How to Host a Vision Board Party – Your Ultimate Guide

You love vision boards to manifest your goals, and you know that a dream board is the ultimate law of attraction tool?

Then a vision board party could be the event you have just waited for! But your big question is: how to host a vision board party? Well, let’s find out, and let’s get the party started…

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A vision board party is a great way to create a dream board together with some mind-liked friends or even strangers.

To host your own vision board party, you need a great theme, a little bit of creativity, and to follow the steps I outlined for you in this post.

By the way, if you want to learn more about vision boards in general, I recommend you to read my vision board guideThis post here is all about vision board parties.

Because sharing your goals in your community of people that you respect and trust will increase your chances of succeeding with your manifestations.

As my mentor Jack Canfield, who you might know from the movie The Secret, love to say; only when you share it, then your dream become a real goal.

And one study on sharing goals at Ohio State University on students showed that those students were even more likely to succeed if they shared their goals with someone that had experience in or had succeeded in the goal that they shared.

What better way to share your dreams, goals, and passions with your community of amazing (girl) friends than with a vision board party?

What is a Vision Board Party

A vision board party can be any kind of gathering where people meet to create a dream board together.

It can be on a smaller scale, where you meet a few friends, and together you will create your new vision boards.

But vision board parties can also take place on a big scale. I have heard of events where whole halls have been filled with Law of Attraction fans who wanted to bring their dreams and goals together on a canvas.

But for this post, we will focus on a smaller event with your BFFs because I think that is the goal that most women in my manifesting community have when planning a vision board party.

So let’s find out how you can trough the perfect vision board get-together that fits your lifestyle and skyrocket your manifestations.

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Vision Board Party Guide: Step One (The Right Invitation)

There can’t be a party without friends. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you invite them.

Personalize your invitations!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying standard invitations at a nearby shop or sending a group text. Do what’s within your capacity, energy, and resource-wise.

If you do have time, consider sending out fun paper invitations in the mail or designing your own on a program like Canva. Creating a fun tagline for your vision board party is another way to add to the fun factor.

And hey, if you lack ideas for your perfect tagline, just steal this quote from me: What if your vision board came true?

Vision Board Party Guide: Step Two (The Right Environment)

Setting goals can be intimidating for some, much less sharing them with others.

Make sure your guests know that you are creating a relaxing atmosphere that is judgment-free.

Ideally, you want friends and acquaintances that are goal-getters themselves there. Keep an open mind and an open heart, though.

You may be surprised by that girl from the office that seems shy and withdrawn. She may just come out of her shell and share her goals that will inspire you all.

Choosing the right environment for your vision board party is key. Because when the guests feel comfortable, they will be able to express themselves truly.

And remember, a vision board has a lot to do with emotions. Because without the right emotions, you can’t attract your dreams.

You need to send the right vibration to the universe (what is, in reality, your subconscious mind.)

While a cozy pub in the middle of the city may be the ideal place for your girlfriends, for others, the intimacy of your living room (without the presence of your husband and children, of course) may be the better choice.

Think carefully about who your guests are and who you choose as the right location for your vision board party.

Vision Board Party Guide: Step Three (Get Your Guests in the Right Mindset)

Leading up to your vision board party, share vision board examples and ideas with your guests in a private chat or Facebook Group.

If you’re unsure of your party theme, then have your friends pitch their ideas. You may end up with a great party that is representative of your unique group of friends.

What could be better?

The group chat will keep the anticipation up and have your friends ready to make their boards when they arrive. This can also serve as a space to share your goals with each other after the party ends.


Vision Board Party Guide: Step Four (Choose a Party Theme)

The best thing about vision boards is that they’re not generalized and vague. They’re unique to their creator.

This is also true of your vision board party! Taking your guests’ interests and personalities into account when you’re planning will make the process fun and spark some creativity.

Here are five unique ideas to get your creativity flowing with these unique and fun ideas for your vision board party theme:


How encouraging would it be to celebrate your and your friends’ accomplishments before you’ve even set your goals?

Add some sparkle to your vision board party by dressing up and popping some champagne while you’re making your vision boards.

Manifest the amazing goals that all of you are going to accomplish.

If you’re eager to take the celebration theme and run with it, then consider having guests write each other short encouraging notes to open at a future date.

The Pajama (Vision Board) Party

Why not upgrade your goal-setting party to an all-nighter? Rather than making the event feel like a crafting afternoon or evening, opt for an entire vision board creation night.

Create a cozy living room full of soft pillows and maybe an open fireplace while you all work on your vision boards together! Ask your guests to show up in their favorite pajamas, of course.

Create Your Vision Board in a Spa

Why not include an opportunity for some rest and relaxation while crafting your vision boards? You and your friends lead busy lives that make getting together for social events a challenge.

Why not treat your evening of being intentional with your goals as a mini getaway? All of these mini-spa treatments are affordable and don’t require extensive setup or breakdown.

You can easily cut out your goals and clue them on a canvas while you enjoy the refreshing effect of a face mask.

And how about ending the party with a hot stone massage while you dream about the BIG goals you want to accomplish?

Vision Board Party Guide: Step Five (Get Your Supplies)

You can ask your guests to bring their own supplies for your vision board party, but I would organize everything in advance. This will allow guests to arrive without having to worry about any responsibilities. 

Here are some supplies that you should provide:

  • Posterboard or corkboard
  • Washi tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper to write on
  • Pens and markers
  • Inspiring quote cards
  • Photos to cut and paste
  • Magazines or, even better, a printer to print out individual pictures

Then, of course, depending on the location and theme, you also need to organize drinks, snacks, and decoration material.

Also, don’t forget that your guests have to somehow make their way home with their new vision boards. Organize some packaging material accordingly.

It would be a pity if they spent all their hours working on their new vision boards and then ended up in a heavy rainstorm without having something to cover up their new artwork. 

And I personally wouldn’t like to sit in the London tube with my vision board uncovered. My dreams are a bit too personal for that, haha…

Vision Board Party Guide: Step Six (Tips on Budget and Logistics)

Two words to keep in mind during your planning and partying ventures are fun & meaningful.

Remember, you aren’t planning a wedding or large event. This is a vision board party that you are planning—an event for you and those in your inner circle to enjoy.

Your vision board party doesn’t need to be expensive or perfectly planned for it to be a success.

Ask your friends to contribute to help cover all the costs. And see if friends would like to bring supplies to share with the group. Utilize any free resources and help that you can.

Set your party up in stages, and maybe create a plan in a project management system like Trello.

Trello is free, and you can set up a board for your vision board party, including a list for different weeks leading up to your party and cards for the single tasks.

Just concentrate on the task when it’s actually time to work on it and try not to keep your entire to-do list on your mind all the time. 

Set up an accountability group for you and your friends to use after the party is over. Share goals, struggles, and encouragement.

Manifesting is not just gluing some pictures on a canvas and then sitting in front of it. There is so much more to the process. Learn more in my vision board guide.

And don’t forget: Relax & Enjoy! This party is all about your vision. What could be more exciting

Gathering your friends together for a vision board party won’t only be great fun, but it will be a time of encouragement too.

Remember, your goal is to create memories and the vision board that will motivate you toward change. Enjoy the planning process, and have fun during the event. This is a celebration of what is to come.

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