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Meditation is a powerful manifestation tool…

Meditation does not only have a significant effect on the health of your body and mind. It’s also a great tool to support you in the manifestation of your dreams.

Meditation can be used to identify abundance blocks, to support your focus, or as a tool to train your intuition and to recognize when you get a ‘sign from the universe.’

And you’ll learn all about it in the Meditation Guide, that’s part of this toolkit…

But there is ONE type of meditation that’s super powerful for the manifesting process. That’s guided meditations.

✨✨Because they work exactly where the manifestation magic happens. in Your Subconscious Mind ✨✨

And in your meditation toolkit, you’ll get over 333 minutes of guided meditations, recorded by a professional hypnotherapist, helping you attract every area of your dream life…

Guided meditation for manifestation is a meditation in which you listen to suggestions from a pre-recorded message. It is designed to help you find a deeply relaxed state and lead you towards visualizing specific events.

This way, you can convince your SUBCONSCIOUS mind that these suggestions are REALITY since the subconscious mind and body cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

When your subconscious mind believes that it is experiencing a new reality – a better love life, more financial abundance, better health, or any new experiences… it becomes primed for that experience to happen again.

The more often you expose your subconscious to a specific experience, the more it will begin to expect it. When your subconscious expects something, it will naturally lead you towards those experiences without you realizing it.

This is the principle of how manifestation works (also known as the law of attraction, or ‘asking the universe’ for your dreams and goals…)

And this is why Guided Meditations are in my top list of Manifestation Tools (And it should be in yours too!)

Your Manifestation Meditation Toolkit Includes…

Special Offer Ends In… 


“Your guided meditations are AMAZING!”

I first bought the abundance bundle, along with your manifesting book and then came back to buy the money and love bundle. I listen to one of the meditations every night before I go to sleep. Since then I sleep much more peacefully and have noticed an immediate transformation. Thank you Mia!!!

Guided meditations for EVERY Area of Your Life…

Guided Meditations Bundle 1: Take Action on Your Goals

Taking Action is key in manifestation. It’s called the Law of AttrACTION for a reason! And this guided meditation bundle will make it so much easier for you to take the right (inspired) action towards your goals and dreams.

Guided Meditations Bundle 2: Manifesting Love

Do you want to finally find your soulmate or get over a break-up and become ready for true love? The manifesting love sessions get you covered.

Guided Meditations Bundle 3: Remove Your Abundance Blocks

Identifying and overcoming your abundance blocks is important if you want to achieve big dreams and attract your dream life. And this guided meditation session is perfect for unblocking yourself and allowing abundance to flow freely.

Guided Meditations Bundle 4: The Happiness Bundle

Being aligned with your dreams and ‘the universe’ (your subconscious mind) is an important point in the manifestation process. And the happiness sessions will get you in ‘high vibes’ in just 5 minutes, including brainwave entrainment, which gives your subconscious an extra power message.

Guided Meditations Bundle 5: Manifest Healing

A healthy body and mind are important when you want to go after big goals in life, and bad health can be a major abundance block. Attract better health and lessen any pain with the manifesting health sessions.

Guided Meditations Bundle 6: Manifesting Money

Attract more wealth into your life by reprogramming your subconscious mind to attract money with these money manifestation sessions.

“I Love Your Guided Meditations”

Hey Mia, I just wanted to quickly tell you that I love your guided meditations. The voice immediately puts me in a relaxed state and I can already feel my life changing for the better. I listen to a different meditation first thing every morning to start the day well and sometimes in the evening to de-stress.

Hi, I’m Mia Fox, a bestselling author, Transformational coach, and the founder of the SelfMadeLadies.Community, where I help women, just like you, to Manifest the Life They Love…

If you are new here, you’re probably wondering why you should listen to me when it comes to manifesting your dreams and goals?

In the last decade, I have been working with women all over the world, helping them to change their mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs, and to make manifestation work. Along the way, I got trained by big names, such as Jack Canfield (well-known from the movie The Secret.) So let’s say I know a thing or two when it comes to using the right manifestation tools, such as meditation.

And guided meditations are part of my daily manifestation routine because I love the power they have when it comes to reprogramming the subconscious mind.

And that’s how I turned from a frustrated high school dropout to a bestselling author and self-made millionaire, owning my dream business, the most wonderful husband, and a life full of happiness, traveling, and champagne…

What was once on my vision board literally became my Instagram feed…

 And today I want the same for you too!

That’s why I’m excited to share with you this Manifestation Meditation Toolkit that so many women out there love…

Got Some More Questions?

Really only YOU can answer this question. If you want to get started with manifestation meditations, reprogram your subconscious mind, and manifest big dreams and goals, then the answer is YES!

Guided Meditations Bundle 1: Take Action on Your Goals. With these 5 guided meditations and over 100 minutes of playtime (instant download, MP3 files), you have the perfect bundle to take action on your big goals. (Value: $97)

Guided Meditations Bundle 2: Manifesting Love. With these 3 guided meditations and over 40 minutes of playtime (instant download, MP3 files), you have the perfect bundle to attract your soul-mate or get over a break-up and attract new love. (Value: $47)

Guided Meditations Bundle 3: Remove Your Abundance Blocks. With these 6 guided meditations and over 30 minutes of playtime (instant download, MP3 files), you have the perfect bundle to overcome any blocks that stands between you and your big dream. (Value: $47)

Guided Meditations Bundle 4: The Happiness Bundle. With these 7 guided meditations, including brainwave entrainment, and over 70 minutes of playtime (instant download, MP3 files), you have the perfect bundle to create instant happiness. (Value: $97)

Guided Meditations Bundle 5: Manifest Healing. With these 4 guided meditations, including brainwave entrainment, and over 23 minutes of playtime (instant download, MP3 files), you have the perfect bundle to attract better health. (Value: $47)

Guided Meditations Bundle 6: Manifesting Money. With these 3 guided meditations (inducing a hypnosis session), and over 58 minutes of playtime (instant download, MP3 files), you have the perfect bundle to attract more wealth into your life. (Value: $47)

Guide: Meditation for Manifestation. Learn everything you need to know about how to use meditations to manifest the life you love in this PDF guide. (Value: $17)

Bonus Visualization: Manifest All You Desires. Attract all your desires with this bonus visualization. (Value: $27)

Bonus: Vip Love Letters Our community-only emails with additional tips around manifestation sent directly into your inbox (Value: Priceless)

Bonus: 1 Month Access to Your Manifestation Coach – All my books & programs are designed to help you create your own inner coach; on your journey there, you get the support you needed in our facebook group or via email (Value $197)

Total Value Over $623

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Listen Gorgeous, I want to be honest with you. No one can give you a guarantee for a coaching product like this, as ONLY you have control over how much work you will put into this.

What I can tell you is that this system is guaranteed to work when you put in the time and take action. And then I guarantee you, your life will change the way you never thought possible… (I know that because this transformed my life, and it transformed the lives of thousands of women I worked with over the last decade.)

But if you really struggle to get things to work, you have the guarantee that I’m there for you. 

This is not “just another” toolkit, taking on dust somewhere on your computer drive… You’ll get the support and coaching you need along the way. That’s what our “let’s make this work together” Guarantee stands for!

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One more time, here’s EVERYTHING you get when you Buy the Manifestation Meditation Toolkit Today…

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