7 Manifestation Questions to Ask Yourself (to Find Out What You Want to Manifest)

“What do you really want?” – a question to ask when you want to manifest your dream life. Only with clarity on your manifestation goals, can you send this powerful message to the subconscious and let it guide you in the right direction. But since so many of my readers struggle with this…

I love to share these seven manifestation questions to ask yourself to find out what you truly desire – and to be able to tell the universe what it should deliver.

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The Importance of Asking for the WHY When Manifesting

Before I go into more detail on these powerful questions to ask yourself to figure out what you want in life, let me briefly explain an important aspect.

To really find out what you want, it’s mostly not enough to look for the WHAT but also the WHY. The question about your why is where your true desire comes to light.

For example, I had a manifestation coaching client who came to me with the desire to become self-employed and to start her own business. (I was quite surprised because her current job had been her big dream for so long, and she had just been promoted a few months before this coaching session.)

I tried to learn more about her dream business and quickly realized that she hadn’t really thought about it. So, I had to dig a little deeper and question her WHY.

It became clear that it was not the business she wanted but more time and freedom to organize her day.

Digging deeper, it became also clear that the real reason was her two small children and her desire to see them more often. It made it so much easier to manifest her goal after having clarity of what exactly she wanted.

She is still in her old job today and happier than ever. All she wanted was to have more time for her children, and thanks to now working from home and having more flexible working hours, she could have both.

This story will surely show you how important it is to question your WHY when you are looking for your true desire. But now let’s look at the manifestation questions to ask yourself to figure out what you want in life so that the universe can attract the right opportunities.

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How to ask yourself for what you want: You can just think about these manifestation questions or use them as manifestation journal prompts.

Manifestation Question 1 – What Would I Wish for Someone I Love?

The first question to ask probably sounds a bit weird when it comes to finding out what you want for yourself.

But after helping so many to figure out what they want to manifest, I realized one thing: Many people have a hard time just thinking about themselves when it comes to achieving big goals.

It may seem selfish to them, or they may think they don’t deserve this, so it is often easier to think about someone else. When you ask yourself what you want, and you struggle with it, just switch the role.

Think of someone you love who means a lot to you, for whom you only want the best. What would you wish for this person? How would you imagine life to be for this person?

Expert Manifestation Tip: We often project things we want for ourselves onto people we like. We think it would be the “best for them,” but in reality, it is something we want for ourselves or that would be “the best” for us. So this is a great manifestation exercise to trick your mind.

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Manifestation Question 2 – What Would I Do With My Life if Money Wasn’t an Issue?

This manifestation question addresses an abundance block that holds many of us back to dream big.

When you allow money to hold you back from dreaming big because you believe you cannot afford what you desire, then you will have a very hard time truly finding out what you want. You will always go for the second best.

However, what I have noticed over all these years of working with the law of attraction and helping others to make manifestation work is that manifesting money is easier than most people think.

Just let go of the idea that you can’t afford something you desire; we have an endless supply of money, and new money is being printed every day.

So, just imagine you have a bank balance of $1 billion right now. What is it that you would buy first with this money? What is it that you want so much but just held back?

What would your new lifestyle look like? Don’t limit yourself; you can have everything you want…

Manifestation Question 3 – What Would I Like to Experience if I Had Absolutely No Fear?

Fear is another big manifesting block that keeps many people from reaching for the stars. I can understand this personally very well because fear has been one of my biggest obstacles for a long time and has kept me from manifesting and living my dream life.

If fear is an issue for you, you can still use it to find out what you really want because there is a big chance that this fear will hold you back from your big goal.

So ask yourself, if fear was absolutely no issue for you and nothing could happen to you, how would your life look different than it is now?

Expert Manifestation Tip: If you struggle to identify fear as a manifestation block, then listen to your body. Fear can manifest in various ways in the body as part of the body’s “fight or flight” response. Look out for symptoms such as increased heart rate, shallow breathing, digestive issues, muscle tension, shivering, dry mouth, or getting nervous and jittery.

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Manifestation Question 4 – A Genie Gives Me Three Free Wishes. What Would They Be?

If you watched the movie The Secret, you might know that scene with the Genie saying: your wish is my command. Well, I don’t really like this too much, as it gives the false impression that manifestation is as easy as just “asking the universe” for what you want in life.

But here on my manifestation blog, I teach action-based manifestation, not hope-based manifestation (want to know the difference? Then click here) – because I want you to have real results and not just have to rely on luck.

Still, I like to use the genie journal prompt to tap into your inner dreamer.

This manifestation question is all about triggering a spontaneous answer, making a quick list of three things that would really change your life instantly.

Of course, you can manifest anything you want in your life, and you are not limited to three things: the Law of Attraction works based on the law of abundance. But when you have to choose three things, you will most probably choose the goals you desire the most.

woman sitting on a bed doing a manifestation meditation and reflecting on her ideal day

Manifestation Question 5 – What Would My Ideal Day Look Like?

Thinking about my perfect day is one of my favorite manifestation exercises.

Design your ideal day is a technique that I often use for visualization, but it is also great as a journaling prompt and a good question to ask to find out exactly what you want in life.

Ask yourself what your ideal day would look like. The answer to this question can give you so much information when it comes to finding out what you really want in life.

Here, it is crucial that you don’t limit yourself; this is your day, and you don’t have to take care of anyone else. Money also doesn’t matter.

You can spend the day where you want, how you want it, and with whom you want it.

Expert Manifestation Tip: When you use the perfect day exercise, go very detailed. Start with waking up, and think of where you are, with whom you are, how you feel like, what is your first thought, and what is the first thing you do after waking up. Then go from there and unfold your day, step by step.

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Manifestation Question 6 – I’m 100 Years Old and Look Back to My Life, What Would I Be Most Happy About?

A few years ago, we celebrated my grandmother’s 95th birthday (RIP Gramy), and all her grandchildren from around the world came to the party.

My cousins are all like me, well-traveled, so we all talked about our favorite destinations and future travel plans. And since we all live in different countries, we made some plans to visit each other more often.

My grandmother loved the discussion; she said, looking back, the fact that she traveled often is something she was extremely happy about, and it was one of the few things she would never want to change about her life.

This made me think about my own life and what would be the points I would love to look back to the most… And that’s how I came up with this question to reflect on.

When I turn 100 years old, what do I want to have experienced in my life?

This question can go very deep; try to identify what would make you say, “Oh, if I could only turn back time…” – if you haven’t experienced it in your life. These are exactly the points to add to your wish list.

Think about what you would say when you are older, what would make you happy, proud, and at peace with yourself… knowing that you did it in your life. Make it your goal to have these experiences before you turn 100 years old.

Manifestation Question 7 – What Do I Not Like to Do?

If none of these questions will help you to find out what you want, it is sometimes easier to have a look at what you don’t want.

When it comes to the law of attraction, you may have heard that you have to be careful with your language and formulate your wishes in a positive way. And yes, that’s true.

In this post about manifestation goals examples, I explain step-by-step how to write goals for manifesting your dreams. And while you want to be specific and use a positive formulation – because the universe can’t distinguish between “I want” and “I don’t want” – it’s okay to ignore this while you do this reflection exercise.

Manifestation is about reprogramming your subconscious mind to align with your goals, and for this, it needs repetition.

So you don’t attract negative things into your life just because you say something negative once. Checking in on what you don’t want can be a powerful way to identify what you do want. Because very often, it is just the opposite.

Expert Manifestation Tip: When you reflect on what you don’t want, it also helps to ask about the WHY. Why you want something (or, in this case, don’t want it) is a great way to tap into your intentions, and manifestation is really all about emotions. So it’s important to look into how this makes you feel.

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Once You Identify What You Want – What’s Next? (the Secret to Effortless Manifestation)

Asking yourself the right questions to find out what you want is only the beginning. While getting clear on your manifestation goals is important, it’s just the first step in the manifestation process.

After you have identified what it is that you want and you dug deep into this question by finding out about the underlying reason (and asking for your WHY), you are ready to move on and match your manifestation goal with your subconscious goal.

Step two in the manifestation process is all about vibrational alignment. Here, you identify what could block you, your abundance blocks, and also what is needed to program your subconscious the way that it will guide you on your journey to achieve your goals and dreams.

And then it all comes down to your actions.

But you don’t want to just take any actions; you want to take inspired actions because they are the secret to effortless manifestation.

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P.S. Which manifestation question to find out what you want in life was your favorite? Once you have figured it out, don’t forget to download the free manifestation journal kit for more support on your journey.

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