7 Ideas on How to Make a Vision Board Online

There are many vision board examples where you don’t need to print some images and get the glue out or pin them on a cork board. Creating an online vision board for your personal goals is a powerful tool, and all you need is a computer or your phone.

Whether you use a design tool, stock photos, or your own images you took with your camera, your virtual vision board can be a great alternative to physical vision boarding.

Want to learn more about how to make a vision board digitally? Then read on…

Sure I love my classic vision board; it helped me to make so many dreams come true. However, there are also a lot of fun options for those of you that prefer a digital version that can literally be within reach at all times.

There are actually many ways you can create a vision board online, and today I share with you my top tips for your online vision board:

But before we check out the different digital ideas for your vision board, let’s quickly cover what a vision board actually is.

What is an Online Vision Board

But let’s first have a look at what a vision board really is.

In this very in-depth vision board guide here, I show you how to make your own vision board, and all you need to know about the topic: vision board guide.

But in short, a vision board is a visualization tool for your dreams and goals that works deep in your subconscious mind by activating the law of attraction.

A vision board, also called a dream board, is a manifesting technique based on the fact that you can reach your dreams with the power of your subconscious mind.

And showing your subconscious mind daily (with images or words) where you want to be, is a great manifesting method.

7 Digital Vision Board Ideas to Inspire You

The advantage of a vision board online is that you can always have it with you.

Whether it is while traveling, while you are at your 9-5 job, or just waiting in the queue of the checkout at Whole Foods Market, your digital vision board is always with you.

Perfect for getting a few inspirations in between and constantly sending the right signals to your subconscious mind.

And the good news, you don’t have to be super tech-savvy to follow these fun ideas for your digital version of the perfect vision board.

These ideas for a digital version of your dream board not only keep a reminder of your goals right in your pocket, but they also usually keep costs lower than a traditional vision board.

The ideas I share here will cover everything from vision board apps to non-traditional online dream board ideas. Remember, the goal is to have fun and to create a vision board that will inspire you to make tangible changes in your life.

A vision board is only as powerful as the emotion it triggers in you when you look at it.

Pinterest Vision Board

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But Pinterest is not only great for finding content but also for collecting vision board inspirations, such as quotes and pretty pictures.

The great thing about Pinterest is that it is absolutely free and very easy to use. And you can set your boards to private, so if you don’t want to share your vision board with anyone else, you can have all the fun just for yourself.

A Dream Board in Trello

Trello is a free project management tool, and I use it for almost everything in my life, from content management for my manifesting blog, budgeting, journaling, to planning my travels.

I could honestly not live without Trello anymore.

Trello is designed the way that you can create a separate board for each topic, and on that board, you have lists and cards. You can simply store images in each board and use them as title image, and that’s how your Trello vision board would then look like:

What I love about Trello as a vision board, you can organize your dreams and goals in different categories. So if traditional vision boards are too chaotic for you, a Trello dream board might be just what you need.

Expert Vision Board Tip

You could also add some text to the single cards, with notes on why these goals are important to you, an affirmation, or how about a quote you love?

If you love a shortcut, you can join us in my 3-part vision board workshop, teaching you how creating a vision board that works for YOU can be very easy.

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Unsplash for More Goal Inspiration

Unsplash is a free stock photo site where photographers can upload their beautiful pictures to get more exposure for their work.

And bloggers or online business owners like me can download images to use on our blogs ad websites.

The cool thing about Unsplash is that you can make so-called “collections” of images that make the perfect digital vision board.

Especially because there are really beautiful photos on Unsplash, check it out to see if this is the perfect online vision board for you.

Instagram Vision Board Idea

Creating your vision board on Instagram is also a great option. You don’t have to share on the wider platform.

Simply create a private account and post your goals, photos, and progress as your year unfolds.

Or use the saving option and make a dream board full of inspiration you from other beautiful accounts.

Oh, and if you need some quotes  and affirmations for your Instagram vision board, have a look at my account here:

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Google Docs for a Simple Dream Board

Since my husband works at Google, I almost had to add the good old Google Docs to the list, haha.

But honestly, I sometimes like the simple things in life, and just putting some inspiring pictures into Google Docs is a very easy way to design a dream board.

And hey, the great thing is, you can easily just print it out later if you want to make a physical vision board, after all.


Use Youtube to Create Mind Movies

Making videos of your vision board on YouTube (there is a private setting) is another great way to make your goals seem a bit more of a tangible thing rather than something that exists on paper.

Try watching your “mind movie” style vision board once a month and mark your progress.

Online Graphic Design Tools For Your Digital Vision Board

Tools like Canva or Design Wizard, are graphic design apps that you can also use to create a vision board online.

Even with the free plan, you have a large selection of photos and fonts that you can use freely, but of course, you can also upload your own ones.

The cool thing about them is that you can make a photo collage for any format, so you can make a vision board save as a background image on your laptop or a portrait format dream board as the lock screen on your mobile phone.

Regardless of how you want to design your vision board, the templates you can choose from will make it possible.

By the way, you can now also make movies on Canva or Design Wizard, even from pictures! So it’s also perfect to create your mind movies online.

Jack Canfield Vision Board App

Bonus Idea: not 100% free (it cost under $2) but a must-have I wanted to share…

It’s no secret that I love Jack Canfield’s work!

He was a great inspiration to me when I started my own manifesting journey more than ten years ago. And later, through my coaching training with him, he became my mentor.

It was clear that his vision board app should not be missed in this list of my top digital vision board ideas.

Created by motivational speaker and author Jack Canfield, you most likely know from the Law of Attraction movie “The Secret,” this Vision Board app can help you to attract more abundance right on your phone.

Embrace the inspiration that you need to fuel your goals. Look at this dream board app often to keep you on track and encouraged.

Online Vision Boards Are a Great Way to Stay on Track With Your Goals

Vision boards can take on many forms. There’s truly no wrong way to put your vision board together.

Important is that your vision board triggers the right emotions in you and that you look at it often.

That’s why these ideas to create a vision board online can help you to stay on top of your manifesting game.

But remember, a vision board is only one of many manifesting techniques and tools out there. And really, only a small part of a successful manifesting routine.

If you want to learn more about goal-setting the right way (that will activate the universal laws) and how to finally manifest your dreams, I recommend you read my book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.”

This manifesting guide will help you step by step through the manifesting process and show you an advanced technique to attract your dream life without limitations.

Here you learn how to make your vision board come true!

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