By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Are you looking for more wealth in life? All starts with your money mindset! Change your money mindset from scarcity to abundance is not really difficult when you know the right strategy.
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So, how do you change your money mindset to make more money? There are several ways on how you can change your mindset to more abundance, here you get ten bulletproof ways to change your money mindset:

Our mind is very powerful and when used the right way; you can change your life around. Keep reading to learn how you can transform your money mindset with these ten easy to follow steps.

Why Should You Change Your Money Mindset, right now!

I struggled all my life with my finances. Most of the time I was in debts, and the rest of the time, I just had enough to survive. Looking back, I could blame my parents, they always "just had enough," because their mindset was: "having enough is enough for us."

But I have to blame myself, for accepting this narrow mindset.

Sure, there are many people out there who would be very happy with having enough money, especially the ones that struggle to pay the bills. Having such a limited belief about money, or better-said about the abundance of money, can hold you back a lot in life.

Think about it this way, having enough money will just get you the absolute minimum. It will maybe...

  •  Pay the bills but not giving you enough funds to save money.

  •  Bring food on your table but not give you the pleasure of trying out new things, eating out in fancy restaurants or just taking care of your health (and buying high-quality organic food.)

  • Letting you work hard for your money but not giving you the funds (or time) to educate yourself and learn new things.

  • Give you the possibility to do a yearly vacation, driving 6h by car to stay in a 3-star hotel but not give you the opportunity to explore the world, visiting amazing new places, travel in business class, arriving well rested in a beautiful hotel or 5-star resort!

It will making you survive BUT NOT fully experience life!

You see, having enough money, is maybe enough to survive, but not to live life to the fullest.  This will, most of the time, cost money and I believe that we all deserve living life the exact way we want it to be.

That was the number one reason I was always unhappy and in search of something until my money mindset changed. I changed it. And so can you!

Most people believe that having the right money mindset is something you might or might not have, Something you are born with it; but that's not true.

It’s something you can learn and train your healthy money mindset, just as almost everything in life.

Here are the ten bulletproof ways, how you can transform your money mindset and finally live the abundant life you deserve, in more detail:

1. Forget What TheY May Told You as a Child About Money

Ok maybe not everything, but when it comes to our belief system, most of us have unfortunately often received an entirely wrong message.

Remember your parents telling you something like: „money doesn’t grow on trees?“

I do, and my parents may not have been wealthy, but they certainly weren't stingy or negative people.

Well, turns out I wasn’t the smartest kid; otherwise, I would have told them that money DOES grow on trees, after all, it is made out of paper.

But hey that’s not the point, I think people just use sayings like this to easily and don't really understand the damage they can do with it.

So if you have kids, please don’t make the same mistakes. And please erase all the negative beliefs you had around you as a kid, no matter who this teacher was, your parents or friends. These negatives beliefs towards money are worth nothing!

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2. Forget About Your Past

It’s not only what others told you about money, but it’s also what belief system you created yourself.

If you have read my about me page, you know that on one point, I have already lost everything. If I were still living in that time, I would certainly not be where I am today.

For example, I had a business that failed, and I lost a lot of money. It took me a long time to get out of debts from that failed business. If that would now be my "new reality," that people fail when starting a business and losing a lot of money, I would have never started business again.

I would have never made six figures with my 9-5 or my own business. I would still be in debts and believe that’s the way it has to be.

Instead, I concentrated on people that actually had success with their business and made a lot of money.

So no matter where you come from or what happened to you in your past, your past does not define your current situation, nor your future.

We were all born rich.

That doesn't mean we all come from wealthy families, but we all have it in us to make a lot of money.

So hit that delete button and forget about your past money problems. They are gone.

3. Change Your Money Story

You may find it easy to forget about a difficult situation you faced in the past, but how about your current struggles?

If you do have debts or find yourself in a problematic situation financial wise, it is even more important to change your feelings about this right now.

It is tough to attract wealth and abundance when you are in a state of lack.

The good news is, you can trick your mind into the state of abundance, regardless of the situation you are currently in.

By no means I suggest you to use your credit card to support a luxury lifestyle even when you have hungry kids at home.

But in case that you have no one you need to take care of, why not?

My husband Tom and I used this strategy a few times when things got a bit tight. And it always worked out in our favor.

For example, we booked a luxury trip with business class flights, even though we didn’t have the spare cash for this vacation right then.

What happened then surprised me again every time. Out of nowhere we suddenly got some extra cash, whatever this was through a salary rise, finding some extra money on a saving account, etc.

Once I even found almost 1K in cash, in a handbag I haven't used for a while. Woohoo!

Crazy as it sounds, but just before we left for our wedding in Vegas and our honeymoon in Hawaii, my husband lost his job.

He didn't tell me until we left for the airport. And at that time he had already the offer for a new job. Turns out this new job he got, was much higher paid.

This, very unusual, salary raise pretty much paid for our whole trip within the first months of working in his new job, and he was much happier in the new company too.

It only shows you, how fast situations can change, so living in your past is never a good idea.

4. Fake It Until You Make It

When you feel confident with point 3, start talking to others about your situation as if.

You don't have to lie to people; you can just say things like: "my money situation is great; I’m now working on my money mindset, and by the end of the week/month/year I will make X amount."

But sometimes it’s really ok to “fake it until you make it,” even if it means you are not 100% honest, but let me explain.

I loved to tell people that I randomly met, at a pub or on a plane, about the buy to let properties I own in England.

At the time, this was just a dream, my big goal. I didn't have the financial resources to even look into such an investment.

But this little „faking it“ didn’t feel wrong; it didn’t harm anyone, right?

I always believed that I need to save up a lot of money before I can make this dream come true. It turns out this wasn’t true. There is something called property crowdfunding that makes it possible to invest into properties with as little as a few dollars.

And only a few weeks after I started to tell people this little fib, a crowdfunding company called Property Partner approached me, and I began to invest in the UK property market straight up.

It worked! Today I own several properties in England as an investment, and I'm making good money with it.

    Your wealth starts in your head, see yourself as someone who has a lot of money and above all who deserves this abundance, and imagine how much good you can do with this money!

    5. Create a Vision Board

    As mentioned above, visualization is a very powerful tool when it comes to changing your mindset, and a vision board can definitely help you in the process.

    Actually, my vision board is a topic I could talk about for hours. It is amazing what this powerful law of attraction tool did for my success and especially how it changed my money mindset.

    I always added the amount of money I wanted to earn to my vision board, and when looking back, this number has changed dramatically over time.

    I wrote this step by step guide on how to create a vision board, that’s the exact formula I used to grow my salary from what I „ordered" in my first vision board to three time as much, in less than a few years.

    If you are really serious about changing your money mindset, you should check out this vision board guide and follow the steps in creating your perfect vision board that actually works.

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    6. Practice Gratitude

    Having a gratitude list or a gratitude journal is another very powerful tool the law of attraction has on offer.

    I write every day a full page in my journal, with all the things I’m thankful for.

    This exercise is really powerful when it comes to your mindset change. Not only for your money mindset!

    You should try it out and start with a gratitude list today. You can do this in your morning routine or just before you go to bed.

    But practicing gratitude is so much more than just writing down what you are grateful for. Gratitude is something you should live throughout your day, actually throughout your whole life.

    Start by being thankful for all the little things in life, and I’m sure whatever situation you are in right now when you start to focus on gratitude, you will find plenty of things to be grateful for.

    You will soon realize that this is switching your whole mindset, your filter will be set to things you are grateful for, and you will attract more of these things into your life.

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    7. Living a More Minimalist Lifestyle

    For a long time, I actually believed that a minimalist lifestyle would signal the universe exactly the opposite of abundance, that I don’t have enough money.

    It turns out; I was so wrong.

    In fact, a few years back I had a time where I was spending money whenever I could and ended up with a cluttered home full of stuff I didn’t even need. Well, this is probably normal when your income changes very drastically in such a short period. But I wasn’t happy with all the stuff, and I didn’t like to live in a cluttered home. It felt chaotic to me.

    I wasn’t used to this lifestyle, all these years I have been moving around a lot, in different countries, my belongings used to fit into just a few moving boxes. I still don’t understand how it was possible that I ended up with all this stuff.

    Minimalism is about freeing up your mind. It’s like saying the universe; you know what, I don’t need all the clutter around me, and I’m very happy with what I have (talking about gratitude in the last point.) It has nothing to do with living in poverty, for me having less is often more.

    For example, I rather spend a bit more money on one dress and feel like I could take on the world when wearing it. Instead of having a few cheaper dresses in my wardrobe that give me the feeling of „I don’t have anything to wear," just because they are all not perfectly fitting.

    Try it out, start with getting rid of all the stuff you never really use. Sell the stuff on craigslist or eBay, and you even make some extra cash!

    8. Start to Love Money!

    Ok, that one should be easy for you. The fact that you already read over 1500 words of this blog post shows that you probably won’t have any problem with point number 8, love money.

    But it is still very important, so I wanted to add that one to the list.

    You can not build a positive money mindset if you have any negative feelings towards money.

    Being wealthy is a good thing!

    Money IS NOT the root of all evil. It’s the people that use the money the wrong way! When evil people have money (and with the money usually comes the power) then, of course, this can have a negative effect.

    But that has nothing to do with the money itself.

    Think about all the great things wealthy people can do. Think about someone like Sir Richard Branson, as a great example.

    And you don’t need to feel guilty, for loving money. If it makes you uncomfortable to have a lot of money and knowing that others have to live in poverty, then help them.

    Give money to charity, or even start your own charity.

    That’s btw. what I do, 5% of all income I make with this blog, goes to charity. But that’s not all; I love to help out whenever I can and try to give back as much as possible.

    So if you have negative feelings about money, turn them around, Think of all the good you can do with it.

    9. Be More Confident

    Most women underestimate what they are worth. Never do this, it’s the worst thing you can do when it comes to your money mindset.

    We all have some value to offer, and that’s what you should concentrate on.

    Whatever this is for your own business and the services you offer there or when asking your boss for the next salary raise.

    Also when you are a stay at home mum, for example, think of all the things you do day in and day out and with what quality.

    You will soon realize that you are worth a lot and you deserve to have that money and treat yourself to something good.

    Be confident that you are worth the money you want to earn and it will show up.

    10. Set HUGE Goals

    The problem with most goals is that they are not big enough to motivate you to take (massive) action.

    Huge goals, on the other hand, will really fire you up. So when it comes to money, it’s even more important that you think big. And dream big!

    Whatever it is you are offering the world in exchange for money, I bet there is someone in the world doing the same and who earns an unbelievable amount of money with it.

    I mean there are people making millions by:

    • Traveling the world
    • Helping others
    • Living their dream
    • In their sleep
    • Working only a few hours a week

    And the list goes on and on…

    So don’t you think it’s time to think big and finally change your money mindset?

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    What Else Can You Do to Change Your Money Mindset

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