How to Use a Morning Gratitude Practice For Manifestation

Gratitude is one of the most joyful and powerful emotions we have as human beings. Saying ‘thank you’ for the beautiful blessings in your life causes your body and your mind to change its vibration, which gives you not only a great feeling but also helps you to manifest more of the good things.

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Practicing gratitude in the morning is an excellent way to start your day with a high vibe and a great mindset. So, today, I’m sharing a powerful morning gratitude routine that could be a game-changer for your manifestations. 

Why is Gratitude So Important When Manifesting Your Dreams And Goals

Gratitude is a very powerful manifestation method since manifesting is all about matching the vibration of what you want to attract with your subconscious. So, isn’t ‘saying thank’ you the best way to do it?

A state of gratitude is the emotional confirmation of already having what you want. 

Nobody who feels ‘lack’ can also feel gratitude and vice versa. If you’re feeling thankful, you cannot feel negative feelings at the same time. And since one of the key elements in manifestation is to feel abundance in your life, this works wonders.

Why You Should Start Your Day In A State Of Gratitude

The way you start your day is a big deal because it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Most people wake up and immediately begin to focus on all the things they have to accomplish that day. Or even worse, they start the day on social media.

Starting your day like this most likely causes stress, uneasiness, anxiety, and a lack of mental organization. 

But there is a much better way to start your mornings.

If you allow yourself to enjoy a morning gratitude practice, you will always start your day in an abundant state. If you take the time to think about things and pay attention to what you already have, you will feel more love and thankfulness, which will spill into your other daily activities. 

Many successful people say that having a morning routine is key. Group a gratitude practice with exercise, a healthy breakfast, and some inspirational reading, and you will start your day off perfectly.

Making gratitude the perfect morning exercise.

3 Ways To Practice Gratitude Before Breakfast

There are countless ways to practice gratitude, and here are my favorite three ways to create your perfect morning gratitude practice.

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Gratitude Journal

It’s really ‘the classic’ of all gratitude exercises. A gratitude journal or gratitude list.

There is a good reason that gratitude journals are so popular. 

Writing things down gives them more meaning.

Sure, you could just think about things you’re grateful for, but the imprint on your subconscious mind is stronger if you write them down. Handwriting even reinforces this.

A journal is a great way of organizing thoughts. Plus, the longer you practice gratitude by writing it in your journal, the more things you will look back on that you used to be grateful for that have evolved into so much more. 

Pick several things you’re going to write down that you’re grateful for every morning. You can start with 3, 5, or 10 things to write down. You could also add different categories such as private life, work/business, and family.

Make it personal to your situation and visualize it as you write it down. 

Remember to add everything you already manifested, even the little things. Your subconscious can’t understand the difference between small and big things; the important part is the gratitude you experience for them.

So make it your daily habit to take jour gratitude journal and write down a few things you are grateful for first thing in the morning

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Say Thank You To Yourself In The Mirror

I guess your next step would be going to the bathroom, and that’s the perfect place to add more gratitude to your morning routine.

So many of us forget to thank ourselves for the work we do every day. It’s now time to express gratitude to yourself for being you. 

So, look into the mirror, pat yourself on the shoulders, and say to yourself: ‘you are amazing my friend!’

When you feed yourself with positive gratitude, you are fueled to go out and do more of what you love. Self-love and self-care are powerful ways to show gratitude to yourself.

Act as if you were talking to your best friend or partner, and feel the gratitude as deeply as you can.

Don’t underestimate the power of speaking to yourself. It may feel a little awkward at first but do it anyway. This little gratitude exercise will prepare you for a great day ahead.

Btw. if you really struggle to get started with this exercise, you can also try gratitude affirmations, use them in front of the mirror to get into the habit of talking positively to yourself,

Share Gratitude With People You Love

When I finish in the bathroom, it’s usually time for a nice cup of coffee or tea. And that’s another great opportunity to practice some morning gratitude.

If you have a partner or live with your family, try to include them in your gratitude practice. But you can also ‘talk’ to your cat (I do this all the time…) or how about calling a good friend, or even your mum or sister?

Spending time with loved ones naturally puts you in a state of gratitude because love is contagious. 

If you talk about what you’re grateful for with your family, partner, or a good friend (pets included, of course), it will have a ripple effect; the people around you will become more abundant and feed into your abundance. 

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Final Thoughts On Practicing Gratitude

If you’ve never had a gratitude practice, then now is a great time to get started. 

It trains your brain to be thankful and look for the good in life. The more often you can focus on what you have instead of what you don’t you will draw more and more of that goodness to yourself. 

I’m such a big believer in the power of gratitude for manifestation, I even created my own formula: Gratitude + Generosity = Abundance.

Gratitude is one of the cornerstones of living an abundant life. 

And you know what else it does? It helps you get motivated to take inspired actions, which is what makes your manifestations come true.

Gratitude is like the key you need to unlock abundance, but once you have it unlocked, you need to turn it into reality. The only way to do this is trough your actions.

Want to learn more about my action-based manifestation and how all this plays together? Then click here and join my free manifestation mini course.

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