How to Overcome Your Mindset Blocks for More Abundance

By Mia Fox
By Mia Fox

Bestselling Manifestation Book Author of 'Become the CEO of Your Dream Life'

 If you’re dreaming of a life filled with more abundance, then you need to address any mindset blocks you have. Without identifying the limiting factors you hold in your mind, you will never reach your full potential. However, once you figure out how to eliminate the mindsets that are holding you back, you become unstoppable in manifesting your dreams.

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The secret to your manifesting success lies within your abundance mindset. But how do you overcome your mindset blocks for more abundance? 

You can use different strategies and tools to overcome your mindset blocks, but it all starts by identifying what is really holding you back.

Then follow the steps outlined in this post, and you will unlock abundance with ease.

Why Does a Mindset Block Matter When Trying To Manifest Your Dreams

A mindset block matters because it is something that is holding you back, and is usually under the surface. You aren’t noticing it all the time because it is in the unconscious part of your mind, not at the forefront.

Since we are being driven by the unconscious thoughts and beliefs of our mind, it is vitally important that we pay attention to the views we have and learn to imprint more positive ones that will lead us in the proper direction.

Once you learn to think, believe, and act in accordance with your success, it will become much easier for you to know how to attract abundance into your life.

You will feel that your daily actions are more natural, and you will move more quickly towards the life of your dreams.


What are Mindset Blocks

Mindset blocks include anything you hold in your subconscious mind that causes you to act in a way that negatively impacts your success.

They can be things like a poverty mentality (believing there is not enough), a lack of worthiness (thinking you don’t deserve it), or a fixed mindset (a feeling of hopelessness or being stuck as you are).

So what can you do about your mindset blocks to create more abundance? Read on as we go a little deeper.

Identify your Mindset Blocks

The first step for you is to identify what your blocks are. Once you know what they are, you can start to flip them around and begin creating abundance.

The fastest way to identify mindset blocks is to sit quietly and imagine living the life of abundance you desire. As you focus on your desires, you may notice some negative connotations arise.

Anything in your heart and mind that doesn’t agree or encourage you is likely a limiting belief.

Dealing with the nuances of the mind can be a little bit tricky, but the more often you search your soul for beliefs and thoughts that trouble you, the more you can uncover them and begin to flip them around.

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Overcome Your Mindset And Manifesting Blocks

When you have identified your abundance blocks (and it may take a little bit of time), it is time to eliminate it from your subconscious mind.

So how do you do that?

It is straightforward but will take dedication and repetition. You want to replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

For example, if you believe that you are not worthy of receiving the abundance you desire, you need to implant the idea that you do deserve it into your subconscious.

You do this by visualizing yourself every day, having attained the abundance you desire, performing affirmations, and acting “as if.”

Use Visualization to Eliminate Your Blocks

When you visualize yourself achieving the goals you desire, it puts you into the emotional state of attainment. When you are on the same vibrational frequency of the success you crave, you no longer feel the lack. Instead, you feel abundance.

The more often you do this, your brain will begin to believe, deep down, that this is your reality.

How Positive Affirmations Can Help You Removing Abundance Blocks

Also, if you perform affirmations, it will slowly imprint the ideas and thoughts onto your subconscious mind that you want. You would want to affirm within yourself that you are worthy, capable, deserving, and generous.

Make sure that it is positive and in the present tense. For example: “I am grateful that I can impact so many people with my abundant life.” The more you repeat your affirmations and work to allow yourself to believe them, the faster it will work.

Act “As If” And Become The Person You Want To Be

When you act “as if,” you are mentally and emotionally embodying the lifestyle you want to achieve. An abundant person would be confident, gracious, open, and continually growing.

If you remember to embody the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that a successful and abundant person would, you are physically training your body and your mind to attract more abundance into your life.

When we want to achieve something we have never met before, we often need to shed old personality traits and anchors that we have been carrying around for our lives.

This essentially means becoming somebody you aren’t so that you can have things you’ve never had. The version of you that has attracted everything you have will only be able to attract more of what you already have.

You need to become the person that attracts the things you want in your life. You can figure out what these things are by observing another person who has attracted the level of abundance you want, reading books, or by trial and error.

Either way, you need to begin to embody the attributes that are necessary to build your new dream life and leave the old one behind.

Remember that change is a constant effort, and changing who you are on a fundamental level can be uncomfortable and taxing. Shedding old negative habits is difficult, and you need to give yourself time and space to be able to do so.

Start slow and aim for long term growth instead of a quick fix solution. In doing so, you may find yourself at the doorstep of the abundance you desire faster than you could have imagined.

Your Subconscious Mind is Key in Removing Blocks

Because your subconscious mind runs the vast majority of the actions, you take daily without you needing to think about it.

What your subconscious mind believes is the way you will act when it matters.

Through visualization, affirmations, and acting as if, you will begin to embody the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that an abundant person does. Before long, you will be living in the reality of your desired abundance.

Your Next Steps to Manifest an Abundant Filled Life

Begin today to uncover your mindset blocks. They are one of many so-called manifesting blocks, that can hold you back from reaching your dreams and goals.

You now know how to shift into a positive mindset, free yourself from limiting beliefs, to create more abundance.

If you remain with your current habits and mindset blocks, you will never be able to achieve the success you desire. 

If you need help with this, I recommend reading my bestselling manifestation book. An entire chapter deals only with abundance blocks.

And that’s not all, there is a PRO version of my book, with an 80+ pages workbook and audio exercises, most of which are aimed specifically to help you with manifesting blocks.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mia Fox is a bestselling author, founder & CEO of the SelfMadeLadies Community. After a decade as an NLP coach, helping women to overcome their abundance blocks and turning big dreams into reality, she started her manifestation blog in 2018. Since then, she has helped millions of readers with her practical manifesting tips, and wrote her bestselling manifestation book “Become the CEO of Your Dream Life,” which turned into an award-winning transformational program, teaching students in over 222 countries worldwide how they can transform their lives with self-coaching. Read more about Mia Fox here.

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