How to Write a Manifestation List (Including Examples & Templates)

Here at SelfMadeLadies, we love to talk about all things manifesting and the different manifestation methods you can use to speed up things. And writing a manifestation list is one of these manifestation techniques that can totally help you make your dreams come true faster.

So if you love to know how writing a manifestation list can help you with your goals, this post is for you. We will look at what a manifestation list, how to use it correctly, and I’ll give you five manifestation list examples that you can steal and use in your own manifestation routine.

a woman writing her manifestation list

But before we head into the manifesting list examples, let me quickly give you a little overview of how manifestation actually works. Because understanding this is key when you want to use your manifestation list successfully.

Manifestation, in short, means that you make something real. It’s a process of setting your manifestation goals, then getting vibrational aligned with them (by programming your subconscious mind and overcoming abundance blocks), and then comes the most important step. Taking inspired action.

(If you want to have a more detailed answer, you can read my complete manifestation guide, but be warned, it’s pretty long.)

It’s all based on the principles of the law of attraction that states: like attracts like. But that’s also the point where many misunderstand the concept. They believe that you can just think your dreams into existence or manifest them by writing down what you desire.

That’s not correct and leaves to the false belief that the different manifestation methods, such as the manifestation list we cover today, are the actual manifestation.

These techniques are more like different tools that can support you in the process of manifesting your goals. And they can definitely speed up your manifestations when used correctly.

Are you ready to write down your manifestation goals? Then let’s get started with creating your most powerful manifestation list.

What is a Manifestation List

manifestation list is like a to-do list for your dreams and goals. And since manifestation happens by aligning your subconscious with your goals, you could say it’s a to-do list for your subconscious mind.

You can write many different things on your manifestation list:

  • Your big dreams and goals, so-called breakthrough goals.
  • Small things you want to manifest in everyday life.
  • Positive affirmations you want to use in your routine.
  • Your intentions that is the question of your WHY behind the WHAT.

Manifestation lists are a bit like a vision board but in the form of words. And while you can write your manifesting list into a journal, do not confuse it with a manifestation journal because a manifesting list is usually much shorter and more focused.

And this focus is what makes this manifesting tool so powerful.

How Does Writing a Manifestation List Help You Manifestation Faster

There is great power in having your manifestation goals in front of you every day. What we focus on, we attract into our life (that’s the big secret behind the law of attraction). 

But you don’t just manifest faster because you look at a list of goals every day. What a manifestation list really is, is a reminder for your subconscious mind.

The more often you signal to your subconscious where your journey should go, the more it works in the background to get you there. And your manifestation list has a twofold effect:

  1. When you write it – studies have shown that writing things down has a much stronger effect on our subconscious.

  2. When you look at it and read it through the list – then it acts as an extra reminder.

But you get the most out of your manifestation list if you use it like a to-do list when you take daily inspired actions on your goals and tick off one after the next.

manifestation list example

How to Write a Manifestation Lists That Works

Now that you know why this journaling exercise is a great addition to your manifestation routine, let’s have a look at how to write your own manifestation list in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Decide on the Format

Before you start writing your list, it makes sense to think about the format. If you need inspiration for this, further down in this post, I have put together a few manifestation list examples for you.

Basically, you can make this list an ongoing exercise, which means you write the list every day new. If you decide to do this version of a manifestation list, I recommend you use a pretty notebook for it and think of it as a daily journaling exercise.

You can also write a manifesting list once and use it as your daily reminder of your manifestations and goals. You could even get really creative and stick this list on your vision board. I love adding bucket lists to my vision boards, and this is just another type of such.

If you decide to make this type of list, you might want to put a tick-off box in front of each goal so that you can check off your goals as soon as they have manifested.

Imagine what a powerful message you are sending to the universe when every time you look at your list, you see what you have already manifested.

Add the feeling of gratitude to all this, and you have the perfect manifestation tool.

Manifestation Expert Tip: No manifestation method will help you manifest faster if you don’t use it regularly. Your subconscious loves repetition, so the more often you signal to it what your desires are, the faster your dreams will come true. Therefore, I recommend you write a fixed time every day in your calendar where you take time for your routine and the creation of your manifestation list.

Now it’s also the time to decide if you want to write a law of attraction list for your overall dream life or just on a specific topic you want to manifest. And define if you want to use it solely to write down your goals or also add other things, such as positive affirmations, an inspiring quote of the day, or adding gratitude to the list.

Step 2 – Reflect With a Quick Visualization Exercise

Once you have decided on the format of your list, it’s time to define the individual list items. But before you start writing, I want you to take some time for a creative visualization exercise.

You can do this with your eyes closed or open. Concentrate on your breath for a few seconds to let go of any tension.

Then focus on your life as it is right now, and I want you to focus on all the good things you have. Make the feeling of gratitude strong. When you set goals from a place of gratitude, they have much more power.

Then take yourself to a place in the future, and imagine what your life will be like. How is it different from where you are right now, and what would need to change to get there?

If you have chosen a focused manifestation list (where you focus only on one goal), then make this goal the focus of this exercise.

After this creative visualization, it will be easier to write your list. But don’t overcomplicate it. This exercise should only take a few minutes.

the word from dream to reality written in a journal

Step 3 – Write Your List

Well, now it’s time to write your manifestation list; here are some tips and things to keep in mind:

Keep your manifestation list short:

This goes for the entire list and the single items. Remember, your manifesting list is not a journaling or scripting exercise where you may fill page after page in your notebook. Focus is key.

Write your manifestation goals in a positive & powerful language:

Your subconscious mind loves simple language and is not so good at separating complicated sentences. Instead of saying, I don’t want to feel a lack of money; you should rather say, I want to experience money in abundance. Otherwise, it may understand that what you want is a “lack of money.” Adding some powerful words can help.

Give Your Manifestation List More Meaning With Intentions:

When you add your manifestation goals to the list, you should also add your intentions. While a goal is more about WHAT you want, your intentions are about the WHY behind a goal. This also helps you to become more specific and get crystal clear on what you want.

Get Creative & Add Positive Vibes

As I said, none of the manifestation methods really work if you don’t work with them. The same goes for your manifestation list. By getting creative and adding things like powerful affirmations, quotes, and words of gratitude, you make it more fun to work with. Same applies to a pretty design.

Step 4 – Take Action (Rinse & Repeat)

Your manifestation list, like everything on your manifestation journey, is not a set-and-forget thing. So take action every day; that’s the only way how your manifestation will come true.

Because as you know by now, manifestation means to make something real. You make the real!

When you have chosen a list that you write new every day, that’s a given. But also, for the other type of manifestation list, I want you to put in some work every day.

Look at the points, reflect on them, visualize yourself reaching these goals, and take action.

Also, review your list from time to time and ask yourself if it still aligns with your goals; if not, it’s time for a new manifestation list.

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Manifestation List Examples (For You to Copy)

There are no set rules on how your manifestation list should look, but in case you just hit a creativity block, let me give some real-life examples. These are manifestation list ideas from myself and from the wonderful women in our manifestation community.

Feel free to use these manifesting list examples as inspiration or to copy them for your personal list.

The Classic Manifestation Goal List

This is probably just the most common type of manifestation list, where you write out your goals or just the specification of that ONE big goal you are manifesting.

If you like this manifestation list example, I have a gift for you. Just click here for the FREE manifestation journaling starter kit, as this template is part of it.

You can print it out and fill it in by hand or write a digital manifestation list.

manifestation list example by mia fox

A Gratitude List

This is really like a normal manifestation list, but you add only points you are grateful for. What you could also do is to create a list with your manifestation goals and then write behind it why you are grateful for this (as if it had already manifested.)

A Weekly Intentions List

Use your manifestation list as a reminder of how you want to feel every day of the week.

And yes, my cat Johnny insisted that he needed to be part of this blog post and crashed my photo shoot. I hope you don’t mind…

manifestation list example: weekly intention list
manifestation list example: weekly intention list plus my black cat johnny

My “Day Ahead” List

This one is very similar to the weekly intentions list, but you create one list one day ahead. Add things like the smaller goals you want to manifest that day, big inspired actions you want to take towards your biggest goal, how you want to feel, etc.

For this, the manifestation list template I created for you is perfect; just click here to download it.

The Daily Rinse and Repeat Manifestation List

This is more like a to-do list for your daily manifestation routine; write down what you want to accomplish towards your goals. I love to create this type of manifesting list the night before, so my subconscious can already get ready to support me the next day.

a list of manifestation routine tasks

Starting the day by working on your manifestation goals is probably the fastest way to attract what you desire.

You see, manifestation lists come in all forms and shapes, and at the end of the day, you need to listen to your heart, what kind is best for you.

Manifesting your dream life works the fastest when you get in a flow state, when you are emotionally fully aligned with your goals, and the best way to get there is by choosing manifestation methods and tools that make you feel good.

signature saying xo mia fox

P.S. Don’t forget that taking action is what makes your manifestations come true. Take action now by downloading your manifestation list template. Just click here, and I will send I right into your inbox.

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