What Is The Law of Attraction – 12 Universal Laws Explained

Whether you have just started your manifestation journey or have been working on manifesting your dreams for some time, there is no getting around the universal laws. First and foremost is the universal law of attraction, which we will look at in more detail today.

But what exactly is the law of attraction, and how does it work? Let’s dive right into it…

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  • The law of attraction states that like attracts like, but this often gets misunderstood. You can’t just “think things into existence” – this law works because you transform on a subconscious level.

  • The Law of Attraction is one of the 12 universal laws you should know about when you want to manifest your dreams.  Here you find the overview with all 12 universal laws.

What is the Law of Attraction & How Does It Work

The law of attraction is relatively simple, yet it can be easily misunderstood because it works contrary to the way we are taught a lot of our lives.

The law of attraction is one of the 12 universal laws that brings to us the things that we focus our attention and energy on.

You might have heard things like “like attract likes” or “where focus goes, energy flows” – these are all statements that explain the law of attraction.

It gives us more of what we already have on an energetic level.

This means that when we want something in life, it’s good to focus on what we want (the positive) instead of the lack of what we don’t want (the negative).

But that’s also the part where this universal law often gets confused; more on that in a bit.

Let’s first have a look at where the law of attraction is actually coming from.

Most of us know it probably from the book (or movie) The Secret or talk shows like Oprah because that’s where this concept really became mainstream. 

But the universal law of attraction is not a new concept.

The law of attraction was already mentioned more than a hundred years ago. Here I have made a small summary for you about the history of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction works by using energetic frequencies. Every thought, emotion, action, and object in our world is made from energy. And this universal law states that when you start to vibrate on the same frequency, you will attract it.

For example, if you vibrate at a frequency of love, you will attract more love into your life. If you vibrate at the frequency of anger, you will attract more anger.

And that’s where I need to bring up a big BUT. (Because I’m all about no-BS manifestation advice here at SelfMadeLadies…)

First of all, even though it is called universal laws, it does not mean that when we manifest, we “order from the universe” or “ask the universe” – this so-called “universe is within us; it is our subconscious mind.

(More about this in my very detailed guide where you learn how manifestation really works).

But the truly important thing is that it is not enough to just think or believe in something.

You cannot think or wish something into existence. Belief is important; of course, if you don’t believe in yourself, you will have a hard time manifesting your big dreams.

But “like attracts like” means that you have to become like a person who has already manifested what you want. That is what manifesting is based on. And the law of attraction.

So let’s have a look at what this will look like when put into practice.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

For this, let me make a real-life example; let’s say you would like to attract more abundance. You want to have more money so you can eat better, live in a more comfortable house, and travel more.

This would mean that you need to reflect on how a person with the financial freedom you are after is living. So what does it truly mean to live in abundance? How would you have to think and act?

To reflect on these questions and truly get yourself into the role of a person that manifested what you are after, I recommend using different techniques such as visualization or journaling.

To get the full list check out my guide on the top manifestation methods.

But this is not about “fake it until you make it” – it’s about transforming on a deep subconscious level. This transformation (and sorry if it’s not what you like to hear) is something that can take time.

Depending on the goal you want to attract and the situation you are in right now.

And here I come back to the last point…

I think that the fact that the law of attraction works not simply by “thinking about something and then manifesting it” – although many on TikTok and other platforms would have us believe that – is a good thing.

Because this means it also takes more than just a few wrong thoughts or beliefs to attract the things you don’t want.

So it’s not about: you have to be always positive because if not, you attract bad things into your life. It’s about a long-term vibrational level you want to get into.

Staying positive, with positive beliefs and (most importantly) positive actions, will attract more of the positive.

And it’s clear that staying in a negative vibration for too long is bad.

But it’s also good news that it’s not about getting rid of all negative thoughts to make the law of attraction work. You can still be human (which means having a bad day here and there) and manifest successfully.

Also, once you are getting into the vibration of your dreams and goals, it is your job to remain within this vibrational frequency.

And the fastest way to stay in there is through your actions.

I’ll give you some more tips on how to make the law of attraction work in the next part of this post. But one way to keep staying in vibrational-alignment with your goals and dreams is by using guided meditation.

They work directly on a subconscious level and are one of my favorite manifestation methods.

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How the Law of Attraction Manifests Your Dreams

Mastering the law of attraction in order to manifest what you want usually takes a lot of practice, and it takes time.

As I mentioned above, it’s more than just “thinking about your dream life” – it’s about a real transformation.

Remember to BE what you want to attract, and you will BECOME.

In my bestselling manifestation book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life, and PRO manifestation course, I teach a concept I call “inner manifestation coach” – that’s really where “you become to attract.”

I can’t really cover all of this here in this post, but one thing I want you to understand.

The fastest way to become the person that has already reached your goal…

The fastest way to vibrate on the level of your dreams…

The fastest way to activate the universal laws, like the law of attraction…

…is by taking action. Inspired actions.

I would even go so far as to say that the law of attraction alone does not work and that you must at least bring the universal law of action on board.

Because only then will you feel the inspiration sent by your subconscious that helps you to take the right actions. Actions that attract your dreams (aka manifesting them!)

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