Subconscious Manifestation: Use Your Subconscious Mind Power to Attract Abundance

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

If you want to manifest your dream life with the Law of Attraction, you’ll soon find that certain habits or beliefs keep you from achieving what you want. So-called abundance blocks in your subconscious mind. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of them?

Let’s have a look at how you can reprogram your subconscious mind. You can’t really overrule your subconscious mind, but you can reprogram it, step by step. First, you need to identify what beliefs or habits are holding you back and then change them into better ones.  

So, let me know:

  • Do you struggle to achieve your goals, over and over again?
  • Do you feel you could do better, but it’s just not going to happen?
  • Are you an “almost” person.
  • Are you reaching your goals “almost”?
  • Are you “almost” happy?
  • Are you “almost” fulfilling your dreams?

And you don’t know why?

Do you think you are doing everything possible? Are you following all these steps to success? Doing the same actions with the same quality as the people around you, but never achieving the same goals?

If you answer one or more of the above questions with yes, then this article is definitely for you! It is shedding light on why it is not your fault that you only almost reach your full potential. You have a mighty opponent who is holding you back.

Your subconscious mind!

But don’t worry, you will soon gain the needed knowledge on why this is happening to you and how to change it. You will learn how to turn your biggest opponent into your most powerful ally!

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How Does the Subconscious Mind Works

First, you need to understand that your mind is split into two parts; one very powerful and one very weak. It is your consciousness and your subconsciousness.

One is only executing; it is very easy to manipulate and has no free will whatsoever. The other is the all-mighty ruler who takes every decision in your life and has complete control over your actions, thoughts, belief system, and emotions.

The problem is that most people are mistaking the two.

It is the subconscious mind, who is steering and controlling all aspects of your life. Your conscious mind is only executing what it’s told to do.

It sounds weird, but it is a fact! And I will tell you why.

If we compare the two, it is almost ridiculous how much more powerful your subconscious mind is.

If we would have to compare the size of the two, and if we would assume that your consciousness is the size of, let’s say, a peanut, your subconscious would be the size of a massive data processing center. And this comparison also stands regarding abilities.

Your subconscious mind is programmed, and it always executes against that program, much like a computer.

Now, the shame is that this program has been implemented in you from early childhood without you having any control over it.

If you, for example, have been told, that:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!”

“Rich People are bad people!”

“We cannot afford this!”

“People are egoistic!”

“You are not good enough!”

“This is not for regular people like us!”

(and I could go on and on with examples, as this was my program too)

If you have been told such sentences, these beliefs were programmed into your mind so deeply and profoundly, that they built your belief system, the program, and your subconscious mind is now doing everything to fulfill these programmed beliefs.

The world is full of endless information, opportunities, knowledge, and chances. These opportunities are there for everyone to use, but your subconscious mind is only showing you the opportunities which are fitting into your belief system.

Imagine how much information is entering your body through your five senses every second of every day. Your subconscious mind is registering all of them, and I mean ALL of them. It is recording them, analyzing them, and then filters them and assigns them into two categories.

Relevant or irrelevant. According to your beliefs.

It is doing so because our conscious mind would not even closely be able to handle such an amount of information. Confronted with such quantities of information, it would collapse within seconds.

That mechanism is based on the way our brain is processing information. If you like to learn more about the physiology of the brain, then this might get your attention.

So the mechanism of filtering information is a very good thingThe terrible thing is that your subconsciousness is not assigning the information in relevance to your conscious wishes, dreams, or goals of becoming wealthier, healthier, or happier.

It is filtering out everything which is not going along with its plan to keep you where you are at the moment. It wants to keep you in your comfort zone.

If you, for example, open a newspaper, your subconscious mind is registering all the words, pictures, and content within a fraction of a second and decides, which words or pictures are relevant to “you” and which not.

The same applies when you, for example, sit in a restaurant or standing at a bar. Your subconscious mind registers everything- the music, all movement in your field of vision, the temperature, even if the floor is dirty and everything else. It is then deciding what it makes your conscious mind aware of.

This is How the Subconscious Mind Affects Your Life

Fact is;  you can’t do anything to overrule your subconscious mind. You need to make it work for you. If you are trying to win over your subconsciousness with conscious actions, you will fail miserably.

Every time. To think you will reach your goal this time, or you will find your dream spouse tonight, or you will finally get healthy, will not do the job.

You can work harder as everyone around you. You can try harder and harder, but you will not succeed in fighting your inner beliefs. You will fail over and over.

Why? Because you are facing a mighty opponent. You have no chance of success if you try this consciously.

How many times have you thought: “I knew this before?”

Well, I did so many times. And that’s exactly the problem. I have been lucky my whole life, being at the right time in the right place, but I still did not quite make it. I was always falling short of big achievements. I always did it “almost.”

And I was frustrated all the time. I couldn’t explain it to myself, and I even started to think that the real big success was just not meant for me.

And this was in complete accordance with my belief system.

My life changed massively when I realized that it was not my fault. I was fighting an impossible fight.

It was so unfair; it was not even a real fight. To be able to reach my goals, I had to change my belief system first.

I had to change the programming; my subconscious mind was executing against. Ever since I had this breakthrough, I am achieving goals. Goals I never thought were within my reach.

I am a happier, wealthier, and healthier person than ever before, and you can experience this too.

The great news is, the whole process of changing your belief system and finally be the person you ever wanted to be is, in fact, very easy.

It follows a few easy steps, and if you are committed and motivated to take these steps, you will experience an entirely different life. Imagine you could use these unlimited powers of your subconscious mind to your benefit.

Imagine that your subconscious mind would be trained only to give you the information which is making you stronger, better, faster, more prosperous, happier, and so on. You would have no limits on what you can achieve.

And guess what. You can! It involves learning, effort, commitment, and change, and you have to ask yourself one question: “Is it worth the hassle?”

For me, the only answer was a clear YES! And if your answer is YES too, I can teach you how you can.

How to Use Your Subconscious for Unlimited Success

First, you need to identify what your belief system looks like. That sounds easy, but I have struggled with this big time. And I think most people will experience the same.

Because this program is running in the background and is not consciously accessible by thinking about it, it will stay hidden. No matter how hard you try to pull it into the light. You need to build awareness of your inner program and your subconscious thoughts.

I have achieved this only since I started to meditate and implemented my morning routine, which I so much love! Meditation enables me to become aware of my subconscious thoughts.

I was finally able to identify them and, as a result, identify my belief system.

Having a morning routine is a potent tool to focus and streamline your thoughts and emotions. It helped me big time to get clarity of what I am feeling and thinking! And take this information with me for my whole day.

Once identified your inner beliefs, you need to change these. You need to implement a different thinking pattern. Change your inner program.

I experienced this as quite easy compared to the identification of my beliefs. Once you have identified a negative thought, you can easily interrupt your thinking pattern and replace it with a thought which is leading you to towards your goals.

Having clear goals and expectations in your life is essential. But I was always struggling to set big goals, goals which were really motivating me.

If I am now feeling doubt or fear, and something is hindering me from developing myself, I recognize it immediately. I can then consciously replace this thought and this emotion with a positive, goal-oriented thought, which is then shifting my vibration.

This is activating the “Law of Attraction” to deliver what you really want in life, and not what you are afraid of.

Once you understand what it is that is holding you back, the change will be very easy.

Learn more about reprogramming your subconscious mind, in my bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life.

How Do You Know the Reprogramming of Your Subconscious Mind is Working

You need to learn to follow your inner impulses and take immediate action on them. This needs a bit of practice because these impulses will be different from the impulses you have known for so long. You might feel the inner urge to do something you have never done so far.

For example, pack your gym bag in the morning and take it with you to the office. Or to call a friend you have not spoken for years. Or to write a short love letter to your partner in crime. Or you are taking a new route to work in the morning.

Some of these impulses seem to be a little, or a lot, weird or uncomfortable. Nevertheless, you need to follow them!

These impulses are the manifestations of your subconscious mind, which is now delivering different information or opportunities to your conscious mind. They are proof that you are changing. And you are changing for the good. So just trust them.

These impulses seem weird because you have never had them before. They are getting you out of your comfort zone, but what you want to achieve is outside of your comfort zone. It has to be. Otherwise, you would not read these words now.

And after all, leaving your comfort zone and facing fear is the best thing you can do for your future success.

But most of these new impulses will be in the area of: “Making this call to the customer right now” or “Finally write the mail you were pushing away for some time now” or “Read the book you always wanted to read” etc.

If you start following these impulses immediately and without hesitation, you will experience an immediate change in your life and your surroundings.

All it takes is the right motivation and a little self-discipline. There is a “five-second rule,” a concept developed by Mel Robbins, which might be helpful for you.

I love Mel’s work and think she developed a very simple but useful strategy, with the 5-second rule, and you should check out her book.

Self-discipline is great. It makes you feel good and gets you instant gratification. 

As I said earlier, it takes is a bit of effort, commitment, and motivation. There is so much beauty out there, which is only waiting for you to experience. So many goals for you to finally reach and even overachieve.

Commitment and effort seem to be harder to maintain, but if you set the right goals for you, which are firing you up and excite you beyond your imagination, then effort and commitment will come very naturally. 

So start working on that unconscious mind now!

For more help with this, grab your copy of my manifestation book here.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mia Fox is a bestselling author, founder & CEO of the SelfMadeLadies Community. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks and turning big dreams into reality, she started her manifestation blog in 2018. Since then, she has helped millions of readers with her practical manifesting tips, and wrote her bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which turned into an award-winning transformational program, teaching students in over 222 countries worldwide how they can transform their lives with self-coaching. Read more about Mia Fox here.

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