13 Most Common Money Beliefs That Limit Your Abundance

By Mia Fox

Author, Money Mindset & Manifestation Coach

The way we believe about things in our lives determines our relationship with them. This is true with our health, relationships, and, of course, our money. Employing positive beliefs about money can change the way it shows up in your life.

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The way you think about money is the most excellent foundational tool you have when it comes to acquiring more of it. Money beliefs can stifle your ability to grow abundance in your life.

Here are the 13 most common money beliefs that limit your abundance.

Money is Scarce

One of the most common money beliefs is that there is not enough for everyone. If you believe that there is not a lot of money to go around, then you will treat it differently.

However, if you understand that there is a vast abundance of resources flowing and all you need to do is position yourself within the right channels, then your actions can quickly change.

You will be more encouraged to go after those dreams and goals because money comes and goes quickly.

If you find the right idea, people, or product, your financial life could change dramatically in a hurry. Understanding that money is abundant is a crucial mindset shift.

I am Unworthy

When we accept that we do not deserve something, we inherently stop chasing it. Feelings of unworthiness will repel any chances of abundance coming your way because you will be more likely to self-sabotage.

We do things unconsciously based on our belief systems. If you believe deep down that you are not worthy of abundance, then you will act accordingly.

And, you will be compensated accordingly as well.

Practicing more positive beliefs about money will start to afford you opportunities you never had before.

You Need Money to Make Money

If you already have money to invest, then it becomes easier to make more of it. However, if you don't yet have the investment money you need, then you need to go out and find it.

Not having the money yourself is not a good enough excuse. You need to understand that there are other people out there with money who are continually searching for new ways to invest it.

They are merely waiting for the right opportunity, idea, or business to come along and allow them to make their money grow. It is up to you to get their attention and allow their money to work for you.

Having Money is Selfish

"Having money is selfish" is one of the most significant self-limiting money beliefs.

Have you ever been invited to donate to something but didn't have the extra cash hanging around?

Do you have family and friends you wish you could visit more often? Are you frequently in a negative emotional state that may even affect your relationship because of your financial situation?

Money is a tool that we can use to invest in something positive for the world. We can use it to spend time with people we love and create stronger relationships.

Although not everyone with money uses it positively, you certainly could.

More Money = More Problems

One of the oldest common money beliefs is more money, more problems. However, more money means different issues.

When you have no money, you have problems with things like a lack of choice in healthy foods, a lack of choice in where you live, and a lack of career options.

When you have extra money to work with, you have problems like which business do I invest in? How many people is this decision going to impact? Where do I want to go for my next vacation?

You will only have the problems that you create for yourself. Money itself cannot accomplish this on your behalf.

Money Needs to Be Held Onto

Saving is an essential part of growing your wealth. It is what you do with your savings that matter. If money sits in a bank and never has the potential to gain interest, then it will never grow.

There is always some risk of investing money, but the reward is still much larger than the risk.

Cash wants to grow, and you need to learn how to invest it for it to work for you.

I Am Not Good With Money

What you affirm in your life, you will see. If you continue to claim this self-limiting money belief, you will continue to act under this belief.

However, if you changed your belief and you began to believe that you are learning more every day about how money works, You would quickly see a shift in your understanding and ability to increase your wealth.

Money Doesn't Buy Happiness

True, happiness is not something that can be purchased at the market. However, money does allow you to create lasting experiences in your life. And they will most likely make you happy.

It can allow you to fund projects you're passionate about, visit places you want to see, or free up time to spend with your favorite people.

The Rich Get Richer, and The Poor Get Poorer

Building wealth comes down to the mindsets and actions that are being taken by the people with the money.

The rich get richer because they do what rich people do. Poor people could become rich if they started to do the things that rich people do as well.

Unfortunately, poor people tend to stay poor because they repeat the same actions throughout their lives that continue to create scarcity.

I've been there myself. I had no education and just returned from England, after ten years of self-employment. I accepted for a long time that I would never really earn much. At the time, I had a boring job in customer service, but I was grateful to have a job at all.

But then I made a very conscious decision and gave myself permission to succeed. This mindset switch helped me to get my first 6-figure job shortly after. And it did not stop there, in the following years I earned more and more every year.

But between us, it wasn't only the mindset switch. I had to take action too! I had to change my action, from a poor person's actions to a successful and rich person's action.

You Have to Work Hard for Money

Hard work is necessary for pretty much anything in life. Although it may seem like you need to work hard for money, you may be surprised to find out that once you learn how money works, you don't need to work hard for it at all.

If you spend less than you earn, invest your savings, and continue to educate yourself, then you can multiply your money without doing much extra work.

It is your decision how you want to earn money. I sell my books for a living, and since most of my readers are active when I sleep because of the time difference, I earn most of my money while I sleep.

And I love it!

Thanks for stopping by, by the way, without YOU this wouldn't be possible.

Money wants to grow, and it does so on its own when it is put in the right places.

I Can Either Make Money or Follow My Passion

This ties back into scarcity or lack of mindset. If you see no opportunities, then none will be presented to you.

If you want to be an artist, or a writer, or an actor, and think you need to be poor to do so, then you are stuck in a lack mentality.

There are many ways you can monetize anything in your life if you look for the opportunity.

In the end, it tends to be the people who are passionate about what they do that become abundant from it. When you have passion, you have the willpower and drive necessary to keep going when times are tough.

I Don't Know Where to Start

Sometimes one of the most common money beliefs we have is a subtle one. It is one that says, "I don't know where to start."

Many times we don't begin a journey of growth because we can't see the finish line. It is essential to understand that you learn along the way in life. You don't learn first and then begin.

You need to start asking questions and answering them for yourself along the way. This will help you get started, and you will eventually know so well that you could teach others.

I Have No Self-Control

This could mean a lot of things. If you like to spend your money on things that are not contributing to your growth, then you will not have the extra resources you need to put towards your passions.

If you're in a situation where you currently do not have the extra money you want, then you need to learn to control your unnecessary spending so you can channel that money more effectively.

Changing your personal belief of not having enough self-control to one that says you can control your impulses will give you more power over the ebb and flow of money in your life.

Conclusion About Limiting Money Beliefs

The time to squash these common money beliefs is now. As you begin to change your thoughts, your subconscious programs will change, and your life will change at the same time.

All you need to do is affirm and believe better, and you will receive what you are looking for.

Limiting beliefs are a huge topic in my manifesting book. I teach you how you can overcome your abundance blocks, and also how to re-program your subconscious mind.

If you liked this post, I'm sure you will love my book!

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