Manifest Your Dream Home With The Law of Attraction

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

NLP Coach & Bestselling Manifestation Book Author

At some point, I stopped counting my house moves, but it would have to be over 30 in 4 different countries. I guess I can say that I’m pretty much a PRO when it comes to property hunting. But not only that, over the years, I have definitely become very good at manifesting my dream apartments and houses. 

Yes, I manifested my dream home several times, and today, I want to share with you my secret on how you can manifest your dream home fast.

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Manifesting a House With Ease

I currently live in London and Zurich, both places where the housing market is scarce, and the rent and purchase prices are high. I know about property viewings where several hundred people show up, and of course, only one lucky person can get the property in the end.

So it’s no wonder that I keep hearing from friends how difficult it is to find the apartment of your dreams. And how much they envy me, that I always get the perfect place to live. 

But how come I never really had a problem with that? It seems like whenever I want an apartment, I get it. 

My secret? Well, let’s say the universe has my back…

Well, kind of.

I realized at some point that the power of universal laws is applicable to absolutely everything, and why shouldn’t I use them to snag my dream property?

I shared on my manifestation blog hundreds of articles on how the law of attraction works, and here are my top tips for manifesting your dream home so that your apartment or house search ends with a happy ending.

Ask for What You Want and Become Very Specific

Maybe you are not yet at the stage where you have found the perfect property, and you are still searching. Then it is important that you clearly signal to the universe (your subconscious mind) where it should lead you.

The more specific you become, the better. But that doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly what color your new front door should be or whether your new bathroom should have white or pink tiles.

If you know that, and it’s important to you, perfect. 

If not, then focus on your feelings. What feeling do you want your new home to trigger in you? Do you want it to be comfortable or elegant, do you want a place where you can raise a family and play with the dog in the garden, or a city apartment that is perfect for a single person?

The signals you send to your subconscious mind need to be loaded with the right emotions; that’s when the law of attraction can work in full power.

Start Acting As If You Already Live in Your Dream Home

Once you’ve found your dream apartment or house, it’s best to start living as if you already live there.

By the way, this works just as well with an existing home as it does with a dream property that only exists in your imagination.

For example, start decorating your new home, go furniture shopping, check out your new neighborhood for cafes, make business cards with your new address. 

Anything that signals to your subconscious mind that you already live there will help you manifest your dream home.

Create a Vision Board for Your Dream Home

If you’re already shopping for your new home, why not create a vision board?

I love Pinterest for the virtual decoration of my future home, and you can start doing that before you even get the go-ahead. This could also work as a digital vision board.

But of course, you can also create a classic vision board on a canvas. A vision board can be a super powerful manifestation tool and show your subconscious mind exactly how your new dream house should look like.

Oh, and if you like the idea of creating a vision board to manifest a new home, grab my vision board manifestation tool kit here! 

It comes with printable manifestation checks for your new vision board. So if your big question is how to manifest money to buy a house, you’ll love these checks.

Have an Unquestionable Belief That You Will Get the New Place

When it comes to waiting for an answer from the landlord or the seller, be 100% convinced that you will get the approval.

Do you often have doubts about these things? I have a good trick that always helps me. I always tell myself that if it is exactly the right thing for me, it will be 100% mine. That somehow takes the pressure off and gives me time to reflect again if it’s truly what I want.

Overcoming your blocks is one of the many manifestation topics I share in my bestselling manifestation book. Click the button below to get your copy.  Or just sign up for my weekly manifestation tips into your inbox, and I’ll send you the first chapter for free.

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It takes out all the fluff and gives you hands-on advice on how to take inspired action and make the Law of Attraction work for YOU

Try Positive Affirmations to Attract Your Dream Home

Want to send the universe (your subconscious mind) some extra hints on how your dream house should look like? How about trying positive affirmations?

Manifest dream home affirmation could be as simple as: “I am serving to live in my new house” – but maybe you want to become more specific and signal your subconscious mind how this new house should look like.

Take the time to visualize your beautiful home and how you live in it. Then create an affirmation that aligns with exactly that visualization. Add as much positive emotion as you can.

You might end up with a positive affirmation like this:

“I deserve to wake up every morning in my cozy bedroom, happy and full of gratitude. I am grateful to live in my wonderful new home and to enjoy the daily views into the pretty garden.”

Of course, you should create your own affirmation, one that is perfect aligned with your dream home manifestation. But affirmations are a great manifesting tool and another way to using the law of attraction to attract your perfect house.

Declutter Your Old Home to Manifest a New One

Decluttering is a powerful manifesting tool, especially when it comes to “making room for the new” and getting rid of old limiting beliefs and abundance blocks. This is also the reason why I strongly focus on this point in the PRO workbook edition of my bestselling manifestation book. (Btw. you can upgrade to the workbook after purchasing my book.)

And, of course, decluttering is a great way to manifest your dream house faster. The added bonus? You have already accomplished that one tedious task by the time you are ready to move.

Decluttering is basically a part of the “live as if you already have your new home” step – because you are getting yourself mentally ready to move into your dream home.

A strong sign to your subconscious and an excellent way to align yourself with your desire if manifesting your dream home is your goal.

Take Action to Manifest Your Dream Home

Manifestation is not magic and in the end, what counts is what action you take. And when you are looking for an apartment, you can do a lot yourself and steer things in the right direction.

With every dream home I manifested, I have been very active and took inspired actions.

For example, you apply as a tenant for a beautiful apartment in a prime location and at a very good price? Do not assume that you are the only applicant.

To manifest a dream home, you might have to go the extra mile, but once you wake up in your dream house, you know it was worth it.

Draw attention to yourself, from the first impression at the viewing to the follow-up after the viewing, to the contract negotiation. There are so many ways you can make a good impression on your prospective landlord.

And that doesn’t just apply to rental properties. Selling real estate is not always dependent on the offer. I have often seen sellers prefer to sell their homes to someone who may have a smaller budget but is very sympathetic to them.

Homeowners often feel a connection with their neighbors and may want to make sure that the new owners fit in well with the neighborhood. Or they just feel that the home they lived in for so many years should go in good hands.

How Long Does It Take to Manifest a House

The question of how long it will take to manifest your dream home is difficult to answer. It depends on many factors that could stand between you and your dream house.

For example, how many manifesting blocks you have to work on, how long you have been manifesting consciously, how good you are at it, and of course, how big your ambitions are.

Manifesting your dream apartment might take less action, alignment, and therefore time than manifesting a multi-million dollar mansion with a pool, tennis course, and a stable for your horse…

All the years I worked as a manifestation coach has shown again and again that manifesting smaller things is usually easier and takes less time to attract. It makes sense since we often have less resistance with smaller goals.

But once you have overcome your biggest blocks and are aligned with your new house, you can attract abundance faster than you might think.

And that brings me to the last point of this blog post, and how you can manifest your dream home.

Remove All Your Abundance Blocks & Learn More About Manifesting Your Dream Home

You see, manifesting your dream house is not that difficult, and there is a lot you can do yourself.

One last important thing I like to mention is that you clear yourself from all the manifesting blocks that might still stand in your way. So if you still struggle to find (or get) your dream house, you might need some more help with this.

In my manifestation blueprint, which I share in my bestselling book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” I share all my secrets with you.

This not only helped me with my 30+ dream apartments and houses (what can I say, I just love moving). It’s also the manifesting technique I used to manifest all I ever wanted.

From my dream husband, a wonderful wedding in vegas, including the honeymoon in Hawaii, a great career with multiple 6-figure incomes, and later, my dream business, one of the fastest-growing manifestation community online. 

Grab your copy of my manifesting book here, and I’m sure that manifesting your dream home will happen faster than you think.

I’m Mia Fox, bestselling author, and the face behind this manifestation blog. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks, I decided to quit 1:1 coaching and founded the SelfMadeLadies online community. Here I help thousands of daily readers, wonderful women, just like YOU, to make the law of attraction work. And now it’s YOUR turn, are you ready?  Then get started and “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” – grab your copy of my manifestation book here »

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