When You Should Give Up Manifesting (And How You Still Crush Your Goals!)

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

I’m a firm believer that you can manifest anything and everything you want in life. I have used the law of attraction to crush massive goals in my life, and so can you. But what happens if everything you’re trying isn’t working? Maybe it’s time for you to give up manifesting? Let’s find out!

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It’s a common battle along the manifestation journey. You’ve set your goals, believed they are possible, and taken action, yet nothing seems to be happening! You feel like you’re doing everything in your power to manifest what you want.

BUT it is simply not working.

And you ask yourself, should I give up manifesting?

Sometimes the answer is YES! You should give up on your manifestation and take a step back. When you want to manifest your goals fast, and you know, that you “should” just trust in the manifestation process… Still, you want it so badly that you just stand in your own way. 

When you have tried everything, and nothing is bringing you the life you want, you should maybe think about giving up…

Why You Should Give Up Manifesting

The things you are trying are not working. Even though you may think you’re following all the RIGHT steps to manifest your goals, not a single one of your desires seems to show up in your life.

The reason why you should give up is that you may have become obsessed with making it work.

You just want it too badly.

And that’s the killer of all manifestation.

If you’re feeling the pain, frustration, and impatience of not having what you want, then you are ATTACHED.

What happened when you’re attached?

You broadcast a vibration of lack and of neediness that stops the flow towards you.

One of the most powerful ways to allow that flow to continue is to GIVE UP.

Attachment = Blocked Flow

The law of attraction is always working. We know that. But when you get so close to your goal emotionally that you are not able to detach from the outcome, it makes it a lot harder for the energetic field to bring you what you’re chasing.

The universe gives you more of what you have. That is why it’s crucial to remain in gratitude and to act as if you have already received the things you’re trying to manifest.

When you feel in your heart that it is already yours, you no longer put up the energetic barrier that keeps the flow from coming to you.

Or is some woo-woo free words, wanting it so badly, that you signal your subconscious mind lack, no Bueno!

What Will Happen If You Give Up

If you give up on trying hard to manifest your goals, then a few things may happen.

If you can give up gracefully and humbly without any negative feelings, then it is more likely for your intention to burst into your life.

If instead, you give up with anger and resentment, your energy will carry that vibration, and you will remain in lack.

Giving Up vs. Letting Go

There is a fine line between merely giving up and letting go. When you give up, sometimes you do it in a reactive and emotionally charged way.

That is not how you want to give up.

You should focus instead on letting go. Let go of your need to manifest.

Let go of the negative feelings you have towards the law of attraction. And let go of your judgments and expectations around the law of attraction.

Let go of your obsessive and needy feelings towards what you are trying to manifest. Instead, acknowledge what you want, imagine having it in your possession, then forget about it.

Put it out of your mind and focus on the things you have in your life that create joy and gratitude. Doing so will reset your energetic frequency to abundance instead of lack.

Take a Break From Manifesting

Sometimes, we can get caught up in a loop of trying to manifest all the time. I get it.

When you realize and understand that you could have anything you ever wanted by simply reprogramming your subconscious mind and taking action, you get obsessed with it.

It is an incredibly motivating and fun process to go through. However, it is also essential to take a break from manifesting every once in a while to remind yourself of the present moment.

When you’re always trying to manifest, you are looking into the future, and you are working on broadcasting your thoughts and emotions to match the vibration of what you want.

That’s great, Gorgeous.

But don’t forget to take your hands off the wheel and enjoy the things you already have manifested in your life.

Allow yourself to rest and accept things exactly as they are. It is okay to wish that you could have different or better things in your life.

But remember that the present moment is a gift given to you, and you are always able to release tension and enjoy what you have.

Live in the here and now, and enjoy…

Being able to accept what is and not try to force change is a powerful signal to the universe that you are a gracious receiver.


Practice Patience

Often we get frustrated with manifesting because we want or need something quickly. That creates the opposite effects of what you want to happen.

The more patient and relaxed you are about your energy and the things you’re hoping to manifest, the easier it will be for them to flow to you. You will be more open to opportunities, and you will accept things that are better for you.

Whenever you can be patient, it is another signal to the universe that you are not needy, and you are trusting the divine timing.

Manifesting Should Be Fun

If you’re not having fun with your manifestation, then you need to rethink why you’re trying to manifest anything in the first place.

It’s like staying in a relationship that makes you unhappy just because you have it in your mind that you need a relationship to be happy.

Usually, when we want to manifest something, it is because we want to feel a certain way. We want to feel love, appreciation, excitement, abundance, etc.

If your efforts to manifest are causing the opposite emotional reactions, then you should recalibrate what you’re trying to achieve and why.


Find Your Blocks And Make Your Manifestations Happen

Giving up manifesting is always an option if you feel like you’ve tried everything.

However, giving up will not stop the law of attraction from working in your life. Giving up can be seen as a positive action step or a negative one.

Try to practice letting go vs. giving up. Then you may see your manifestation show up faster than if you tried to force it.

Still, you should always ask yourself why a dream does not come true.

In my opinion, there’s always one of two explanations:

1. it simply wasn’t right for you, and you just don’t know it yet. Then the above-mentioned tips are perfect for you.

2. you still have a manifestation block that you have to address first. These so-called abundance blocks, like limiting beliefs or your emotions, are the main reason why manifestation fails in most cases.

This is also the reason why I dedicate a whole chapter in my book to these manifesting blocks.

If you like to learn more about it, and finally want a bullet-proof plan on how to manifest your dreams, this is the right book for you…

So don’t give up on manifesting just yet, check out my bestselling manifesting book (click the link below for YOUR free chapter), and learn an advanced law of attraction technique that will bring you results.

Well, at least it did for hundreds of thousands of other readers…

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mia Fox is a bestselling author, founder & CEO of the SelfMadeLadies Community. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks and turning big dreams into reality, she started her manifestation blog in 2018. Since then, she has helped millions of readers with her practical manifesting tips, and wrote her bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which turned into an award-winning transformational program, teaching students in over 222 countries worldwide how they can transform their lives with self-coaching. Read more about Mia Fox here.

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