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7 Tips on How to Take Action More Consistently

Unless you’re able to take action on your goals, you’re not going to get anywhere. Many of us get caught in the same place as we try to learn everything before we start making moves. However, once we begin to take consistent action, we can see things finally move into place piece by piece. And that’s how you achieve your big goals in life.

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If you’re stuck in the same routine day after day, finding that you’re not making much traction on your goals, then you’re not alone. So many women struggle with executing on their ideas and dreams. Sure, we are all busy, I get that.

The problem is, a plan is worth nothing unless it is properly implemented. 

It is pretty straight forward: take consistent action creates consistent results. That is also true when you manifest with the Law of Attraction.

So the big question is really, how you can take action more consistently, and that’s exactly what you will learn in the following tips.

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Top Tips on How to Take Action More Often

We want to be able to seamlessly move from our idea phase to execution and seeing it to fruition.

Achieving our goals and doing what we say we’re going to do offers us a massive sense of satisfaction and self-esteem.

Imagine if you were suddenly someone who is known as a doer. Someone who makes things happen when they say they’re going to.

Taking action is a straightforward and essential part of the process.

Becoming an action taker can be a fun and gratifying process. It will require you to change personal beliefs and habits, and may even feel uncomfortable at times.

But, once you’re aware of what you need to change and the things you need to do, it becomes much more manageable.

But let me give you some of my top tips for taking action more consistently and seeing things happen for real in your life.

If you find yourself getting stuck and not achieving goals consistently, you definitely want to read on.

Set Big Goals

One of the main reasons we don’t get after our goals is because we’re not inspired.

We need to have aspirations and goals that get us excited to jump out of bed in the morning. Create goals that you’re passionate about, and that speaks to your core values.

When your desires are correctly aligned, it is much easier to have a fire in you burning to get through the things that may otherwise seem tedious or taxing. 

Get inspired and chase something substantial that matters to YOU.

It makes me cringe every time I see a fellow person development blogger, writing about setting SMART goals because they are absolutely the opposite.

I do work with them, even in my goal-setting workbook, but only for the smaller action steps. NEVER for the BIG goals.

Visualize Yourself Taking Action

Visualization is an incredibly powerful tool — especially when used correctly. When you set your goals, you want to be visualizing your accomplishment of them daily.

Doing so will put you in the emotional state of achievement. It will also give you a taste of what you expect to feel when you hit your goals. This can be a fantastic motivation that will allow you to shoot right past minor stumbling blocks and help you get directly to work. 

Another great strategy is to visualize yourself, taking action. Make sure you do so when you “don’t feel like it” – sit down for 5 minutes, make yourself comfortable, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes if you like.

Then imagine yourself taking that one next step that you don’t really want to take. But visualize how you do it anyway and how good it feels.

Enjoy the feeling of success, productivity, whatever gives you a good feeling. Make this great feeling bigger and brighter.

Now open your eyes and start immediately with this task. You will see how much easier it is. And most of the time, it just takes that first little step. The rest comes naturally.


Break it Up

Sometimes, looking at the more substantial tasks we need to complete can be a little overwhelming.

It is useful and practical to break these tasks up into smaller, more digestible tasks. Once you start knocking off things on your to-do list, you’ll feel good as you gain momentum and begin to see yourself moving towards your end goal.

Create Positive Action Habits

We are habitual creatures. Our brains are designed to seek out the path of least resistance and comfort. It likes to keep us in patterns that we don’t need to use a lot of brainpower for.

This is what habits are, and starting to take action more consistently hinges on practices.

If you’re in the habit of getting out of bed slowly, having a few cups of coffee, eating poorly, and thinking negatively, your brain will fight to keep you in this state even once you start to improve.

It is so important to begin to cultivate healthy habits now so that they will become easier over time.

Try getting out of bed as soon as your alarm goes off every day for a month. By the second and third months, you won’t even have to try anymore, and your brain will adapt.

Apply this idea to all of the habits you want to break, and the ones you want to create. Watch what happens.

Find and Repeat Your Why

If you don’t know your WHY yet, you need to find it. It is the sole reason you have for doing what you do. It is another tool that gets you over the hump and keeps you going when things get tough.

It is also like a compass. Your WHY keeps you pointed in the right direction and forces you to stay on task. 

When you know your WHY, you need to recite it and burn it into your subconscious mind until all of your actions are a byproduct of this why.

Start Small and Imperfectly

In many cases, we get caught in the rumination of overthinking before doing. Of course, precautions need to be taken, but the most important thing is that you get moving.

We work best by doing and THEN learning. Not Learning and then doing.

Making mistakes can be discouraging and embarrassing, but if you maintain the frame that you will learn from them and improve, then you have nothing to worry about. 

Experience is the best teacher. Start with what you can and learn along the way.

Reward Yourself (Often)

When you have taken action and gotten things done that get you closer to your goal, give yourself little rewards along the way.

This trains your brain to associate feelings of accomplishment with pleasure. So when you’re grinding away at the tasks that don’t excite you or scare you, set yourself up with little things that you can take joy in.

If your goal is to get in better shape (set a specific goal), make sure you allow yourself to watch an episode of your favorite show after the workout.

If you have a ton of clients to call, let yourself take a coffee break and read something you love after you’ve made calls for a couple of hours.

Your mental health needs small breaks and rewards along the way. Just make sure your reward will facilitate your growth of positive habits.

Conclusion About Your Best Strategies to Take Consistent Action

When you start to take consistent action, your life will change faster than you can imagine.

If you struggle with knowing how to stay consistent with goals, then you need to attack this poor habit ASAP.

Manifesting your big dreams, without action is impossible, and essential to understanding if you want to take control of your destiny.

And that’s really why all my books, workbooks, and other coaching products are very hands-on and action-based. 

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