How Inspired Action for Manifestation Works

Inspired action is key when you want to attract your big dreams. That’s why I like to give you some hands-on examples of how to use inspired action for your manifestations.

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But what exactly is inspired action? Let’s get started with that first…


An inspired action is when you do something because you feel the strong inner urge to do it, like having a gut feeling.

But it’s not just a small action step; it’s a quantum leap toward your dream. This type of action is definitely one of the most critical steps in the manifestation process and usually the first big step forward.

It’s about doing something that brings you one big step closer to your goal and doing it with a strong emotional attachment, knowing that this is the RIGHT thing to do right now.

The great thing about such an action step is that it usually attracts the next steps and directs you further in the right direction.

Maybe you’ve already heard that when you want to manifest something, you should pay attention to the signs of the universe. And then, you simply have a strong feeling or desire to do something.

Often, you can’t even explain where the feeling comes from, why you got it, and what it should bring you.

Then, you either give in or ignore it. You could also call it intuition. Or to have a creative idea or epiphany. And you are then taking action on it.

It is exactly this feeling that triggers inspired action if you decide to follow it. But that’s the step YOU have to take.

I know that many ‘law of attraction coaches’ tell you that the HOW is not your job when manifesting; this is also what the manifestation book The Secret teaches.

But I don’t agree with this point about inspired action when manifesting.

Because the HOW, this next step, is your job. You don’t have to know 100% what to do and have planned it through in every single detail, but it is not easy to recognize the signs and know when and how to react.

So the HOW becomes your job, fortunately, one you can learn and train. (And a great start would be to join my email list, where I teach you everything you need to know about action-based manifestation.)

And if you join today, I’ll send you my favorite guided meditation as a welcome gift.

What is the Difference Between Inspired Action and Action

Simply put, the difference between inspired action and regular action is that inspired action:

  1. It happens out of a gut feeling, so to speak, an inner urge that makes you do something (this is usually positive, but doesn’t have to be)
  2. A step that brings you closer to your goal and often leads to the next important steps.

Many people have the problem of not thinking enough about their actions. We often just do “something” because then we are busy—or at least we look busy.

That’s why so many people in the evenings, even after a hard day at work, often feel that they haven’t really achieved anything. And the frustration is big.

In today’s society, we are driven to live in a kind of “hustle mode.” Being busy has become a way to measure success.

We do so much, day after day, but most of our actions are meaningless.

We think too little before we act and act not out of true inspiration.

  • We act because we should.
  • We act because others do it.
  • We act because we feel guilty.

And sometimes, we even act because we really believe that something is truly right for us.

Most often, our actions are not inspired actions.

But these inspired actions are the big steps that lead us to our goals and dreams. 

Inspired action often brings an incredible feeling of joy and positivity; you just know it’s the right thing to do.

But inspired action can also make you feel scared; it can force you to leave your comfort zone, which is never an easy step.

And what is also possible, although not many manifestation teachers out there will talk about this secret, is that you can consciously attract and activate inspired action.

And I will show you how in a bit. But let’s first have a look at why inspired action is so important when manifesting.

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Why is Inspired Action Key for Your Manifestation Success

See, the Law of Attraction is not magic; you can’t just shout “Abracadabra!” and your desire suddenly falls from the sky.

It also doesn’t help to visualize your goals the whole day, stick them on a vision board, or use any other manifestation method, like affirmations, journaling, or even guided meditations.

If you then don’t take inspired action, not much will happen.

These manifestation tools are helpful ( more on this later in this post), but they are only a way to support the manifestation process. They are not the kind of actions that will make a real difference.

I know many people misunderstand this, and I was one of them for a long time. But luckily, at some point, I found out what the secret behind “The Secret” is.

Manifesting is a goal-setting and goal-achieving process that works with one big power: your subconscious mind.

The law of attraction is based on the fact that you can program your subconscious mind to accept and believe a new reality. A reality created by you.

The subconscious cannot tell whether something is true or false, so it will accept this new reality as true and make every effort to bring you there.

Your subconscious loves it when things are in balance and everything is in the right place. It’s actually very good at its job. But you need to support and guide it.

You have the belief that your dream will come true, then you start living as if these goals were already achieved (act as if), and this acting as if it will be a signal to your subconscious mind that this is the place where you belong.

And then the magic happens.

But it’s important to understand that, in the end, only your actions count. This is really the language you use to talk to your subconscious.

Your subconscious mind (or call it the universe) will give you signs, attract ideas, and bring people and possibilities into your life; you will have inspirations, dreams, an epiphany, or anything that could inspire the right action.

But in the end, you have to act. Without your action, all these signs are useless.

I read somewhere the other day that inspired action works without a plan. That is something you don’t think about in advance.

Most of the time, inspired action is something you do out of a positive feeling. You just want to do it; you have this inner urge, and it feels totally awesome.

The problem is, it’s not always like this and also depends a lot on your abundance blocks.

If you are one of those women who would rather question things and be anxious, or maybe just find it hard to make decisions (welcome to the club), then it’s quite possible that you don’t see the hints of the universe so easily.

Or when you do see them, you question your actions and maybe never move on (out of fear).

Your inspired action is something that can happen intuitively, something where you should act quickly, and, in my opinion, even something that you can and should consciously trigger. So it’s important that you learn more about the HOW and learn when you have to take inspired action.

A topic I cover in my bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life. So if you want to know more about my very practical approach to the Law of Attraction and my signature manifestation process, you should get your copy of my manifestation book here.

But for now, let’s check out some ways how you can use it to attract your dreams even faster.

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Using Inspired Action in the Manifestation Process

Here are a few ways in which using inspired action for manifestation could look in practice.

Aligning With Your Desires

The first step in the manifestation process is setting goals. It is so important to understand what you truly desire in life and then formulate it in a way that you can communicate it to the subconscious.

But as I said, your actions are really the way to communicate to your subconscious mind.

When you just set goals, there is not much meaning behind them; the true magic happens when you start to vibrationally align with your dreams. But “vibrational alignment” is a concept that is somehow hard to understand.

When you take big and meaningful actions (aka inspired actions), this brings you to the vibrational level of your goals. This signals your subconscious: hey, I’m ready for this.

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Dealing with Doubt & Limiting Beliefs

Doubt is a natural part of the manifestation process, but it can also be a major roadblock to success. To overcome doubt, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of your desires and trust that the universe is working in your favor.

Ultimately, reprogramming your subconscious mind is the ONLY way to overcome abundance blocks.

This reprogramming starts again with your actions. It’s kind of “faking until you make it” to signal your subconscious that you are ready to move forward, but in a very specific way.

For this, I suggest you also read my post on acting as if when manifesting, as this is really the inspired action needed here.

Taking Inspired Action Steps

Once you’ve aligned with your desires and overcome doubt, it’s time to take action on your goals.

But because we are adding inspired action to this, this becomes different from just a normal goal-achieving plan.

This means taking action that feels good and is in alignment with your desires rather than forcing yourself to take action out of fear or obligation. You can do this by setting small, achievable goals, listening to your intuition, and being open to unexpected opportunities.

But you should always add some very big action steps—the ones that push you a bit out of your comfort zone—as they make all the difference.


An inspired action is nothing you have to wait for!

In my signature manifesting process, which I teach in my book and my PRO Manifestation program, I will show you exactly how to activate this first important step.

Because, in the end, all you need is a clear plan.

If you know exactly where you want to go, you will also know what your next step must be. You will want to take this next step automatically, and you will do so completely without any doubts.

With the CEO of Your Dream Life Method, I’ll show you how to create this plan and have it reviewed and approved by your small management team. This method, inspired by Walt Disney, has helped me attract my greatest dreams.

But not only my dreams!

Over the years, my book and courses have helped hundreds of thousands of women manifest their dream lives and businesses.

And I hope you are next.

And hey, maybe this is one of those signs from the universe or from your subconscious that shows you right now what your inspired action should be:

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Are you ready for your big dreams to manifest? Then don’t wait any longer and start to take inspired action now!

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