Part 2 (of 5): The Secret Behind the Law of Attraction


By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach


Part 1 (of 5): The Real Reason Why The Law of Attraction Might NOT Works For You.

  1. Most people aren’t getting results with the Law of Attraction (it’s not just you!)

  2. There is a BIG untold secret behind The Secret, and it's time that you learn about it.

Great that you are still with me, looks like you are serious about making the law of attraction work for you?

And that's a great decision!

I told you on the first page that I get often asked: "why does the law of attraction not work for me?" Or "why do my manifestation fail?"

Have you asked this yourself before? Well then, welcome to the club of non-receivers.

I'd like to tell you that it's not you, it's just the universe...

...but that would actually be a lie!

The Law of Attraction, like any other universal law, does work. Always.

It works every time, and for every human being on this planet, we call home. 

Including you! You are no exception.

It is a universal law that affects everybody!

Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is just as reliable as all the other universal laws. If you drop something, it will land on the floor.

Every time.

So does the law of attraction. It works. What you concentrate on you will draw into your life.

Every time.

Another question I often hear is where these universal laws come from. But the thing is, these laws are not created nor did they just originate.

The universal laws, as we know them, are modeled on the knowledge we have on how the universe works. 

We know that our universe exists, so it must exist in a particular way. And this way in which the universe exists, we call a universal law.

The problem with the law of attraction (or any of the universal laws you will need to activate when manifesting) is this; it might just don't work the way you think, or you like it to...

That's what happened to me when I started my own manifesting journey.

When I heard about the law of attraction for the very first time, I was blown away.

It was like, heck yes, the universe is like Amazon, and I just got an endless supply of gift cards!

I thought that this was the tool I’ve always been looking for!

I loved the idea of placing "orders at the universe," and I thought, yeah cool, now I can order my dream life just like I order in an online shop.

What a dream!

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At that time, I was in a desperate situation.

I experienced my whole life falling apart right before my eyes, and I was not able to do anything to stop this. I felt helpless.

I don't want to go too much into details about it here, but if you sign up for the free chapter of my book, I will tell you more about my story.

But discovering the law of attraction felt to me as if I’d found the solution to all of my problems. I knew straight away that the methods and ideas I’d heard about would change my life.

I felt instant relief. It was as if a huge load was taken from my shoulders.

I started immediately to implement the methods and advice into my life.

And I did it all wrong!

I journaled for hours, I visualized my dreams, I worked hard on my blocks and limiting beliefs.

I asked, believed...

But nothing happened!

Does this sound familiar?

I was shocked and frustrated! How can this be? I was doing everything which I was told in The Secret.

Why did I still receive bills instead of checks in my mailbox?

My first thought was that I must be doing something wrong...

And I was right...

No worries, I will tell you exactly how I turned things around, and I will tell you how you can do it too.

I started to question everything that I believed in!

All the months that I worked so hard, on my manifesting blocks, my limiting beliefs and the countless hours I invested in all the law of attraction techniques and manifesting rituals.

Nothing seemed to really pay off. And it was very frustrating.

But it turns out there was nothing wrong with the work I invested.

Nor was the problem, that I was "not aligned with the universe enough" as so many out there tried making me believe... (just to up-sell me their expensive coaching programs.)

It turns out I was just concentrating on the wrong part of the manifesting process!

During my biggest struggle, I finally had the epiphany that turned my life around...


A bold statement!

I know...

But a true one.

Let me explain...

First: It’s not relevant how strong or “good” you believe. It IS a law.

As I mentioned before, the law of attraction (as any of the universal laws), is always working.

You are always manifesting. If you believe in it or not!

The  characteristic of every law is that it works every time. Predictable and reliable, like a Swiss watch.

Uncovering this was a huge relief for me.

It wasn’t my fault when something didn’t manifest. And listen Gorgeous; it is not your fault either!

Laws don’t give a shit about how strong you believe or what you think about it! They work on the principle of action and reaction.

You act in a certain way; you get the appropriate reaction! 

Or put differently: “If you want a certain reaction or result, you have to take the needed actions!"

It’s as easy as that! 

So let me ask you an important question. If laws are based on the fact that your actions trigger a reaction, how on earth can anyone really believe that ask, believe, (drink some Earl Grey), and then receive, really works?

Pinterest Graphic with Title How the Law of Attraction Finally Works (No “BS” Guide to the Secret) -

And that brings us directly to the huge flaw buried in “The Secret.”

A flaw that is devastating, and heartbreaking, for a lot of our fellow manifestors out there! 

The Secret”, and many other manifestation teachings out there, are showing all the steps which it takes to leverage the Law of Attraction.

BUT it is putting the emphasis on the wrong part of the manifestation process.

So you might just focus on the wrong things...

Or at least you did so until now!

That’s going to change. 

Along with your whole life if you want it to!

So let's get over all the steps of manifesting with the Law of Attraction, the way The Secret is teaching us, and I show you how you can make this work for you.

And I know what I'm teaching is working...

After studying the Law of Attraction for over ten years, and manifesting my dream husband, wedding, honeymoon, house, multiple 6-figure careers, business, etc...

...and the list is really endless...

I know that The Secret is focussing on the wrong part of the manifestation process.

Don’t get me wrong here. I completely agree with the overall message.

And I honestly suggest you read the book and watch the movie, in case you haven't yet!

It’s just a great inspiration and motivation, sharing the message of the wonderful Law of Attraction trainers around the globe, and I watched the movie over and over again...

And today I know that I can achieve everything I can imagine and even way more. I'm totally convinced that everything is possible. I have done it, and I am doing it on a daily basis.

And so can you and everybody else. This stuff works!

But I also believe that most people misunderstand the message behind it.

I hear this so often; "Mia, what am I doing wrong, this Manifestation thing is just not working for me" - and that's almost every time from people that watched The Secret, or have already read many other manifestation books.

The thing is, you are doing nothing wrong; you just need to switch your focus.

So read on, and I will tell you how to manifest the right way... And finally design the life of your dreams!



  1. The law of attraction, like any other universal law, does work, every time.

  2. But manifesting is NOT just like ordering at an online shop. The Law of Attraction is not Amazon.

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