Manifestation Journal Prompts - 7 Things to Reflect on Daily

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

Journaling is a great law of attraction tool, helping you to attract what you want. Any journaling technique can help you with manifesting, but if you are like me, then you probably love a little variety and don’t want to journal about the same things every day? Well, then these 7 journal prompts are perfect for you.

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So you want to go all-in with starting a manifesting journal, you even bought yourself a new pretty notebook, maybe an expensive pen? But then you sit down and actually struggling with getting your head around, what to actually journal about?

Here you have 7 ideas what to write in your journal today, a list of journal prompts that will help you to make your journaling routine more exciting.

Journaling every day is a great idea, and it has numerous health benefits, but when it comes to doing it, and keep up the daily habit, people often struggle.

It’s a habit like anything else in life, and keeping up with habits is not always easy.

Still, it’s worth giving it a shot; journaling has truly changed my life; it helped me to be more relaxed, to identify abundance blocks, and it made a big difference in my overall manifestation process.

And I’m very confident that it can do the same for you.

When you are struggling with things to journal about, or you just love to get some new ideas for your journal, then these seven ideas for journaling prompts are right for you.

Journal Prompt #1 – Your Inner Thoughts

Nothing can make you make more relaxed than letting go. And writing your inner thoughts in a journal is a great way to do so.

Once you take out your journal, flip the page, and before you even start to wonder “what to write in my journal today,” just begin with this one.

By asking the simple question, what’s on my mind today, you will probably end up writing more pages in your journal than you planned.

Everyone has tons of inner thoughts throughout the day, and most of us struggle when these thoughts start to pile up. In fact, they can become a major manifestation block when you leave them unattended for too long.

The best way to let them go is to write them in your journal. When writing, don’t worry about sentence structure and spellings; write in your mind’s voice, if that makes sense. Your writing would be in the exact way you are thinking.

This is a great habit to do every night before you go to bed. It really helps you to clear out your mind, and you will probably sleep much better.

Journal Prompt #2 – Reflect on Your Favorite Quotes

I have experienced this, whenever I come across a great quote, I love to reflect on it and really think deeper about the meaning. Do you ever experience the same?

Your journal is the perfect place to do such reflections. Writing is often more powerful than just plain thoughts, and this way, you can keep a record of your thoughts.

So why not make your journal a place to collect your favorite quotes. This is the perfect place to write about things like, “what does this quote mean to me?”

Journal Prompt #3 – Write Out Your goals

This is another great way to skyrocket for self-improvement through journaling. Your life goals are essential because they shape up the best version of you.

When journaling, you can focus on the goals that you are planning to achieve both long-term and short-term. Just ask yourself, WHAT do I truly want, and also ask for the WHY!

Whatever your desires are, write about your goals in a way that makes you experience that dream right now.

Create a story, and start to feel the way you want to feel when you reached your goal, right there in your writing.

If you love journaling about your goals, you should definitely check out future scripting, that can help you with manifesting your dreams and goal

Journal Prompt #4 – Happy Moments

Most of the things in life are for a short time. You might not be able to experience it once again; this is why keeping a written record of such moments can be a wonderful idea for your new journal.

Create a collection of all your happy moments in life, makes not only a great journal full of gratitude but also a great tool that you can pull out at any time if you’re not feeling so great and need some extra motivation or encouragement.

Why not asking every night, when you take out your journal, what made me the happiest today?

Journal Prompt #5 – Your Challenges

I’m all about concentrating on the positive, for sure, but it is also important that we reflect on the things in life that don’t go the way we like.

Because almost every time there is a reason behind, and knowing that can help you prevent the same situation from happening again in the future.

We all face challenges every day. So if you have faced some challenges today, you can write about it in your journal.

You can describe the challenges you faced and start reflecting on it by asking things like, “why did this happen,” “what learnings can I take away from this” or “how can I prevent this from happening again.”

Really, a journal is a perfect tool for any kind of reflection.

Journal Prompt #6 – Write Your Blessings

We already talked about the power of gratitude and why it’s a great idea to use your journal to keep track of your happy moments.

A gratitude journal is another way to show your gratitude for what you already have.

Concentrate for a moment only on your blessings and ask yourself, what I’m thankful for right now. Include the small and big things. 

Gratitude is such a powerful emotion when manifesting and should definitely have a place in your daily journaling exercises.

Journal Prompt #7 – A Love Letter to Yourself

Want more things to journal about? Well, I have one more point on the list of these seven ideas for your journal.

Write some love notes to yourself.

One of the biggest struggles for most of us women is to be kind to ourselves. But self-love is so important for our mental and physical health, and a negative self-image can also be a big manifestation block.

Change this by writing to yourself every day how much you love yourself. Give yourself a daily “pat on the back” and write in your journal what you did well today.

Maybe it takes some practice at the beginning because we women tend to be rather critical of ourselves, but your journal is the ideal place to get over it.

Journaling is not about perfection, but about letting out what’s in your mind and heart.  Do yourself a favor and stop asking yourself what to write in a journal diary.

Just let go, and it will flow.


Get Started With Your Journal to Manifest Your Dream Life Faster

I hope you love this daily journal writing samples, and you now have more ideas with things to journal about.

All you need now is getting started and keep up the good habit. In this post here I cover exactly that and I also show you how to journal every day.

And of course, you should also check out my journaling guide that covers all the in and outs of starting a journal for manifestation. I’m sure you will love it.

Btw. starting a manifesting journal is the first action tip I give my readers in my manifesting book, “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life” – because it is such a powerful tool to activate the law of attraction. It helps you to focus more on the amazing things you already have.

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