How to Manifest Winning the Lottery Jackpot

As a manifestation book author and blogger, I have built up an amazing community of women from all over the world. And there is that ONE question I get more than anything else: How do I manifest winning the lottery? So, I decided it was finally time to write this blog post.

I’ll give you some practical tips on how to manifest winning the lottery in a bit, but before we get there, here are a few words that might give you a needed mindset change if a lottery win is currently top on your wish list.

An illustration of a joyful woman after she manifested a lottery win, money is falling from the sky.

Here’s the Problem With Lottery Manifestation

Manifesting money is not simply a question of how to ask the universe to win the lottery; it’s about changing your money mindset, overcoming abundance blocks, and then taking inspired actions.

And winning the lottery is, after all, still dependent on luck.

Manifestation is not some magic trick. I do believe that your faith can truly move mountains and open up possibilities beyond your imagination, but it opens up YOUR possibilities to act. Acting from a different place, on a different level, a different vibration.

But your actions are what ultimately put you in control.

When I get asked about lottery manifestation, my first question is always: why do you want to restrict the “universe” by defining details of your goal that is just not important…

I want you to reflect on what you really want to gain from that lottery win.

Because I’m 100% confident that no one in the entire world wants to win the lottery just for the sake of winning the lottery.

And I even believe that most of the people looking for how to manifest winning the lottery are not even doing it for the money.

What we humans want in life is to have experiences and feelings in a certain way (what these experiences help us to do).

This is, btw., my big secret behind why I can very easily manifest money. I do always concentrate on the experience, not the money itself.

In fact, whenever I tried to manifest a certain amount of money (such as a commission from a particular customer deal back when I was still working in sales), it never worked.

But when I manifested a three-week trip to Hawaii that cost over 50K, money suddenly came into my life… 

Even through commissions from my sales job. And yes, it could even happen via a lottery win.

But it doesn’t matter.

What mattered was that I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. What really matters is the experience.

Money never had any meaning for me. Money is just paper. The experiences you can “buy” with money have meaning. And so do the experiences you miss out on if you don’t have money.

So before you concentrate too much on that lottery win, concentrate more on the WHY behind it. This will open up all your abundance gates and allows money to flow into your life.

That’s why the lottery manifestation tips I like to give you today are not just to win the lottery; they are to become rich, rich on new experiences.

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How to Manifest the Lottery Fast

Tip 1: Start by asking yourself what you really want

Your first answer might still be “to win the lottery” – it doesn’t matter because we don’t stop there.

Ask again: why do I want to manifest winning the lottery? Now, most people naturally answer for money. But that’s still not where we end this reflection exercise.

Ask again and again… until you dig deep enough that you have an answer that makes you truly feel excited gives you some goosebumps, and makes you wanna take action right away.

An illustration of a joyful woman after she manifested a lottery win, money is falling from the sky.

Tip 2: Detach yourself from money

To manifest what we want sometimes helps to detach ourselves from the outcome.

But be careful: I’m not about a set-and-forget approach. I know some manifestation teachings, like the book The Secret, say that all it takes is “ask, believe, receive…” – and people turn the belief part into “I just have to trust that the universe will deliver…”

But if you know my work as a manifestation coach, then you know that this is not what I believe to be true. I’m all about taking action when manifesting.

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But even if taking action is key when manifesting, sometimes we need to let go first. 

Just try this out for a few days: See money as either “just paper” or “experiences.”

When it comes to spending money on the not-so-nice things in life, like taxes, consciously see money as only paper (or just a number on your online banking screen).

It’s actually pretty easy to give no meaning to a piece of paper, so this is a great exercise for not stressing out about payments like taxes and bills…

On the other hand, you may fill your gratitude journal and vision board with all the experiences that money can give you.

Whenever you earn or get some money, no matter how much, connect it emotionally to an experience you can have.

And if the amount is small, just think about having coffee with your bestie in that pretty new cafe around the corner… I’m sure this will put you instantly into a state of gratitude and make such a difference when you want to attract more abundance (such as manifesting your big win!)

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Tip 3: Take Action to Make Your Manifestation Become Real

Our universe is a wonderful place, and so much can happen once you truly concentrate on your deep desires and you let go of limiting beliefs, and other abundance blocks, that no longer serve you.

But in reality, the “universe” we talk about when manifesting is not something out there; it’s within you, it’s your subconscious mind.

And all the work you do on your subconscious is just so that you become truly ready to take action on your goals. 

Your actions when you want to manifest a lottery win, money, or just more financial abundance start with your money mindset.

Change the way you think and feel about money, and become open to receiving.

Then, from that place, you can create a plan for the more detailed actions on how you can attract the money (or, better said, the experiences) into your life.

Buy a lottery ticket if you still feel that attracting a lottery win is the right thing. But see this as just ONE possibility on how to get what you want.

By the way, using different manifestation methods is a great way to reprogram your subconscious. here are two examples:

1. Create a vision board to manifest winning the lottery jackpot.
2. Use money affirmations to attract a lottery win.

The Ultimate Lottery Manifestation Tip

Let go of the idea that manifest winning the lottery will change your life or, even worse, is the only way for you to get what you want.

Financial freedom is a feeling that starts long before the money is in your bank account, and you can start with this now!

Don’t let the idea of winning the lottery stand between you and your dream life. 

In other words, Don’t focus on becoming rich in money, but rich in new experiences and moments. Because, in the end, that’s what matters.

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I can’t guarantee you that this will help manifest a lottery win, but it will absolutely help you attract more abundance (and the awesome experiences) you deserve!

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