Top Vision Board Ideas (& Manifestation Success Stories) From Our Readers

Here at SelfMadeLadies, we love all things vision boards; that’s why I asked our community members to share their manifestation boards. This post is for you to get inspired by all the vision board ideas, and at the end of the post, I have a special gift for you… (If you can’t wait, click here to download your FREE vision board kit!)

But now let’s get started with the lovely vision board examples and success stories our lovely community members had to share…

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Quick Vision Board 101

I wrote more about how to make your own dream board in this in-depth vision board guide here. But for a quick intro, a vision board is a very powerful manifestation method where you use a visual representation of your goals to reprogram your subconscious mind so that it will guide you to manifest your desires.

Vision boards can come in all shapes and forms; in my vision board course, I teach physical, digital, and even 3D and 4D vision boards. At the end of the day, what is important, is that you use visuals that help you to get emotionally aligned with your dream.

Vision Board Ideas to Inspire You

And today I’m super happy that I can share some of our community member’s vision board examples, for you as an idea of how your own vision board could look like… and of course, some manifestation success stories to get inspired and motivated.

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A Vision Board That Turns Into an Achievement Board

The lovely Shannon from our SelfMadeLadies manifestation community shared a wonderful vision board idea that turns her vision board into an achievement board. Full of all the wonderful things she manifested along her journey.

Here is her vision board success story:

This is my vision board. In the past year, I have gone through a traumatic breakup and found myself lost, grieving, and in a dark place. My counselor recommended creating a vision board to help me look to the future and step towards manifesting what I would like in my life going forward. I have filled it with pictures and words that inspire me, and as I realize those things, I add a small photo on top; eventually, I hope my vision board becomes a photo board of my achievements.

It is a daily visual reminder of my purpose, hopes, and dreams and also a celebration of what I have achieved. It is constantly changing and growing as I do. So far I have been working on friendships (I had been hibernating for some time), getting into the outdoors, being active, and have even bought a house!”

It is so wonderful to get inspired by vision board success stories like hers, isn’t it?

30 Years of Vision Board Success Stories

Reader Amy has been using vision boards to manifest her dreams for over 30 years, so no wonder she has many great vision board success stories to tell:

“I’ve manifested moving from NYC to MA and then 21 years ago moving to Vermont, which I absolutely love-and, then meeting my soulmate 13 years ago and moving to his organic farm.

I manifested horses and dogs, big organic gardens, my work as a green living expert-almost got on Oprah-one of her producers called about 15 years ago and was going to come to my first home in Vermont and interview me about my green living practices. Sadly, she went with a nonprofit instead at the last minute. Truth be told, I wasn’t ready for Oprah fame at that time.

I’ve been a Build Your Best Life Coach for about 14 years and a retreat leader for about eight years. That was on my vision board in some form early on.

Helping people live their best life, often through save and dramatically improving their love relationship, attracting their soulmate, starting a business, greening up their life (organic whole foods, detoxing their home and office, growing their own food).

I’ve naturally attracted a lot of good media through my vision boards, such as being featured on HGTV, national TV news, and public radio for my unique food and farm tours, educational programs on the organic farm, and more.

In the past couple of years, my partner, Dave, and I have created a joint vision board.”

While I love all of her vision board success stories, I also think that this is one of the prettiest vision boards I have seen. To learn more about her retreats and coaching, check out her website at

A Canva Vision Board For a Digital Manifestation Board Version

Samantha shared the digital vision board she made with Canva and is using it as her desktop image:

She says that she loves that she can swap out and update as the year progresses or when she finds something that strikes her.

I personally love how she mixed in different quotes and a personal photo.

Btw. A Canva vision board is one of the digital vision board ideas I share in my vision board course, plus as a bonus, you’ll get many pretty Canva templates where you can create a digital vision board in just a few clicks:

Vision Board Workshop and Toolkit by SelfMadeLadies Mia Fox

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A Clean and Elegant Vision Board for Business & Spiritual Growth

The next vision board idea is by my reader and relationship coach Carine (Carine Weiss Coaching) – she says that this vision board she created 2 or 3 years ago represents her private and business life.

“I wanted more inner peace and feel more freedom while being more rooted in myself, connected to the spiritual world, and becoming more and more the healer I am today.

So it was all about opening up my channels and my heart (represented through the roses on my vision board) and finding deep trust within myself to receive guidance and wisdom from the spiritual world to heal my clients from the wounds of their past.

At the same time, I wanted to be more on stage, being interviewed and being on TV while earning more and more. Today I have my own podcast, I am a TV host of my own TV show, I have more and more clients, and I am more connected to the spiritual world than ever before.

My vision board helped me to stay focused and to remind myself where I am going too. Looking back, I can state that everything came true…”

So if that isn’t an incredible vision board success story, I don’t know what is! And I love how she used roses to represent her heart.


Multi-part Digital Vision Board That Helped This Reader Build a Successful Spa Brand

Another digital vision board idea was sent in by our reader Gina. She wrote the following about her dream board:

“My board evolves lovely over time, so what you are seeing is the “current state.” This is an electronic version, but I keep a printed vision board posted up on a pinboard above my computer in my office. I also have a dozen electronic Pinterest pinboards with hundreds and hundreds of pins!

Last summer, I was struggling with where I was in my career of 20 years and desired to make a big change. I wanted out. Among other things, I wanted to break into a completely new career, reinvent myself, rediscover my own creativity, and ultimately find my soul’s purpose in life. I had an idea to start a retreat/spa centered around experiential, meditative bath rituals.

I ordered your book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life which gave me inspiration, motivation, and practical tactics to become the CEO of my own life!

Since last year, a lot has happened! Although the spa/retreat has not YET manifested, what HAS is this: I created a brand, walked away from my corporate career, and launched my retail business- Bathtisma. It has been a lot of hard work, and I certainly have my emotional ups and downs, but having a visual manifestation board brings me back to focus on my desires and gives me the motivation to make sh*t happen!”

I love how Gina combined the power of a vision board together with my action-based manifestation technique I teach in my manifestation book. And the bold, inspired action she took really paid off! You can check out the amazing brand she launched at 

A Simple Vision Board for Short-Term Goals (Most of Them Already Manifested)

Our community member Petra shared this very simple vision board idea, where she quickly added a few short-term goals. A great mix of goals for her personal life and her business.

Actually, by the time she did send it in, she said that most of the stuff had already manifested in less than a month! She wrote to me: “All the things that have a checkmark next to them have manifested. Some are already in my life, while others are being shipped to me, so they are on the way.

And about the money pictures on her vision board, she told me that she is earning/getting money daily with her business (she is an affiliate marketer and blogs at and how grateful she is for that.

Yes, that’s how powerful vision boards can be, and Petra’s vision board example is proof that you don’t have to overcomplicate things.

An Awe-Inspired Vision Board that Got This Retired Ballet Dancer Back on Stage And Turned Her Into a Published Author

Reader Fiona Budd shared with me what she calls her Awe Board, plus a wonderful vision board success story:

“It became an awe board, rather than a vision board, as part of a conversation with my life coach. Awe and awe-inspiring experiences have inspired me for as long as I remember, so my life coach thought an awe board more fitting for me to put together.”

She then shared her wonderful manifestation success stories:

“I’m a retired professional ballet dancer who misses being on stage hugely – since having compiled my awe board towards the end of 2019, I have recently returned to the stage with Joburg Ballet performing a guest artist role (a lovely character role).

And in May last year, I published my book, ‘A Little Book of Tree Wisdom’ (which came about entirely unexpectedly during Lockdown 2020) – green doorway/tree image in my Awe Board – and I donate to the global nonprofit ‘One Tree Planted’ to have one tree planted for every copy of my book that is sold, whether online (through Amazon) or print copy.

So far, I have been able to donate to have 300 trees planted around the world.”

I have to admit this vision board success story almost made me cry… The best part about manifesting more abundance is that it enables us to give back. Talking about giving back, to get her book, check out her website, or Amazon.

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A CLassical CorkBoard Vision Board For BIG Success

Reader Debbie shared her very first vision board with us; it’s a simple corkboard vision board, but it helped her to manifest BIG things already:

“This is my first vision board, so far, I have manifested the ring which I had lost, and last week my puppies were born. Three girls and two boys, and we are in the process of building an extension on our house to make it our dream home, so I think it’s pretty awesome so far.”

I love that she has such a great vision board success story with her very first board, and as you can see, it’s a pretty simple one. Just buy a corkboard and find the right pictures to pin to.

Debbie now can’t wait to get the extension on her house finished so that she can take some time to update her vision board for more awesome things to manifest in her life.

A “Written” Vision Board on Scrapbooking Pages

The last vision board I like to share is by Kathleen and a very special kind… It works more with written words than vision board pictures.

Kathleen wrote about her vision board:

“This Vision Board for 2021 was done for my home-based business as an independent consultant with Creative Memories. 2021 they began having us do Vision Boards as to anything we wish to create. I picked my business because I had been struggling.

As you will see, it is an unusual vision board because the vision board was done on scrapbooking pages for a scrapbook when completed. I took up two scrapbook pages with this vision board. I hung mine in my office as a constant reminder. I succeeded in most of my vision board.”

What’s Your Favorite Vision Board Idea & Success Story?

I have my own vision board success story to tell; that’s how I manifested my soulmate, together with many other lovely things such as my dream vintage car, the lovely home I live in, a thriving business where I can do what I love the most (like writing helpful blog posts about vision boards…) so no wonder it’s a tool I’m super passionate to teach about!

Vision board is the favorite tool in your manifestation community, and there is a good reason for it. So I hope you liked these vision board ideas and success stories my readers shared with us, and that you got inspired to create your own vision board.

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