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QUESTION: What Is the Meaning of Synchronicity in Manifesting?

By Mia Fox

Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Author and Founder of the SelfMadeLadies Community

In my Manifestation Q&A's I get asked many questions about how to manifest with the Law of Attraction, and how to attract everything you want in life.

One of this questions is, what is the meaning of synchronicity in manifesting? And is synchronicity a sign from the universe?

You could see synchronicity as a sign of the universe, showing you, that your manifestation is on its way. In reality, it is something that your subconscious mind is filtering out, as an answer to what you concentrate on. But synchronicity was first introduced by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

Carl Jung described synchronicity as temporally correlated events that are not linked by a causal relationship but are perceived and interpreted as interconnected, related to one another.

Synchronicity is an inner event (for example, your visions, your dreams, or your emotions) and an outer event, which is a manifested as a reflection of the inner state.

In the manifestation process, we call "synchronicity" the fact that everything in our lives is energy and that this energy is connected, with each other. What we concentrate on we attract.

I like the example of my first car, a Nissan Figaro, to explain what the meaning of synchronicity is in manifesting. I saw it driving around in London for the first time and had no idea what kind of car it was. And yes, that was long before the Hashtag #nissanfigaro on Instagram had over 20K pictures.

Anyway, I totally fell in love with the car, and although I didn't even have my driver's license then, I "ordered" this car for myself.

After that, I suddenly saw Figaros driving around everywhere. And a few weeks later I had missed a bus after a pub visit and walked to the next tube station, a route I would otherwise never take, and what happened was almost unbelievable.

Walking down a little side road, I passed a car dealer specialized in Nissan Figaros!

And guess what, a few months later I had my mint green little Figaro and started practicing for my drivers' license.

That explains synchronicity very well.

Had I known what kind of car it was, I would have actively searched for a car dealer; then, this would not be synchronicity. But in my case, the "universe" led me to the place" and gave me a lot of signs the weeks before (all the Figaros that drove around in my neighborhood).

But the fact is that this is not a "finger pointing" from the universe but a proof, that everything happens deep inside of us.

The Figaros had already driven around London before I started to recognize them, and so has been the car dealer staying in this area for a few years, but I simply didn't put my filters on this car.

So basically synchronicity is a reality that is "created" from our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind has to filter out countless pieces of information every day and only shows us what it thinks is relevant to us.

And when we want to attract something and start to concentrate on this goal, then, of course, our subconscious mind is filtering out everything that matches with this goal.

So the saying that you create your reality with your thoughts is correct. And synchronicity is the answer to these thoughts.

So please do me a favor. When you recognize these signs in the future, perceive them consciously, and be grateful for them. It's a sign that your dream is manifesting.

If these signs give you the feeling that you should do something specific, then do it, then it probably needs exactly this action from you to make your dream come true. This is what we call an inspired action.

Like it showed me what kind of action I had to take to get my Nissan Figaro.

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