How to Manifest Your Dream Body

Imagine living your life in the most energized, healthy, and beautiful body you always wanted. Having the body of your dreams can transform your life from the inside out, it can make you healthier, and more confident. Here are the steps I teach as a manifestation coach, and that helped many women to attract the fit & toned body of theird dreams. Are you ready to manifest your dream body? then let’s take action!

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So if you asked yourself if it’s even possible to use manifestation to change your body shape: The answer is an absolute YES! You can manifest your dream body with the law of attraction. With the same principle, as you can attract better health or manifest weight loss, you can also manifest the body you want.

Sure, you are going to have to put in the work, but with proper mental techniques, you can get there quicker and with less resistance than you might think.

To find out how to manifest the body of your dreams,  just read on.

Manifesting Your Dream Body Starts in Your Mind

Manifesting the body of your dreams begins in your mind.

The way you view yourself is the way you will be. Then, you need to become crystal clear on your goal.

Once you have your goal, you need to be taking action to make things happen. Then, you can use visualization tricks to signal your cells to boost your training effectiveness.

It’s all about telling your subconscious mind how your perfect body will look like and, more importantly, how you will feel.

Self-Image & Self-Love

If you’re currently not living in your most ideal body, then you may need to work on your self-image and self-love. Maybe you don’t believe you deserve to look your best, or you’ve tried and don’t feel it is possible.

The truth is that you can achieve anything that you are capable of creating in your mind. If you can picture yourself living in the body of your dreams, then you can achieve it.

If you see yourself as a person who is excited to exercise every day, who loves to be active and strong, and who deserves to look and feel as sexy as you want, then you will face less resistance.

Resistance comes in the form of believing you’re unworthy, incapable, or unwilling.

Provide yourself the love necessary to put in the work mentally and physically to cause your body to react in the ways it needs to, resulting in a beautiful, sexy, and healthy body.

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Get a Clear Goal

Goal setting is important to every aspect of life. And it’s also necessary that you set an exact manifestation goal for your dream body. You need to figure out what type of body you want and why you want it.

When you know what you’re going after, you can pick a plan and a diet that will get you there.

Do you want to build muscle, lose fat, become more flexible, have tons of energy, be toned, and have a round booty?

Or do you want to gain more mobility, vitality, and less pain? No matter what you want and why you want it, set the intention of it, and you will be headed in the right direction.

It is crucial to set a clear goal because if you do, then you will know precisely what needs to happen to get you there. This triggers the needed motivation you will have to put in to transform your body.

Not only that, this sends your subconscious a clear message of where the journey should go. Your subconscious will then do anything to get you there. It will present you with opportunities to take action (such as finding the right diet or joining a gym.)

PS. one great way to get this subconscious transformation started is by using guided meditations. They are like telling your subconscious exactly what you want.

And if you click here, you can get my favorite guided meditation session for free. It’s called how to attract the life you love (and that includes the body of your dreams.)

Take Action

This may sound like the hard part, but it’s actually the fun part.

Taking action on a law of attraction body transformation is where you get to participate and elicit the changes in your body and mind. You are in control, and control feels great.

Find a plan that will get you to the point you want to be. There are plenty of options for free on youtube or through fitness blogs. Or, you can step it up and hire a personal trainer who will do the thinking work for you.

Once you have your plan, it is simply about getting up every day and putting in the work that’s allotted to you.

Most of us want to look better. But there are plenty of added benefits to having your dream body, such as more strength, more energy, and better posture. So maybe the goal to be healthier triggers more motivation to take action.

Getting into the habit of exercising regularly and strengthening the parts you desire can be difficult at first, but once it is a habit, there is almost zero resistance. Exercising becomes a joy. It becomes part of your day that you look forward to and break up the mundane aspects of daily life. I personally love morning walks in the forest, and they have transformed my body in a great way.

Expert Manifestation Tip: In the end, it doesn’t matter what your plan looks like because when programming your subconscious mind to the right frequency, you will manifest your dream body. Your subconscious will automatically guide you in the right direction. All you then have to do is to follow the signs (by taking inspired actions).

I mean, ever wondered why for some people, low-carb diets work and, for others, high-carb diets? Or why do some people get great results by just doing some Yoga, while others need to go all in on HIIT training? Well, here is your answer.

It all comes down to your mindset. What you believe to be true and how you program your subconscious that’s what you manifest into your reality. The same goes for your body goals.

Use Visualization to Attract Your Perfect Body

Visualization is another fun part of the process that can skyrocket your progress.

Olympic athletes have used creative visualization for many years in their training. By creating mental images to trigger the muscle groups, they use the most, without ever lifting a finger.

When you visualize, your body believes you are performing the act and therefore fires the muscle fibers that it would if you were actually running, lifting, or stretching.

But that’s not the only benefit it can have when manifesting the body of your dreams.

By using creative visualization, you can train your mind to overcome the obstacles that keep standing in your way. (Like limiting beliefs, bad habits, or other manifestation blocks).

  • Visualize yourself enjoying the process of working out.
  • Visualize yourself moving freely and with great strength.
  • Visualize yourself eating healthy and the great energy you gain from the healthy food.
  • Visualize the looks you’re going to get from people when they notice you.

Visualizing the body you want and the way you want to use it will provide you with a ton of motivation. It will keep you on track and will keep your mind on track, allowing you to experience the emotions of living in your new dream body before your eyes see it in real life.

Extra Tip: When you use visualization to manifest extra energy in your body, your workouts will become easier, you will enjoy movement more, and you will naturally start to look better with your cells responding to your mind.

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Get Ready For Your Dream Body to Manifest

What kind of life will you have once you reach your dream body goal? Is your journey towards a healthier, stronger body a way for you to achieve the rest of the dreams you have in your life?

Manifesting your dream body can be one of the most fun and hands-on exercises you will ever perform when transforming your life. You will actually get to feel the changes and see them regularly.

So this can actually support you on your journey to manifest other things (to learn more, check out my comprehensive manifestation guide here.)

Important to keep in mind: when manifesting anything in life, one thing is key: inspired action. If you do not take action, you will never change. So it’s best to start the process towards your ideal physique today.

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P.S. Commit yourself to taking your first step right now (for example, by downloading your free guided meditation). This session will help you to prime your subconscious so that it will support you in manifesting your best body.

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