12 Universal Laws To Help You Manifest Anything You Want

You might be aware of the Law of Attraction. It’s one of the most powerful laws of the universe, helping to bring the things into your lives you focus on. But there are actually 12 universal laws that help us when manifesting. And some of them are even more important than the law of attraction.

So let’s have a look at what these 12 universal laws are and how they assist you in the manifestation process.

The 12 Universal Laws You Should Know:

In this post, I will concentrate solely on the different universal laws, showing you how they work together and how they support you when manifesting your big dreams.

I assume that you know how the manifestation process works, and if not, I suggest you read my very in-depth guide on how to manifest.

The Law of Energy

The law of energy states that everything in the world carries a specific vibrational frequency. We are not merely pieces of solid matter; we are energetic beings that are constantly vibrating.

There are various frequencies within the spectrum of energy, and every person, object, emotion, thought, and intention vibrates at specific frequencies.

That means “like energy” attracts “like energy.” Love attracts love. Pain attracts pain. Health attracts health. And so on.

When you understand that the things that you feel, say, and think are aligning with similar frequencies within the universe (in reality, your subconscious), it changes your perspective on where you put your focus.

I’m not one of this law of attraction coaches that will tell you that you need to be high-vibe and positive 24/7 in order to manifest successfully. (It’s definitely NOT needed, and I don’t even think it’s possible).

But understanding the basics of the law of energy and how it is connected to manifestation makes it clear that your vibrational frequency does matter and is something you should take care of.

The Law of Rhythm

There is a natural flowing rhythm to everything from the tides and the seasons to attraction and sexuality. When we try to force things in life to happen at the time we think is right, we can knock ourselves out of the natural rhythm of the universe.

We can alleviate a lot of our stress by practicing patience and trusting that we can go with the natural flow of our world. When we do, we often see things we want to show up in their perfect timing instead of imposing our restrictions on them.

The universal law of rhythm is important when it comes to letting go of your manifestations. While I’m all about taking action, it is still important that you get in an inner flow state when manifesting big dreams.

This inner flow state means that you truly trust the process, that you are confident it will happen, and you believe with all your heart that your dreams are about to manifest without forcing it.

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The Law of Action

The law of action states that action must be taken to create a change in circumstance in any capacity. To change something for the better in your life, you would not only need to intend and believe in change, but you would need to take tangible action as well.

The law of inspired action is key when manifesting, and it’s that ONE universal law that gets overlooked by so many that talk about the law of attraction & manifestation without truly understanding the mechanism behind it.

And unfortunately, there is a lot of BS and misinformation about this topic out there.

If you have only time to learn about one of the twelve universal laws, let it be the law of action.

Learn more about it here: The universal law of action

Together, positive vibration and inspired action towards a goal are mighty forces. That’s why the Law of Action is the universal law that you should pay the most attention to.

This is where the manifestation magic really happens! And that’s why my entire manifesting book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” is very focused on the law of action.

The Law of Oneness

This universal law states that we are all connected through creation. Everything inside of you is therefore connected to the outer world, the universe.

The law of oneness is a magical and beautiful principle. When one thing moves, everything moves. We are all a part of singular harmonious energy and purpose as a whole.

Within the law of oneness, we can come to understand how our actions affect others around us and how ripples of consequences and benefits are felt.

For the manifestation process, this means that what happens inside of you will reflect in the outer world. That’s where manifestation connects with your subconscious mind.

The Law of Gender

There are both masculine and feminine energies within our universe. For example, in Chinese philosophy, there is the concept that describes interconnected opposite forces, known as Yin and Yang. There is no superior energy, just complementary energy.

When we nurture our masculine and feminine energies, we start to feel more balanced and whole as a person. It is vital to understand the relationship between masculine and feminine energies so that you are able to balance them out.

Balance is the environment where your subconscious can work the best without distractions, so the law of gender is therefore important for your successful manifestations.

The Law of Polarity

There are two ends to everything. Where there is a bottom, there is a top. When there is anger, there is love and acceptance. Polarity is another relevant universal law that’s creating more balance in our lives.

When we experience a loss in our lives, it is crucial to note that the universe also creates gain somewhere else.

Sometimes we experience this immediately, or sometimes it takes some time for us to see the new opportunities. But when we keep in mind that with an end comes a beginning, it can put some things into better perspective.

It gives you the needed confidence when you are waiting for your dream to manifest.

The Law of Relativity

The law of relativity states that everything around us does not need to be judged. When something happens to us, we do not need to see it as unfavorable; we can see it as just something that has happened along our journey.

We can see everything as an opportunity to change and grow along with the events of the universe instead of judging them and reacting in a way that may disrupt our alignment with the goal we want to manifest.

This law really takes out the pressure we sometimes put on ourselves. So next time something just takes a wrong turn, remember that it’s ok.

Tell yourself that the universal law of relativity gives you permission to stay relaxed.

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The Law of Transmutation of Energy

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy states that our thoughts can become things. Based on the assumption that everything in our world is energy, and energy is always in motion.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, and it constantly changes from one state to another. Since everything in our universe is made from energy, this law is important to understand when you want to manifest.

Transmutation of energy is something we can feel within our physical bodies. Energy is always in motion, and it is up to us to take the energy in us and around us and use it to our advantage.

For example, anxious energy can be reframed as excitement, which you can use to infuse enthusiasm into your work and relationships. Anger can be transmuted into passion, and sexual energy can be converted into creativity.

I love to think about this universal law when I have a bad ADHD day and I’m just all over the place. Then I try to turn that chaos in my head into something useful. Usually, I just allow myself to do “mindless” tasks and get sidetracked.

You would be surprised how many things from my to-do list can get ticked off when I just let it happen. Not the tasks I would usually work on, but this stuff still needs to be done somewhen, right?

Learning to manipulate the energy in our world is incredibly powerful and fun as you learn to work with it. And it can be very helpful when you have to take inspired action on big goals.

The Law of Compensation

This law states that everything we do creates an outcome equal to the effort we put in. It’s similar to Karma and the law of cause and effect.

When you push, something moves. When you smile, it creates happiness. When you disagree, it creates tension.

For your manifestation journey, this means, that when you work every day to become your better self, you start to see positive changes come back to you in new ways. In short: what you give is what you get.

So the law of compensation aligns perfectly with the law of inspired action and is another one of the seven universal laws I work the most with.

Learn more about it here:  The law of compensation

The Law of Cause and Effect

The law of cause ad effect is the next universal law that goes hand in hand with the law of action and the law of compensation.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Even if something happens that we may perceive to be negative, sometimes it is the universe working on our behalf or sending us a sign.

It’s important to remember that sometimes there are things that will happen that we don’t understand, or agree with, that are pushing us towards what we have been asking for.

And don’t forget, the universe is not out there; it’s your subconscious mind. So this means the law of cause and effect is just filtering out what’s happening inside of us. This is key to understanding when manifesting.

Learn more about it here: The universal law of cause and effect

The Law of Attraction

This is probably the most famous one of all the 12 universal laws, the law of attraction.

What we focus on, we attract. Also, the energetic frequency at which we vibrate aligns us with similarly vibrating circumstances.

For example, when we primarily vibrate at a frequency of love and gratitude, we start to see more and more instances of love and appreciation around us.

When we get angry and feel it at our core, we notice and create more situations that are angering and frustrating.

Pay attention to where your focus and energy go; it is the direction in which your future will go.

Learn more about the most famous universal law here: The universal law of attraction

The Law of Correspondence 

This law stands for the fact that what we feel and believe in our conscious and subconscious minds, we see on the outside.

There is a direct correspondence between how we feel on the inside and what we experience on the outside.

The most dependable way to change what we see in our lives is to change how we are on the inside. And that’s what manifestation is all about.

It’s about you getting aligned with your manifestation goals. This alignment happens when you program your subconscious to vibrationally align with your dream.

The Most Important Universal Laws for Manifesting

I get often asked by my readers, how many laws of the universe are there? And that’s not an easy question to answer, and depending on which law of attraction coach you ask, you will probably get a different answer.

Most manifesting coaches speak of the 12 laws of the universe, which I also cover here in this post. But some only speak about 7 universal laws, and others of 20 and more.

I personally find these 12 laws we just covered the most important ones if you want to manifest successfully. That said, I work mostly with seven (these are the ones I link out to more in-depth articles) and focus on one; that’s the law of inspired action.

Origin of the Universal Laws

I also often get asked where the universal laws come from. But the thing is, these laws are not created by someone or just originated.

These universal laws are the model of how the universe works. It’s a fact, a “law.”

We know that our universe exists, so it must exist in a particular way. And this way in which the universe exists, we call the universal laws.

Talking about the origin… You might know the Law of Attraction or the whole concept of manifestation from the book or movie “The Secret”?

Many do, and that is why also many believe that the LoA is a modern-day creation. But it’s not. That’s why I wanted to clear up this misunderstanding with more insight into the history of the Law of Attraction.

Conclusion About the 12 Universal Laws

You see, learning to work along with the universe is an integral part of manifesting your desires.

Understanding the universal laws that govern our life helps us to find our way with clarity and gives us perspective on things that we sometimes have trouble accepting.

And if you want to learn more about the connection between the 12 universal laws, your subconscious, and how it all connects to the manifestation process, I suggest you sign up for my community-only email.

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