The Secret Vision Board Guide You Waited For

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

NLP Coach & Bestselling Manifestation Book Author

In this vision board guide, you will learn what a vision board is, how a vision board works, different ideas and inspiration for your vision board, and so much more. As a law of attraction books author, and manifestation coach, I help women around the world to design their perfect vision board and use this manifestation technique to manifest their biggest dreams and goals. Are you ready to make your perfect vision board? 

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What is a Vision Board

If you spend some time with the law of attraction, it is almost impossible to avoid vision boards or so-called dream boards. Of course, this manifestation method, or better-said tool, also became famous through the movie The Secret or my dear mentor Jack Canfield.

But in fact, this law of attraction technique has been around for many years before and helped thousands of people to manifest their big dreams and goals, including myself.

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How Does a Vision Board Work

A vision board is a kind of collage of images and words that remind you of your goals. But a vision board is not only a decorative representation of your goals, which makes your white walls look a bit prettier.

It is also an extremely powerful visualization tool.

Every time you look at your vision board, you send subliminal signals to your subconscious mind. You show your subconscious exactly where you want to go, which goals you want to reach, which life you want to live.

With this, you activate the law of attraction. And your subconscious mind will do (most of) the work to get you there.

Of course, you should not only look at the pictures on your vision board briefly while passing by, although this can already assist in attracting your dreams.

But you should also consciously work with your dream board and use it for your daily visualization exercises —more on that in part three of this vision board guide.

Does a Vision Board Help You With Manifesting

Can a vision board help you with manifesting? Absolutely! Vision boards have helped me manifest so many of my dreams, I would recommend using vision boards to everyone. 

They work so well because they align with the function of the law of attraction perfectly. You manifest things in your life when your subconscious mind aligns with the energy of what you desire.

As mentioned above, every time you look at your vision board, it sends a signal to your subconscious and imprints that image. The more often you can send the right messages to your subconscious mind, the faster and more effective the law of attraction will be. 

Having a vision board for your goals is also helpful because it puts your goals and your dreams in front of your eyes every day. We all know that for your goals to work, you need to be consistently reviewing them.

If you’re not, you may get off track and forget where you were headed in the first place. 

Reviewing your vision board every day will remind you of what you’re going after and why. If you’ve correctly created your vision board, your images will form the emotions you want to feel.

These emotions will drive you towards success and action-taking. When you take action, you move towards your goal. 

If you’re ready to make real progress towards the life of your dreams, a vision board is a fantastic way to do it. 

Other Benefits of a Vision Board

There are plenty of benefits to using a vision board for your manifestation adventure. If you’re looking for more reason to start using one, here are some additional benefits to using a vision board.

First, you can use a vision board to help you with visualization exercises.

Our minds are tricky. Sometimes during visualization, you will have a different image in your head every time. By “consulting” your vision board before your visualizations, you remind your conscious and subconscious mind of precisely what you’re trying to manifest.

That way, you can stay on track and be consistent with your visualizations.

You’ve heard of dopamine, right? Well, if not, dopamine is the chemical that is released in your brain when you see or do something pleasurable.

Looking at your vision board should create a sense of excitement and pleasure in your mind and body. When you look at or work with your vision board, it gives you an instant boost of happiness for you to use as motivation.

Another beautiful thing about vision boards is that you can remind yourself of the goals already achieved. If you still have old pictures or images or have updated your vision board but still have previous ones around, those old images can remind you of how far you’ve come.

This can be another powerful motivator for you and can give you a sense of contentment and satisfaction. All of these emotions ad thoughts create more manifestation power.

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How to Create a Vision Board

There are numerous ways that you can create a vision board. They can be digital or physical, but usually, it will be a corkboard or a canvas with physical pictures representing your dreams and wishes.

Physical vision boards are created by finding pictures that create positive emotions for you and placing them on board. The board can be anything that you can pin or stick the images on. You can find the photos you want in many places.

Some of the best spots are in your favorite magazines. Or, you can search for your images online and print them out. read this post here, to learn more about choosing the right vision board images.

No matter where you find your pictures, start by asking yourself what you want and allow yourself to become inspired by the images you come across. Then, save the ones you identify with most.

Digital vision boards can also work. You could even use sites like Pinterest or Instagram to set up your vision board and collect all of your pictures together. Then you will have an easier time saving your images and keeping them in a safe place for later.

The difference between physical and digital vision boards is access. With a digital board, unless you have it saved as a screen saver, check your board manually. However, with a physical vision board, you can place it in a spot where you will see it daily.

Then, every time you walk by it, you will be filled with the inspiration you need to take action.

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Set Your Intentions & Get Clear on Your Goals

A significant question many manifestation rookies have when starting a dream board is: what should I put on my vision board?

It is the million-dollar question because finding the right images is crucial to your vision board’s effectiveness and to your overall satisfaction.

When choosing pictures for your vision board, you need to be clear about what you want. You need to set your intentions towards the goal you are trying to achieve.

You should ask yourself some critical questions such as: 

What is most important to me?

What kind of life do I want to live?

Why do I want to live this kind of life?

How will achieving my goals contribute to my overall joy and life satisfaction?

The point is to get a clear definition of what you want and why you want it, so you end up in the right place. When you are clear with your core values and intentions, it becomes much easier to select the images you need for your vision board.

When you have the right images on your board, they will create the precise emotions of excitement and hope within you that create inspired action and, eventually, dreams coming true.

Your vision board should be filled with images that strike a chord with you. They should be inspiring and in line with who you are at your center.

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Vision Board Supplies List

To get started on making your vision board, you need the proper raw materials to bring it all together. If this is your first time making a vision board, you may not know where to start.

Getting the supplies together is pretty simple; here are the essential items you’ll need:

  • A canvas, whiteboard, or corkboard to pin things to.
  • A variety of colored markers.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Magazines with pictures or a printer.

One thing to note about the pictures you’re going to put on your board is that getting a printer is a more effective solution. You can usually get one reasonably cheap, but the variety and accuracy of the pictures you find on the internet will be much better than what you’ll come across in a magazine.

Printing your photos allows you to look for exactly what you want. Whereas, in a magazine, you may find a picture of something similar to what you want. 

The purpose of a vision board is to use photos of precisely the things you want to manifest in your life.

Of course, if you decide to stick with a digital vision board, then none of these supplies will be necessary. If you’re looking for a free option, a digital vision board is an excellent way to go.

Keep in mind that it can sometimes be more challenging to keep a digital vision board in a highly visible spot the way you could with a physical board. I tend to forget about this very easily.

But as you can see, the necessary supplies for a physical vision board are simple and cheap, and you most probably have many things at home already.

Work With Emotional Triggers

The point of any vision board or dream board is to put yourself into the mental and emotional state of having what you desire. That is why it is critical to push the right emotional triggers with your vision board.

Emotion is energy in motion. To change the direction of your life, you need to change your energy.

The way to shift your energy is through your emotions. Your emotions can either move you or keep you right where you are. Luckily, you can surround yourself with things that create feelings that really get you moving.

When choosing your images for your vision board, focus on the WHY of what you want. Don’t just decide you want a new sports car because you think it will make you look fresh. Find an emotional trigger for what you want that is personal to you.

If you want a new sports car because you want to drive it through the mountains and have an unforgettable experience with someone you love, that may be an emotional trigger.

Or, if you want to learn a new skill like painting or a musical instrument, meditate on why you want to acquire such a talent.

Maybe you want to perform your own songs and become a songwriter and create joy for other people. Or, perhaps you simply want a creative outlet that you’ve never had before.

By narrowing down on the emotions of the images you’re choosing, you’ll be much more likely to experience success with your vision board.

How to Use Your Vision Board

It is vital to consider your vision board as an ongoing project that you get to participate with. You want to be using it as a tool to help you achieve your goals and not just as a collection of pretty things on the wall.

It is essential to create an inspiring and inviting space where you live and work. A vision board may be one of the most inspiring pieces you have in your house, and that’s a good thing. However, your mindset towards your vision board should be one that focuses on its practical uses.

When working with your vision board, you want to treat it with purpose. When you’re choosing your images, arranging them, and using them for visualization, think of it as a tool, and use it often.

Put it in a place where you will see it multiple times throughout the day. If there is a place where you work in your home, set it up so you can look at it when you take short mental breaks, and motivate yourself with the dreams you’re chasing.

Also, don’t hesitate to update your vision board to keep it inspiring. If there is something on your board that no longer serves you, or that you’ve accomplished, replace it with a new inspiring goal that will build emotional inspiration.

Use your vision board daily to create the emotions you want to experience in the future.

Daily Vision Board Routine & Visualization Exercise

Even though having your vision board set up in the right place to remind you of your goals throughout the day, it is helpful to have a vision board routine that you practice.

A Law of Attraction routine, in general,  will get you closer to your goals faster than you could imagine. If you make sure you practice your vision board routine daily, you’ll always have your eyes on the prize, which is crucial.

During your vision board routine, sit in a place where it is directly in front of you. Take some time to soak in the visions you’ve chosen.

It is best to choose one picture at a time and focus on it. When you’ve got the image imprinted in your mind, focus on the goal as if it is a mental movie. Be specific and thorough and submerge yourself in your mind film.

Focus on what you’re doing, where you are, the sights and smells, and the feelings you’re experiencing while watching this movie. Put yourself in the center of it and make it as real to you as possible in every sense.

Once you have focused and have created the emotions of the experience to the fullest satisfaction, open your eyes, and choose your next image, and repeat. Going one by one will allow you to focus on a single goal at a time entirely.

Essentially, through this visualization exercise, you are telling your subconscious that this experience is happening for you now. That is your ultimate goal in training your subconscious mind.

It is that process repeated, which retrains your subconscious mind.

The Importance of the Right Placement

What you put on your vision board is important, but where you put your board is equally important. Once you understand why vision boards work, you will know why placements are so crucial.

Your vision board is designed to have a profound effect on your subconscious mind. It should be somewhere that you will walk past or look at multiple times throughout the day.

If you put your vision board in a place where you see it every day, you will subconsciously memorize the goals and visions you have. Even when you’re not consciously doing it, the images are finding their way into your subconscious mind.

Every time you see your vision board, a memorization process is happening that reminds you unconsciously of what you’re going after.

Imagine how much easier it will be to manifest your dreams if you’re doing it consciously AND subconsciously. Although you should be spending time every day working consciously with your vision board, you can benefit from the subconscious benefits also.

When you place your vision board in the right spot, you may be surprised how unexpectedly fast you are achieving the things you want in life.

Make sure your vision board is highly visible. It should be in the place that you walk past and look at multiple times to get the most out of your manifesting tool.


Vision Board Ideas & Inspirations

Finding the right inspiration for your vision board can help you get super excited about your journey. It can sometimes be challenging to figure out what we want. Knowing where to find inspiration is critical to any creator’s success.

There are a few places that are great for finding inspiration for your vision board.

You can use Pinterest, Instagram, or attend a vision board party (if you can’t find one, you could host one!)

Pinterest and Instagram are filled with inspiring photos of beautiful places, things, and people. It is almost impossible to go on these sites and not feel the inspiration for your own life.

Another real-life way to find inspiration is to walk through neighborhoods where the type of house you want to live in is. Get out of the house and see things in the world. Go on hikes, stay in an Airbnb, and go to shows. Any type of culture or artistic creation should give you some real-world inspiration.

Pinterest especially is excellent for finding vision board inspiration because it is in its own way, a collection of vision boards. People have collected their favorite images, recipes, and more and posted them together for others to see.

Remember to use other’s images as inspiration and don’t just steal it! Unless, of course, you want something exactly as you see it.

The goal should be to create a vision board that is PERSONAL to you, using inspiration from other people. If it is not personal to you or aligns with your emotions or goals, you’ll be less likely to achieve what you want.

Don’t be afraid to use images you find and then work with that inspiration to help you find more personalized options. The more you can make it personally connective to yourself, the better.

Vision Board Aesthetic

Don’t overrule the importance of having a pleasant looking vision board. This may seem like a silly thing to note because your vision board will be filled with your favorite images.

However, try to create and lay your vision board out in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes. If you need to use specific color coding with your markers, put individual images together, or place it in a well-lit area. You must enjoy the sight of your vision board every time you look at it.

If you’re making a digital vision board, consider using filters that make it look uniform and pleasing. You don’t want your images to look out of place and displease your visual senses.

You should put a little less thought into the layout of your vision board than you do the actual images you’re putting on it. But it is something to consider. Having a board that is more visually appealing will make it more likely for you to experience joy, flow, and gratitude when you look at it.

Work With a Vision Board Template

In the interest of keeping your vision board aesthetically pleasing, you can follow a predetermined template to help you with your layout.

A good vision board template will help take the guesswork out of how you set up your board. It will help you think of placing certain image types together.

You’ll likely have numerous types of images you’re working with. Most vision boards will have pictures of homes, experiences, people, and places. Following an ergonomic template will allow you to keep certain things that relate to each other near each other.

If you’re living with a partner, it can be powerful to have a joined vision board. Together you can create a board with each of your personal dreams on opposite sides, with your joined dreams put in the middle. Imagine having the power of two manifestation minds working on the same goal.

You may experience some compound inspiration when you group your images into a template. When you look at a picture of the home you want to live in one day, and it is in a group with the car you want to drive, you can imagine pulling up to your dream home in your dream car.

You can see it parked in the driveway, and you can imagine cleaning it on the weekends or taking it for a joy ride now and then. Grouping your images helps you consolidate your dreams and ties them in with one another.

Also, following a template will help with keeping it aesthetically pleasing. As I mentioned before, the more you enjoy looking at your vision board, the better.

Different Vision Board Ideas & Examples

There are really unlimited possibilities on how you can create your vision board, but here some of my top favorites for you to get inspired:

  • Annual goal vision board – sharing your ONE big breakthrough goal.
  • Digital vision board on your phone – to have in your pocket whenever you need some extra motivation.
  • An intention vision board – showing how you want to feel.
  • Affirmations board – all your top affirmations in one place.
  • Travel vision board – get inspired by the places you want to visit.
  • A vision board for weight loss – with some fitness inspiration and weight tracker.
  • Dream board – with all your big dreams in life.
  • Couple or family vision board – share the inspiration with your loved ones.
  • A gratitude wall – because gratitude is the most powerful emotion when manifesting.
  • A Pinterest vision board – the easiest way to create a vision board.
  • A vision board journal – make your vision board an ongoing story.

You see, it’s a long list, and that are really only my top vision board ideas. Here you can become as creative as you want because when it comes to creating a vision board, it must do just one thing; trigger the right emotions in you.

There is NO perfect vision board, there is only the perfect vision board for YOU.

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What is a Vision Board Journal

Not everybody has the space to hang up a vision board in their house. Frequent travelers, nomads, or those of us with vivid imaginations may need to come up with other ways to satisfy their vision board needs.

A vision board journal is an excellent alternative to keep your dreams and visions alive when on the move.

Instead of cutting out pictures and putting them on the wall, you can use a journal to write the story of your dreams and keep it with you. The important thing, as always, is to create the emotions that will trigger action.

A vision journal allows you to write your story and keep it up to date continuously. If you’re able to take it with you on the road, you can take immediate inspiration from the world around you and input it into your journal.

You can even take pictures you find along the way and glue them into your vision journal. One of the beautiful things about a vision board journal is how easy it is to update and change.

Also, it is usually small enough to take anywhere with you so you can always have your goals and dreams right at your side. It may be one of the best ways to keep your goals in your mind, so you stay focused.

Remember, there is always an alternative option. You may just have to create it…  

Additional Vision Board Tips & Questions

Vision boards are very popular, but the women in my manifesting community often have questions around this topic, here a few frequent ones I hear in my Q&A sessions.

How do I find the best photos for my vision board?

The best way to find pictures for your vision board is by searching on Google or Pinterest and then print them out. Basically, every type of image is available these days on the internet. 

Alternatively, of course, you can also cut out images from magazines you like. If you can’t find the perfect picture, sometimes adding words, in the form of quotes or affirmations, can also be very powerful.

Why isn’t my vision board working?

There are many reasons you may be struggling with your vision board. Remember the steps for manifestation.

Decide what you want, ask by setting goals, believe that it is possible for you, receive by taking action, and use all of the manifestation tools at your disposal.

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How often should I look at my vision board?

Ideally, you will want to look at your vision board twice a day. But at least once a day. The more often you can get those images in front of your eyes, the sooner your subconscious mind will begin to work for you.

How long does it take to make an effective vision board?

You should be able to get your vision board set up within an evening if you’re focused. Once you have the materials, you need to find the pictures and post them on your board.

Digital boards are quicker to set up, given that there are fewer physical requirements.

What Is a Vision Board Party?

A vision board party is one of the most fun ways to create your own vision for the future. Whether you want to get together with just a couple of close friends or a larger group, you can have a gathering of like-minded people who want to achieve their goals.

Join up with some friends and create your vision boards together for more inspiration and fun.

Having a vision board party is especially effective because the morale of the group increases your vibration. Also, everyone can bring magazines and supplies along with some snacks so everyone can share and glean off of each other’s images and visions.

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Vision Board vs. Dream Board – Is There a Difference?

You may see people refer to vision boards as dream boards. There really is no difference here. It is just different wording. No matter what you call it, a collection of your dreams for you to get inspired by is an excellent tool for manifesting.

Should You Show People Your Vision Board?

Talking about your goals is powerful in giving you some extra accountability. We thrive off of the pressure to live up to our word when we tell friends. However, your vision board is very personal. If you’re unconfident about showing your visions to someone, that is okay.

Protect your state and keep any negativity away from you. If you’re going to show your vision board to people, try to show it to someone who you already know is incredibly supportive.

How Often Should You Make a New Vision Board?

How often you should update your vision board will depend on a few factors, mainly how fast you reach your goals. Some goals are smaller than others and won’t take nearly as long to achieve. Others, like your dream home, may take a little while longer.

Update your vision board only when the images you’re chasing no longer inspire you. Make sure you’re on track to end up in the place you actually want to be.

Also, your main vision board may not need to be updated as often. If you want a more transient version, you could start a vision journal that can be an ongoing inspiration book for you.

Are Vision Boards Really Effective?

Vision boards are definitely useful as a manifestation tool! Given that the visions you take in every day are emotional triggers for your subconscious mind, they must work.

That’s the way that manifestation happens. You visualize your goals, send the signals to your subconscious with emotional triggers, and it springs you into inspired action.

What also brings me to the last question, so many women in my community ask me; how do I make my vision board come true?

How to Make Your Vision Board Come True

It is important that you understand one crucial thing when it comes to your vision board, or really any manifesting tools and techniques; these are JUST tools and not the manifestation process itself.

To truly make your manifestations happen, or in this case, making your vision board come true, you need to apply the law of attraction (and the other relevant universal laws) in the right order.

It all starts with setting the right kind of goals. And for this, your vision board is an amazing tool.

To learn more about how to manifest the life you love, I recommend you read my bestselling Law of Attraction book, Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.

This is a step by step guide that will show you how you can make your vision board come true.

I’m Mia Fox, bestselling author, and the face behind this manifestation blog. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks, I decided to quit 1:1 coaching and founded the SelfMadeLadies online community. Here I help thousands of daily readers, wonderful women, just like YOU, to make the law of attraction work. And now it’s YOUR turn, are you ready?  Then get started and “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” – grab your copy of my manifestation book here »

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