How to Manifest a Partner For Life (3-Step Love Manifestation)

I manifested the love of my life, my husband, and my soulmate. That’s why “How can you manifest love with the law of attraction?” is a question I get often asked.

And it’s why I decided to write this post to answer all your questions about love manifestations so that you can start attracting your dream partner today.

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To manifest love, a partner, or even a husband and soul-mate for life, you need to follow the 3-step manifesting process:

1. Get clear on the love you want. That’s less about things like the looks of your dream person but more about becoming specific about the type of relationship you want.

2. Get ready for your new partner to manifest into your life. You must clear out old beliefs and make space for your soulmate to manifest.

3. Take inspired action to attract love. That’s the most important step and often gets overlooked.

But let’s have a look at all three steps in more detail. Read on to learn more about manifesting love and the partner of your dreams.

How I Manifested My Husband (And So Can You)

When I started to work more intensively with the universal laws and learned how to manifest (more than a decade ago, and long before I wrote my bestselling manifestation book), I had ONE big question:

How can I finally manifest a husband? 

At the time, I had just turned 30, and another relationship ended in drama. I was unhappy and also a bit desperate.

But I still had some hope that my Mr. Right would show up one day…

I nearly gave up on my (nonexistent) love life altogether, but after finally understanding what is important when you want to manifest successfully, I met my soulmate and now husband, Tom.

But it took me three long years from adding a picture of my “future life partner” on my vision board to finally manifest him in real life. And with him, I manifested my dream wedding in Vegas and honeymoon in Hawaii. (Both were, at the time, on my vision board).

mia fox with her hubsand and elvis at the vegas wedding she manifested
April 2nd, 2015 – The best days of my life: my Vegas wedding I manifested from my vision board

And while it was worth every minute of the wait, I don’t want you to wait that long for your true love to manifest.

That’s why today, I’ll show you how to elevate positive energy & attract love fast.

After all these years, from my own experience, and later, as a manifestation coach, by helping countless women to manifest a partner, I learned some tricks to speed up things. And I’m going to share them with you.

So, how exactly do you attract your dream lover with the help of the law of attraction?

Key Takeaways

Manifesting your husband/wife or just a wonderful partner on your side follows the same principles as everything else you want to manifest into your life.

  • You need to signal to your subconscious what you want.
  • You need to make space (by overcoming manifestation blocks and transforming on a subconscious level).
  • You then need to take inspired action to make your manifestation come true.

Along the way, you can use different manifestation methods that help you to speed up things.

One of these manifestation methods you can use to speed up your love manifestation is guided meditation. Want to try them out? Then click here, and I’ll send you one of my favorite sessions for free.

But let’s now have a look at the three main steps for manifesting love in detail:

Manifesting Love Step 1: Get Clear on the Love You Want

To activate the universal laws (such as the law of attraction and the law of action), it’s important to tell your subconscious mind exactly what you want.

Become specific!

This doesn’t mean that you need to know the exact hair color, size, or even favorite food of your dream partner in the making.

Becoming specific with manifestation goals is often misunderstood and stresses out most people who attempt to manifest their desires. They believe you have to decide where you are still uncertain.

But it doesn’t work that way; it’s all about becoming vibrational aligned with your dream, and you do that by becoming specific about your desired emotions.

Let me give you an example of how I manifested my soulmate without getting specific on physical features…

When I manifested my husband, Tom, I could not define what he should look like.

I had a picture of June Carter and Johnny Cash on my vision board. They symbolized the feelings I wanted to get out of a relationship, the strong bond between the two, a relationship full of passion and unconditional love.

And you know what, it’s exactly the relationship I got! We even shared the same story of how we met (we started to work together, both still in other relationships at the time.)

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So you see, the universe delivered what I asked for…

When you want to manifest the love of your life, ask yourself:

1. What do you want to get out of this relationship?
2. Why do you want to find your soulmate?
3. What feeling do you want to get out of this?

The more specific you get, the better, but don’t concentrate on unimportant details. Emotions are the fuel of your manifestations.

Emotions are the fuel for your manifestations. Get crystal clear on your WHY, and how your desired goal should make you feel.

Mia Fox

Manifesting Love Step 2: Get Ready For Your Soulmate

Expect, or believe, is what most people call the second manifesting step. But this is NOT just about being open to receiving (and then waiting for it to happen!)

It’s all about overcoming your manifestation and abundance blocks, priming your subconscious, and aligning vibrationally with your dream relationship. That’s how you’re getting ready to receive.

Your belief alone will not attract anything into your life.

Manifestation is a very active process; working on your blocks and limiting beliefs is key.

In my PRO manifestation course, which I created from my manifestation book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” after it became a bestseller, I went very deep on abundance blocks and limiting beliefs.

Because as long as you have major blocks standing in your way, it will be very hard to take action (the last of the three steps) – but that one is key.

When you want to manifest your ideal partner, then there is this ONE major block you need to remove first:

You have to make room in your life for your new love.

And I’m not talking about clearing out half of your wardrobe. (Sure, that’s also a great way to make room for abundance.) But I’m talking about genuinely getting ready to share your life with a partner on your side.

This is key to changing your mindset from “being single” to “living in a happy relationship.”

In my course, I offer a mind, body, and life assessment that helps you to examine all areas of your life. With this powerful exercise, you can find out what prevents you from manifesting.

metal hearts as a symbol for love

And to identify what area you might still have to work on.

But here, as a little hint, are a few questions you can ask yourself if you want to manifest your dream partner:

  • Do I have an ex-partner whom I should forgive (or may still have feelings for)?

  • Am I really ready to go into a relationship, or do I still want to do things as a single (travel the world, work for charity, have a flatshare with my best friend.)

  • Am I at a point in my life where I am truly happy with myself?

And that last point is huge, and in fact, it was my abundance block when I tried to attract my dream husband.

Expert Manifestation Tip: Reflect on the above question before you even set your love manifestation goals, and come up with questions for your unique situation. I love to use a journal for reflection work, buts sometimes I just go for a long walk.

Mia Fox

When you understand what is blocking love from coming into your life, you can start working on it, and then it’s time for the last step:

Manifesting Love Step 3: Take Action & Attract Love

The last step in manifestation is often called receive, and that’s a bit misleading. Because “receive” is very passive. But this step is all about you taking inspired actions.

So it’s really better to call it achieve.

The law of attraction works like this:

  1. You signal to your subconscious mind what you really want.
  2. You then concentrate on this specific outcome and act as if your dream has already come true.
  3. Then, your subconscious mind will give you signals, telling you to act.

Expert Love Manifestation Tip: The thing is, you don’t have to wait for the universe to send you signs. You can (no, actually, you should) take some inspired actions first. That’s how you get what I call “the circle of subconscious change” rolling.

I teach this and much more in my free 5-day action-based manifestation email course. If you are interested, you can sign up here.

To manifest true love, some possible inspired actions you could take are:

  • Asking a specific person out for a date.

  • Signing up for a dating app.

  • Tell your couple friends that you are open to some new love; they might have a nice single friend who is also looking right now.

  • Put some lipstick on, get out, and enjoy life. You never know what’s waiting for you out there!

Taking inspired action is key to your manifesting success, especially when you want to manifest your ideal person.

So take that first big step yourself, and then watch out for more signs to act on.

And next time your mother wants to fix you up with the son of her friend, say Yes! Who knows, maybe you are the next Bridget Jones, and he is your Mr. Darcy?

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FAQs – All Your Love Manifestation Questions Answered

After conducting a little survey in my manifestation community, it turns out that searching for the answer to how to manifest love is the number one reason most of the women joined.

But not only to find new love but also to attract better relationships they are already in.

Therefore, I have many frequently asked questions about the topic. Here are a few I answered in our Q&A sessions that could interest you:

How long it takes to manifest love and your dream partner depends greatly on your current situation. The universe loves speed, but that doesn’t mean it will deliver your manifestations when you are not ready.

It’s not about getting 100% perfect and overcoming all your manifestation blocks and limiting beliefs, but you definitely need to gain a certain vibrational alignment with your love manifestation goal first.

To speed up things, follow the three steps from that post and also try out different manifestation techniques with my tips below.

Whether you can manifest love from a specific person, or, for example, your ex back, is another burning question many have. And, yes, you can manifest a specific person, BUT only if you’re also the ideal partner for that other person. You need to be vibrationally aligned with the person you want to manifest to fall in love with you.

Manifesting does not work to harm anyone else by forcing or manipulating them. And I don’t think that it should be anyone’s goal to force something.

I mean, would you really want a relationship with someone who is not truly in love with you? Such a partner would never be happy with you and would certainly treat you in a way you would not be pleased with yourself.

You see, the question is a bit more complicated; that’s why I wrote an entire post on how to manifest love from a specific person.

Self-love is extremely important when it comes to manifesting love and the partner of your dreams. A negative self-image or self-concept is one of the many manifestation blocks that could hold you back. You need to become ready for your new love.

Think about it: how can someone else love you if you can’t love yourself?

Manifesting love starts with you, so step in front of a mirror today and say to yourself these powerful three words: I love you! You will soon hear these words from your perfect partner. Be open, and remember to take action.

You can’t really know if someone else is manifesting you because manifestation is not some magic love spell; this is about transforming your subconscious mind to align with the dreams and goals you want to manifest, and that’s a very personal process. This transformation happens inside of you.

That said, the law of attraction means like attracts like, and when someone is manifesting you and you are the perfect match, then you will find each other.

So don’t search for the signs of someone else manifesting you; watch out for the signs to take inspired action when this person enters your life.

When you are already in a relationship, and you want to manifest more love from your partner, or just in general, a better relationship, the same principles apply as with every manifestation. It’s all about getting vibrational aligned with your desires.

Now, manifestation is really an inner process and starts within you, but in a relationship, it’s about all involved individuals. So, the best tip for manifesting a better relationship I can give you is to talk to your partner about how you feel and work together on your goal.

Best Manifestation Methods For Love (To Speed Things Up)

Now that you know the steps on how to manifest your dream partner, I guess you can’t wait to take action.

That’s great, but before you go, I have some last tips for you on how to speed up things.

Here are a few manifestation techniques and tools that can support you on your journey and help you manifest your perfect partner even faster:

Create a Vision Board for Your Relationship Goals

As I mentioned before, my vision board helped me a lot when I was manifesting my husband; that’s why I’m a big fan of this powerful manifestation method

A vision board is a visual representation of your love goals. It’s a great way to tell your subconscious mind what kind of relationship you want. Every time you see your relationship vision board, you get reminded of the fact, that your dream partner is already there and waiting for you to be ready.

To use a vision board to manifest love and your perfect relationship, just follow these steps:

  1. Clearly define the relationship you want to manifest. That’s what we did in step one. Note all the specific details about your dream partner, and if you struggle with that, don’t forget to tap into the emotions instead of looks.
  2. Find images to represent your dream partner or the kind of relationship you want to experience. Here, again, concentrate more on the emotional level: what feelings do you want to experience in this relationship? Find pictures that align with that.

    Also, think of words or affirmations you could add to your board. You could even add a love letter your perfect partner wrote to you.
  3. Create a collage with all the visuals on a board or an online platform if you want to create a digital vision board.
  4. Place your relationship vision board somewhere where you see it often. And work with it daily. Just having a bunch of pretty pictures will not magically manifest your future husband or wife. Taking inspired action is key, so use your vision board to visualize yourself being madly in love.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, check out my post on how to create a relationship vision board.

Try Love Affirmations

Saying out positive affirmations will not magically bring your soulmate into your life, but focusing on positive vibes, surely helps. So they are still a great way to program your subconscious.

Here is an example how what an affirmation to manifest love could look like:

love affirmation by mia fox selfmadeladies
I am filled with love, and I can access this emotion whenever I want. By becoming love, I will attract love.

To create your own love affirmation, read my post on how to create manifestation affirmations.

Listen to guided manifestation meditations. They are recordings you can listen to, in the morning or just before you go to bed to reprogram your subconscious. They get you in a very relaxed state, and then it’s like someone is whispering to your subconscious what it should do.

In that relaxed state, your subconscious is very receptive to these suggestions. In case you like to test this out, you can grab one here for free.

So you see, there are many things you can do to manifest love and the partner of your dreams, so take action now. Don’t wait for your soulmate to find you; take an inspired action today, and find him or her!

signature saying xo mia fox

P.S. Don’t forget your gift! Attract more abundance, including love, with this free guided meditation.

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