13 Vision Board Ideas Without Pictures

Vision board ideas aren’t limited to pictures to represent your dreams and goals. Actually, there are so many untapped resources out there that can feed the creativity behind your vision board.

And I’m a huge believer in creating 3D, or even 4D, vision boards. Which works on many of your senses, which makes this manifestation tool even more powerful!

That’s why I have here for you my top vision board design ideas that aren’t pictures.

table full of crafting material to create a creative vision board

Your vision board is uniquely yours; it represents who you are and the life that you want to create. Don’t get caught up in the comparison game or think that your board has to meet certain criteria.

A vision board is only as powerful as the emotions it triggers in you.

I’ve created a list of my favorite picture-free vision board design ideas so that you can get some vision board inspiration when creating your next dream board.

So these are not just ideas for different themes. Here, you actually get inspired to use supplies that are not usual cut-outs from magazines.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a vision board and to learn more about how vision boards actually work, you should also check out this vision board guide.

Vision boards are more than the supplies used to create them, but getting your senses involved is important.

Here’s why: The hands-on experience of creating your vision board allows space to focus intently on what you want for your life. Choosing materials that you love will connect you to your project because you will enjoy the creative process more.

Also, the different supplies can all work as an anchor for your goals and dreams.

Here are my top vision board design ideas that you can’t just cut out of a magazine.

A Creative Title

If you had to summarize your entire vision board into one word or phrase, what would it be? 

This may change over time, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

We are all forever evolving, and our goals transition. Use specific verbiage when you create your title. For example, rather than simply putting “Grow,” you can put “To Growing in My Financial Life and Being Debt Free.”

Words of Gratitude

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions, as I love to say. And such a powerful manifesting technique.

So it should be clear why words of gratitude can also create a fantastic effect on your new vision board. You can simply cut out the words and stick them on or write them directly on the dream board itself.

Also, a great idea is to leave a part of your vision board blank and put a pen next to it. Then every time you walk by, you can write something on it for which you are grateful for at this exact moment.

What a fantastic way to work with your vision board, don’t you think so too?

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Parts of a Map

Is travel or moving to a new place on your wish list? Cut out the country or place that’s on your mind and add it to your vision board.

Visualization is a great tool to use when thinking of a future travel or relocation goal. Imagine yourself in that city, having lunch.

What are you eating? Is the air cool on your face? Are you wearing an outfit you own now or one that you’ll buy in the future? Help that place of desire come alive with daily visualizations of your goal.

Having a map to represent that place will assist you like a daily reminder.

Names of People That Inspire You

Think of the lovely supportive people in your life or those that are on a public platform that inspires you to go for your goals.

Include their names throughout your vision board as a reminder that you have a connection to people that care and are cheering you on.

Write Short Notes to Your Future Self on Your Vision Board

Imagine the pure energy of standing at the finish line of your goal. What would you have to say to yourself?

It turns out that writing letters to ourselves are an excellent exercise for growth and self-love.

I do that regularly in my journaling sessions. Writing to your future self helps you to focus on what is to come.

Think of what you would say to yourself in the future. Where do you want to be? How did you get there? Just write it on your vision board.


Add a Mirror and Become a Part of Your Vision Board

Putting a picture of yourself on a vision board is a great technique to be in the middle of it, to become a part of your new dream life.

A mirror can skyrocket this powerful technique. Every time you walk past your vision board, you can look at yourself in your vision board and tell yourself how great your new life is.

A Fragrance That Inspires You to Dream

A scent can trigger a lot of memories, and you can also use this the other way around. Think about what kind of scent you can associate with your dream and sprinkle it over your vision board.

Fabrics & Objects

The same applies to your other senses—for example, the touch sense. You can stick any materials like fabrics on your vision board, which remind you of your dream when you touch them.

How about a piece of fabric for your future wedding dress if you want to manifest your dream wedding?

Sentimental Objects

Similar to the above point, you can also choose objects that have sentimental value to you.

If you’re looking for major motivation, then take a minute to think of 3 objects that hold sentimental value and directly relate to your goals. These can be just about anything.

If you’re hoping to get in more date nights with your significant other, then post an old cinema ticket to your vision board.


If you’d like to make your vision board contents interchangeable, then opt for fun decorative pins. There are so many options out there. Gold pineapples, neon baubles, flowers, and cats, just to name a few.

Use enamel pins with your favorite quote written on it. These add a fun aesthetic and are practical, too. 


Small strands of battery-operated fairy lights can make your vision board sparkle. Having it lit up will help you to remember your goals and make them feel within reach.

It’s important to look forward to the dreams and goals that your vision board holds. Why not give it some sparkle with something affordable like fairy lights?

Notes of Encouragement

Do you remember the last note of encouragement that you got from someone?

That feeling of unexpected gratitude and inspiration is hard to manufacture. If a particular note comes to mind, then dig it out of a drawer and put it on your vision board.

Those words were meant for you, and they’re yours to reflect on regularly. Don’t have some? No problem, just write your own ones. Your subconscious can’t really tell if something is real or not.


From a bucket list to all the things you want to buy for your new dream house, lists can be a great addition to your vision board.

Going through these lists every day will certainly give you the right inspiration to take action.

And that is what your vision board is all about.

The pictures (or, in this case, much more than just pictures) send the right signals to your subconscious mind. Then it’s up to you to make your dreams come true…

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