How to Identify & Remove Abundance Blocks for Manifestation

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

NLP Coach & Bestselling Manifestation Book Author

Abundance blocks, also so-called manifestation blocks, are the roadblocks preventing you from success with the Law of Attraction and manifestation. As long as you do not identify and approach your abundance blocks, you will only have moderate to no success with manifesting your dream life. But don’t worry, in this guide here, I will give you all the secrets to unblock your abundance.

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What exactly are abundance blocks and how can you overcome them Abundance blocks can be many things; emotions, beliefs, your mindset, habits, your self-image, but also your body, your environment, and your relationships. It’s all about identify them and declutter your life, so read on and learn how you can unblock your manifesting success.

What Are Abundance Blocks

 If you want to manifest your dream life and make the Law of Attraction work for you, you have to understand that it is essential to create the right foundation first.

Consider the whole manifestation process as a house you are building. And first, you need a solid base.

The good thing is, you don’t have to be 100% perfect to be successful with manifesting.

I have designed my absolute dream life over the last decade and manifested countless things like my dream husband, my dream business, a lot of money, my dream home, dream vacations, etc. without having solved all of my abundance blocks. 

But it is important to identify the blocks that hinder you the most from your success and to start addressing them.

The more solid the foundation is, the easier it is for you to build your house on it, and the more stable the house will be. For example, when an earthquake or a storm comes. It’s about the same with manifesting.

It may well be that you manage to achieve success, but at the slightest storm, you collapse and need a long time to get up again.

The earlier you start attacking your abundance blocks, and the more intensively you deal with them, the stronger you will be later.

But what exactly are those blocks I’m talking about here? Basically, there are endless blocks and endless combinations of them. These are as diverse, as we women are different.

But I’ve been working in this field for some years now and was already confronted with the abundance blocks of countless women, and I have to say it’s always been the same ones that were dominating them.

The most common abundance blocks are:

  • Mindset
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Self Image
  • Emotions
  • Habits
  • Body & Health
  • Environment
  • Relationships

We will cover all of them in more detail in this guide, but let’s first have a look at why your manifesting blocks even matter.

Why Should You Care About Your Manifesting Blocks

In all the years I’ve coached women, I’ve noticed that abundance blocks are a huge topic.

Especially money blocks often seem to be a bigger issue for women than for men. That also makes sense. We women are usually very sensitive to the world around us, often more emotional, and sometimes we simply overthink things.

But in practice, I have noticed that no matter how deeply anchored such an abundance block is, solving is mostly not as complicated as you may think. So don’t let these blocks stand in your way for your manifesting success.

In the following post, you can learn what the different blocks are, how to identify them, and how to work on them to finally unblock your true abundance.

You do not have to be perfect to manifest successfully. I don’t think there’s anybody free of blocks. Nevertheless, it is crucial to identify your most important blocks and work on them.

Because subconscious blockages, like limiting beliefs, or a negative mindset, can definitely keep you from your big dreams.

But I want you to manifest THE perfect life, a life that you genuinely love, and I want you to be happy throughout. And for that, it is key that you clear the biggest blocks first.

This is also the reason why I have given the abundance blocks a lot of space in my manifesting book, and so far, I have received a lot of great feedback.

The book, and especially the PRO version with the workbook, bring real transformation to my readers’ lives.

The book, and especially the PRO version with the workbook, bring real transformation to my readers’ lives.

The Different Abundance Blocks

Many different abundance blocks can stop you from manifesting your dreams.

But in the last ten years of studying the Law of Attraction and working as a manifestation coach, I have realized that the same few blocks have kept my clients from achieving their big goals.

And these are the ones we want to focus on today.


You probably keep hearing statements like “to be successful; you need the right mindset.” And many Instagram quotes that speak about having a “success mindset ” or “growth mindset.”

But what exactly is the right mindset, and how do you get it?

Basically, you are born with your mindset, which consists of two parts, the fixed mindset, and the growth mindset.

The fixed mindset is the belief: “I was born that way, I can’t change,” and the growth mindset is the belief that you can learn everything, grow, and change.

Depending on how strongly one or the other is manifested, you will have it easier or harder in life. Sorry to be so direct, but that’s just how it is.

A growth mindset and the belief that you can actually change, that you have control, that you can develop, is the key to your success.

It doesn’t matter how willing someone with a fixed mindset is to do the hard work; that person will never have the same results they would have if their mindset were a growth mindset.

But, and this is very important, no matter what mindset you were born with, you can train a growth mindset to become stronger.

Research shows that people who feel under control tend to function much better. So just changing your statement from “I can’t do that because I was just born that way…” to “ok, right now I can’t do that, but I can learn it” can help you to be more in control and therefore, more successful.

When you hear your inner voice telling you that you can’t do a thing, answer with a growth mindset and tell yourself that you can learn this. And every time you will train your mindset muscle a bit more, and your growth mindset becomes stronger.

Expert Tip: Whenever you think you can’t do something, or can’t learn something, try to remember something you did learn in your past. I’m sure you’ll find countless examples where you thought first, that you will never learn this, and in the end, you succeeded.

And today it feels just normal to do and most of these things you can do effortlessly, like on autopilot. The first time riding a bike, swimming, driving a car…

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Limiting Beliefs

Each of us has a variety of different beliefs. These are mostly beliefs planted by our parents or even teachers, and beliefs we have acquired through the years. Thanks to our very own experiences.

Unfortunately, they are not always positive, and often these limiting beliefs prevent us from manifesting our dream life.

The whole thing is actually a protective mechanism of our subconscious mind, which was important at a time when we were still hunters and gatherers and exposed to very different threats than we are today.

They also protect us from making stupid decisions and help us to judge what is right or wrong. But unfortunately, they can also hold us back. We prefer to stay where we feel safe, in our comfort zone. And that’s not always the smartest place to be.

The problem with our beliefs is that as soon as they are embedded in our subconscious mind, they stay there and not much will change.

Mostly these beliefs are outdated, they may have had an important role when we took them on, but our lives have changed, and we no longer need them.

And often they were irrelevant to us in the beginning, but we just took them on from someone we looked up to, and our subconscious stored them as “important and right.”

Good examples are beliefs about money. Our parents grew up in a different generation from us and usually had a very different relationship with money.

My parents, for example, live in the belief that you have to work hard for your money and that you need a good education to find a job, in order to earn money.

I am glad that I was able to prove them wrong. I made it from a high school dropout to a millionaire, and most of the money I actually earn in my sleep (I love passive income). Of course, I also worked a lot to build my business, but it wasn’t hard for me. It was my dream, and it was fun.

And I didn’t need a university degree to learn how to build it.

But what exactly can you do to change such anchored beliefs?

The first and most crucial step in overcoming your limiting beliefs is awareness. And then you have to prove to yourself that these beliefs are wrong.

And that’s not as difficult as you think, because it’s often enough just to see the possibilities. You don’t even have to believe that YOU can, but to see that someone else has done it helps you already to believe it. And then you build from there.


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These limiting beliefs also strongly influence our self-image.

The self-image is, on the one hand, how we see ourselves optically (what we see when we look in the mirror), but also how we perceive our possibilities.

What we believe, what is possible for us, and where our limits lie.

It is quite obvious that if you believe that you can achieve something, you have a much better chance of achieving it than if you don’t believe it at all.

If your beliefs limit your self-image so much that you don’t even see the possibility that you can make your dream come true, it will be difficult to manifest that goal.

You can put so many images of your dream on your vision board and pretend that you have already achieved it, but you will still fail. Guaranteed.

So it is important that you first work on your own perception and begin to see yourself with different eyes. So being in love with yourself is nothing negative. It is actually an important step to your manifesting success.


Expert Tip: One of the most effective methods to change your self-image is with visualization techniques.  Imagine exactly the person who would like to be, or who has already achieved your goal (I call this your success persona), then step into this person.

In my manifesting book, I go more into detail of this concept and teach my students how to create their inner coach. Working out your success persona and then visualize yourself living like her, is a very important part of manifesting.

Grab your copy of my book here, when you want to learn more. This book will guide you step by step!


Many different emotions can represent an abundance block. Among the most common emotions that can block your abundance, are fear, envy, guilt, sadness, but many more.

  • When you are afraid and cannot get out of your comfort zone, you will not take the necessary actions to reach your goal.


  • When you are envious of others, you are not focused on your dream.


  • When you feel guilty, you do not believe that you really deserve the desired result.


I guess you get my point?

But let’s take a quick look at what emotions actually are. According to the dictionary, emotions are:

“A strong feeling resulting from circumstances, moods, or relationships with others.”

Emotions are therefore developed through the same mechanism as your beliefsThe problem with emotions is often that they are much less rational and therefore more difficult to solve.

One of my biggest abundance blocks for a long time was my fear of flying. I mean, how could the “universe” make my dream of traveling possible, especially my dream wedding in Las Vegas or my dream honeymoon in Hawaii, when I was not able to board a plane?

Both destinations are long-haul flights that were simply out of the question for me. I didn’t get on any plane for more than ten years.

People who aren’t afraid of flying, or who don’t share an emotion that may keep you from reaching your dreams, will never really understand what it feels like.

No wonder it didn’t help to attend an airline seminar, where they showed us how safe flying is (I did know that before) or phrases like “driving a car is much more dangerous.”

And apart from that, I don’t even think my fear is a plane crash, my fear of flying is much more complicated than this and hard for me to put into words.

It all started with a panic attack on a plane. And ended with ten years of very limited possibilities to travel.

But I got rid of my fear, at least to such an extent that I can travel to Hawaii regularly now, and yes I got married in Vegas! I fly very often today, and traveling is my great passion.

I got rid of my fear with a very simple NLP technique where I just turned the fear around.

This may sound a bit strange to you. But just as irrational, our emotions can be, so are sometimes the solutions.

Expert Tip: Gratitude is a very powerful tool when it comes to changing negative emotions and generally becoming more positive. There are many ways to express your gratitude, but one of the most popular ones is with a gratitude journal or a gratitude list. Here you can find tips on how to use, what I call—the LoA superhero power.

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Bad habits can also prevent you from manifesting your dreams.

The Law of Attraction is not magic. To succeed in manifesting you need an important step, taking inspired action.

But precisely these bad habits are often responsible for keeping us from this important next step. But luckily you can convert habits relatively easily from bad to good.

To actually turn your bad habits into good ones, you need to understand the process of trigger, routine, and reward. And then change your routine. 

 I cover this exercise in the pro version of my manifestation workbook, plus tons of other helpful exercises that will help you to unblock your abundance.

Body & Health

An equally important part that you should examine is your body and your health.

We women often have a problem with self-care and usually look first for others (our family, for example). It is very important that you take care of your health and treat yourself regularly.

Remember, your manifesting success will not fail because you may have a few pounds more than you like or you have one or the other area with which you are not completely happy.

And I’m a good example of how you can have great success with manifesting, without the perfect shape and even with some health problems.

There are so many little things that we sometimes just overlook that can make a big difference. I’m thinking of things like peeling off nail polish, holes in the clothes, or faded hair color.

A visit to the nail studio or the hairdresser doesn’t cost the world, so does bring clothes to the tailor, to get them fixed. But you may underestimate how much impact this can have on how you feel.

Honestly, your self-image is changing a lot, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s not really about whether you feel prettier with your nails nicely painted, but what you radiate; I’m cultivated, I have high self-esteem, I have money for the nail studio.


Expert Tip: As already mentioned, it’s not about being 100% perfect. Important: take care of yourself as best as you can, treat yourself to a feel-good program from time to time and in between just buy yourself a new sexy dress in which you feel like a millionaire.


I have noticed that when I have chaos in my home I also have chaos in my head. And often when I have problems focusing on my work, I clean up my apartment first. And this usually makes a huge difference.

Do you feel the same way?

It shows how important our environment is and how strongly it can affect our emotional world.

In addition, if you have a beautiful and well-kept environment, you also signal this to the outside world. And it attracts more of the good stuff.

Just as it is important that you take care of your body and your well-being, your environment is also an important factor when it comes to your success with manifesting. This includes where you live, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, and much more.

And hey decluttering, thanks to Marie Kondo, has become very trendy lately. So don’t wait.

Create an environment in which you feel comfy, in which you can work well, in which you signal to the universe that you are ready for the next big step.


Expert Tip: It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive and luxurious stuff to make you feel good. My rule is, of all the things I like the most and which make me feel most relaxed, I treat myself to the best possible.


Relationships are an essential part of our lives and naturally have a considerable influence on our inner being, our personal development, and therefore also on our success in life.

There are relationships that we choose ourselves, romantic relationships, friendships or, for example, to some extent, our colleagues at work or our boss.

Other relationships that we cannot consciously choose. These are, for example, our parents, siblings, etc.

But no matter what kind of relationship it is, we have control over whether we want to accept, change, or give up a relationship as it is.

This is, as with all your abundance blocks, a conscious decision that you can make yourself.

If a relationship does not give you good feelings, it is probably not right for you. And you can decide whether it’s worth working for or whether you’d rather go your own way.

All another person triggers in you is your perception. In other words, if someone doesn’t make me happy, that’s basically my problem.

It is nobody’s job to make me happy; only I can do that.

However, there are people you notice that they are not good for you and you realize that you have to adapt too much to change this state.

These are exactly the relationships from which I then distance myself. And if you decide the same for yourself, it’s important that you don’t feel guilty about it.

Because everyone is responsible for their own feelings, and the same applies to your counterpart.

Expert Tip: Relationships come and go, that is the natural course of life, accept that and always be aware that it is your conscious decision who you let into your life and who not.

How to Find Your Major Abundance Blocks

After going through the most common abundance blocks and giving you already some tips on how to work on them, here are a few more tips on how to identify your own abundance blocks.

In my advanced manifesting formula, that I teach in my manifesting book, I walk my students through each area, one by one.

And if you choose the workbook, that comes as an upsell to my book, then we even do a “Life, Body & Mind Assessment” where we find out exactly which blocks are standing in your way and which need to be solved.

Here some other Law of Attraction tools that can help you with this.


Writing things down, especially by hand, can often help to identify problems you wouldn’t have noticed before.

The best thing is if you just let go, don’t overthink what you actually want to write.

Check out these 7 journal prompts to question your limiting beliefs.


Basically, in meditation, what you want to do is not consciously thinking about anything, or when thoughts come just giving them the space they need and then let go.

Nevertheless, I have often noticed that meditation sessions are beneficial to gain specific insights. Perhaps this is because we can attract creative solutions through ” being bored ” and doing nothing.

Usually, you get great ideas just after a good meditation session. 

You might also like to check out my easy to follow process on how to clear abundance blocks in 3 simple steps.

Advanced Techniques to Overcome Abundance Blocks

Once you have identified your biggest abundance blocks, it is important to solve them. Or at least to start working on them.

If you have read many books or articles about the Law of Attraction, or taken some advanced manifesting training, you have most likely read the word “forgiveness” over and over again.

Forgiveness is important, of course, and you should definitely make forgiveness a vital part of your life.

However, I do not believe that forgiveness is the holy grail for everything.

For example, to overcome my fear of flying, forgiveness would not have been the right tool at all.

Forgiveness is just one tool, but there are many of them, and I will show you a list of tools that I have successfully used in my coaching sessions to solve the abundance blocks of many clients.

In the end, it is your decision which one works best for you, and to solve your specific abundance blocks. Often it takes a combination of several.


The assessment is primarily a tool to identify a block, but sometimes the awareness is enough to solve the problem.

If, for example, you find that your chaotic workplace prevents you from feeling successful and doing your job accordingly, then tidying up is quickly done. So the awareness of the problem is enough to unblock yourself from this abundance block.


Hypnosis is an extremely useful technique to get rid of certain emotions like fear, but also to reprogram the subconscious mind, change beliefs and habits.

If you have strongly rooted blockers or something “irrational” like fear, I can totally recommend you try hypnosis. You can go to a hypnosis therapist, but there are also excellent programs that you can listen to at home.


Of course, NLP should not be missed on this list. As an NLP coach, I helped many of my clients with this powerful “toolbox”, to overcome their abundance blocks.

In the advanced workbook, that comes exclusively to my manifesting book (you can grab your copy here) I added some bonus NLP exercises.


Basically, this is one of the NLP tools I talked about at the last point, probably one of the most popular ones. With Affirmations, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to new beliefs, and a new reality.

Visualization Techniques

Visualization is another tool that is often used in NLP, and it can also help you a lot with your manifesting process. It is not only great to unblock yourself, for example when your self-image is one of your blocks, but also to create a vision of your goal you want to reach.

Visualization has often been used in sports, because it is proven, that only thinking that you do specific training, has an impact on your body. This means the visualization alone is enough to get the benefits of the training, while you rest your body.

Here some more tips for you: 5 Proven Ways to Unblock Abundance 

Additional Tips on Overcoming Abundance Blocks & Questions About Your Manifesting Blocks

I hope this overview of the most common abundance blocks and how you can identify and solve them has helped you.

Remember, you don’t have to be 100% perfect for achieving success with the Law of Attraction. Nevertheless, you should work on your major abundance blocks.

Manifesting should be an effortless process that is mainly fun, but I would lie if I said that you don’t have to invest any work. To be successful with manifesting you must always take action, and recognizing, and solving your abundance blocks is the first important step.

Here a few more questions about manifesting blocks, I get asked often in my manifesting community.

Why Is It Important to Declutter My Life For Manifestation?

As we just covered in this post, to make the law of attraction work you need to overcome your abundance blocks first.

A great way is by decluttering your entire life and home. Decluttering can help you to make space for new things into your life and is therefore a great way to unblock abundance.

Learn more in this post:

»  Declutter your life to manifest more abundance.


Should I give up manifesting, when it’s not working for me?

First of all, the Law of Attraction always works and we are always manifesting. But the question is whether you also consciously manifest the things you really want.

There are times when it just doesn’t seem to work and the more we want it, the more we become attached to it. This is a very own abundance block.

What you can do about it I will tell you in the following post:

»  When you should give up manifesting

Take Action & Unblock Your Abundance

You see, abundance blocks and all the things that prevent you from reaching your goals is a very complex topic.

Of course, a blog post is not enough to go into every block in detail, but this is definitely a subject I cover in great detail in my advanced manifesting workbook.

Not sure if my manifesting book and workbook are right for you? Then just sign up here and I will send you the first chapter for free.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mia Fox is a bestselling author, founder & CEO of the SelfMadeLadies Community. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks and turning big dreams into reality, she started her manifestation blog in 2018. Since then, she has helped millions of readers with her practical manifesting tips, and wrote her bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which turned into an award-winning transformational program, teaching students in over 222 countries worldwide how they can transform their lives with self-coaching. Read more about Mia Fox here.

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