6 Alternatives to Creating a Vision Board

Do you love vision boards, but you get bored of just sticking images on a white canvas? And maybe you like to know how to make a vision board without magazines, and you are looking for vision board alternatives.

Well, I have good news for you, my friend… I just created this vision board inspiration post for you with ideas that are very different from your regular magazine cut-outs!

So next time, when you plan to make a vision board for manifesting your dreams instead of creating a regular dream board, try out one of these vision board alternatives below.

6 Alternatives to Creating a Vision Board

If you prefer to watch the vision board alternatives as a video, here it is. If you rather like to read the post, get started with the first vision board alternative below the video…

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A few months ago, I moved into my new apartment. At that time, I was just in the middle of two vision boards (I love to update my vision boards regularly), and since my husband was already holding the drill in his hand, I asked him to hang up the frame for our new dream board.

I planned to design within the next few days.

Two months later, I just realized there is still an empty frame hanging on our bedroom wall.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m writing my new book and I’m working very long hours (aka hustle mode) or because I’m really happy with myself and the world right now.

But I simply forgot to create my new vision board.

Update: the hustle mode was worth it, and my manifestation book became a bestseller. Yeah! It’s called Become the CEO of Your Dream Life, and you can grab your copy here.)

Now, let’s get back to the vision board alternatives I promised to share with you…

Tell me, my friend, do you also have a pretty busy life and just no time to cut out pictures and get super creative in designing a dream board? 

But do you still want to manifest your dream life and use this powerful Law of Attraction tool to attract the life you love?

So here is your answer to how to make a vision board without magazines…

Check Out These Six Alternatives to Creating a Vision Board:

  1. Create a Gratitude Board
  2. Write a Dream Life Journal
  3. Design a Pinterest Dream Board
  4. Record Your Dream Life
  5. Write a Letter to Yourself
  6. Set Powerful Anchors

If you have been following my manifesting blog for some time, you know for sure that I am a big fan of vision boards.

And that’s why I actually see these alternatives to a vision board more as additional tools to strengthen the power of the Law of Attraction and to make your manifestation process easier.

I still keep my regular vision board.

If you do have the time to invest in a regular vision board, I recommend you read my very in-depth vision board guide next.

But first, let’s have a look at my top alternatives to a vision board, what they are, and how you can use them as manifestation tools in addition to or as an alternative to your vision board.

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Create a Gratitude Board

A gratitude board is an excellent alternative to a vision board and a lovely way to express your gratitude.

Maybe you already have a gratitude list or a gratitude journal, but on a board, you can see your gratitude every day when you walk by. This makes it even more powerful.

Of course, you can allow your creativity to run free, but an effortless way of a gratitude board is to write things on colorful Post-it notes and hang them on a canvas (or just an empty wall).

You could also organize this in groups, people for whom you are grateful, things you own, or experiences you had for which you are thankful.

Or how about a gratitude board where your guests can contribute? The wall in your guests’ toilet might be the perfect place.

Many people have a guest book or something where visitors can leave a note; a gratitude wall would be an inspiring project to get to know your family and friends from a whole new perspective.

Write a Dream Life Journal

A dream life journal is a very good alternative if you either don’t want to hang up a vision board in your apartment or if you are, for example, traveling a lot or living as a digital nomad.

My first dream board was such a journal, and I called it my vision board book.

I used to travel back and forth between Switzerland and England at the time, living with friends and sleeping on my parent’s sofa bed (oh yes, my life has changed a lot over the last ten years, thanks, universe!)

A ” portable ” vision board was perfect for me.

You can make your dream life journal an ongoing story, glue in pictures, or just rewrite your story as you like.

The nice thing about a vision board journal is that you can easily keep it once you start a new one. I love sitting on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon with a good cup of tea and browsing through my old dream board journals.

And be grateful for how far I’ve come. It’s like therapy.

Design a Pinterest Dream Board

In this post here, I share different ideas on how to make a vision board online, and my Pinterest vision board is one of my favorite digital vision boards version.

I love Pinterest, both for my private and business use. So I was more than excited when I first heard about the idea of designing a Vision Board on Pinterest.

In case you are on Pinterest: Follow my account for more Law of Attraction and Manifesting tips.

And in case Pinterest is new to you, this is a visual search engine where you can get an account for free. You can search for a specific topic and find pins (images that link to a specific page).

I like to use Pinterest to collect inspiration when I plan a trip or a certain DIY project. Or, of course, to decorate my house.

But Pinterest is great for creating a Dream Board quickly and easily. You can either search directly on Pinterest or add pictures to your board that you found somewhere else on the internet.

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can also make these boards private so that only you can see your Vision Board.

Record Your Dream Life

Simply recording your dream life story is also a great idea and an alternative to a vision board.

You don’t need any special equipment; your mobile phone is enough. Tell yourself what your dream life looks like, and maybe choose your ideal day.

Go into as much detail as possible, don’t just describe things. Also describe how you feel. You can play this recording again and again, in the morning in your morning routine, in the evening before falling asleep, or even on your commute to work.

If your subconscious mind hears this story over and over again, it will acknowledge it as the truth and do everything to get you there.

Write a Letter to Yourself

Have you ever written yourself a letter? For example, a love letter? Or you wrote to yourself about how grateful you are for your wonderful life?

Give it a try; it’s a super powerful tool if you want to manifest your dream life.

And it is a great way to tell your ideal life, your dream life story. Where a vision board strongly works with images, you can work with the story itself here.

Again, go into as many details as possible and describe exactly what you want, why you want it, how you will feel when you have it, and how you would feel if it didn’t work out.

Write this letter to yourself as if you were writing to an old friend. Of course, you can also write emails to yourself, but handwriting strengthens this whole process even more.

Set Powerful Anchors

In this post here how anchors can help you with manifesting, you can learn exactly what an anchor is and how to use it in the manifesting process to have more success with the law of attraction.

But in a nutshell, anchors are little ” reminders ” of what you want to manifest.

The great thing about anchoring is that you can connect it to a certain object or action, but also a word so that you can ” take it out ” whenever you need it.

Anchors are a great addition to a vision board; you can, for example, set an anchor for a specific goal that you want to achieve, and this anchor can then bring you 24/7 into the right mindset when you need it.

You could, for example, use an abundance check as an anchor for your financial goals. Add it to your vision board, or just keep it in your pocket whenever you need it.

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Which Vision Board Alternative Is Right For You?

You see, there are many alternatives to a vision board, but the best thing to do is to combine different manifesting tools and implement the right ones for your situation.

The most important tip I can give you is to choose a vision board type that works for YOU. That’s the one you actually use because taking action is the most important key for manifestations.

So no matter what vision board alternatives you choose from the list, make using it a daily habit.

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