3 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Everyone who has ever had a goal has experienced a lack of motivation at times. When you know that you have a significant task ahead of you, but the sun comes out, and the patio calls for cocktails, it is so essential to understand how to motivate yourself to get things done.

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Even when you leverage the power of the universe, and practice the law of attraction, without taking action, you will not be able to attract the new life you want.

After all, it is called the law of attrACTION.

If you're like 99% of people out there, you experience some days, weeks, or months where you just don't have the level of "get-up-and-go" that will help you get things done.

Finding motivation can be tough, but it is essential to know how to motivate yourself every day.

We need to be action takers if we're ever going to get where we want to. If you're not prompted to do so, you need to find ways to get working anyway.

Motivation comes in a variety of different forms. Sometimes, it doesn't come at all.

There is a surface motivation that is easy to follow, and there is a deep-rooted motivation that keeps you going even when things are extra heavy.

It is also important to understand that you may not always feel motivated. Don't let this fool you, or stop you from taking action.

A lack of motivation is just a feeling and shouldn't be taken too seriously. By finding the right motivation, and learning how to take action even it is running on low, you can become unstoppable.

One of the most gratifying feelings is looking back on a past accomplishment when you didn't feel like doing it at all. Those happy hour drinks taste even better when you've earned them.

But don't worry, you are not aloe, and we are going to talk about ways you can motivate yourself to get things done no matter what comes up daily. Read on to get to the nitty-gritty.

My Top Tips to Motivate Yourself to Get Things Done

1: Know Why You're Chasing A Certain Goal

Knowing your reasons for chasing a goal is the absolute base of what will help you stay motivated to get things done. Your WHY is a deep-rooted expression of your values and your desire to contribute to the world.

It is generally bigger than you and is a great way to keep your enthusiasm levels at a prime spot.

Your WHY can come from many places. Usually, it is either spawned by a desire for something better for yourself, or as a way to avoid future pain.

We all have reasons for doing things, the more personal and emotionally heavy it is, the stronger your push towards the end goal will be.

For example, if you've just gone through a hard breakup or divorce, it can be incredibly painful. Maybe you have patterns that are repeating that you've recognized the need to be changed.

You've felt a ton of pain like this before, and you want to avoid becoming this devastated again. This would be very strong WHY that will keep you motivated to do the hard things.

You maybe need to spend more time alone, or time meditating every day to start to unpack your insecurities and character flaws.

If you have a strong WHY you'll find it much easier to shut the door and close your eyes and face those painful thoughts and feelings.

This can be applied to striving for more success in every area of your life. Make your reasons emotionally stable anchors and use them to your advantage.

2: Stop Relying on "Feeling Like It"

If you only ever do things when you feel like it, eventually you'll find yourself never doing anything complicated unless you've built up the necessary habits.

The reality is, sometimes, motivation isn't there. But, the to-do list still exists, and your goals will never become any closer unless you start crossing items off.

The most challenging part of taking action is starting.

Let's say you are a blogger, or you need to finish that essay for school. Turning the T.V off, opening your computer, and starting to write may be the most challenging part.

But, once you've got those first couples of paragraphs done, you take a tiny bit of pride in yourself for getting to work, and you start to feel a bit more motivated.

Building momentum in this way can be potent if you just understand that seeing small incremental steps can be one of the most significant sources of motivation.

Just remember, motivation can sometimes just be a feeling that you need to create, as opposed to waiting for it.

3: Think About How Far You've Come

Use yourself as inspiration. If you're a person who is interested in self-improvement, chances are you have made tons of progress along the way to improve yourself just by default.

Sometimes, we can set such significant goals and dreams for ourselves that we forget we've made any progress and become discouraged.

It can be incredibly empowering to look back on your past and see how far you have come.

Have you made any changes in your personality that needed to change for you to be happier? Have you quit certain bad habits like smoking, eating poorly, or not exercising?

Have you done things that scare you and learned skills you thought you would have trouble learning before?

We become comfortable with our new selves, and we're always in achievement mode. Taking a look back can remind you that taking small steps forward truly is life-changing, and you haven't been stuck in the same place as long as you might think.

This can create some natural motivation that will give you those good feelings and cause you to keep on going and make even more positive changes.


You now have some of the most powerful tools to motivate yourself to get things done.

Remember, without taking action, nothing will ever change in your life.

Do you want to stay in this place forever, or do you deserve to experience the things you're chasing?

We only get one chance at this life, so finding the right motivation and getting things done is critical.

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