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QUESTION: Is the HOW Really Not Your Job When Manifesting?

In my Manifesting Q&A's I get often asked questions about how to manifest with the Law of Attraction.

And one question I hear very often; is the HOW really not my job? Many Law of Attraction books, programs or coaches out there teaches that the how is not your job when it comes to manifesting. That's right, but only when you are in the position of the dreamer.

But let me explain in more detail what I mean by that.

I believe that the HOW is not your job when you define your dream when you set your big goals (read here why your goals should be HUGE).

In the role of the dreamer, you can only dream. You shouldn't think about how you can achieve your goal. There is the question, about the HOW, only something that would limit you.

If you define your dream life, absolutely nothing should restrict you. So don't let the question about the HOW, be yours, when setting goals.

However, on one thing I don't agree with many Law of Attraction coaches out there; that the HOW is NEVER your job when manifesting.

The most important point in manifesting is taking action, and the HOW will very well become your job, once you reach this step. I don't believe in fairy tales, so I don't believe that things that we manifest just fall from the sky.

You have to do something to achieve your goals and dreams, and even if the universe supports you, gives you signs, points you in the right direction, you have to know when to take action.

An inspired action is something that happens from a gut feeling to a certain extent, but you have to read the signs, and you have to know the rough direction as well. And there the HOW is your job. The Law of Attraction isn't magic; it's about reprogramming your subconscious mind in the direction of your goals.

But you have to do it yourself.

Sure, there are helpful tools out there, that can assist you with this, but it's even better if you have a clear plan. If you know exactly what the direction is that you need to take (and in which you need to train your subconsciousness mind).

My advanced manifesting technique, the CEO of your dream life method, starts right there. That's a point I've missed in so many manifesting books and courses when I started with the Law of Attraction.

This is an extra step that shows you precisely what you have to do.

So the HOW is your job, but you always know exactly what to do, and you finally have control over the manifestation. If you want to know more about my signature manifesting formula, here you can find my new book: CEO of Your Dream Life – Manifesting Book and I recommend you to sign up for my free manifesting challenge here, this will guide you step by step through the process.


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