7 Manifestation Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out What You Want

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

“What Do You Really Want?” Yes, that’s one of the most fundamental questions you should ask yourself when manifesting your dream life and you want to achieve all your goals is what you really want. 

The universe needs to know what it’s supposed to deliver, or better said, your subconscious mind needs to understand where it has to guide you. But how to know what you want in order to manifest your dream life? 

Before I go into more detail on these seven powerful questions, which can help you to find out what you really want in order to manifest your dream life faster, let me briefly explain an important aspect.

To really find out what you want, it is mostly not enough to look for the WHAT but also the WHY!

The question about the WHY is where our true desire often comes to light.

For example, I had a coaching client who came to me with the desire to become self-employed and to start her own business. I was quite surprised because her current job had been her big dream for so long, and she just got promoted a few months before this coaching session.

I tried to learn more about her dream business and quickly realized that she hadn’t really thought about it. I had to dig a little deeper and question her WHY.

It became clear that it was not the business that she wanted, but more time and freedom to organize her day, and the real reason was her two small children, whom she wanted to see more often.

Thanks to this knowledge, we could find what she really wanted much easier. She is still in her old job today and happier than ever. All she wanted, to have more time for her children, and thanks to a home office solution and more flexible working hours, she was able to have both.

This story will surely show you how important it is to question your WHY when you are looking for your true desire. But now let’s have a look at the seven questions that can help you to find out what you really want in life.

Question 1 – What Would I Wish for Someone I Love?

This probably sounds like a weird question when it comes to finding out what you want for yourself?

But the problem that many people have is that they are having a hard time thinking about themselves. It may seem selfish to them, they may think they don’t deserve this, so it is often easier to think about someone else.

Think of someone you love, who means a lot to you, for whom you only want the best. What would you wish for this person?

How would you imagine life to be for this person?

We often project things we want for ourselves onto people we like. We think it would be the “best for them,” but in reality, it is something we want for ourselves, or that would be “the best” for us.

Question 2 – What Would You Do With Your Life if Money Wasn’t an Issue?

Many of us allow money to hold us back from our dreams because we believe we cannot afford this or that. However, what I have noticed over all these years of working with the Law of Attraction, and helping others to make it workmanifesting money is easier than most people think.

So just let go of the idea that you can’t afford something you desire; we have an endless supply of money, and new money is being printed every day.

And in the future, it is likely that even the printing of money will no longer be necessary.

So imagine you have a bank balance of $1 billion.

What would you buy first with the money? What would your lifestyle look like? Don’t limit yourself; you can have everything you want!

Question 3 – What Things Would You Like to Experience if You Have Absolutely No Fear?

Fear is another big manifesting block that keeps many people from reaching for the stars.

I can understand this personally very well because fear has been one of my biggest obstacles for a long time and has kept me from manifesting and living my dream life.

If fear is an issue for you, you can use it to find better out what you really want because there is a big chance that this fear will hold you back from your big goal.

So ask yourself, if fear was absolutely no issue for you and nothing could happen to you, how would your life look different than it is now?

Question 4 – A Genie Gives You Three Free Wishes. What Would They Be?

Here it’s all about answering spontaneously and thinking about what you would wish if you only had three wishes.

Of course, you can manifest anything you want in your life, and you are not limited to three things, the Law of Attraction works based on the law of abundance.

But this question is about finding out what you desire the most.

Question 5 – What Would Your Ideal Day Look Like?

Design your ideal day is a technique that I often use for visualization, but it is also a perfect way to find out exactly what you want in life.

Ask yourself what your ideal day would look like? The answer to this question can give you so much information when it comes to finding out what you really want.

Here it is crucial that you don’t limit yourself, this is your day, you don’t have to take care of anyone. Money doesn’t matter. You can spend the day where you want, how you want, and with who you want.

Question 6 – You Are 100 Years Old and Look Back, What Would You Be Most Happy About?

A few months ago, we celebrated my grandmother’s 95th birthday, and all her grandchildren, from around the world,  came to the party. My cousins are actually all like me, well-traveled, so we all talked about our favorite destinations and future travel plans.

We all live in different countries and plan to visit each other more often.

My grandmother was very happy about this and said that traveling is something she is glad to have done it in her life.

This made me think if I would be 100 years old and would look back on my life, what would I be most happy about having experienced it?

This question can go very deep, don’t belong to those people who look back someday and say to themselves: “Oh if I could only turn back time…”.

Think about what you would say when you are older, what would make you happy, proud, in peace with yourself… if you know that you did it in your life. And make it your goal to have these experiences before you are 100 years old.

Question 7 – What Do I Not Like to Do?

If really none of these questions will help you to find out what you want, it is the easiest to have a look at what you don’t want. Most of the time, the answer lies in the opposite.

You may have often heard that you have to be careful when manifesting, that you don’t “order” anything negative, because the universe can’t distinguish between “I want…” and “I don’t want…”!

That’s true when it comes to Law of Attraction tools such as affirmations or visualizations; then it is important to send the right signals to your subconscious mind, but to find out what you really want, it can be helpful to answer the question about “what you don’t want.”

⇒ EXPERT TIP: Don’t forget to always ask for the why in order to really find out what you want in life.

More Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine What You Really Want (and How to Get It)

I hope these questions help you figure out what you want in life. But to truly identifying what you want, there are other questions you should ask yourself.

I had already mentioned at the beginning of this article that the question of your WHY can often help you to go deeper and find out more exactly what it is that you want.

For more goal-setting tips also check out this guide: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Set Goals.

But sometimes you may already have an idea of what you want, or you may think you do. Here are some other good questions you should ask yourself to find out if this is really what you want:

  • What do I gain if I get it?
  • What happens if I don’t get it?
  • What do I have to sacrifice to achieve this goal? And am I willing to do that?
  • Who can help me achieve this goal?

These questions, together with the “why do I want this?” will help to get more clarity and can already show you the steps you can take to reach your desire faster.

All these questions are also perfect as journaling prompts for self-reflection and self-discovery.

I hope these questions to ask yourself to figure out what you want in life will help you in your manifesting process.

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