7 Different Vision Board Themes to Choose From

A vision board is a powerful way to manifest your dreams and goals and a topic I write a lot about on my Law of Attraction blog or in my bestselling manifestation book.

Choosing the right vision board theme is one of the key factors to the success of your board.

There are many different themes to choose from. Like topics such as a vision board for manifesting your dream travel or manifesting better health and fitness.

Or, my favorite, a vision board to attract love because that’s how I manifested my husband.

But, of course, there are more creative ways you can design your vision board. Read on to learn how to choose the right vision board theme for you…

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Do Vision Boards Actually Work?

But before we look at the different vision board themes to choose from and what to put on a vision board, let me answer an important question:

Do vision boards work at all? And how do they work?

I have been working as a manifestation book author and coach for years and sell in my store an advanced vision board course that comes as a kit with different vision board templates and printables.

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After all these years, I have been part of thousands of vision boards, and I can tell you; that the list of things that have manifested for the ladies in our community is endless.

And also, my own vision board story (I manifested my husband, my dream business, financial independence, the dream apartment, many great travels, and so much more…) leaves me no doubt.

Vision boards are among the most powerful manifestation tools you can use when attracting your goals.

Manifesting works on a simple principle:

  1. you set your goal, and define your dreams.

  2. you signal to your subconscious mind exactly what you want.

  3. you work on possible blocks, and then you only need to take action. Always with the support of your subconscious mind, of course.

And that’s where a vision board, or dream board, is so effective.

Seeing your dreams always in front of you, day in and day out sends your subconscious mind this constant message of where you want to go.

And that’s why it’s so important that you choose the right theme for your vision board.

Because just a wildly random collection of images won’t do the job as well as if you have a fictional dream board theme.

Choose Your Vision Board Theme or Categories of the Vision Board

When you choose your vision board theme, think of categories of your goals. So you can choose a very classic vision board where you picture several big goals for your life.

I usually work with a vision exercise, where you can listen deep inside yourself to find out what you want and need. This exercise I do for the big areas of your life:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Career & Business
  • Community
  • Personal Projects & Fun

So these areas might already set your vision board theme, as they give you a natural vision board structure.

But in this post, I want to show you some more creative ways how you can use this powerful manifestation tool.

Vision Board Themes & Ideas

Here are more vision board ideas and my top vision board themes to choose from.

a woman adding pictures to her travel vision board

A Travel Vision Board as Your Personal Bucket List

Travel is one of my great passions and has always been part of my vision board. But how about making a vision board ONLY for traveling?

Maybe you have that one big trip you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, and now you finally want to get active. Then a vision board is perfect.

You can find inspiration around this journey and map all the aspects that are important to you. Always remember to include your intention. How do you want to feel on this journey?

What is also a great idea: a vision board that shows all the places you want to see in your life

You could even mark the places you have visited. I like vision boards that are alive and that you can actively work with because our action is one of the best ways to communicate with our subconscious mind.

Plan to Manifest a House? Then Create a Real Estate Vision Board Theme

Vision boards are a great way to plan and manifest your new dream home. But don’t just think about the interior design.

Where exactly do you want to live?
A house, an apartment, or maybe a loft?
In which neighborhood?
What is important to you?
Should it be green in the neighborhood with lots of parks?
Or have good schools for your kids?
Or maybe a few nice restaurants for the next date night?

These are all things that should be included on a vision board theme for your new home.

A Family Vision Board Theme

If you are planning a family, you can, of course, make a vision board for your perfect partner or the baby you want. But if you already have a beloved family, you can also plan a family vision board.

a mother with her two kids creating a vision board

If the whole family participates, the vision board is not only good for making your dreams come true but also a great tool for bonding.

For example, each person can have his or her own corner on the vision board, and the common goals can be placed in the middle.

A Gratitude Wall

A gratitude wall is also a wonderful type of vision board theme. You can write small notes about what you want and why you are already grateful for having it.

Gratitude is one of the strongest emotions; when you are grateful, negativity has no room. And so, you focus only on the positive.

And as you know, like attracts like.

Gratitude opens the way to total abundance and sends a very strong message to your subconscious. You should definitely include this power in your dream board.

Also, it’s a great idea to write a note whenever you have manifested something from your vision board expressing your gratitude.

A Good Habits Vision Board

Manifestation is not magic. At the end of the day, it’s still your actions that make your dreams come true (of course, with the subconscious mind having your back).

That’s why I like the idea of a vision board theme that focuses on your good habits.

Instead of sticking the end goal on your vision board, you simply choose creatives that represent the good habit that leads to the desired end goal.

So, for example, if weight loss is one of your goals, instead of a picture of your dream physique, you take pictures of the healthy diet you want to eat and the workout you plan to do.

A Wok-life Balance Vision Board Theme

Another great idea is to divide your vision board into job/business and personal life.

Just make a vision board with two sections, one representing your career goals. Or maybe you are working on your dream business? Perfect, here you can stick everything on it that inspires you to reach your professional goals.

I would even add financial goals to that part of the vision board because, most likely, that’s how you will reach your money goals.

The other half of the vision board you use for more personal goals like health, relationships, travel, etc.

Talking about manifesting money and reaching your financial goals. A great way to send your subconscious this message is by adding manifestation checks or so-called abundance checks to your vision board.

Download my starter kit here, and I’ll send you three vision board checks for free.


Create a Happy Board as an Alternative Manifestation Board

A happy board is not a vision board in the classical sense because it is less about focusing on a certain goal but about how you feel.

On this board, you stick everything on, which puts you in a good mood so that you always stay high-vibe when you look at it.

Souvenirs from your travels, pictures of your family, places you like, anything that gives you good memories and makes you feel good about your life. 

My happy board is full of Christmas stuff and snow; winter is my favorite time of the year and always makes me happy.

But I also have photos of the many great trips I’ve been able to experience with my husband Tom, and of course a picture of my second home, in London, because that’s the place where I’m the happiest.

What makes you happy? Make a list of all the things and discover for yourself how powerful a happy board as your new vision board theme can be.

Whenever you have a bad day or you are unmotivated, take a look at your happy mood board and let your happy hormones do their job…

Manifesting is not just about being vibrationally aligned with your dreams, but it’s an important part of the manifestation process.

And this kind of vision board theme can support you with that part of the process.

How Do You Make a Successful Vision Board

I hope you like these vision board ideas. And you see that there are no rigid rules in choosing your vision board theme.

In the end, the following points are important to make your vision board successful and help you manifest your dreams:

Get Crystal Clear About Your Dreams

Here it helps to invest a lot of time and also to dig deeper. It’s important that you know not only the WHAT but also your WHY. And you need to communicate that with the right visuals.

I work with subconscious triggers in my advanced vision board class because there is much more to it than just sticking some pretty pictures on a white canvas. 

Design your vision board so that it is not too messy

The point of this manifesting tool is to send a visual message to your subconscious mind. The clearer this message is, the better.

It’s less about the question of how you make an aesthetic vision board but more about having a design that works for your brain.

That’s why it’s a good idea to think about a vision board theme first and even work with a template. In my vision board PRO toolkit, you’ll find many vision board templates (also for digital vision boards).

Work Regularly With Your Vision Board

A vision board is not a “set and forget it” tool. To use the full power of this manifestation technique, you need to work with it regularly.

Also, something you can learn in my vision board course. We work with different visualization exercises, and you choose the one that is perfect for you.

So if you want more inspiration for creating your next vision board, besides vision board themes to choose from… Then my PRO toolkit is right for you. I’m sure you’ll love it!

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