How to Manifest Faster (10 Secret Tips For You)

The universe loves speed. How about you?

Well, don’t we all want to speed up the manifestation of our bid dreams? So I guess your question is the same as so many of my readers have: How do I speed up the manifestation process? That’s why I created this post with my top 10 tips to manifest faster.

But before I go into more detail on the things you can use to manifest faster, I want to make sure that you understand exactly how manifestation works. Because only then can you actually speed up things.


  • This post is NOT about making claims like you can manifest everything you want in 24 hours. Selfmadeladies is all about practical manifestation tips (that give you real results).

  • Manifestation works when you get vibrationally aligned with your goals (by overcoming your blocks) and then take inspired action (guided by your subconscious). How long it takes depends on the size of the goal and your current situation.

  • There are many things in your control to speed up the manifestation process. Get right to tip number one.

How Does Manifestation Work (A Quick Overview)

First, a little disclaimer: if you are here because you want to know how to manifest something instantly, I might need to disappoint you.

As much as the universe loves speed, you must be aware that you can only manifest your big dreams into your life when you are truly ready for them. Because you don’t really “ask the universe” for your manifestations, you manifest from your subconscious.

And sometimes, we are just not ready when we think we are.

So this post is not about giving you some manifestation hacks or telling you about some woo-woo rituals that claim that you can manifest overnight.

It’s about proven manifestation strategies, helping you to attract your dream life faster by getting truly ready for your goals.

The manifestation process always follows these three steps:

  1. Set Manifestation goals (also called ask or order) That’s where you set your goals.

  2. Remove Manifestation Blocks (also called to believe) That’s where you identify and remove your abundance blocks, such as limiting beliefs.

  3. Take Inspired Action to Manifest (also called receive) The actual manifestation, or in other words: taking inspired action to achieve your goals.

This is a very short overview of the manifestation process. If you want the long version, I suggest you read my in-depth post on how to manifest anything you want.

Manifestation is a goal-setting & achieving process supported by the power of the universal laws (such as the law of attraction and law of action), and it’s based on the fact that your subconscious brings into your life all the things you need to achieve your goal. It’s then your job to take action.

But only when you did reprogram your subconscious the right way.

That’s why the tip you get today is all about speeding up the alignment (that’s how you get ready for your manifestations to come) and, of course, making inspired action a more conscious activity in your life.

That’s how you get in control and also what I teach with my action-based manifestation method. (To learn more, you can join my free 5-day manifestation email course.)

1. Use the Right Manifestation Methods

There are many manifestation techniques and law of attraction tools that can help you attract more abundance faster.

Because they work directly there where the manifestation magic happens.

Now, when using them on their own, without following all the manifestation steps we discussed before, they will not change much in your life. That said, they can be very powerful supporting tools in the process.

These techniques are:

All these tools can help you overcome possible manifestation blocks faster and therefore get truly ready for your manifestations to come true. But they can also help you to get more clarity about what you really want.

And your subconscious can deliver the best when you are crystal clear about your intentions and goals.

In this post here on my favorite manifestation methods, I created a handy overview for you with all the different tools. This includes what part of the manifestation they are best used for and how to use them. But at the end of the day, you should see them as your own little “toolbox” you can use whenever you feel that things don’t go fast enough.

Want to get started right away? Then click here, and grab your FREE guided meditation session. Manifestation meditations are perfect for making your manifestations come true faster, and the best part is that they even work while you sleep.

2. Get Clear on What You Really Want

Over the years that I have successfully used the power of the law of attraction, I have discovered one important thing. The clearer I was with what I wanted, the faster I could manifest it. When you set your goals, it’s important that you become specific.

Ask yourself three questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. Why do I want it?
  3. By when do I want to?

Being specific is often misunderstood; many people think they need to be able to explain in the smallest detail what the desired thing should look like.

And that scares a lot of people and completely prevents them from moving on and taking action.

I can tell you that there is no need for this. I used the law of attraction with great success without always knowing in detail what I wanted because there is a little trick you can use. (Set emotional goals).

But let me explain what I mean with a little story…

When I manifested my dear husband, Tom. I could not decide what my soulmate should look like… Sure I have a certain type I like (Just for the looks, I wouldn’t say no to Mad Men’s Don Draper, TBH.)

Mia Fox's husband Tom
My husband Tom, I manifested into my life nearly ten years ago…

But somehow, it felt wrong to “order” a specific look. So I just concentrated on the feeling that I wanted to have in the relationship.

I’m not unhappy with the outcome…

So to really get crystal clear on your what, concentrate more on your why! How you want to feel when you have manifested your dream is not only easier to define but often much more powerful.

3. Declutter Every Area of Your Life

If you want to manifest successfully and quickly, you must first work on your abundance blocks.

But what exactly are these manifestation blocks?

There are several blocks that can hold you back when manifesting, which can be inner things like feelings or beliefs, but also outer things like your environment, the people you spend your time with, or your body, for example.

In order to manifest your dream life, it’s important that you are vibrationally aligned with what we call the universe (this is really your subconscious mind), so your energy level is right there to manifest your dreams and also to understand when you need to take action.

But these blocks are like roadblocks between you and your goal. Therefore, it is important that we clear out this resistance before we can successfully attract what we desire.

So this is a kind of reframing from your ACTUAL state that prevents you from manifesting your goals to the state where you are open for your dream life to become a reality.

It is not about being 100% perfect, but when you want to speed up your manifestation process, you should definitely work on the blocks that could hold you back from that one specific dream you are having.

In this post here, on how to overcome abundance blocks for faster manifestation can learn more about the different blocks, what they are, how you can identify them, and how you can overcome them.

Quick Expert Manifestation Tip: One of the quickest way to get rid of some manifestation blocks is by decluttering your life. In my PRO manifestation course, I teach a decluttering exercise that helps my students to get rid of what I call “the low-hanging fruits” of abundance blocks.

It’s basically decluttering every area of your life so that you automatically remove some of these little blocks. They might be small, but add them up. They can build a lot of resistance around your manifestations.

Take action now: think about one area in your life (this can be your desk, a specific room, your inbox, or even some relationships), and then make a big cleanout. You’ll see how much better you feel afterward. Decluttering makes space for abundance and helps with faster manifestation.

a table with tea and a journal

4. Get Over the Number One Abundance Block, Fear

No matter what other abundance blocks you may need to solve before you can manifest your dream, you should definitely overcome your fears first.

Fear, along with limiting beliefs, is the number one block that keeps us from reaching our goals. That’s why I made overcoming fear an important part of my course.

Not only did I gain a lot of experience myself because I suffered from anxiety and fear for many years, but also because, as an NLP coach, I learned many strategies with which you can overcome your fears.

Of course, I can’t really coach you on the techniques we use to get over fears in my course here in a single blog post, but I can give you a quick mindset shift that helped me a lot to overcome my own fears.

Fear is JUST in your head. Period.

That’s really it. Fear is an imagination of something that hasn’t happened yet, and most likely never will.

But unfortunately, this fear can totally block us if we let it happen. So if you are serious about manifesting that ONE big goal from your vision board, and especially when you want to manifest faster, then you should definitely face any fears that are holding you back.

Or at least accept them and still take action.

As an NLP coach, this is one of the many abundance blocks I can help you to get over. And if you’re not quite ready to join us in my transformational program, maybe get started by reading my manifestation book. I cover blocks in an entire chapter there.

Plus, in this hands-on manifestation guide, I also share with you my advanced manifestation method.

5. Practice Gratitude & Generosity

I guess that’s my favorite tip when it comes to manifesting with the law of attraction. It’s my own framework I created to teach in my course:

Gratitude + Generosity = Abundance

Mia Fox

When you are grateful for what you have, you signal to the universe that it “is allowed” to deliver more of this.

So you let your subconscious mind know, “hey, I’m great, and I love the things I already have!” And your subconscious mind will do everything to keep it that way and bring more of those things which make you so happy and grateful into your life.

But generosity is also a crucial aspect. Think about what kind of signals you send when you give others. This is the ultimate abundance magnet!

No matter if you donate money to a charity like I love to do (10% of my income from SelfMadeLadies I give to a charity), or you offer your time by helping out in a homeless shelter, in your local church, or a pet sanctuary.

But it actually starts with the small things; opening the door for other people, doing the shopping for elderly neighbors, expressing more love for others, for animals, and our environment.

When we give, be that love, time, money, or whatever, we actually signal that we have enough of it. So much that we can even give it away. You can’t signal abundance better, and that will undoubtedly help you to manifest faster.

three happy women smiling

6. Become a Better You

This point is actually very simple. Your success, and in this case, how fast you can manifest your dreams, depends mainly on what you are willing to do for it.

As I often repeat, the law of attraction is not a magic formula that magically brings your dream house, dream partner, dream business, and a lot of money from the universe to you.

Manifestation is a goal-setting and achieving process based on a simple universal law, the law of attraction. This means what we concentrate on; we attract more of it. But it’s also based on the law of action!

And your actions are the key to the whole process.

So if you concentrate on working on yourself, giving more importance to your personal growth, changing your thinking, acting differently, etc., it will definitely help you to manifest faster.

It’s all about you defining this “better” version of yourself and start to live the way that your future self (the one that has already reached your goals) would.

7. Live in the Here and Now

I think this point is very often overlooked when it comes to manifestation, specifically when people search for the answer on how to manifest faster.

We humans live far too often in the past but also very often in the future. But we should live more in the present moment.

Try to focus more on the present. It is important that you see yourself successful in the NOW and not just in the future. And I know that’s not always easy (after all, you are here because you want to manifest your goal faster).

If you concentrate on what will be in the future, you will never experience these things in the here and now.

You have to understand that your subconscious mind, as powerful as it is, is quite basic when it’s about understanding your commands. If you signal to your subconscious mind that you want to achieve “your dream” in the future, it will do everything in its power to ensure that you will only achieve this dream in the future.

So basically, never!

Also, the actions you take today are exactly what will create your dream (in the future.) There is no need to over obsessing about it. It will all manifest at the right time.

The more you concentrate on what you are doing here and now, the more you will understand the signals of when and what kind of action you need to take.

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8. Find Your Why

When we focus on our goals, we often only focus on WHAT. What we want is important to know, and yes, I firmly believe that the more specific you become with your goals, the easier and faster you can manifest your goals.

But we quickly discussed before that the question of your WHY could also be extremely powerful.

Finding your WHY can give you much more clarity about the WHAT.

Sometimes it shows us what we really want when we dig a bit deeper with the question about the reasons. And having a stronger why will give your subconscious more clarity on where to get you.

An example, you want more money. But if you ask yourself why you want this money, you might realize that you wish for this money only so you can travel more often.

Well, on the one hand, more travel does not necessarily mean that you need more money.

You could win these trips; you could even get paid for traveling (how about a job as a hotel tester? Or becoming a travel blogger?)

On the other hand, if you now focus on the money, be it as a picture on your vision board or when visualizing, the message you send to your subconscious is just not as effective as if you concentrate on the traveling itself.

In this case, a picture of your dream destination most definitely triggers a stronger emotional response than an image of a stack of money.

So always try to ask for the WHY.

9. Stay Positive

Look, I’m not going to tell you that you always have to be positive in order to manifest successfully.

In my opinion, this is not realistic, and it’s just not needed (so no toxic positivity on my manifestation blog!)

Of course, the Law of Attraction is based on you getting what you focus on. But not every little negative thought will immediately bring misfortune into your life.

Just as it doesn’t help when you have positive thoughts 24/7. But for sure, the more positive you are, the better. It just makes life better, and it helps you to take more action.

And did you know that positivity, or your happiness, is something you can train?

In this post here, on how to create your own happiness, I will tell you what to do. This blog got shared over 25K times, so I guess it’s really worth sharing with you here.

I think if we all worked a little bit more on our own happiness, the world we live in would be a better place. And who knows, maybe it will really help you to manifest your big dream faster.

10. Be Open to Receive

Here are a few examples of actions that signal to the universe that you are ready for your goal:

  • If you want to manifest love and find your dream partner, ask yourself: do you have time and space for the new relationship? If not, make it!

  • If you want to manifest more customers for your business, do you have the capacity to handle them? If not, take care that you are ready (for example, by getting a VA on board).

  • If you want to manifest your dream vacation in Maui, have you already bought a bikini? If not, that’s an action step you can take right now…

You see, you don’t have to overcomplicate this. If you stay open for your manifestations to happen, they will.

It’s all about sending these subconscious signals: hey, I’m ready. You can now make my dreams come true. Fast!

Because your actions beat everything.

signature saying xo mia fox

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