Career Manifestation: How to Manifest a Job You Love

Since we spend so much of our time at work, it’s important to find a career we love. And the great news is, by using the power of the Law of Attraction, you can easily manifest your dream job.

Over the last 10+ years, I helped thousands of women around the world to manifest their dream lives, and this included many job manifestation success stories. I even helped my husband to manifest his dream role at Google, and I heard with their 0.2% acceptance rate and 3 million applications a year, it’s actually harder than getting into Harvard.

Besides that, I worked in the recruiting space, so yes, “how do I manifest my dream job”, is a question I often hear…

Manifesting a job follows the same principle as any dream you want to attract in your life:

Good to Know:

In order to make my manifestation blog (which has a few hundred posts) easier to navigate and to help you manifest a job more quickly, I have created this overview post, linking out to more helpful content around manifesting a new career.

To learn more about the basics of manifestation, I suggest you also read my very in-depth guide on how to manifest.

Become Very Clear on The Job You Want to Manifest

Manifesting your job starts by getting clarity on precisely what it is you want. But don’t just think about the type of work. Think about the environment, the people you have to work with, the salary, and even the commute, or whether you can work from the home office or not.

Start by asking yourself for the WHAT and, even more important, the WHY!

Concentrate on the emotions you want to gain from your new position. Try to use a reflection technique, such as meditation or journaling, before you state exactly what you want.

Here are a few job manifestation tips on how to identify what your dream career should look like:

Start With the End Job in Mind

A great way to help you figure out what you want to do is by starting with your desired end result in mind. It’s crucial to think of things from the end goal because it will put everything else in perspective and will line you up with your core values.

We can be pulled in all kinds of directions by enticing things like a good salary while sacrificing our true desires. Keeping your end goal in mind can keep you on track.

And hey, maybe you just realized that you actually love your current job, but you’re not satisfied with your current salary? Well, then you should check out this post here on how to manifest a salary raise.

But the exercise of quickly visualizing your future self, the desired outcome, and how you are actually working in your dream position, can open up many insights.

Become Very Specific About Your Dream Job & Lead With Your Emotions

We need to become crystal clear about our desires when manifesting. Because if you don’t know what you want, how should your subconscious know? And, after all, that’s where the manifestation magic happens.

The universe (your subconscious) gives you the things you are asking for, no matter how vague or accurate. Therefore, if you know the exact details of your new employment, then visualize them. So if you can, use the exact date, or specific numbers, people, and places.

Expert Manifestation Tip: In case you struggle with becoming specific, try to concentrate on the emotional level, and write down how you want to feel. You might not exactly know where you want to work, or with what sort of people, but you will for sure know how you want to feel when you work there. Emotional alignment is the most powerful message you can send to your subconscious.

Start by imagining the feelings you want to feel because of your dream job. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What do you want to feel the moment you walk into the office?
  • How do you want your new career to make you feel at the end of the day?
  • Are you seeking fulfillment, gratitude, freedom, relaxation, to feel positive, to have flexible hours, to get new possibilities, or a certain level of responsibility?

Overcome Your Major Job Manifestation Blocks & Limiting Beliefs

An important part of the manifestation process is to clear your major abundance blocks, such as self-limiting thoughts, and negative beliefs about your abilities.

When you want to manifest a new job, you most probably plan to get up a step in the career ladder, ask for more money, or even move into an entirely new field. All this brings a new set of beliefs that could hold you back.

Important to understand; manifestation blocks are natural. We all have them. And it’s not about being 100% perfect… Identifying and acknowledging them is the first and most important step.

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Identify Limiting beliefs Around Manifesting Your New Job

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts you hold about yourself. So, in other words, self-doubts about your ability to manifest a new job. Some common limiting beliefs around manifesting a better career may include:

  • “There are not enough job opportunities in my field.”
  • “I am not qualified enough for the position I want.”
  • “I am not good at interviewing and will not be able to land the job.”
  • “I am not worthy of a higher salary.”
  • “I am too old/young to change careers.”

The best way to identify limiting beliefs is by listening to yourself and becoming aware of the negative energy. Especially to the negative self-talk. Sometimes that’s easy, and sometimes you have to very consciously do this.

I personally love to go for long walks and just “think” about a topic, but journaling can also be helpful, and sometimes it even helps to just talk it through with someone. 

It’s about finding all the possible ways why you think you can’t manifest the exact job you desire, and then turning these limiting beliefs around.

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There are other abundance blocks than limiting beliefs, and that’s something I go very deep in my PRO manifestation training (if you are interested you can get started with my free 5-day email course here).

I want to keep this post here on point, that’s why I give you a few strategies on how you can overcome the biggest limiting beliefs around finding and getting a new job, but if you want to learn more about it, you can read my post on manifestation blocks.


You can search for other job manifestation success stories to get inspired, or you just look for how other people in your field landed the position you are after to get like a blueprint of how it can be done.

This doesn’t mean that your path will be the exact same, but this signals your subconscious: hey, it can be done. Others did it before!

It’s about proving your limiting beliefs wrong…

Overcoming limiting beliefs starts by reprogramming your subconscious and telling it a “new” story. Your new career success story.

Use Guided Meditations To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs Around Manifesting Your New Job

We talk about different manifestation methods and tools further down in this post, but when it comes to overcoming limiting beliefs around manifesting a job and programming a new story into your subconscious mind, guided manifestation meditations are amazing.

With guided meditations, you can just close your eyes and relax. Your subconscious is very powerful and open to suggestions (even while you sleep), and manifestation meditations are an easy way to implement these suggestions.

So yes, manifesting your dream career while you sleep is actually possible, at least to a certain extent…

Want to try them out? Then click here and grab my favorite Guided Meditation session for free! This will not only help you with your job manifestation but become more abundant in every area of your life.

Create a Plan on How to Manifest A Job, As a Way to Guide Your Subconscious Mind

Benjamin Franklin — ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’

Having an action plan in place will not only help you in the third (and most important) manifestation step, taking inspired action, but it can also help you overcome your self limiting beliefs. 

A plan will help you to guide your subconscious, and the good thing is the plan does not need to be perfect for this. It’s often enough to have a clearer understanding of the overall path and then define the next 2-3 possible steps.

Following the framework of someone else’s success story can cut the learning curve and get you there faster. Otherwise, find the most logical route, start, and correct along the way.

Manifestation is a goal-setting & goal-achieving process, but one that is backed by the subconscious mind. That’s what the quote “the universe has your back” is really all about.

But your subconscious does still need YOU to do the programming.

And in case you are now more confused than before, I suggest you join my FREE 5-day manifestation course, where I teach everything about my action-based manifestation process and how this can help you to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Take Inspired Action to Attract the Perfect Job for You

The final step in the manifesting process is taking inspired action. You can believe as much as you like into your job manifestation, if you don’t take action, not much will happen.

Manifestation works, when you work…

That’s where I disagree with famous manifestation books like The Secret, as it states things like “ask, believe, receive” – you don’t just ask the universe for your new position, and then you wait at home for someone to call and offer it to you.

Sure, sometimes you get a great job offer without actively searching for a new position, but even then, it’s highly unlikely that you get hired without some interviews beforehand.

So you see, taking inspired action is always a needed step, especially when manifesting a new career.

Here are a few tips on how these actions could look like…

Declutter Your Life And Your Current Job, to Get Ready for Your New Dream Career

Decluttering is a great manifestation practice to make space for more abundance, in this case, making space for your new job to manifest.

Making space can come in many different forms, such as:

  • Finishing an education you need for the new position, or generally, acquiring some of the needed skills.
  • Align your lifestyle with the new dream career (maybe you need to move to a new place or find someone to look after your kids, dog… I guess you get the idea?)
  • Finish off important projects at your current job.

This is not just about you feeling ready; it’s also about signaling your subconscious that you are ready!

Get Ready For Your Job Interview (Before You Even Get Invited)

Getting ready for a job interview, once you are invited, is a given. But when manifesting a new position, you can even start with this before you get the invitation or even before you have applied for it.

That’s the difference between reactive action and inspired action.

This can be such a great way to program your subconscious mind and show it that you are 100% ready for the new career step to manifest.

Prepare for a fictive job interview, and do the research as if it’s real. This may give you some more insights into the position you want to manifest, and of course, it’s the perfect preparation for your real interview. Giving you a lot of confidence.

I’m living proof that being great at job interviews is worth more than having a specific education. I had some really cool and well-paid positions before I started my own business with SelfMadeLadies. I worked for Television, in the film business, and managed a large team in an international software company… I was bringing home multiple 6-figure salaries. And that as a high school dropout.

My job manifestation secret? Programing my subconscious so that I’m very confident in my interviews. To learn more about this important topic read my post on how to manifest a job offer after an interview.

Go the Extra Mile to Manifest Your Dream Job

With my own experiences in recruiting, I can tell you one thing for sure when you go the extra mile in the application process; you are much more likely to get the job offer.

Great companies to work for get usually hundreds
if not thousands of applications for a job offer, the only way to get an interview and land the job is by standing out. And taking inspired actions, by getting the extra mile, will help you with this.

Here are a few ideas you could implement in your job-hunting process to faster manifest your dream job:

With so many people and opportunities out there, going the extra mile to set yourself apart is essential.

  • Doing a lot of research on the position (think outside of just the normal job description), the industry, and the company. Show that this is truly your dream job.
  • Stand out with your application. You can send in a video application instead of the normal written one or just have a CV that stands out in the crowd.
  • Show your true commitment to the new position and company. And that has nothing to do with mentioning in the interview that you are the last one to leave the office in the evening. This is NOT what companies look for in new hires. But bringing ideas to the interview about how you can bring in new expertise that the company might not have yet, is a great way to show your value.
  • Tell them that you manifested this job. Maybe not directly, as you never know what the person on the other side knows and thinks about manifestation. But you can tell them that you did get very clear on your WHAT and WHY for this new career step. And also how you overcame possible blocks. This is far more impressive than telling them that you are just the perfect candidate for it.
  • Follow up! Always, after sending in the application, after your interview, when they didn’t come back to you with a decision after the agreed timeline. Following up on your job application is not only great for getting more insights and clarity about where you stand in the interview process, but it’s also to show more of your interest and commitment.

    Extra recruiting tip: Include a few key points as a little recap. But keep it short and sweet, as recruiters, and hiring managers, are busy people.

You see, taking action is important! After all, you want to manifest your dream job, so taking inspired action and going the extra mile should be something you naturally want to do. If not, you might need to go back to step one and check on your WHY for the new career step.

Use the Right Job Manifestation Methods to Manifest Your Dream Job Faster

For the above steps, there is an entire manifestation toolbox you can use to make things easier and faster. So-called manifestation methods.

Here’s a quick overview of the top manifestation methods to manifest a job:

Create a Job Vision Board

A vision board is like a visual representation of the goals and dreams you want to manifest in your life.

It’s a great way to show your subconscious mind where you want to go, and it’s also a method to keep yourself on track. Because every time you pass by your job vision board, you get reminded of your dream career in the making.

To use a vision board to manifest your dream job, just follow these steps:

  1. Clearly define the position you want to manifest. That’s what we did in step one. Note all the specific details about your new job, such as the company (or possible companies) you want to work for, location, duties, salary, etc.
  2. Find images that represent your dream job. Concentrate on the emotions: what feelings do you want to experience in your new career? Find pictures that align with that. Also, think of words or affirmations you could add to your board. You could even add a resignation letter for your old job.
  3. Create a collage with all images on a poster board, or alternatively, choose an online platform if you want to create a digital vision board.
  4. Place the vision board somewhere where you see it often. And work with it! Just having pretty pictures on a wall will not magically manifest your dream job; taking action is also important when using manifestation techniques such as a dream board. Use your vision board to visualize yourself being at work.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, check out my job vision board post.

Visualize Yourself in the New Job

Visualization is a manifestation technique where you use your imagination to create a mental image of the things you want to manifest in your life. This way, you can send your subconscious a powerful message.

Your subconscious mind can’t really say if something is real or just imagined, which means you can use your fantasy to program it to reach your job goal.

Also, when used in combination with a vision board, visualization can be a powerful tool for manifesting your dream position. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a clear image of the job you want; you should have this by now, as we talked about in step one. Be as specific as possible about your dream career, and concentrate on emotions.
  2. Close your eyes if it feels easier for you (but many people can actually visualize better with open eyes!) Now visualize yourself in the new job; concentrate on doing specific tasks or talking to your new work colleagues. What can you hear, see, and smell around your new workplace? 
  3. Make your visualization as realistic as possible; the more detailed and realistic you can experience your new job, the better. Don’t forget to add emotions to your visualization. Imagine yourself feeling excited, to feel confident, and fulfilled in the new position.

For a more detailed explanation, you can read this job visualization guide, where I show you how you can use visualization to manifest your perfect job.

Use job manifestation affirmations

Job manifestation affirmations are positive statements that “tell” your subconscious mind a “new” positive story about your career situation. Affirmations are usually repeated regularly to really reinforce the message on a subconscious level. So you should make them a daily routine!

To use affirmations to help manifest your desired job or career, you can try the following statements:

“I am confident about my skills, and it’s easy for me to find my dream job.”
“I trust that the perfect job for me is on the way, and I am open to accepting it.”
“I deserve abundance and success in my career, and I am now attracting my ideal job.”

Get more ideas here: 55 Job Manifestation Affirmations

Use Gratitude to Deal With a Job Rejection and to Maintain a High Vibration Level

As with everything in life, there will be certain setbacks in manifesting your dream job. But if you are prepared for them and have a good strategy to deal with them, you can even use them as an opportunity.

It’s important to keep up a certain vibrational level when manifesting, but you don’t have to keep that up 24/7 – as it’s not realistic. Still, you should be prepared for a NO when applying for a new position. In fact, a no might even be good news!

Whenever you get bad news after a job interview, try to look at it this way: Most probably, it was just not the right fit for you.

If you can look at a job rejection this way, you will not only move on faster and therefore get a new chance; but you’ll also keep up a good mindset.

Telling your subconscious mind that “it’s ok it didn’t work out” is a much better way to handle the situation than telling yourself how bad the fact is that you didn’t get the job.

It’s also a great mindset to get into the interview process. This can take away all the nervosity because you just know: if it’s the right job for me, I’ll manifest it anyway. (This does not mean that you should not prepare for the interview and give your best!)

But getting bad news after a job interview, especially when you were absolutely convinced that it was your dream position and just the perfect career step for you, could also mean:

  1. That you need to reflect on your WHAT and WHY again. Maybe you weren’t quite as clear about this as you should have been.
  2. You might still have some major block or limiting belief you need to address first.

Don’t worry, uncovering this is a good thing; just go back to the drawing board.

To maintain an abundance mindset, whether this is after a rejection or while in the job interview process, gratitude (like in the form of a gratitude journal) is a great tool.

Gratitude is a powerful manifestation method because when you experience gratitude, you can’t actually have negative feelings or thoughts (such as fear of failure or limiting beliefs) at the same time.

This makes gratitude a powerful technique when manifesting a job. Start by being grateful for your current situation, and try to consciously have positive thoughts about your job situation.

Even if you are unemployed or you hate your current position, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Just think a bit outside of the box.

Make this feeling big and strong, and then start to feel grateful for your future career. Imagine you are already working in your dream job; how great do you feel? How much fun do you have? What are all the benefits? How much do you like the company culture?

Also, try to feel grateful for your new salary and the lifestyle you can experience with the money. As you know by now, your subconscious can’t really tell if it’s real or not.

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More Questions About How to Manifest a Job

Before I end this post, let me answer a few questions I often get asked about manifesting a job.

In case you have more questions that aren’t answered here, do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time (the best way to do so is by signing up for your free guided meditation, then, you can just answer my first email!)

Over the last 10+ years, I have built up one of the largest manifestation communities online, and what I love the most about it is the personal exchange with my readers.

Yes, you can manifest a job for another person, remember I manifested a job for my husband! But this other person needs to be aligned with this job, as you can’t manifest against someone else’s will.

Read here more on the topic: is it possible to manifest for someone else

I get often asked, how long it takes to manifest, or if it’s possible to manifest a new job fast. I get it, most people looking for work are actually in need of a new position. But be careful with this, as being needy can signal your subconscious a state of lack, and that’s an abundance block you should be aware of.

Also, no one can give you a time frame for how quickly you can manifest your new job. Sure there are tricks you can use to manifest faster, like using different manifestation methods), but in the end, it’s all about how big the gap between you (your subconscious mind) and your dream career in the making is.

If someone tells you you can manifest your dream job in 24 hours, don’t trust them. I highly doubt that any HR department can even get a contract ready in that short time frame. That said, I actually did manifest a job within less than a week, so fast manifestation can always happen when everything else is in place.

For this, you might also want to check out my post with the 5 top misconceptions about manifesting a job or to speed up your job manifestation you can also read my post on how to manifest faster.

Manifesting a job offer once you did send in your application and CV and you are already in the interview process, follows the same steps as manifesting your dream job: 1. Get clear on what you want, 2. overcome your blocks and limiting beliefs, and 3. take inspired action.

The steps are just more aligned with the specific job. So clarity you need to gain about details such as starting date, salary, etc. And while you are in the interview process, possible new blocks or limiting beliefs can come up.

For more details check out my post on how to manifest a job offer after an interview.

What if you lost your old job but actually realized that it was your dream job? Can you manifest it back?

Yes, you can, and in this post on how to manifest your job back, I’ll show you how.

After doing all the steps from the manifestation process you might ask how you will know that manifesting your job is working. There are a few signs to watch out for, for example:

  • you suddenly get increased clarity and focus on your desired job and career path.
  • you find opportunities and connections aligning with your career goals.
  • you experience a shift in mindset towards abundance and positivity in general.
  • you get unexpected events or introductions leading to job opportunities.
  • you feel a sense of excitement and anticipation about your future career.

Remember, manifestation is a process that requires patience and faith. These signs may not all happen at once, but trust in the journey and keep manifesting your dream job with the above tips.

Get here a more in-depth list of the signs to watch out for that your job is manifesting.

I hope this post helped you to understand how you can use the power of the law of attraction to manifest a job and stay focused on your job manifestation goal.

Don’t forget that taking action is a crucial part of your job manifestation; that’s why I want you to start right now. Do not procrastinate on your dream career. You deserve to manifest your dream job.

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PS. Ready to manifest your dream job?  YES! then click here and download your free guided meditation – it will help you to overcome blocks, that might keep you at your old job, and speed up your job manifestation.

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