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Act As If - The Power of Living as Your Successful Future Self

The manifestation of your ideal life always starts with a dream. The dream then becomes a goal. And to reach the goal, you have to “act as if” you have already reached that goal, and then take inspired action. The process is always the same; still, many women struggle to get it right. But today I give you my big secret on how all my manifestations come true. Ready?

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If you do not follow your goal, do not take the needed action steps, your ideal life remains only a dream. But since you are here, on a blog dedicated to manifesting your dream life, we will take care that this will never happen again.

One of the big secrets of manifesting the life you love is “acting as if” you already reached your goal. You must first become the person who is already living your ideal life. Your successful future self. Act as if YOU are this person, and you will become her.

If you know exactly WHAT you want and WHY you want it, it should be easy to imagine what your life should look like when you have reached this dream.

It’s called daydreaming. And we all do it!

And that’s a good thing. Daydreaming is nothing more than visualizing and, therefore, a powerful technique to manifest your big goals, your ideal life, with the help of the Law of Attraction.

You send your subconscious mind the signals it needs to know where it needs to take you. But there is more you can actively do to show your subconscious mind the right direction.

Start to act as if, start living as your successful future self.

Learn From the Future to Change Your Present

Imagine you could ask yourself ten years from now how you got here. How did you do this or that?

The good news is, you can!

As an NLP coach, I often work with timelines, and a great exercise is to look 5, 10, or more years ahead in the timeline and visualize the life you want to have.

Imagine yourself living the life of your dreams, being where you want to be, having achieved the goals that are “only” dreams today.

Focus on how you feel, how you behave, how you talk, how you dress, what people you surround yourself with, etc.

Think about what your everyday life looks like, what do you do when you get up in the morning, how do you spend your morning, afternoon, evening? When do you go to bed, how long do you sleep?

Get to Know Your Success Persona

I call this process creating your Success Persona. It is about understanding exactly who you are when you have fulfilled your dream when you are living your dream life.

The list of questions is much longer, the deeper you go, the more you learn about yourself as your successful future self. And creating such a success persona is an important part of my free manifesting training.

» In my bestselling manifestation book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life, I go even a step further. I teach how you can create your own inner manifesting coach.

Creating the Success Persona is for many a great eye-opener because most women deal intensively with the dream, but not with the steps it needs to reach this dream.

No wonder, because most Law of Attraction gurus say that the HOW is not your job. And you only have to believe enough in your dream.

But tell me gorgeous, just between us, has that worked for you so far?

It didn’t work for me!

Okay, maybe for small goals here and there, but my BIG dreams I could only manifest when I started to deal intensively with the HOW.

And your Success Persona is like having a life-coach with you 24/7.

Learn more about how to make the HOW your job and living as your more successful self, in my practical manifesting guide. Grab your copy here.

Ask Yourself, What Can You Do Better?

We are actually our best coach ourselves.

Did I just say that? Ouch!

As a coach, I should tell you that you absolutely need a business, mindset, or life coach, depending on your goals, and invest a lot of money in coaching sessions. But the last few years have made me change my mind a lot.

Today, I am convinced that we carry all this talent within us, that we all can coach ourselves the best if we do it right.

A coach’s work is nothing more than looking at you, your situation, your problem, etc. from a different perspective, and then getting you to have the right insights yourself.

At some point, I wondered what if I could help my clients to become their own manifestation coach.

I have to admit that at first, I was scared of taking the step, I wondered what if all the women didn’t need me anymore, after which they could coach themselves. But fortunately, I still took action, and my advanced manifesting formula worked.

And it works for (almost) everyone I teach it to.

Almost, because yes, of course, it involves work that you must be willing to invest in. And let’s just face it, not everyone is willing to invest it.

But YOU should! Because you really deserve to live your best life.

In my Law of Attraction book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” I describe my advanced manifesting formula in more detail, and I can teach you, how to apply it in your daily life, and make all your BIG dreams a reality.

But first and foremost, it’s about making a plan and having it reviewed and improved by different roles.

And your Success Persona plays an important role here.

She is like your new BFF or your mentor who can tell you exactly in which direction you should go, what worked (for her), and what didn’t.

It is then up to you to take this insight and improve your current life accordingly. It helps you to realize what kind of changes you have to make.

Expect Resistance

It is not always easy when you look at your life from the perspective of another person.

And yes, your Success Persona IS another person because, to achieve the big goals and dreams in your life, you will have to change.

And changes are never easy. But always remember, change means that you are going forward, that you are getting closer and closer to your goal, step by step.

The great thing is, you only start by “acting as if,” so you can really take baby steps and slowly expand your comfort zone until you fully act as if you are that new person.

But that’s the kind of change that this process causes in the wonderful ladies in our community:

And the great thing is, you don’t have to go through this alone because we can do this together.

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By Mia Fox

Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

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