5 Days to Make Manifestation Work!

It’s a 5 Day Challenge, it’s FUN, it’s FREE, and it WORKS!

5 Days to Make Manifestation Work!

It’s a 5 Day Challenge, it’s FUN, it’s FREE, and it WORKS!


The 55x5 Manifesting Formula May Be a Waste of Time (and What You Should Do Instead)

By Mia Fox

Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Author and Founder of the SelfMadeLadies Community

As a manifesting coach, it is currently nearly impossible to get past a special Law of Attraction technique, the 55×5 manifesting formula. And although the 55x5 manifestation method is the last craze in the LoA community, I think it is a waste of time for most women.

But the question is, does the 55x5 manifestation technique work? The 55x5 manifesting formula works like any other LoA tool if used correctly and you understand that it's just a tool. But as mentioned before, I think it is a waste of time for most people, and there is a technique that helps you to manifest your desired dream much faster.

But before I explain to you why I think you should use another method to attract your dreams, let me briefly explain what the 55x5 manifesting method is.

⇒ Expert Tip: Law of Attraction tools are a great way to support you in the manifesting process. But choose your tools carefully; the best thing to do is to choose something you can do regularly and feel comfortable with. Then you have the best results.

What is the 55×5 Manifesting Formula?

With the 55x5 manifesting technique you choose your dream, your goal and write it down 55 times. For 5 days in a row.

So basically it's a mixture of two other tried and tested Law of Attraction tools, affirmations, and journaling.

Generally, there is nothing wrong with the 55x5 manifesting method, which is also called a manifesting ritual, by the way. As with affirmations, the repetition of positively formulated statements, in this case, your dream, has an effect on your subconscious mind and helps to re-program it.

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between true and false and the more often you say something to your subconscious, no matter if through the spoken word, the written word or visualizations, the more it will acknowledge this truth and classify it as correct.

Your subconscious will then do everything to bring you into this new "reality"; this is the basic principle of the Law of Attraction.

The exact step by step process of the 55x5 manifesting method I have answered in this manifesting Q&A post here: What is the 55×5 Manifesting Method

In this article here, I would like to explain why I think the 55x5 manifesting method is a waste of time for most of us and what you should do instead.


Why I Think the 55x5 Method Is a Waste of Time

I wouldn't say that the 55x5 method is fundamentally wrong, but I think for many of us there are better tools that can support our manifesting process.

The main problem I see is that the 55x5 formula is very time consuming and the affirmations are then put on paper rather carelessly.

And in this way, it doesn't help at all.

55x5 is not a magic formula with which you can magically attract your dreams into your life. It's about repetition, and re-programming the subconscious mind.

But that only works if you do it consciously and have the right feelings in the process.

When I read about the 55x5 manifesting technique in different Facebook groups, it sometimes almost hurts when I see statements like "I shortened my wish because I found it too exhausting to write the whole sentence 55 times" or "I stopped at day two because I got lazy."

I think the best statement I found was this: "it never worked for me. just made me waste paper and got a hand cramp." - well, this statement could actually be from me...

What Should You Do Instead of The 55x5 Manifesting Formula?

As mentioned above, there are several useful tools that can help you manifest and you should choose the ones that are most useful to you. It's all about having a good return on investment. Your investment is your time and energy.

But when I hear the women in my manifesting community talking about the 55x5 technique, I usually recommend investing the time better in something, called the Rule of Five!

The rule of five is a technique I learned in my training with success coach Jack Canfield, and I find it one of the most powerful tools you can use to achieve your goals faster.

It is a commitment to take five actions every day that will bring you closer to your goal or dream.

If you have visited my Law of Attraction blog before, or perhaps you are a member of my manifesting community, then you know for sure that I am convinced that taking action is the most important step in the manifestation process.

Therefore it is clear why I consider the rule of five so powerful.

Sure, the 55x5 method works excellent at a subconscious level and helps you to change your mindset, but only through action, you will reach your goal. And think about what signals you send to your subconscious mind when you take five steps every day towards your goal?

So if you have 30 minutes to invest in the 55x5 manifesting method for five days, why not spend those 30 minutes for five days to do something actually to reach your dream.

And not every one of these steps has to be super big, the American author, Robert Collier, once said; success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

And these 5x5 actions are already 25. Twenty-five steps closer to your goal.

And who knows, maybe you will see how powerful it can be, to take action every day, and you will continue with it. Or your dream has already come true after the five days. In that case, set the next one and a bigger one because we should never stop to dream big!


    You see, the 55x5 manifesting formula can work if you use this method correctly and take enough time for it. But there are maybe better ways to use your time, when you want to manifest your big dreams.

    Sometimes it helps to think out of the box and not just follow every trend, because everyone else is doing it in the Law of Attraction community!


    Oh, and btw.

    If you want more practical and no BS tips on how to manifest with the Law of Attraction, I recommend reading my blog and sign up for my free manifesting challenge: Free Manifesting Challenge!



    What is the 55×5 Manifesting Method


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