What Is The Law of Action – 12 Universal Laws Explained

The law of action is the most important of the 12 universal laws when you want to manifest your big dreams and goals. And it is critical to make the law of attraction truly work. Manifestation is not magic; it does require action to work. That’s why I get into more detail about the most fundamental universal law today. The law of inspired action.

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  • The law of action states that you have to take some action to bring change to circumstances in some form. And this also applies to manifestation.

  • The law of action is the most important one of the 12 universal laws when you want to manifest your dreams. (It’s not the law of attraction, as many believe). Here you find the overview with all the 12 universal laws.

What is the universal Law of Action

It is the actions we take that move us towards our goals and dreams, not only our thoughts and feelings.

Our emotions and thoughts do bring possibilities into our lives and get us onto the right track and into the right frame of mind. But it’s the actions that, in the end, move us forward and get us towards the end goal.

That’s why I’m all about teaching the law of action here on SelfMadeLadies.

As I said, the law of action states that we must take action in our lives to see changes happen. Every action we take creates a result.

The law of action also means that if we do nothing, then nothing will happen.

What I love the most about the law of action is that it puts us in control. We are (most of the time) in charge of the amount of action, or the kind of actions, we take. And I love to be in control. How about you?

And the law of action has a key role when you want to attract more abundance and manifest your dream life. I go even so far that I claim that the law of action is more important than the (more popular) law of attraction.

But let’s have a look at how the two are connected.

The Connection Between the Law of Action and the Law of Attraction

So, how do the law of action and the law of attraction complement each other? There are a couple of ways they are connected.

First, the law of action acts as the solidifying message to the universe (what is, in reality, your subconscious mind) that you want the goal you’re going after.

It is one thing to meditate and visualize your future. But unless you take real-world steps towards your goal, it will only ever remain in your mind.

There is this famous quote saying that your thoughts become your reality. But only through action will it happen.

When you move physically towards your goal with an action step, it signifies to the universe that you are willing to get out there and work towards it.

When you do take action, it is incredible how fast things can happen.

Secondly, when you visualize and set your goals for the future, your mind will start to notice opportunities that will help you reach your end goal.

When you see these opportunities and prompts to take action, you must listen to them; you must learn to understand and trust your intuition. If you do so, you will be taking inspired actions that make your dreams come true much faster.

That’s really the secret of how you manifest your desires.

Manifestation is not a magic trick. It’s you activating the law of action by reprogramming your subconscious.

When you listen to the signs that are put in front of you, and you act on them, you will start to put yourself in the right situations where you can meet the people you need to meet and be in the places you need to be.

The law of attraction will bring these opportunities into your life, and the law of (inspired) action is what turns these opportunities into manifestations.

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The Law of Inspired Action (Manifestation and the Importance of Taking Action)

The law of action is probably the most tangible of the 12 universal laws. Even without visualization, matching frequencies, or using positive affirmations, action alone brings you closer to a new life.

So I guess it’s clear why I consider it the most important of the universal laws when it comes to manifesting. And my signature manifestation method, which I teach in my bestselling book and my transformational manifestation program, is action based.

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But I see the manifestation process as something holistic, where many elements play together. When we apply all the universal laws together, the magic begins to happen faster than we can grasp.

But unfortunately, the most important law (the law of inspired action) is missing in so many books and teachings or simply not given enough attention.

Unlike the law of attraction, which became mainstream through the film The Secret.

But if you ONLY use the law of attraction, you rarely get good results. And I know that because I get so many readers reaching out to me after they joined our community… And most of them “tried to manifest” before…

Then I hear things like, “But I believed and trusted that the universe would deliver…. but nothing happened!”

Well, the universe is NOT Amazon. You can’t just order from it and wait for the delivery. Manifestation doesn’t work like “just ask, believe, drink some Earl Grey, and then your dreams come true.”

If you are looking for real results when manifesting, you need to activate the Law of Action. Or how I like to call it: the law of inspired action.

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