What Is The Law of Compensation – 12 Universal Laws Explained

In its simplest form, the law of compensation states that we will receive in life what we put out. And it is, besides the law of action, and the law of attraction, another powerful universal law you should know when manifesting your dreams. So what is the law of compensation, and how does it work?


  • The law of compensation states that¬†everything we do creates an outcome equal to the effort we put in. It’s very similar to the universal law of cause and effect or the concept of karma.

  • The law of compensation is one of the 12 universal laws that you should understand when you want to manifest your dreams and goals. It’s closely connected to the law of attraction.

What is the Law of Compensation

Whatever we do, think, or feel, will create a level of compensation equal to the deed we perform. We receive what we deserve for the things we do in our lives, big or small.

It may not always come back to us in monetary forms. We could gain friends, business relationships, accolades, and new opportunities.

No matter what the currency, though, we are lawfully bound to be compensated one way or another.

And it also not always comes back immediately. But it will.

This law is related to the law of cause and effect. However, the law of compensation states that the reward returns to us to the exact degree that we deserve. Deserving in the sense of what we invested.

It is not only physical actions that create compensation for us. It is also our thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

For example, if you were to spend the whole day focusing on gratitude and the things that you have, you would be compensated with emotions of wholeness and abundance.

But there is also the physical exchange. If I give to others, I receive back.

I have a framework I teach in my PRO manifestation course; it’s called Gratitude + Generosity = Abundance.

Gratitude opens your abundance gates in the brain; this is directly connected to the universal law of cause and effect (when you are grateful, you trigger a spiral of good feelings, which attract more good things, for which you can be grateful for).

And generosity means that you anchor abundance deep within yourself. Because if you can give to others, that means you have enough. You feel absolutely abundant.

But this generosity also has the effect that you receive back what you give. And this is what the law of compensation stands for.

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How to Use the Law of Compensation to Manifest Your Dreams

Whenever you are doing anything, remember the law of compensation. Remember that no matter what job you are put into, you should always put your best effort into it.

If you perform a small task with love and trustworthiness, you will be trusted with more because other people and the universe will notice.

You will cultivate better habits that will make you more attractive to better opportunities.

If you can, always go above and beyond and do more than what is expected. Make “going the extra mile” a lifestyle. 

Giving good things makes you a magnet for good things.

The law of compensation sounds so simple, but trust me on that one.

This is one of the secrets that lead me to many multiple 6-figure jobs (besides being a high-school dropout), and of course, later to my successful manifestation blog and business, SelfMadeLadies.com.

If you do more than what you are paid for, you will soon be paid for more than what you do. (That’s how I became a manager of a team of seven, besides not having any special qualifications. Actually, the team did “choose me” when they got asked by the management.)

Be encouraged that with every act, thought, and emotion, you are perpetuating the law of compensation.

The universe is working towards bringing you positivity in abundance for what you are doing.

But don’t forget that it takes more than just this one part. Manifestation is a holistic process, and activating the other 12 universal laws, such as the law of attraction and, most importantly, the law of action, is just as important.

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