3 Key Elements of Successful Vision Boards

A vision board is great to attract abundance and your big goals, no doubt! But there is more to it than just gluing a few pretty pictures to a board.

Vision boards need to trigger your subconscious mind the right way, as all manifestation tools need to do. And to do that, you need to keep a few points in mind.

Here are the three key elements of a successful vision board:

  • Become very clear on your goals, and set them with the right intention.
  • Choose images for your vision board that trigger the right emotions.
  • Choose the right placement for your dream board.

So let me show you how to create your own powerful dream board. And how to use it to manifest your goals and dreams successfully.

But let’s first get started with finding out what a vision board really is and how vision boards work.

What is a Vision Board & Why is It Such a Powerful Manifestation Tool

A vision board is a collage of pictures that you create with the intention of manifesting your goals. Vision boards help you stay focused on what you really want in life, and they are a great way to visualize your future (and feel excited about it, 24/7).

A vision board can be used for anything: you can make a vision board when setting new goals for your job, business, or private life…

I love using a themed vision board, but you can also create a vision board just for one specific topic. Like manifesting love or manifesting your new dream home.

It’s a powerful manifestation tool because it sends your subconscious mind the clear message that you want and intends for these things to happen. Every time you look at your vision board.

And these signals to your subconscious mind are a key part of the manifestation process. That’s how the law of attraction really works.

It’s not about the “universe out there.” It’s about the “universe within you.” Your subconscious mind and the story you tell yourself.

And images (or any object you add to your vision board) are a great way to visualize this story.

If you want to learn the process of creating a vision board and get some amazing vision board ideas, read my vision board guide here.

But now, let’s move on to the three key elements of a successful vision board that will make your goals come true faster.

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What Makes a Successful Vision Board

Just gluing some pretty pictures on a white canvas is not making a great vision board. There is more to it.

To make a vision board that works, you need the three key elements I mentioned at the beginning of this post in order to send your subconscious mind the right signals.

Clear Goals & Intention to Activate the Law of Attraction

Become crystal clear on your goals and dreams before you get the glue out.

Your goals are not just content for your vision board; your goals are the center of your vision board. Your goals represent what you want to have or be in life.

And the clearer you become, the easier it will be to manifest these goals.

But not only this. The clearer you define the goals for your vision board, the easier the process will be of finding the right pictures for your vision board. And that’s the next key element of a successful vision board.

Vision boards should not just be pretty. They should have a clear message.

The images you choose for your vision board should make you feel good, and that’s the whole point of a vision board, right?

And it all start’s with your goals and intentions.

As I said before, it is all about activating the Law Of Attraction to manifest what you want in life, so be very careful with this step! Make sure that every goal on your vision boards makes you feel the way you intend to live your life.

Choose Images for Your Vision Board That Trigger the Right Emotions

Not only the goals on your vision board should make you feel good, but also the images you choose to represent them.

The images on your vision board should trigger emotions and feelings that align with your intentions for the goal.

For example, if you’re trying to attract more money into your life, adding a bunch of bills on your vision board might be an obvious choice, but a picture that represents your “rich lifestyle” is 100 times more powerful.

Most people don’t want to manifest money for the sake of having more money. But for the lifestyle, they can support with the money.

Or maybe you want to manifest money to pay off debts?

In this case, you might want to use images that trigger the feeling of being debt-free. Ask yourself what that would feel like, and then search for a picture that triggers exactly that emotion in you.

Or simply write yourself a manifestation check!

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Just cut the manifestation check out, fill in the amount you want to manifest, and glue it to your new vision board.

Choose the Right Placement for Your Dream Board (and Do Your Daily Visualizations)

Choosing the right placement for your vision board is also key.

A perfect location for this would be near you as you go about your daily life so that every step brings you closer to achieving what’s important – or at least reminding yourself why it’s worth taking action towards your goals.

So a vision board isn’t really done when all the pictures are glued on, and it hangs up on your wall! The only way to make a dream board effective is by taking time out of each day for visualization.

And for this, the right placement of your vision board is very important.

You want to find a place where you:

  • Be reminded of your vision board often so that you can work with it regularly.
  • Often walk by in your daily life. Because every time you look at it as you walk by, it’s sending some powerful subconscious messages.
  • Feel good and relaxed. A nice environment for your vision board is just as important as the right level of privacy. You don’t want to have your vision board in a place where visitors can see it if you don’t feel comfortable with it.

Creating a Vision Board is Just the Beginning

You see, once your finished vision board is hanging on the wall, the real magic just begins to happen.

While a dream board is a great goal-setting tool, without also helping you to manifest your goals, it would be worth nothing. Right?

By visualizing your goals daily, your subconscious mind will lead you to take inspired actions. And these actions will cause your dreams to manifest—one after the other.

And that’s the secret of the Law of Attraction.

Only when you take inspired action will you reach your big dreams. So don’t just sit there, looking at your pretty pictures on your board.

Make a vision board that makes you want to take action every day!

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P.S. If you want more vision board ideas and learn more about how to create the perfect vision board for YOU and your specific goals, check out my free vision board starter kit.

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