Doing so will reprogram your subconscious mind to accept it as your new reality. So your subconscious will work 24/7 for you in the background to get you there.

Once you are done with your visualization, release the emotion into the energetic field, and allow yourself to trust the universe to bring your healthy baby to you in perfect timing.

Use Powerful Law of Attraction Pregnancy Affirmations

Manifestation affirmations are another great way to subconsciously transform your mindset.

You can use positive affirmations in a similar way as visualization. Close your eyes, relax, and repeat some affirmative statements about having the perfect pregnancy.

Here are a few examples of law of attraction pregnancy affirmationsfor you to use:

  • I accept the perfect baby for me and my partner into our life now.
  • I am a wonderful mother, and my baby is living a life filled with purpose and joy.
  • My body and mind are fully ready to conceive and for a healthy pregnancy.
  • I am love, and I’m ready to give love to my child.

If you can, make your affirmations more personal; repeat them in the present tense as if they are already true. Signal to your subconscious mind that you already enjoy living as a new mum and that you are grateful for your wonderful family.

Use Guided Meditations Before Bed

Manifestation meditations are another great way to switch to more positive thoughts, and by using them before bed, you also help your body to relax ad sleep better. A healthy body definitely helps with fertility.

They guide you to a deeply relaxed state, sending powerful suggestions to your subconscious. And the great thing is there are specific guided meditations for pregnancy you can try.

Sign up here, and I’ll send you my favorite meditation session for manifesting the life you want directly into your inbox. This way, you can test it out and see if you like them.

Make Space for Your Baby & Prepare for Your Life as a Mother

To manifest the life you desire, you often have to first make space for the things you want to attract. You can see that as a mental decluttering, but it’s also making physical space for your new family.

Nothing signals your trust in the universe more than getting ready for your pregnancy and the birth of your new baby.

While you are working on retraining your subconscious, you can also start decorating the baby’s room. And if you are not quite ready for such an inspired action, how about doing some planning first?

You could start choosing the paint colors, price shopping for a bed or a stroller, and you could even start looking at what kindergarten you might want to send your baby to.

a coule building a baby bed and laughing

Think about what you will have to do to prepare for your new family and start the process.

Doing so will signify that you genuinely do believe your baby is on the way, and your subconscious will align with your trust and your actions.

In case you have some health issues that need to clear up before you feel ready to get pregnant, also check out this post here on how to manifest health with the law of attraction.

Don’t Force It

Remember that taking action is key when manifesting. And when a baby is your goal, it’s pretty clear that certain actions are just needed (we all know that babies are not delivered by the stork).

But in this post, you learned many more inspired action steps you can take. That said, I don’t want you to force it, keep in mind that this can backfire.

Beginning to restructure your life for the arrival of your baby is incredibly powerful. While you are doing that, continue to work on releasing from the emotional need for the outcome.

But also try to accept and love your life the way it is and embrace that your life is still wonderful, even if you can’t manifest pregnancy.

Understand that your life is perfect as it is, and a baby would simply enhance that. The more you can accept and release the need to get pregnant, the quicker and easier it will flow into your life. And I hope the different methods I shared with you today are helping you to stop obsessing about getting pregnant.

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FAQs – Your Pregnancy Manifestation Questions Answered

Our manifestation community has grown to over one hundred thousand women in recent years. So naturally, there are many questions about this topic. That’s why I have collected the most frequently asked questions about it for you here.

If you have more questions about manifesting a baby or the topic in general, you can always reach out to me.

Yes, you can manifest twins with the same manifestation methods you can manifest an individual child. We had a few ladies in our community manifesting twin babies. But don’t forget that manifestation and your mindset work is just a tool that can help you get pregnant. At the end of the day, your genes will still have a major impact.

That said, I’m absolutely confident that you will love your baby the way it is, regardless of it coming together with a twin sister or brother.

The answer to wherever it is possible to manifest specifically a boy or a girl is the same as for your question about manifesting twins. For sure, you can have a great impact on the outcome of your pregnancy by changing your mindset. And if you want to manifest a specific gender for your baby, you can definitely do some exercises to help with this.

I personally believe that your baby should “choose” to be the gender it wants to be before getting born, and of course, also after that.

Yes, of course, you can manifest after having sex. It’s never too late to start with the mindset work. In fact, you are constantly manifesting; your subconscious works 24/7 – this is all about getting in control of what you manifest.

But don’t forget that this is not some magic trick, so if you haven’t conceived, you can’t just turn that around by using some pregnancy affirmations. You also can’t put a negative pregnancy under your pillow and wake up to a positive one.

But what you can do is turn the negative test outcome into something positive by showing gratitude, for example, for having sex with your partner.

You can help someone else to manifest pregnancy, but just when she wants to get pregnant. What you can’t do is manifest against someone else’s will.

I explain that in more detail in this post here: Can you manifest for someone else?

Of course, you can also use the power of manifestation when you want to adopt a baby. I had just recently had a student in my manifestation course that manifested an adoption other with her wife. And she said that my actionable manifestation tips helped her a lot.

So when you want to manifest an adoption, you might want to focus a bit more on the inspired actions you take. I suggest you read my manifestation guide or even join my free 5-day email course, where we cover inspired action manifestation in more detail.

Manifest YOUR Perfect Pregnancy 

To round this blog post up, a few last words. As you begin to work on your subconscious beliefs and emotions around getting pregnant, your whole energy and mindset will shift.

You will not only manifest a baby faster, but you will feel more whole and complete in the process. And that’s what you should concentrate on.

Remember that the law of attraction is working at all times. Following the steps in this article will allow you to manifest the pregnancy and baby you desire so much, but they will also transform you on a subconscious level and help you attract more abundance in general.

Embrace this transformation.

And to get it started, I suggest you sit down now and write out exactly what your perfect pregnancy would look like and how getting a baby would make you feel.

Here ate selfMadeLadies, we are all about taking action.

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