5 Days to Make Manifestation Work!

It’s a 5 Day Challenge, it’s FUN, it’s FREE, and it WORKS!

5 Days to Make Manifestation Work!

It’s a 5 Day Challenge, it’s FUN, it’s FREE, and it WORKS!


How to Overcome Your Old Limiting Beliefs to Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

By Mia Fox

Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Author and Founder of the SelfMadeLadies Community

In the last ten years, where I have intensively worked with the Law of Attraction, one thing has become clear to me: as long as you don't remove your old limiting beliefs, you are lost. Literally!

When I think back to my school days, I can still feel it. This feeling of shame, the feeling of being a loser, the pressure in my stomach area when I knew we were getting an exam or essay back that day.

It's kind of funny, I can hardly remember what I've eaten in the last few days, but I can remember those moments, more than 25 years ago, down to the last detail.

I remember exactly how the cold sweat had felt on my trembling hands when the teacher handed me back an essay full of red revisions. I felt like a total failure.

Even worse, the people I looked up to, my teachers, my parents, my closest friends, had only one message for me at that time; kid, if you go on like this, you'll never get anywhere in life. But it got even worse...

Because I went on like this, I couldn't help it; grammar just didn't seem to be my thing. And the tip everyone gave me with "you just have to learn more" wasn't very helpful, considering that I definitely had other things on my mind, than learning orthography, thanks to my ADD.

But if this very painful experience has taught me one thing; don't give a f***

These limiting and negative beliefs that other people have around you are pure poison. And especially in our childhood and teenage years, we are extremely vulnerable, to accept these beliefs as the TRUTH and to drag them around with us for the rest of our lives.

What Are Limiting Beliefs

We all have different beliefs that we carry around with us. We don't even pay attention to most of them and rarely think about them.

We get most of these beliefs from people we look up to, parents, teachers, and other people we relate to. But we also acquire some of them over time.

One of them is, e.g., the belief that this or that kind of food, will make us overweight. A belief that we usually only form in the course of our lives through our own experiences.

But when you take a closer look, it can only be wrong, because some people lose weight on a high carb diet, others on a low carb diet, and still others can simply eat what they want, without gaining any weight.

But as long as we believe something, we send this signal nonstop to our subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind works hard, day and night to get us exactly to that point.

The problem is, we send these signals with our belief statements, whatever we are aware of them or not.

Create Awareness - Find The Limiting Beliefs That Are Still Hold You Back

It is so important that we become aware of these old limiting beliefs and then work on them.

In my 5-day manifesting training (you can join here for free btw.) I have only limited time to offer the best results possible to the women in this training.

So my advice is to first tackle the limiting beliefs that are very dominant and directly related to the goal of what the ladies want to manifest the most.

But in my advanced manifesting training, a 4-week coaching program in which I teach my signature manifesting formula in great detail, I go an important step further.

Because to really bring full abundance into your life, and to achieve all your big goals and dreams, it is very important that you overcome all your limiting beliefs.

Yes exactly, it's break up time, you don't need those old annoying beliefs anymore.

Say goodbye! Make room for more abundance!

If you are interested in learning more about my signature manifesting method, which could completely change your life, check out my book here. This is really a great starting point.

So before you can begin to work on them, you must create a clear awareness of what beliefs you have that hold you back.

Let me go back to my school days again because if I had believed all those people, I would have been lost.

And basically, I was for a very long time!

Since I was a teenager, I had a passion for writing, and I dreamed of becoming an author.

But what does an author do? Writing! What did I do? Nothing.

I had never really started a book, and all those years I wasn't even aware of the reason for that.

I thought I was lazy, or I just had other, more important things to do.

Only in the last few years have I really started to work on the limiting beliefs that are deeply rooted in my subconscious mind — one after the other.

And today I write these words to you. You are one of my wonderful readers who regularly visit my blog (or maybe you are new here, then hello and welcome!)

My blog has THOUSANDS of daily readers; for me, this is absolutely awesome.

And not only that. I am a published author and have written a book that has changed the lives of many women (and hopefully will inspire many more in the years to come).

And hey, I'm already writing my next book...

  • All that although I could have cried after every essay, I got back from my teachers at school.
  • All this although nobody really believed in my writing skills (not even myself).
  • All this, although I write in a foreign language. A language that I didn't even learn at school.

Is my English perfect? Absolutely not!

Do I make a lot of grammar mistakes? I bet I do!

Does it really matter? If I read all the beautiful feedback I've received about my blog or book so far, I'd say no, it doesn't!

It's the content that counts. It's the value I can bring to others, that counts. It's the lives I can change with my words, that counts, and not the perfect spelling of these words.

Your Beliefs Are Not My Beliefs

That's a sentence you should remember, my dear!

I've let others restrict me, with their limiting beliefs, for too long; you can't write, you're not good enough, your grammar has to be perfect to put your message out in the world.


I don't!

And writing is just one example. Over the years, I have been able to get rid of many limiting beliefs:

  • I have made a career, including in management positions, and earned a multiple 6 figure salary. All this as a high school dropout.
  • I bought investment properties without really having the money to invest (in fact, I still had a lot of debts to pay off at the time).
  • I manifested all the things on my vision board, after starting from ZERO at the age of 30, even though nobody believed in me.

And YOU can do the same!

Because when I can, really everybody can. I'm just a normal girl. Okay, now that I'm 40 years old, maybe I should start to call myself a woman.

But really, I didn't grow up rich. I didn't have any special skills. All I had was a dream I couldn't let go of.

And the universe had my back! And it will take care of you. Regardless of how big your dream is.

And here are my top 3 tips on how you can say bye-bye to YOUR limiting beliefs forever:

#1 Be open to positive input!

It is very important that you are always open to positive input that people can offer you. Even if we sometimes regard this as criticism. As long as you have a limiting belief in you and someone wants to convince you that you are wrong, you won't want to hear that.

But be open, understand that this person only wants to help you. (Oh, and if my husband Tom is reading here right now, yes, also I will remind myself more often about this.)

#2 Understand that everything is a conscious decision of yours

You're not a victim! And that's damn good news if you ask me.

You alone decide how you receive something, process it, and whether you save this information or not. Basically, your subconscious mind controls your consciousness; this is also the basis on which the Law of Attraction works. But in the end, it is your decision how you "feed" your subconscious.

You have it in your hand, make a conscious decision that a limiting belief is not good for you and that you want to change it because you can reprogram your subconscious mind.

#3 Use my Google method to Manifest More

Google method? What?

Yes, exactly, my Google method is a little trick that I used very often with my coaching clients to solve limiting beliefs.

Because as described in point 1, it is sometimes tough to convince someone that these negative beliefs are wrong and, really only harm them.

But Google never lies, right?

So for example, if you think that it is not possible to write a book if you are bad at spelling and grammar (welcome back old useless belief), then just google it.

Chances are quite big that you will end up on my blog and here is the proof, it works!

Or maybe you'll end up on Quentin Tarantino's website, whose films I love so much.

Did you know that Tarantino left school in the ninth grade, and he can't spell at all? His screenplays are littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

That didn't stop him from writing countless screenplays for which he even won an academy award twice.

If we think something is not possible, the best thing is to look for it and find someone who has done exactly THAT. After that, we just have to understand that we were all born with the same secret weapon: our imagination!

What we can imagine we can create!

And btw. my google method is just one of the little manifesting hacks that I've worked out over the many years of focusing on the Law of Attraction and teaching manifesting to countless women around the world.

I love to share more of these hacks and tricks with you, and my manifestation playbook for women is the perfect starting point! You can grab your copy here.


(who probably suffers from dyslexia, but at some point just stopped listening to other people's limiting beliefs.)


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About the Author

Mia Fox is a trained NLP & Mindset Coach with nearly a decade of experience. After finally finding the secret behind "The Secret," she changed her money mindset and manifested her dream life. Since then, it is her big passion to help women around the world to do the same. She is the founder behind the Self Made Ladies Community & Blog and the author of "Become the CEO of Your Dream Life", teaching her advanced manifesting formula, where she gives women a practical no BS approach to the Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

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join thousands of women in the free manifesting challenge!


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If You Can Dream It. You Can Manifest It.

join thousands of women in the free challenge!

become the CEO of your dream life!





join thousands of women in the free manifesting challenge!


become the CEO of your dream life!