5 Vision Board Mistakes That Might Stop You Manifesting

Manifesting more money, the perfect partner, that stunning house, the new job, your dream car…

You want it ALL, don’t you?

If you’re using vision boards to manifest your dreams and you’re still waiting for your manifestations to happen, you might want to check if you’re making any of these vision board mistakes.

Top 5 Vision Board Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

Vision boards are a topic I could talk about for hours. It was the first law of attraction tool I consciously used to manifest my husband, including the dream wedding and honeymoon.

And, of course,  the wonderful life I’ve been living since.

If you are a vision board rookie, or you just want to learn more about vision boards in general, I suggest you read my vision board guide first.

But don’t forget to come back to this post to learn what mistakes you should prevent when creating a vision board.

There are five main mistakes people often make when using vision boards to create the life they want. In this article, we’re going to get to the bottom of the errors you may be making that are stopping you from manifesting your dreams. 

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Vision Board Mistake #1 – No Emotional Connection

With no emotions involved, good luck getting anything to move in your life. Emotions are energy in motion.

Therefore, if you want to attract your dreams into your life, you need to spark your emotions.

The visions you hold on your vision board should bring up powerful feelings from deep within you. If you have no connection to the images you put on your vision board, then you’re making one of the most fundamental mistakes you can. 

Manifesting what you want comes down to reprogramming your subconscious mind. You need emotion to do that.

Powerful emotions such as joy, gratitude, and passion strike a chord deep in your subconscious mind and send a signal that there is something you want to move towards. 

Your goal with every single image on your vision boards should be to elicit robust, inspiring emotions that get you moving.
Your vision board should be an absolute joy to look at.

The last images you see before bed and the first ones you see in the morning should go on your vision board, and they should produce the emotions in you that you want to experience in your life. 

Spark emotional connections to your vision, and you will have more than double the motivation you have now. As I love to say it with a quote:

Your vision board is only as powerful as the emotions it triggers in you.

Vision Board Mistake #2 – You’re Not Actively Working With Your Vision Board

A vision board is not about setting it and forgetting it. It should act as a continuous reminder of who and where you want to be in the future. If you’re not paying consistent attention to your vision board, then it is merely a bunch of pictures that are hanging in your house. 

You need to participate with your vision board regularly ACTIVELY. Think of it as visual goals. You don’t just write your goals down and never look at them again, do you?

Just like with your written goals, your images are something you review regularly, and you remind yourself of their importance in your life every day.

The more often you can produce the emotions and visualize the future you want, the quicker your subconscious mind will align with your desired reality. 

Make your vision board part of your everyday routine for manifesting. Just like you review your goals, meditate, use affirmations, and visualize, you should look at your vision board and remind yourself of what it is going to look like when it shows up in your life. 

Doing so will create more joy and hope in your heart and will signal to your subconscious mind that you already have it, bringing you closer to genuinely experiencing it. 


Vision Board Mistake #3 – You’re Not Updating It Enough

If you want vision board success, then you need to treat it as an ongoing project. 

As you grow and move closer to the vision of your future that you want, ultimately, things will change. You may realize that you’ve set your goals too low and that you can truly achieve more than what you thought. 

Updating your vision board is, again, just like updating your goals. It’s not like you’re changing what you want – unless you want to – instead, you’re upgrading and keeping it relevant to who you are and who you want to be. 

Sometimes, vision boards can become stagnant and uninspiring if not updated. If you want a successful vision board, then keeping it relevant is highly essential. 

Be sure to be updating and change the images you look at as soon as you come across something new that you want in your life.

Did you just take a tropical vacation and want to move there someday? Great, put it on the board. Don’t hold onto the old patterns of your desires just because of the past you wanted it. 

Creating and manifesting the life of your dreams is an ongoing project, and you should feel overjoyed with your chance to participate in it. 

Vision Board Mistake #4 – You’re Only Relying on your Vision Board

Manifesting your desires is an endeavor that is best approached from many angles. Since changing your life is mostly about changing your subconscious mind, the more tools you employ, the better. 

Vision boards do work!

There is no doubt about that, and all the success stories from the ladies in my community, including my own, prove it.

But dream boards, like any other Law of Attraction tool or manifesting technique out there, are simply a PART of the manifestation process. 

To make your manifestations happen, you also need to work on your manifesting blocks, set the right kind of goals, and take the right kind of ACTION.

All these steps I teach in my bestselling manifesting book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.”

When you throw vision boards in as an additional tool to help you get where you want to go, then you’ll be unstoppable. 

Don’t just think you can set a vision board and expect things to come into your life. Use it and all the tools at your disposal to change your subconscious mind. 

Vision Board Mistake #5 – You Don’t Believe in Your Vision Board

Remember that manifesting is all about changing your inner beliefs. Maybe you’re working with your vision board with a lack of belief in yourself or in the process. 

Ensure that when you’re trying to achieve vision board success, you are giving yourself over to it completely. Allow yourself to indulge in the emotions you want to feel and seriously imagine your visions as your new reality.

The more you can allow yourself to believe, the sooner it will become your reality. 

But against the widespread belief, believing alone will not help you to manifest your dreams.

As I explained in the last point of this post about vision board mistakes, there are more steps involved in manifesting, and all are necessary for your success.

One of them is to overcome your limiting beliefs, so if your vision board doesn’t work, you might want to reflect on your manifesting and abundance blocks first.

Conclusion About the Top 5 Vision Board Mistakes

Are you making any of these vision board mistakes?

If so, it’s time to make a change. Just like anything else in life, if something isn’t working, then you need to change what you’re doing.

As Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Of course, there are more mistakes you can make when using a vision board for manifestation, but these top 5 are the ones I see most often when working with my clients.

Start participating with your vision board more often, update it frequently, spark emotional connections, and use multiple tools. Otherwise, your vision board may never work… 

signature saying xo mia fox

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