How to Find the Right Vision Board Images for Manifestation: Tips on Creating a Vision Board

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

NLP Coach & Bestselling Manifestation Book Author

Have you ever had the feeling that your vision board is not working? Or do you want to make your first vision board but have no idea how to get started? Then you’ve come to the right place, Gorgeous.

One of the most important things about creating vision boards is choosing the right images for the vision board.

And this article will give you tips on what kind of vision board images to use, where to find these pictures, and how to create a vision board that has the power to manifest anything you want.

Vision Board Pictures Representing the manifestation of a vacation

But first, let’s take a look at what this powerful manifestation tool is and why you should make a vision board today.

What is a Vision Board

A vision board is a visualization tool that helps you visualize your goals and dreams. You can use pictures, words, and other creative ideas to create a vision board that is sending a powerful message to your subconscious mind (that’s where the manifestation magic happens) whenever you walk by.

Some people call it a dream board or bucket list; the purpose is the same: To get help from the universe (your subconscious mind) guiding you in the direction of what you want to happen.

I am a big fan of vision boards and have made so many in the past. In fact, my vision board was the first manifesting tool I ever used and helped me to manifest not only SelfMadeLadies (the business I always dreamt of) but also my soul mate, dream wedding, lots of travel opportunities, and so much more…

I can tell you that they are an amazing tool for manifesting your intention.

A vision board basically means cutting pictures out from magazines, arranging them on a poster board or cork board, and then hanging it somewhere where you see it every day. Somehow this makes your dreams more present and alive – like you’re already there.

And because it’s so real to you, once you see your goals in front of you every day, that things seem to be moving faster. But this only works when you choose the right visual representations of your dream life.

Why should I create a vision board?

If you don’t have a vision board, and your question is: why should I even make a vision board? Let me tell you: this is one of the most powerful manifesting tools you can use in your law of attraction routine.

In this vision board guide, I mention many more benefits that a dream board can have, but the most important one is certainly how this tool works on your subconscious mind.

When manifesting with the law of attraction, we often talk about “like attracts like” and that we attract what we send out to the universe. But the universe is basically inside of you, it’s your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind reacts very strongly to visual triggers.

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words – That’s why using them on your vision board can help you imprint a strong subconscious message. Pictures also trigger memories more easily than words do. So you can also add pictures to your vision board that work like anchors, triggering positive emotions in you.

And that’s why you should be very careful when choosing your vision board images.

How to Choose the Right Vision Board Images

Manifesting your dreams is all about three things:

  1. Energy: what energetic level are you at, and on what energetical level is the dream you want to achieve. (And how can you match the two).
  2. Emotions: emotions are the fuel that drives your energetic level. That’s why it’s also important that you associate many positive emotions with your dream life and stay in this emotional state as often as possible.
  3. Your Subconscious Mind: in the end, everything comes together right there, in your subconscious mind. This is like your control center that guides your thoughts, your habits, and your actions. And in the end, it determines if you reach your dream or not. 

These three aspects are crucial when you choose the images for your dream board.

But before you can start choosing pictures for your board, the first thing you must decide is what general theme you would like to stick with.

Do you want a beach vacation? A house in the woods? Your dream wedding? Determine your dreams and goals the vision board should represent first, and then find pictures that align with your goals.


Find Pictures That Represent Your Goals and Inspire You

So before you create a vision board and cut out the first picture, you need to get an idea of how your most important goals should look like. A vision board always starts with goal setting.

Ask yourself how your ideal life would look like, dream big, and get inspired by your BIG vision in life.

That’s btw. a process I teach in my vision board tool kit. This workbook is the perfect tool for your manifestation routine and guides you through the entire process of creating your own vision board.

Once you have a clear picture of how your ideal life would look like, it’s time to get the scissors out…


Gather a Bundle of Old Magazines With Beautiful Pictures

I personally use a printer for my vision board visuals, but when you get started and you don’t have a printer at hand, magazine cutouts are perfectly fine for your images.

With your clear overview of goals, from your goal-setting exercise, you should now have a few categories to stay focused on. That makes choosing the right magazine easier.

One reason I love to use vision board templates, such as the ones you get with my toolkit here.

When you choose to go with magazine cutouts for your dream boards, don’t forget to not only look at the content but also the aesthetic.

Vision boards are not just about putting pretty pictures on a board, but the right aesthetic is still important for the visual stimulation you want to trigger (remember, emotions are one of the three key areas when manifesting.)

Find Pictures That Speak to You and Print Them Out

Suppose you have access to a printer, even better. Because I personally always struggled to find the right images for my vision board when using magazines.

For example, you want to use your own vision board to lose weight; then you need to find images that represent the kind of weight loss YOU want to achieve. Cutting out models from a fashion magazine is maybe too far off from your goal and would not send the right message.

If you can find someone online that looks similar to you and has the body you dream of, then this image is definitely the better choice for your board and to stay motivated on your journey.

Using a printer gives you more focus on what is your true inspiration. And much more flexibility in finding the right images and also enough photos to fill your new board.

To find the new ideas to represent your best life, Pinterest can be your best friend.

Save a Lot of Pictures on Your Phone and Use Them as a Digital Vision Board

As an alternative, you could also consider a digital vision board. This is great if you are often on the go or simply because you do not have a way to print out pictures or have not found enough photos in magazines.

There are several ways to create such an online vision board (more ideas can be found in this post here: 7 Ideas to Create a Vision Board Online, but one of the easiest would be to simply save the pictures showing your goals and dreams you want to attract on your phone.

In my PRO vision board tool kit, I even have beautiful templates for this, which you can use on your phone or desktop. Click here to buy your copy, and start your perfect vision board today.

Use Images That Trigger The Right Emotions (Because Emotions Manifest!)

When looking for images for your own vision board, choose some which immediately make you say: “Yes!

Instead of just focusing on the “right”  interpretations of what you want in life, concentrate on how the image makes you feel.

If you want to manifest your new dream home, but you don’t know exactly how this should look like, then just concentrate on the feeling you want to experience once you enter the door.

Now, look at different pictures of houses. Which one gives you the same emotion? That’s the one to choose.

You could also implement color psychology into choosing your vision board images. For example, if you want to attract a specific person into your life, it would be best to use bright colors when creating your visualizations. Bright colors represent happiness and make you instantly feel more high-vibe.


Other Vision Board Examples & Visuals to Inspire You

Putting pictures on your board is only one way how you can send your subconscious that powerful message about your goals and ideal life on a daily basis.

You can get really creative when choosing visual triggers for your dream board. Here are a few ideas.


Add Motivational “Affirmation Words” That Represent How You Want to Feel

I love to mix and match all the law of attraction tools to make my manifestation routine more exciting. And adding positive affirmations to your board is a great way to do so.

Positive affirmations are a way to affirm positive statements about yourself and your life. These are a type of self-talk that can help you feel more optimistic, empowered, or in control.

You can just write affirmations directly on your board, or check out my vision board PRO toolkit, as it includes 800+ vision board printables to stick on your new board. Including affirmation cards.


List the Goals You Want to Achieve This Year

Lists are also a great way to use the space on vision boards.

You can just list all the goals you want to achieve or become even more creative; from bucket lists to lists that are a visual representation of a specific theme, you are free to create a list that directs your subconscious in the right direction.

For example, if your dream wedding is part of your new board, how about creating a to-do list on how to organize your perfect party?

You could also create a list of possible locations for your wedding. Maybe this can help you to decide before your dream board did its magic and manifested your big day for you.


Add Sentimental Objects to Trigger Stronger Emotions

There are different things you can choose, such as dried flowers that will remind you of a wonderful trip with your family (if you want to manifest more such great moments).

A piece of fabric from your dream wedding dress (for that big day you want to manifest.) Or the keychain with a mini Eiffel tower that a friend brought you from Paris (the city you’ve been dreaming of all your life…)

Small items that anchor a certain emotion are the perfect addition to your board and make it so much more fun than just gluing a picture on it. You can pin them on your cork board with the help of decorative pins.

Oh, btw. in this post here, 13 Vision Board Design Ideas That Aren’t Pictures, I share many more ideas on what else you could add to your board instead of photos. But now, let’s find out how you put it all together to create your new visualization tool.

Make a Collage of Your Photos (Aka Create Your Vision Board)

When you have all your photos (and other creatives) ready, it’s time to stick them on your board. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating your final dream board.

Your eye should be able to quickly grasp what your goal is, and this should trigger the right emotions in you. Therefore it should be clear that your board should not be too chaotic.

Clutter can be a major abundance block; that’s why it’s so important to keep your manifestation tools (and your law of attraction routine) clutter-free.

You can search for vision board examples online to get an idea and inspiration of how your perfect board could look like. But my best tip is to use a template that is unique to you, or just theme your photos together.

Create groups for the different goals; you could have one large piece in the middle (like an affirmative word) and a few meaningful pictures around it.

With most things in life, less is often more. The same goes for your vision board.

If you have too many photos, don’t worry. Take a few moments to review your ideal life. How would your best life look like? Then look at all the photos you have chosen for your board, and ask yourself if you really need all of them to have the ideal visual representations of your desires.

How can I make my vision board more powerful? (And Manifest ALL My Dreams…)

Before you get your scissors and glue out to create your new vision board, I want to share one more thing with you…

Dream boards are very powerful visualization tools, as the hundreds of vision board success stories I have collected over the years as a coach and bestselling manifestation book author prove. But a vision board only has this power if you use it (the right way).

Of course, a good vision board, and the right image, always sends a message to your subconscious and activate the law of attraction. BUT this is only a small part of what this manifestation tool can really do for your dream life.

Only when you use it for your daily visualization exercises, you also use its full potential. That’s what your new board is really for. It’s not just a way to decorate your boring white walls. Manifestation means you have to take action.

If you want to know more about this daily vision board work, how to visualize properly, and in general, how to make YOUR perfect vision board, you should definitely check out my vision board toolkit.

Choosing the right vision board images is only the start to manifesting your big dreams, and the vision board PRO toolkit covers all the rest. I’m sure you’ll love it (and today there’s even a special offer for it!)

I’m Mia Fox, bestselling author, and the face behind this manifestation blog. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks, I decided to quit 1:1 coaching and founded the SelfMadeLadies online community. Here I help thousands of daily readers, wonderful women, just like YOU, to make the law of attraction work. And now it’s YOUR turn, are you ready?  Then get started and “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” – grab your copy of my manifestation book here »

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