The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Money and Abundance

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

If there is one universal desire most people share, it is to attract and manifest money and abundance. And I have good news for you, using the Law of Attraction, and by taking inspired action, anybody can make money manifestation happen. Are you ready for more wealth? 

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Everybody needs money. Without it, you won’t be able to live much of a fulfilled life. So the big question is, how can you manifest money and more abundance into your life fast?

Manifesting money is not difficult, once you know how manifestation in general work. Mix that with working on your money mindset and your limiting money beliefs, and there is nothing that can hold you back from living a more abundance filled life.

When more abundance comes into your life, you can experience more quality in your own life, and you can contribute in a meaningful way into other people’s lives.

By following the tips in this guide, you can start to see your dreams come to life in front of your eyes, by manifesting money and abundance fast.

 Understand How Manifesting Works

The first thing you need to do is understand how manifesting REALLY works.

I’m sure you have watched plenty of youtube videos and read articles about manifesting your dreams. Don’t we all want to know how to attract more abundance?

You’re following the steps of finding out what you want, placing your order, believing you’ll receive it, and being grateful.

So why aren’t things show up in your life? If you’re like most people, learning about the law of attraction, you may not fully understand how this universal law works.

I was there too for a very long time. And it can be frustrating!

But today I’m going to show you a manifesting money secret, on how you become a money magnet, and finally manifest the abundance you deserve.

To let the law of attraction attract money it takes a bit of work, here’s how it works (in short):

You need to decide precisely what you want, put yourself into the emotional state of having achieved it, for example, through techniques such as visualization, believe you deserve it while remaining in this state, and take inspired* action towards your goals.

Sounds simple right?

*Inspired action means to be guided by your inner voice and elevated emotional frequency, which is showing you ways that you can achieve your goals.

» For the more detailed version, I recommend you to read my book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.” This book is a complete blueprint on how you can manifest unlimited abundance with the help of the universal laws, such as the law of attraction and the law of action.

And speaking of action, my manifesting book is full of actionable tips.

One thing many of us miss when beginning to learn about the Law of Attraction is that we are taught that just by creating vision boards, sitting back and dreaming, and waiting for our dreams to arrive, we will manifest our desires.

Ask, drink some Earl Grey, and let the universe deliver, unfortunately, won’t work!

The truth is, we need to go out in the world and take action on our dreams to see anything come to fruition.

When we are clear and concise about what we want, hold an image of it in our minds, maintain an elevated emotional state (gratitude/love/peace), and take action, things fall into place and flow towards you.

Order (Ask) – Know What You Want and Set Big Money Goals

Once you understand how to manifest money effortlessly, you need to start figuring out what you want in life.

Many of us have a vague idea of the things we want (more money, an attractive partner, more travel time), but people rarely take the time to draw out a map of their specific desires.

You need to specify precisely what you want out of life and set BIG goals that will inspire you to work to achieve them.

Set BIG Goals. You need to set goals big enough that are going to inspire you every day to take action.

Small goals that do not inspire allow us to become lazy and complacent with them as they simply don’t light a fire and excite us.

Make sure you’re asking for exactly what you want and know that the universe carries enough for everyone to achieve all that they want.

Get Specific. If you want to live in a more beautiful house or condo, it is not enough to simply state this and expect it to happen.

When you’re setting your big goals, sit down, and think about what type of space you want to live in and why.

Do you want to live near the water, the mountains, in a big city? Do you want an open concept modern space or a rustic cabin in the woods? Do you want to be able to entertain people or have a quiet oasis for you to relax and escape?

The point here is to think about the exact feelings you want to experience from your goals and explore the reasons why you want certain things.

The more specific and thorough you are with your visualization and plan, the more you will be able to put yourself into the emotional state of attainment.

Expect (Believe) – Remove Limiting Money Beliefs and Abundance Blocks

Expectation and wholehearted belief are powerful forces.

When we expect something to happen in our lives, we cement a sense of certainty in our minds that something is going to happen. It gives us the confidence to take steps towards our goals and keeps us in a determined, positive state.

Limiting Money Beliefs

Many people hold subconscious limiting beliefs and abundance blocks in their minds. We are the sum of our subconscious beliefs.

If you do not believe in your heart and subconscious mind that you deserve your dream life or to manifest more money, then you will never take the steps necessary to achieve your desires.

Limiting money beliefs keep us in a subpar emotional and mental state, which makes it impossible to relocate our lives into an upper echelon.

Limiting beliefs could be things like: “I failed before, I’ll fail again,” “I don’t deserve to be abundant,” “I’m in the wrong industry,” “people like me don’t get rich.

You need to change these beliefs to things like:

“I have learned lessons from past failures.”

“I deserve abundance as much as anyone else, why wouldn’t I?”

“With the right tools and creativity, I can be rich in any industry.”

“I can learn anything I need to learn to make the money I want.”

Identifying your limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious mind through tools such as affirmations and visualization, can cement a new way of thinking into your life. 

Therefore, creating lasting change.

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Believe in YOU Deserving Money

When you believe that you deserve and can achieve your desires, you walk with a sense of certainty and purpose in your life.

Belief is the fuel for your fire that will keep you running hot and allow you to blow through any obstacles that come up.

When you genuinely believe in yourself, all doubt is removed from your psyche, and you have a ton of confidence towards your goals.

It is in this emotional state that you become unstoppable. Keep visualizing and reprogramming your mind until you have unstoppable belief in yourself.


Achieve (Receive) by Taking Inspired Action

The first three points are all foundational to money attraction and manifesting anything in your life. However, without taking action, we can’t expect anything new to show up in our lives.

When we first begin learning about the Law of Attraction and manifestation, we are sold the idea that all you have to do is to believe in it, and it will come to you.

No wonder, books such as The Secret are a great inspiration, but they only tell you half the story.

However, if you sit on your couch for 12 hours a day and don’t take any steps towards your dreams, nothing is going to happen.

The truth is, you have to actually DO something to reach your dreams! Some may be turned off by this, but it is in the journey and the doing that the joy and fun lies.

Anytime you achieve something in your life and look back on it, it is always the memories that got you there that are the most enjoyable, isn’t it?

It is our human privilege and joy to partake in the manifestation of our dreams. We get to wake up every day and interact with the world around us.

We get to meet new people, try new things, and learn new skills that take us closer to our dreams. It is through your hands, words, intentions, and actions that you make things happen in this world.

Learn to look forward to taking ACTION on your goals when you’re in alignment with your desires.

When you do, you’ll start to see the things you want to accelerate towards you never like before.

Inspired Action

You may be wondering what actions you need to take. When we are looking to achieve something we have never met before, we don’t have the experience necessary to make it happen seamlessly.

This is where INSPIRED action comes into play.

You should take action based on the inspiration and the ideas that are coming to you. It takes a level of self-awareness and reflection to understand when this is happening.

See, everything in this world has a frequency. Using mental images and emotional states, you can elevate or decrease your frequency to match those of your desired outcomes.

When you visualize yourself having achieved your goals, and you put yourself into the emotional state of attainment, you are matching the frequency of your desires.

When you are within this frequency, your mind starts to notice other things that operate within this vibrational framework.

When you remain in this state, you will automatically begin to receive inspiration and ideas that will lead you to your desired outcome.

It is your job to stay in this elevated state (check-in with yourself multiple times a day), notice your inspired thoughts, and follow them to take the actions necessary that will produce your desired outcome.

For example, if you wanted to manifest an additional $1000 a month and remained in the emotional state of already having achieved it, you may begin to notice job opportunities around you that offer additional income.

You may meet people who are making the amount of money you make. You may have a business idea that could generate this new income.

When you are prompted, you must start to learn more and explore these ideas to see if they actually will produce your desires. If they don’t, continue to follow your inspiration until you find your plan that does.

This is called the Law of Action, and I talk about this a lot in my manifesting book.

Law of Attraction Tools to Help You Manifesting Money and Abundance Faster

Manifesting more money is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. As previously stated, there are often subconscious, limiting beliefs and perceptions that keep us from learning how to manifest money quickly and easily.

In fact, with these strategies, you can even attract money while you sleep

There are numerous ways you can retrain your mind to start believing better. They include NLP, affirmations, acting as if, and visualization.

NLP to Overcome Your Money Blocks

This is an incredibly deep and complex subject that I cannot explain fully here, but I will create another post on this soon.

It is a compelling practice that can help you change your beliefs and perceptions over time. Using techniques such as anchoring, reframing, and dissociation, you can start to reprogram your mind to see situations differently.

As an NLP coach, I teach NLP techniques in my book and workbooks, because they are very powerful for the manifesting process.

Use Money Affirmations to Attract More Abundance

Affirmation, also an NLP technique, is possibly the most simple tool available for people who want to change subconscious beliefs.

Consistently using affirmations can begin to change your feelings by the repetition of your new desired belief. Even when lies are told to us, if they are repeated frequently enough, we will begin to believe them. (Not that your new beliefs are lies).


Use affirmations such as:

“I deserve to be happy and abundant.”

“My world is expansive and flourishing.”

“I am learning new things every day.”

To help you get out of your reduced vibrational frequency and change your subconscious beliefs.

Visualize Yourself Rich

Visualization is probably the most fun tool you can use to start changing inner beliefs and to manifest more of what you want.

Through visualization, you put yourself into the emotional and mental situation of having achieved your goals. That means you get to experience what you expect to experience when you reach your goals.

You can begin to feel vibrant and abundant before you even get out of bed in the morning.

Imagine taking your shower feeling like you’re a millionaire, and you live in a beautiful place in the world. It can be a lot of fun and exceptionally energizing to go about daily tasks visualizing what it would be like to live this way.

The mind doesn’t know when something is real or imagined. By imagining yourself in your ideal situation, you are essentially tricking your brain into thinking this is your reality.

If you do this repeatedly, your subconscious mind will assume that you are the kind of person who is abundant and lives their dream life. At this stage, the magic starts to happen.

Act as if – Start Living as Your Future Abundant You

Acting as if you have achieved all your dreams is very powerful. It assumes the physical and mental framework that you are as abundant as you want to be.

This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and start spending the way a millionaire can. But, you can begin to be more generous with your money.

You can start to buy things with quality that will last longer instead of buying what’s cheapest.

You can walk like a rich person, talk like a rich person, and think like a rich person. Doing so will empower you to stay in this state and follow through on your dreams.

Plus, other people will perceive you as a person of confidence and power. In essence, this is like walking with confidence towards your goal in the physical realm, before you see it manifest.

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More Manifesting Money Tips & Questions

Manifesting money is a hot topic. If you search on google, how to manifest money fast, you will notice that the topic is no longer only covered by us Law of Attraction coaches.

From the well-known YouTuber to the Instagram influencer, all of them talking about how to attract more money.

Understandably so, because money makes the world go round. And after reading this in-depth money manifestation guide, you will have all the tools and techniques you need to attract more wealth.

Below are a few more questions that I am often asked about manifesting money, if you still have questions that aren’t answered here, please sign up for the free chapter of my manifesting book, this way you will be in my community and be notified about my regular Q&A sessions.


How Can I Manifest Money Fast?

Many of the women in my community ask me how to manifest money quickly. Or whether you can manifest money within 24 hours, or even overnight. And the answer is yes.

But only after you have done all the groundwork. Once you are aligned with money (meaning you have worked on your money beliefs and your abundance mindset), then the money is something that is extremely easy to manifest.

Health, love, your dream job or business, these are all things that are strongly emotional. What makes it harder to manifest. But in the end, money is just paper (or plastic, or data, in the case of cryptocurrency.) So it is much easier to let go of the emotional attachment that might hold you back.

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Can You Really Manifest a Lottery Win?

I’m sure you can, I believe you can manifest anything you want. But I haven’t been successful myself. I do buy scratchcards here and there, and sometimes win a few hundred dollars, but my millions, I earned through my work and the right investments, not with a lottery ticket.

Don’t forget, manifesting is not magic, so the action is needed for attrACTION. And that also applies to win the lottery. You have to play regularly and play with a system. And yes, there are professional lottery players, as I have seen in a documentary, so I guess they must know how to manifest a lottery win. 

How Do I Change My Money Mindset?

There is not THE answer to the question of how you can transform your money mindset. This is a process that takes time and depending on the money beliefs you held, it will take more or less time.

Here are some strategies that will help you get a positive money mindset:

10 Bulletproof Ways to Transform Your Money Mindset

How to Turn Your Scarcity Mindset Into an Abundant Money Mindset

Can You Manifest Money When You Are Broke?

Yes, you can manifest money when you are broke. Manifesting is all about your emotional frequency, and it is really your choice how you feel about money and abundance, even when you are broke. Learn more about this in the following post: How to manifest money even when you are broke.

You might also want to read this post here: 6 tricks to manifest money to pay off debt.

Conclusion About Manifesting Money and Abundance

Ever asked yourself how to manifest money overnight?

When you know the right tools and techniques, manifesting money and abundance can be an enjoyable and easy process. And after reading this post, you know the secret to manifest money, and you just have to put in the work. 

Okay, you maybe won’t manifest money in the next 24 hours, but with constant action, you will start living a more abundant life very soon.

If you don’t do the work to reprogram your mind, set BIG goals, and take inspired action, you will remain in the same place and never see any change.

It is time to start manifesting more abundance NOW.

I struggled for a long time with money problems, debts, and underpaid jobs. As a high school dropout who grew up in rather poor circumstances, my money mindset was not very strong either.

Today my life looks completely different. I am now a millionaire, and manifesting money is super easy for me because manifesting abundance is a skill that you can learn like any other skill.

If you want to learn more about how I made the law of attraction work for me and how I became a money magnet, read my book. Grab Your Copy Here.

I can’t wait that you become one of the countless manifesting money success stories in my amazing manifestation community.

I’m Mia Fox, bestselling author and the face behind this manifestation blog. After a decade as an NLP coach, I decided to turn my knowledge into something bigger.

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