Manifesting Journal Guide: How to Manifest in a Journal

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

Journaling is a technique that can help you to manifest your dream life. To many people, the ability to keep a journal comes natural, while others struggle with it. But journaling truly changed my life, so I can only urge you to make journaling a daily habit. Because it not only helps you to manifest your dream life but is also an excellent tool for your personal development.

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But how can a journal help with your manifesting success? A manifesting  journal is an excellent platform to describe your life story the way you want to manifest your dream life. But not only that, use it to track everything you already attracted, add gratitude and self-reflection to the mix, and your journal becomes the perfect Law of Attraction tool.

Read on to learn how to manifest by journaling with this journal guide.

What Is A Manifestation Journal

A manifesting journal is a place where you store all your dreams and goals you want to attract into your life. This will help you to stay vibrational aligned with your dreams and also keep focus.

Whether you keep a consistent daily journal, or you use it when you need an extra kick “Law of Attraction Magic,” this Law of Attraction tool can have a powerful impact on helping you attain your goals.

How to Manifest Your Dreams With a Journal

Putting your dreams and goals on paper can help you to manifest your desire. If you write down your dreams and read them often, you can direct your subconscious mind to focus more on your goal.

Your journal can assist you with your daily visualization exercises or serve as a plan for a new vision board.

Also, try out a daily gratitude journal where you express how grateful you are for the things you already have in your life.

What is Future Scripting

Scripting is a kind of journaling that can be very powerful for manifesting.

In this journaling technique, you write the story of your future life as if it had already happened or is happening right now.

Future scripting has a lot of power when it comes to reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Learn more about this journaling method here:

 » How to Future Scripting to Manifest Your Dream Future.

 » Law of Attraction Scripting: Journaling Technique to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

Journal Strategies That Will Help You to Manifest Faster

 No matter what you need your journal for, try these journaling strategies to help bring all your manifesting goals to action:

Write Free & With Passion

Just let the ideas flow onto the paper without dwelling on one thing for too long. This is a creative process, try not to overthink it.

Writing your manifesting journal that way will allow your dreams and goals to flow out freely beyond what you thought possible.

You can try to set yourself a goal, how long you want to write. Then you write until you have reached this goal without pause.

When you are done, you will surely be surprised at what you have written in your manifesting journal. You will get some insights into what you really want, and that is so important when you manifest your dreams.

Make Your Manifesting Journal a Daily Habit

You may not be an everyday writer, but creating a routine to write your manifesting journal is the best way actually to form a habit.

When you write daily, you’ll find a greater consistency to your thoughts and reflections, and your manifesting journal works almost like some daily affirmations.

The more you repeat your dreams, the deeper they anchor into your subconscious mind.

Starting a morning routine could be a great way to make your manifesting journal a daily habit.

Set Big Goals & Reflect

Outline your biggest goals when you begin your manifesting journal. Reflect on them often to determine whether or not you’re taking the right inspired action toward achieving them.

Don’t forget Attraction means Action; the Law of Attraction is not magic!

You will need to put in the work to manifest your dream life. A manifesting journal is a great way to see if you are still on track.

Make It Your Secret

The good thing with your journal is, it is just for yourself. So you can be completely honest in your manifesting journal, no one else will read it but you.

Share your biggest secrets, your dreams, and desires – even the ones you cannot share with anyone else. Expressing what you truly want is the fastest way to your manifesting success.

Practice Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is an important aspect when manifesting your dreams, and your journal can assist you in the reflection process.

To make the Law of Attraction work, you need to reflect on what you want and what your abundance blocks are, and you need to understand what inspired actions you have to take.

Ask yourself questions about where you’re at in life and your manifesting process and where you want to be so you can find the next steps.

Writing in a journal often makes the thinking process more manageable, because you can just let go.

Go Back to Your Past Writing

Refer back to your past writing regularly can help with your motivation and bring you back into the state of gratitude and happiness. When you have a bad day, for example, look at your positive writing to change your current state.

When you feel lost or unsure about your manifesting process, or even get frustrated, check back on your goals and insights to find guidance.

Your manifesting journal is an ongoing process and also has a therapeutic effect.

There’s a wealth of useful information in your journal if you use it consistently, and you can turn back to this information to show you where to go next.

Choose Your Perfect Journal

 Select a journal that resonates with you and your goals. Something that you feel comfortable and confident writing in.

You can purchase a beautiful journal from a bookstore, craft your own, or simply collect loose pages in a binder.

Handwritten is more powerful, but if a journal ob your computer or mobile phone is more convenient, and helps you to keep up the daily writing, go for it.

There are many free programs out there, such as Evernote, that are perfect for your daily manifesting journal.

I’m sure – the right journal will inspire you to use it.  Simply putting your thoughts down on paper (or your screen) can help you realize your dreams and focus your attention on what truly matters in your life.

Strive to write in your journal as often as you can, if possible daily, and refer back to what you write to help you keep those goals in mind.

Journaling is a powerful tool when it comes to manifesting your dream life, so don’t waste any time. If you haven’t started a manifesting journal, now is the right time to take action.

Other Powerful Journal Ideas

There are endless ideas on what you could write about in a journal; here are my 7 top manifestation journaling prompts. Also check out these limiting beliefs journal prompts.

But let’s now focus on some of the most popular types of journals, and why you might want to start one or the other.

Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a great way to express your gratitude. Instead of a simple gratitude list, you can make it a story, with all the things you are grateful for.

Every morning I write a few pages in my manifesting journal where I express my gratitude.

Most of the time, I start with things I already have, and then it flows into stuff I am currently manifesting, but I write that I am thankful for them as if they were already in my life.

Affirmation Journal or the 55×5 Manifestation Method

Your journal is also the ideal place to write your daily affirmations. Affirmations are simple, clear, and positive sentences. Repeatedly pronounced, they serve to reprogram the subconscious mind.

For affirmations to really work, it is important that you formulate them in such a way that you can believe them. Somewhere between your ACTUAL state and your dream. As far away as possible from the current state, but just close enough to still believe it.

Your manifesting journal is the perfect playground to find the right affirmations for you.

Of course, you could also use your journal to practice your 55×5 manifesting method. I’m not a huge fan of this manifesting technique, because I think it is a bit over the top to write down the same affirmation 55 times, and you can definitely do something better with your time. Still, I know many are huge fans of this technique.

In the end, you have to choose what’s right for you.


Vision Board Journal

A vision board journal is a mix of a manifesting journal and a vision board. Imagine a book full of pictures that you would otherwise hang on your vision board together with your goals in words.

My first vision board was such a vision board journal because I traveled a lot back then, and a portable vision board was super practical for me. It is also perfect if hanging up pictures of your dreams is not your cup of tea. For example, when you share your house, and you just like to keep your privacy.

Idea Journal

You can use an idea journal perfectly as a brain dump. Just write down everything you can think of, you never know when and for what you can use these ideas later.

But such an idea journal can also support you in the manifesting process and is, therefore, an ideal addition to a manifesting journal.

As mentioned before, the Law of Attraction only works if you take the necessary action. And an idea journal can support you perfectly by giving you the right ideas for these “actions.”

But this is not the only positive effect of the idea journal if you want to manifest your dream life. A big abundance block you may have is the fact that you overthink things, and a brain-dump is a perfect tool to let all your thoughts and worries just come out.

I have a brain-dump (or an idea journal) in my Trello, so whenever I’m working, or on the go, and I get any ideas, I’ll be able to write them down.

As you can see, a manifesting journal is just one way to use journaling for your manifesting success, there are various ideas on how you can integrate the written word into your daily routine.

If you want more ideas on the Law of Attraction tools and help with manifesting your dreams, I recommend you to read my manifesting book.limiting beliefs journal prompts

Additional Journaling Tips & Questions

Journaling is a hot topic, not only on my manifestation blog. And I can well understand why I myself have several journals and believe that my daily journaling has contributed a lot to my manifesting success.

And in my manifestation community, I get so many questions, such as how do you write a law of attraction Journal? Here I have collected the most frequently asked questions about journals from my community.


What Are The Benefits of Starting a Journal?

Journaling can have many advantages. It can give you clarity about what you actually want in life. It can help you to reflect, and it can help you to focus clearly on your goals and show your subconscious mind where you want to go.

Your daily journaling practice can also have a positive effect on your mental health. A journal can even help you to process traumas, to become calmer and more positive.

What is The Difference between a Journal And a Diary?

Many people just call their journal a diary, but there is actually a difference between the two. A diary is a record of personal experiences, usually written down daily. A  journal can be a record of thoughts, ideas, things you are grateful for, etc. And a journal is also often used as a reflection technique. 

Is a Handwritten Journal Better?

There are studies showing that handwriting has more power. I personally like handwritten journals the most, but I think you should do what works best for you.

If writing by hand means that you might only write a journal sporadically, but you are on a bus every day for 10 minutes and can write your journal on a mobile phone, then you should definitely choose the digital form.

How Do You Manifest Through Writing?

You do not manifest through writing alone, not even with a manifesting journal. But it is a great tool that supports the manifesting process.

Manifesting is not a single event, it’s much more than that, and if you want to learn all the manifesting steps, and also look for additional tips on different Law of Attraction tools, check out my manifesting 101 here.

What Are Journaling Prompts?

Journal prompts help you to jump-start your journaling exercise. They are short sentences to stimulate your writing creativity. These prompts are often formulated as questions, asking you to reflect on a specific topic in your journal.

At the end of my 80+ pages, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” workbook, which comes as a PRO version of my bestselling manifesting book, I included a whole law of attraction planner. In this planner, you will find several journal prompts that will take your manifestation journal to the next level.

Are You Ready to Start Your Manifestation Journal?

Do you have more questions about how to start a manifestation journal and use this law of attraction technique to attract your desires?

Then you should check out my manifestation book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which is not only a great hands-on guide on how to make your manifestations come true but also your first step to working with me as your manifesting coach.

Well, actually even better, I teach you in this book, how you become your own manifesting coach.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mia Fox is a bestselling author, founder & CEO of the SelfMadeLadies Community. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks and turning big dreams into reality, she started her manifestation blog in 2018. Since then, she has helped millions of readers with her practical manifesting tips, and wrote her bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which turned into an award-winning transformational program, teaching students in over 222 countries worldwide how they can transform their lives with self-coaching. Read more about Mia Fox here.

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